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The Next Picasso || Jughead Jones

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word count : 905

pairing : jughead x reader

warnings : reader being bullied on, cursing.

summary : Reggie and his goons all gang up on you, taking you sketchbook and make fun of you but Jughead steps in to stop them.


     You always tried to live your life one day at a time, and making as little noise as possibly. You weren’t one to be in the lime light and having any attention on yourself was very stressful. You mother always said you were too backwards for your own good. You would only laugh and sneak off to your room where you’d spend the next few hours drawing or whatever art medium you were messing with that day. 

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The more I think about it, the more I think the main thing that ‘went wrong’ with Andromeda is that it plays everything so safe. I still like the game, but that is the one overarching issue that stopped me from enjoying it as much as I wanted to.

This is a new galaxy; they could have done anything, but it all feels so utterly familiar.

The story starts at the wrong point in the time line

The biggest mistake they made, story wise, was making us come into the galaxy at the point that we did. I will never for the life of me understand why they took a game that was going to be about exploration and how ‘we’re the aliens now’ and not let us be the first humans to arrive in Andromeda.

Just start the game at that point. Before the uprising, before the outposts, before the Nexus is half-built. Have us truly be the first humans the Angara meet. Have us struggle to understand each other, and slowly win their trust, only to lose it when the Uprising happens and they see a darker side to humans.

How devastating would it be to have worked to gain their trust, gain Jaal’s trust, and then see it all get swept away by events out of our control?

This way we also get more chances to bond to Alec, as he’ll be around for longer than 2 minutes. Think about establishing those first outposts on Eos with Alec, only to see them fail disastrously with us, the pathfinder team, carrying that guilt with them.

This also means we’ll see the Nexus fail, see Garson murdered (not entirely clear on the timeline for that tbh). And eventually we will have to see characters we know turn against us during the Uprising itself!

And if they have to get rid of the dad, he could die during the Uprising (adding a personal touch to having to deal with the Exiles), or hell, maybe he joins them. 

As it is now, it just feels like we missed a large part of interesting narrative in Andromeda. We’re made pathfinder in 2 seconds and succeed from the word go. There are obstacles to getting the outposts up and running, but no real struggle. Another consequence of setting the story 18 months (I think it’s 18) from when the first people arrived is that it robs us of being the first.

(I’m also not entirely clear on why the Nexus had to be there first, because it can’t function without Outposts, they need a pathfinder to find outposts, but the arc’s had the pathfinders and they were meant to arrive later on? Also, no one on the Hyperion says they arrived too late, but on the Nexus they say they thought everyone was dead, which seems to indicate they were waiting for longer than they thought they had to? I might be missing something here.)

Planets are not inviting to explore

As it stands, it just adds more familiarity into a game that already suffers from taking too few risks.

Everything from the planets to the wild life to who we encounter feels so safe. Storybeats are repeated from the original trilogy, enemies as well. On four of the planets we already see a lot of milky way equipment/ milky way species. And even Kandara Port (though I like the design), which was built by the Angara feels like it wouldn’t be out of place in me2.

All the planets are a bit of a let down when it comes to how not-alien they feel, excepting Havarl and arguably habitat 7, they don’t feel that alien. And the frustrating thing is, this isn’t filmed on location, they’re not constrained by planet Earth; they could have gone all out. 

Besides not feeling alien the planets also feel so… dead. I know there is a bit of an in game reason for this, but 1. they created the reason 2. I don’t think that’s the reason.

Every planet gets one or two pieces of plant life, looking only slightly alien from what we see on earth. The rest is desert, snow desert, almost barren ground. Throw in a lot of rocks. And 4 different animals, all just reskins of that same set from other planets. (Even those acidic lakes are things we can find right here.) And why do we still not have a weather or day/ night cycle? It’s one thing if you just work with smaller hubs, but bragging about your huge maps and then have them be utterly static seems a bit weird.

We also only get one alien city. One, and it’s tiny. At least it feels more like a city than Val Royeaux, but not by much. I do like Aya’s design though. We do see some smaller camps? settlements? of the Angara, but if they were such a presence in the cluster until 80 years back when the Kett arrived, where are the ruins to their civilization? The abandoned cities of the Angara?

The Jardaan certainly piqued my interest, but what do we really see of them? The vaults, that one giant starship, not-Meridian, and Meridian itself, which is one of the few places that was inviting to explore so of course we couldn’t. Did they just not leave any other marks on the planets except those things and the ‘points of interest’ (that are not interesting)?

All we really have to interrupt these huge boring maps, clearly designed to only rush through with your Nomad, is some random fights (the same two variations I think) and ‘points of interest’, except there’s never anything of interest except some remnant to kill and a container? After a while I just gave up checking them out tbh, so please point out any great ones you found.

There are of course a lot of sidequests thrown in, some of them I found pretty fun and a huge improvement on da:i, but they don’t invite you to explore. The planet itself isn’t worth exploring so when doing a sidequest you just rush to the point you have to get. In other games, games that do this concept well, you set your quest and then while going there get distracted by things you find out in the world. Here that happened maybe a few times, and usually it was because I came across a point for another quest and someone hailed me. It was never because I saw something that piqued my interest and I went over there and it had something fun to do.

A lack of new species, and disappointing returning aliens

They never showed a lot of the milky way species and the ones we did see lacked diversity. The just picked one head morph - or two in the case of Turians where the females have different facial structure - and slapped on some paint. I expect more not less from a newer game. The Asari were the most jarring - to the point I avoided Kerri because she has Lexi’s face and it’s just ridiculous. But the Salarians have just as little diversity. Google salarians in mass effect and you’ll see they did so much more with them in the original trilogy. And I have to say, there were too many Turians with white faces,  a few of them important characters as well, I still mix up Kandros and Avitus.

And what do we get in exchange for all the species we don’t see return and the diversity that’s gone? One new species. One. I love the Angara, but I can’t help but be disappointed that we travel to a new galaxy only to discover one new race. Unless we count throw away enemy the collectors .2 the Kett. But really, they only brought back 4 of the original trilogy’s races and still didn’t have enough resources to add some diversity to Andromeda? Really? We just get the Angara…


I would just have scrapped the giant maps, and gone for smaller but denser packed ones, like Havarl and Habitat 7. Add much more plant life and animal life and real diversity in those two, to all the planets. And make them more alien.

Have no more than one desert planet, I vote Elaaden as it was the best desert, and stick more sunken ruins in it that have actual things to discover about the Jardaan. And make that the only planet so huge that you absolutely have to use the Nomad.

Make Kadara much smaller, with much more lakes so it looks more like a deadly lake planet.

If we have to have a snow planet, make it more original than a white reskin of a desert planet. Maybe we have to drive in giant ice caves, maybe we don’t even get to walk on the surface, maybe the Angara have buried themselves underground in ruins of a old Jardaan city.

And this is just sticking to the planets in game, but they should just have scrapped all of them except Havarl and gone much more alien than they have.

I still like the game, I just think there was a lot of potential there they never bothered to explore. All in all it just feels like they played it safe. Maybe that’s a reaction to the backlash after me3′s endings, but I think it’s where they failed the game the most, and for me it leaves the game in ‘if only’ limbo.
Comatose-Chapter 2

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier, You are part of the Avengers and Dating Bucky Barnes, Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha, you catch them in the act and things go downhill from there.

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Waking up the following morning is like ascending from a year in ice. Your heart is cold and numb, eyes crusted together with sleep and dried tears, your lips are cracked and voice scratchy from screaming your pain at the four walled prison you had made for yourself.

You contemplate calling Bucky, going so far as to pickup your phone, ignoring the 80+ missed calls you have from various Avengers. Finger hovering over the call button on the screen, the images of his betrayal replay inside your head. Stifling a sob, it lodges  in your throat, and you dial another number instead, a number you haven’t called in over 3 years, and pray that he will answer. You didn’t leave on the best of terms, after all.

Ring… Ring… Ring…

“What?” comes the gruff voice over the phone.

“Lo-Logan?” you croak, only to have silence greet you.

When the curt reply of, “(y/n)” finally comes, your heart plummets into your stomach. “I’m sorry,” you sob. “I shouldn’t have called.”

“No, wait, (y/n). What’s goin on?” You begin to cry in earnest and then, “I’ll be there in four hours,” comes over the line before it goes dead. You stare at your phone in horror. No… oh fuck..

Scrambling out of bed, you fly into the shower, scrubbing every inch of your skin, shampooing your hair and rinsing in record time. Rushing to your closet, you pick out black, skinny ripped jeans, combat boots, and a studded, capped sleeve, loose fitting t-shirt. You run a brush through your damp hair, pulling it into a tight ponytail before brushing a light dusting of blush across your cheeks and applying a coat of mascara to your eyelashes.

Feeling armed enough to face the onslaught of questions the arrival of Logan will bring, you step into your living area, taking in the shattered glass on the floor. Well fuck, this is a mess, you think as you float the pieces of glass in the air.  With a twitch of your fingers, you disintegrate them before turning your focus to the rest of the apartment. You straighten the hot mess your frazzled nerves made last night with a flick of your wrist, and satisfied with your progress, you sit yourself on the couch. Staring patiently at the door, you await Logan’s arrival.

Three hours and thirty minutes later, you hear a knock on the door, which sends a weird sense of panic and relief washing over you. Opening the door, you take in Logan’s features The man hasn’t aged a day. Strong muscular frame, hair styled just so, and a white wife beater under a leather jacket. Same old Logan.

“(Y/N)” he says in greeting.

“Logan,” you reply as you step aside to let him in. Gesturing toward the couch, you fidget as you ask, “Want something to drink?”

“Nah,” he replies. “What I want is for you to tell me why you called me out of nowhere, sounding like hell,” he states plainly, causing you to sigh as you take a seat next to him.

“I don’t know why I called…” you trail off. “I guess, I needed to hear a friendly voice..I..” You start crying as you try to get the words out. “The man I loved, my boyfriend of two years, thought it a fucking great idea to sleep with my best friend! And then he tells me he’s in love with both of us!” you exclaim shakily. “I’m such a fool to think it could have happened any other way, I mean, you left me for another woman.” You laugh mirthlessly as Logan growls. “Why the hell would it be any different this time? Why would anyone see me as anything else but a pit stop to someone better?” Pulling your knees to your chest, your breath hitches as you ask, “What’s wrong with me, Logan? Why can’t anyone love me enough to stay?”

Crying in earnest now, great heaving sobs shaking your delicate frame, you go willingly when he pulls you into his side. “There ain’t nuthin’ wrong with you, sweetheart. I loved Jean, and I loved you. I just… loved her a lil’ more, and I wound up killin’ her.” He snorts out a self-deprecating laugh. “She broke me, more than once, but you, you saved me. From the nightmares, from the darkness, and I treated ya like shit. I’m sorry for that.” He sighs loudly before continuing. “He’s an idiot, this man of yours, and I’m sorry he hurt ya,” Logan says gruffly

“I love him, Logan. More than I loved you, and a part of me wants to run back there and forgive him for everything.” Licking your dry lips you carry on, “And I need to go back, because it’s my job. People count on me. I’m gonna have to face them both, and deal with this, and all I really want to do is go home,” you say as you cling to his shirt.

“You wanna come home?” he asks tentatively.

“Yeah. I really just want to go home, Logan” you reply truthfully. “I wanna feel anything but this… numbness.”

He scrutinizes you for a full minute before he takes out his phone and dials a number:

“Professor,” he says, causing your head to snap up. “We have a problem.” He listens to the voice for a full thirty seconds before he says, “That’s the lay of the land, yeah. What can we do about it?” Silence again filled the space between you. “Alright. I’ll let her know. See you in a couple of days, Professor.” He presses the end call button and looks down at your shocked face. “Don’t look at me like that. You said you wanted to come home,” he says while quirking an eyebrow.

“I didn’t mean for you to call my brother!” you shriek, scrambling  frantically upright. “We haven’t spoken in more than four years, Logan!” Pacing the length of your apartment, you glare at his smirking face. “There’s a reason I haven’t been home to visit!”

“Well, suck it up, Bub’. He’s makin’ the calls as we speak. You’re being transferred back to the X-Men.”

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just saying but i’m reading a comic of the 80s show and pidge calls keith ‘commander kogane’ while lance calls him just keith if this isn’t proof they were married already back then idk what is

who gave these jedi cellphones

Ahsoka: Mainly uses it for selfies, workout apps, and asking siri to explain certain terms/swears Anakin and Obiwan tend to throw around when they think she isn’t listening. Has an always open group chat with all her clone bros of the 501st and the Wolf Pack.

Barriss: “it is a Work Phone AHSOKA, please do not download Bejeweled for me!” It’s a work phone. 80% percent of her call history is Luminara, though Ahsoka is making an effort to overtake that. She is constantly on the Jedi High Council forums reading updates and downloading new e-files to read from the Archives. 

Anakin: A chat log with Padme that he should definitely 100% delete. Also a group chat with the 501st. A chat log with the Chancellor that he should also mayyyybe delete? or keep?? it could serve as useful evidence one day??? A message from Obiwan that he looked at 3 days ago but hasn’t answered.

Obiwan: Usually has it on silent or vibrate but his ringtone for Anakin is a blaring alarm. “It’s a work phone” he assures himself as he stalks his former padawan’s Space Facebook/Instagram/Twitter feed. Space Google searches for certain terms/swears Anakin uses on his various accounts.

Luminara: It’s a work phone, and it certainly looks like it except for the small cache of baby pictures of Barriss Offee… And a chat log shared between her, Obiwan, and Shaak Ti in which they talk shit (which she meticulously scrubs her phone of after each session).

Shaak Ti: Stealth selfies. Many MANY pictures of clone children. For documentation purposes? Maybe, but she also has a group photo of one squad of tykes as her lock screen. Refuses to call it a work phone because she likes to keep it loose and breezy like that.

Aayla: 50% bad dad jokes Vos sends her. 30% awkward but sweet flirting between her and Kit (should probably delete that…). Also a Pintrest that is mostly food pics/recipes and searches for good restaurants in the area.

Yoda: Hasn’t been charged in years. He kinda hates doesn’t like using it. Mace will update him anyways.

Mace: Mostly uses it to update Yoda on what everyone is up to. Also panoramic pics of the Coruscant skyline taken from the council chamber while he was alone. An old search about Mandalorian culture and “Ritualistic Revenge Practices.”

Plo: Chat room he shares with Ahsoka and the Wolf Pack. Mainly uses it to keep in touch with his kids honestly, though there’s an old search about Force Lightning.

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Can I make a request if you have the time? In the game, MC is always super sweet and cute and stuff, so I wonder how it would be if she were a bit more assertive and sarcastic but still cared about their s/o?

shit yass, gurl! <3 

im gonna use this request to make mc say shit i wish were in the frickin options on their routes lmfao sorry im selfish :´D


-well, he did know you were sarcastic, as you often replied witch sarcasm whenever other members of rfa, put him down in any way

-but also about the situation with his dad

-you were of course supportive but when jumin told you things his dad had said to him, you couldnt help but let out a few remarks here and there

-and when sarah entered jumins apartment you surely didnt hold back on the sarcastic remarks

-jumin loves it. he just loves how youre able to shut people up with short sentences, and how protective you are of him

-“sarah! the called 80’s called! they’d like their dress back!”


-adores how you always voice your opinion, without sugarcoating anything

-honestly meant a lot to him to get his childhood abuse awknowledged as abuse

-you were so shocked when he told you how they cut his hair and convinced him he was ugly, also telling him he’d never succeed in his dream job

-so of course you were outraged! family is not blood! family is whom encourages you to follow your dreams and supports you trough rough times. and makes you feel good about yourself! surely not people who tear you down! (lol im ranting, i hate his family with a passion)

-“aah yes what great parents! destroying your kids self esteem in the name of “protecting” them is tottally not abuse at all nooope. and best parents awards to~“

-"i’ll support you whether you decide you want a relationship with them or not! just know that what they did wasn’t okay, no matter their intentions”

-okay but your little snark remarks at tv shows, and about his manager being an ass,  or when hes blaming himself for something, never fail to make him laugh.

-he also likes how you’ll roast his haters, tho he’d never admit that.


-is intimidated by you at first tbh

-puppy has a hard time distungishing when youre being sarcastic and when youre being serious so sometimes he has to ask

-he finds it very hot when you stand up for yourself and shot someone down

-is a blushing mess everytime you do that, to himself or to others, just bc him?

-also loves when you use sass on the lolol server, be it ya own guild or others, he cant handle it

-ya’ll gonna lose those battles bc yoosung is on the floor half laughing, half screaming





-jaehee seems super shy and like a cinnamon roll, but if someone is being an asshole she will find petty ways to make their day shitty

-you two have entire conversations in the language of sass, and everyoen but you two are confused as fuck and think youre fighting when youre really declaring your undying love to each other

-you two are able to do ANYTHING if you work together holy fuck


-calls you wonderwoman

-snort laughs (god pls yes) when you make particularly sarcastic remarks, leaving the person on the recieving end with their mouth hanging open

-the most amusing thing for him is when you and saeran get into playful sassy arguments

-will probably be like “hold it right there, i gotta go get some popcorn for this shit”

-admires how confident you are, and actually frickin asks you to “teach him”

I just heard about the explicitly gay sex scene in American gods so naturally I googled it and 80% of the articles called it “pornographic” and any other kind of variation of “dirty” and i wanna kill myself, thanks straight ppl for reminding me that gay sex can’t be passionate and emotional, it’s always dirty and depraved, especially if you saw some dick or ass then it’s the most dirtiest thing in the whole fucking world, hate yall demons


ive stumbled upon this 80s popeye cartoon thing called “private olive oyl” and it isnt really that good but im just so charmed at how its about these 3 women getting into wacky cartoon antics and one of them is just this……hulking monstrosity? shes my favorite

this will be (an everlasting love) - 1

Pairing:  Hoseok x Reader
Genre: 80s!au drabble series, smut, fluff
Warnings: exhibitionism, road head, dirty talk kind of, praise kink? i guess
Word Count: 4k, is this considered a drabble? whatever lmao
Summary: On your 20th anniversary, Hoseok gifts you a cassette tape full of songs that each corresponds with a special memory from your relationship together.
[This is a part of a new drabble series based on my 80s!au oneshot called Blue Kiss. Although this could be read on its own if you just want to sin ;)]

Side 1, Track 4: Lay All Your Love On Me – ABBA

Don’t go wasting your emotion
Lay all your love on me
Don’t go sharing your devotion
Lay all your love on me

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