the yam episode was a

I am dead, the latest episode killed me with it’s perfect Ennoshita and Yams, and Tsukki the super supportive boyfriend and first-year!second years flashback and the other 2nd years just unanimously deciding Chikara is best for next captain and Iwaoi randomly discussing Karasuno because why not and injured Daichi who is still the best captain ever and those bits that sent all of my EnnoTana senses tingling and just…

I am dead.

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Oh god the new episode!!!!!! Yams is so precious, the poor child!!!! And Daichi!!!!! And Ennoshita!!!!!! Haikyuu gives me so much feels!!!!! And I love the opening!!!!!!

I rewatched the opening when it first came out about 164 times because it’s so good. God I love them all so much. I can’t stand it.

  • Did you guys fucking see that episode?!?!?!
  • Omfg ennoshita bb and yams, and then takeru saying he's gonna beat the Little giant and he's more of it than Hinata and Hinata is doubting himself
  • But baby Hinata was smart and was like rebound
  • The thing he learned from bokuto ugh my kokoro. And dadichi being a fucking dad at the end and I'm just so proud of my bbs