the winter solider spoilers

Me: *watches a wholllllle hell of a lot of mcu characters die including fucking groot*


Peter: I dont feel so good, mr stark. Idk what’s happening.


Tony: looks at peter

Peter: latches onto him, hugging him desperately


Peter: I dont wanna go, I dont wanna go, mr stark, I dont wanna go.


Peter: falls to the ground


Peter: I’m sorry *evaporates into ash*


Tom Holland, Mark Rufflo, and Sebastian Stan planning their next spoiler attack.

Steve: Bucky dear, what song do I remind you of?

Bucky: Can’t help falling in love <3

Steve: Awww <3


Stephen: Tony dear,what song do I remind you of?


Tony: The Wizards of Weverly place theme song…


Stephen: We’re breaking up.

Me: *thinks about Bucky Barnes* *cries*

Also Me: *thinks about Bucky Barnes’ last words being ‘Steve?’* *cries moRE*

Me Yet Again: *thinks of how Bucky Barnes died infront of Steve Rogers not once but TWICE* *CRYING INTENSIFIES*

Your heartbeat of solid gold (Bucky Barnes imagine) *SPOILER ALERT*

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: fighting, swearing

Request: can you do one with Bucky being protective while the fight goes on in wakanda and the reader has the power to control like plants and animals? fluff if you can please ?


“Bucky cover my left” Y/n shouted. She dodged another of Thanos’ army before ducking to the side making the clump of metal headed towards her with a vicious snarl fall on the ground. 

Bucky was quick to shoot it down, panicked at the risky move on Y/n’s behalf. 

“Please be careful doll” Bucky begged her. 

“We’ve got this Buck okay?” she spoke taking hold of her outstretched hand. 

“I can’t lose you” he spoke “not when I only just got you back” 

“I can’t lose you either, but this is not the right time to get all sappy” she chuckled, she stomped her foot into the ground the grass and mud rising a few feet in front of her and hitting a creature out of the way.

Suddenly Y/n was hit by a flying piece of metal falling to the ground. One of Thanos’ army saw, sprinting over to finish her off. 

Bucky watched with terrified eyes before he sprung into action. He ran towards the thing at the same time as it ran towards Y/n. He dived on it before it could crash into her. 

He punched it repeated with his metal arm, the clashing of metal screeching through the field. 

“don’t ever fucking touch her” he was growling at the beast, hitting and hitting until it went limp.

He stood up, running towards Y/n who was now standing up, fighting off more of the creatures. 

He stood next to her, side by side as they fought for the universe. 

“we’re gonna make it out of this alive, you hear me Buck?” Y/n spoke as they ran towards the fighting. 

“I hear you doll.” he spoke not taking his eyes off of the fighting. 

They met up with Steve, watching as Sam and Rhodes started bombing the creatures. 

“S-steve” Y/n spoke timidly, an idea popping into her head all of a sudden.

“Y/n?” he replied confused “what is it?” 

She looked at Bucky, smiling at him.

“I have an idea” she spoke.

Bucky’s head filled with dread. He didn’t want her to do anything, he didn’t want her to be fighting, for his own selfish needs he wanted to keep her safe and away from all of this.

“I can create a pit, move the earth so they all fall down it, big enough so they can’t jump. It will stop them from ruining anymore of Wakanda” she then looked to T’Challa with hopeful eyes, knowing she could do this but needed their approval.

Everyone thought it through, thinking of how it would work.

“doll, you know- you know if you do that, you’ll become a bigger target than you already are” Bucky spoke, panicked.

“it will work though Bucky, it could save so much” 

“but what if it doesn’t work, you’ll have made yourself more of a target than you already are!” Bucky said, a hint of begging in his voice for her not to do it, He knew once again he was being selfish. He just wanted to protect her and if she did this he didn’t think there would be a chance for him to do that.

“Bucky you need to stop thinking you can always protect me, I can protect myself as well, okay?” she said softly. 

“I just want you safe” he spoke sadly.

“I know you do, I want you safe too” she spoke, tilting his chin up so she could place the smallest of kisses on his lips.

“we don’t have much time” T’Challa spoke watching as more of the things approached. 

“do what you need to do Y/n” Steve spoke, squeezing her shoulder. 

She ran forwards a couple meters before slamming her hand into the ground as hard as she could, pouring all of her energy into the earth. 

Everyone watched in amazement as a split in the ground opened up, moving apart slowly to create a large pitt in the ground. It grew bigger and bigger as it stretched to the far side of the fields. 

She fell down weak, her energy leaving her. It would take her a couple of minutes to gain it back. Bucky ran forward to her, watching in amazement as Thano’s army didn’t stop descending upon them, running straight into the pit and falling down into emptiness.

Y/n looked up at her work, seeing how it was successful before she locked eyes with a women across from it. The woman glared evily at her before taking a sprinting run towards the pit and leaping over it. In seconds the woman was in front of Y/n staring down at her.

“that was a silly thing to do child” she looked up realizing it was Proxima Midnight. She was holding a sharp spear “you’re going to regret it” she spoke.

Y/n clenched her teeth in pain, trying to gain the energy to stand up and fight, but she couldn’t move. 

Bucky was shouting out to her as he ran forwards, Steve, T’Challa and Natasha close behind him.

She raised her spear high above Y/n before bringing it down, Y/n shut her eyes in fear, embracing herself for the pain that was about to come. 

She opened her eyes seconds later, the pain never coming. Bucky was there infront of her, holding the spear with his metal arm, pushing against her. The force knocked Proxima backwards as Steve reached them grabbing hold of her neck and slamming her into the ground. 

Y/n felt her energy come back, twisting both hands in the direction of the trees. Snake looking branches moved through the grass before settling around the limbs of Proxima, holding her down to the ground, merging with the grass. 

Y/n clenched her fists, the tree branches responding by tightening around Proxima, Y/n clenched her fists even harder, her knuckles cracking slightly as she watched the life being squeezed out of the evil woman. 

Once they were satisfied she was dead, Bucky turned to Y/n letting her collapse in his arms. 

“i’m so proud of you doll, you did so well… so well” he soothed, stroking her hair as she rested to gain her energy back. He kissed her forehead as she came around. 

“Bucky” she whispered looking up at him, she smiled once her eyes met his. HE gave her a soft smile, reserved only for her. 

“i’m here” he spoke hushed. 

“you saved me” she spoke, cupping his face in her hands.

“I told you I would always protect you, I’m never losing you again” he spoke softly.

“you’re never going to lose me” she spoke “I won’t let you” 

I was discussing theories for avengers 4 with my dad for like the 20th time, and he just got frustrated and said I should stop worrying about it and just watch the movie.

And I’m just like… i can’t.