the winter soldier x reader

Welcome back Bucky

Summary: after many months of waiting, Bucky is finally back from a mission. Of course you welcome your beloved soldier back….

Warnings: smut 

Note: i’m too lazy to read it through, and i’m also not wearing glasses (im really blind) so if there’s mistakes then please forgive me (even though english technically is my first language, it’s affected by the fact that i live in stupid denmark) 
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It had been months since you had last seen him. It felt like eons. How you had survived was beyond your own knowledge.

Bucky, your boyfriend, had been gone away on a long mission with Steve. It sure was a long mission. When he found out that he was going, he had hesitated with telling you, since he knew about your trust issues (not only with people around you, but with yourself too). But he had come around and told you of course, he couldn’t just disappear into thin air without letting you know where he went. Of course you were upset when he told you that he was going to be away for half a year. But in the end he was protecting the world, and it felt good to know that he was doing something good. You knew that he had a need to do good things, to make up for what he had done in his past, even though he hadn’t been in control back then. He carried a lot of guilt, of course. A man with a lot of feelings.

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You’re My Mission Pt.25

You Smell Incredible


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,813


Warnings: Language, NSFW!, light smut, sexual situations IF YOU ARE NOT 18 PLEASE DO NOT READ🔞 Nothing overly graphic but still.

A/N: So very little happens plot wise. Mostly just setting things up to happen but I wanted to explore their relationship more. A lot of the chapters that follow will be just that. Explorations of their relationship and how they get along together. Hope you love it. I also want to say that I know I didn’t respond to everyone’s comments last time. I’ve just been feeling so poorly that I spent every moment I wasn’t hurting, writing this chapter. I’ll definitely respond this time! I love hearing from you guys, you have no idea! And as always, if you happen to reblog, thank you so much for helping me spread my work! xoxo

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Bucky’s on edge.

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I found something quite interesting.

Okay, I’ve re-watched some parts of Captain America: The Winter Soldier because I honestly forgot half of his story.

I payed attention and I found something quite interesting.

When Natasha is telling Steve about her first job as Black Widow (when she found herself face-to-face with the Winter Soldier), she says they were in Odessa.

I didn’t know where it was, so I googled it, and it’s in Ukraine.

Till now, everything is fine.

Then I watched the end of the movie, when Natasha hands Steve The Winter Soldier files.

So I translated it to see if I had to change any locations or dates in “The Protege” (I wanted it to be as accurate as possible), and that’s the translation I got:

The words in bold can be translated as file number 17/ case number 17 (I used the Google translator, so it might not be accurate)

But when I translated the first line, this is what I got:

A location. So I googled the damn location.

And surprise, surprise, it’s in Ukraine too.

So I thought, okay maybe the Red Room was in Ukraine, maybe there was a KGB in that region.

And there was.

And honestly I feel like MARVEL is using this to connect the whole “KGB-BLACK WIDOW-HYDRA-WINTER SOLDIER” stuff, and I thought, I’m going to use it.

And I’m going to post this because I wanna check if I’m right about this little theory when the black widow movie comes out.

Two Out of the Three

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Summary: Steve Rogers is given two things while being held in captivity at HYDRA. 1) A hand gun and 2) a choice: to either kill you or Bucky.Only the two of the three of you can walk out alive.

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Rumlow let go of Steve’s collar, causing him to fall downwards as his large body smacked against the white concrete floor. Steve could see small crimson drops of blood trailing from the door to where he was right now, the pain from his cracked ribs and his bruised neck now suddenly amplified and cutting off his air supply.

He desperately tried to regain his strength, beginning to crawl on the floor helplessly with his nails digging into the floor and his torso leaving a bloody trail as he moved. Rumlow simply watched with a smirk on his face before slowly following Steve, his boots dragging on the floor in a sinister rhythm. Rumlow took twisted pride in knowing that the brave American hero, Captain America, the same man who fought countless of aliens and saved hundreds of worlds was now down on his feet.



Clinging on to an invisible strand of hope as Rumlow stood over him, his shadow blocking the fluorescent lights from shining on top of Steve.

Rumlow relished in this feeling.

He grabbed Steve by the collar again, yanking him back roughly. Steve could feel Rumlow’s breath against his neck as Rumlow whispered in to his ear. 

“I… was going to kill you, Captain. Then I realized something. The good old Captain is the type of man who would foolishly be willing to die to save others. Besides, death would be an easy way out for you, wouldn’t it?”

Steve remained quiet, feeling the countless bruises, cuts and wounds all over his body intensify as time dragged on. Rumlow smiled at Steve’s silence and motioned for the guards to bring something in. Steve’s head snapped up in curiosity as he saw two people tied to chairs being brought in to the room, both of them kicking and screaming through the discarded ropes in their mouths.

Oh no.

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Lullaby | Part 5

Pairing:  Bucky x Reader


Warnings:  Stockholm Syndrome, Angst, Feels

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The next few days passed in a blur.  Most of it spent at the hospital.  You had no idea, but Tony had the entire N.Y.P.D. looking for you, as well as the National Guard.  Unfortunately, Pierce had D.C. under his thumb, and there had been no way of tracking you.  You were worried something might be done about that, by way of a tracking device, but so far your father hadn’t mentioned it.

After being rushed promptly to the hospital, you were treated for a pulmonary contusion, dehydration, and slight malnourishment.  The one thing the Winter Soldier had forgot to do was feed you, then again he, too, looked underfed and was probably given food only when he completed a successful mission.  He had been practically harnessed, after all.

On your third day of bed rest, Steve poked his head into your hospital room.  You smiled warmly, greeting your friend with eager open arms.  He hugged you, barely containing his super-soldier strength.  “We were so worried about you,” he whispered in your ear.  When he pulled back, his baby blue eyes were tinged red and blotchy.  “What happened?” he husked in a low, broken voice.

Dragging your bottom lip between you teeth, you let out a sigh.  “He saved me, Steve.”  You made a promise not to tell your father his identity, but Steve knew.  He was there.  He deserved to know his best friend was not the criminal everyone else was bound to make him out to be.  “He knew who you were.  They…They wiped him.  After he kidnapped me.”  You twisted your fingers in the bed sheets.  You knew there was nothing to be nervous about, yet you did it anyway.  Talking to Steve made the ordeal all too real, which meant Bucky leaving was real, too.

“Thank you,” Steve said finally, “for telling me.”  He gently cupped your face, tilting it and wincing at the bruises on your face.  “Did he…”

The worry that it was his best friend who hurt you was palpable.  You shook your head.  “No, Bucky didn’t.  Rumlow is the reason I’m in here,” you stated plainly.  “I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but some people don’t appreciate my sass.”

Steve’s mouth dropped open in feigned disbelief.  “You don’t say.”  He chuckled, the sound of it threading through every fiber of your being and uplifting your spirit.  Ruffling your hair, he offered up another one of his star-spangled smiles.  “I’m glad you’re okay.  You had Tony worried sick.”

“I know…”  Averting your gaze to the drab gray blanket, you sighed again.  “I was worried, too.  When Pierce told me his plan…”  Tears pooled in your eyes, spilling over as the thought of coming home to, well, no one still haunted you.  Instantly, Steve’s arms were around you in a snug embrace, as tightly as he could manage without further aggravating your injuries.

“We’re okay.  You’re okay.  Somewhere, Bucky is okay, too.”

You nodded weakly at that.  Part of your was still in that cell with him.  Part of you at the Smithsonian where it began, and where it had ended.  You sought validation for what you had endured, comfort for the things you felt about your captor and savior; Steve’s words were as close as you were apparently going to get.

“Thanks, Spangles,” you whispered, drying your eyes with the tissue he handed you.

“Let me know if you need anything,” he told you in earnest before he left.

After you were cleared for release by the doctor, Tony brought you back home where it seemed everyone expected your life to resume as normal.  Normalcy, or a semblance thereof, wasn’t without its perks.  Tony was happy to give you your own personal assistant (and bodyguard), who made your meals, helped you bathe, and volunteered to drive you to yoga…once you felt like going.  As of now, that was a big if.

Easing your hospital bag off your shoulder, you glanced around your bedroom almost like it was the first time seeing it.  While the room was fairly new to you, having just moved from California to New York, you didn’t remember a time before living with Tony.  You didn’t remember your own mother except for the picture you had of her.  She died when you were just three, leaving Tony to raise you.  You were the result of a one-night stand between your mother and the self-proclaimed playboy.  Funny enough, you were the reason he didn’t like to be handed things, considering it was a court-ordered paternity test that ultimately sealed his fate all those years ago.  Still, he loved you like any father loved his only daughter.

You were spoiled, in fact.  You had gone to school at Midtown.  Were trained by the best yoga instructor.  Taught Russian by Natasha.  Now, you were in between high school and college, with the rest of your life to sort through.  Suddenly, you were grateful for your second chance, rather than a life where you were force to be HYDRA’s puppet.

“Hey, kiddo, I’m about to order dinner.  How does Chinese sound?”

Torn from your reverie, you jumped slightly and turned to your father.  He had his phone in hand, ready to give whoever his credit card details.  “Chinese sounds… fine.”  Anything was better than the hospital food you picked at the last four days.

Tony frowned.  He glanced down at his watch and then decidedly barged into your bedroom.  “Are you feeling okay?  Scratch that.  Stupid question.  Of course you’re not.  Is there anything I can do for you?”

You could hear the underlying panic in his voice, see it in his bloodshot eyes that told you he hadn’t slept in days.  You didn’t want him to worry.  What happened wasn’t his fault, though you knew he was blaming himself.  “I’m alright, Dad,” you reassured him.

“Are you sure?  I could get something else for dinner.  I could cancel my meetings tomorrow.  I—”

You shook your head jerkily, cutting him off.  “No.  No, it’s okay.”

“Tell you what, how about I do it anyway, and, yeah…Done deal.  Tomorrow.  Just you and me.”  He snapped his fingers and gestured between the two of you.

“Okay, Dad.”  You forced a smile for his benefit.  He was trying really hard.  “Sounds good.”

A blinding smile alighted on his features before he backed out of your room, phone attached to his ear as he went to order dinner.  After he left, you plopped down on the bed and scrubbed your hands over your face.  You wanted to cry—all the pent-up fear, worry, and grief coursing through you like a relentless funnel, swirling your emotions around and throwing them at you.

As an Empath, you could hardly stand it.  It ripped you seam from seam.  The validation and comfort you needed only made it worse for you to deal with your current maelstrom of emotions, leaving one question begging for an answer.  Why did he leave?

You hated the invisible hold the Soldier had over you, but there it was, embedded deeply.  If it had a physical appearance, you would have a searing red scar across your chest from the pain and rawness of it.  Glancing in the mirror just to make sure, you balked at the reflection staring back.  No wonder Tony was worried.  There were dark purplish bruises under your eyes and a split above your cheekbone, and your upper lip was cracked open.  At least your lungs were better, thanks to your doctor who was literally the best Tony could afford.

You spared no remorse over the fact Brock Rumlow was dead.

Unpacking your bag, you retrieved the gray blanket.  You curled around it as you laid down on your own bed for the first time in a week.  The scent was familiar, but that didn’t mean it was his.  You didn’t know who the blanket belonged to before you, but it was yours now.  It, too, was real.  It validated you.  It gave you comfort.

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Painful Past and Future

Marvel Fics: @m4df4n @just-saying-26 @thoughtsofdarc @sergeantjbuckybarnes @teafocus Request: If requests are still open could I request some former!Hydra Reader where Steve and Bucky don’t really trust her and they are very adamant about not having her on the avengers on she gets herself capturing in order to save Bucky?

WC: 2.5k

A/N: To the person who requested, I’m not actually sure if this was supposed to be an x reader kind of thing so if it was please let me know!

I hear a knock on my door and stand up from my bed to answer it, expecting Nat, Clint, or Tony. I never expected Steve to be on the other side of the door. When I opened the door he tenses and looks down at me with a frown. “There’s a meeting in the living room, make your way there please.”

I hesitate before nodding and giving him a forced smile. “Yessir.”

He turns around in the door and walks away and I follow him, trailing behind slowly. When we get to the living room we see everyone but a few members waiting for us. Tony had been the main conversationist and when he sees us arrive he grins and holds his arms out, “Perfect, where’s Bucky?” Steve sighs and shakes his head, his lips pressing together tightly. I don’t miss how he glances at me. Scoffing I shake my head and cross my arms. He doesn’t miss that either and he eyes me angrily.

“Can you blame him?” Steve asks defensively.

“I’ve proven that my loyalties don’t fall with Hydra, Rogers. I abandoned my family to prove this.” I glare sharply at him but the anger is quick to dissipate. I’m only repeating what Natasha and Clint have told me to say, truthfully I’m just as angry at myself as they are. My shoulders deflate and I walk away from him and to where Nat and Clint were sitting; I sit by their feet.

I feel both of their hands tousle into my hair and onto my shoulders and lean against them for comfort. Sighing softly, I look up to smile at them. “What’s going on?” I ask softly.

“We’re talking about the mission,” Clint answers. “We think we’ve got everything ready.”

Sighing, I nod and look back down. I see Tony and Steve bickering quietly, not quietly enough for me not to hear, however. I pick up on how Bucky refuses to come in if it means having to communicate on this mission and me being involved.

Tony raises his brows at Steve and crosses his arms, “Bring him or he’s not going to be a part of the mission. We’re going to do it without him unless he can cooperate.”


“The rest of the team has already agreed, so yes. You two are going to have to give Y/n leeway and stop making her feel like shit. I understand that you two are best friends but it’s unfair.”

Steve glances at the team, then at us. I bring my eyes to the floor and wrap my hands tightly around my thighs as my heart thrums loudly in my ears. I hear him sigh sharply and say, “Fine. I’ll go get him and explain.”

“Thank you,” Tony breathes.

I hear footsteps start to fade and look up to see the back of Steve’s back as he walked away, he walked rigidly and was clearly upset. I grimace and shake my head, “I hate this.”

“If it weren’t for Bucky, he’d be on your side through and through,” Tony says, still looking at where Steve had disappeared to.

“I don’t blame them,” I mumble. “God, why couldn’t I have been born to a sane family?” I throw my head back against the couch and groan loudly, bringing my arms up to cover my face.

I hear Clin groan in response and feel him shift on the couch, Nat does too and her hands wrap around my arms and pry them from my face. “Don’t do this to yourself, Y/n.” I can only muster a grumble in response, pulling my arms back over my face.

“Let’s get this over with,” I hear someone growl. Finally, I pull my arms from my face and pick my head up to meet eyes with Bucky. I look away quickly and clear my throat, straightening up and looking up at Tony and Steve.

“With the information provided by Y/n,” Tony gestures to me. “We have finally located all of her family and their accomplices. We’re going out tonight.” Tony glances at Steve and gestures for him to continue the brief.

“There will be four teams, we are all going to a certain destination. Wanda, Vision, and Thor, you will be going to location A here.” He hands them a folder. “Go get ready.” They all nod and stand together, walking to no doubt do as told. “Tony, Bruce, and Rhodes; you’re going to location B. Bruce will be staying on the helicarrier because you’re good on the computers.”

“So it’s me, Nat, and Y/n?” Clint says sitting up. He grins at me and pats my shoulder.

“No,” Steve speaks flatly and with a frown. Confused, I look at Tony questioningly but he can only shrug.

“What then? You can’t ground her.” Nat speaks, something unpleasant in her tone.

“I’m not going to,” Steve responds. “She’s coming with me and Buck.”

Tony and Clint both scoff at the same time and Clint jumps over me to get to Steve. “Why? She’d be just fine with us.”

“Because you’re taking location C, we need her for location D.”

I groan and push myself up, “Can we fucking stop with the lame code names. Where are we going that you need me for.”

“Your home,” Steve answers. “And you’ve written in reports that it’s a complex place with plenty of secret exits and entries.” Clint sighs and grimaces, looking at me sympathetically.

I hate to admit it but, “I can’t argue with that.” Crossing my arms I sigh and nod, “Alright, well, when are we going?”

“Now.” It’s the first time that Bucky has spoken to me. He turns to face me, looks at Steve, then turns on his heel and walks away. Steve doesn’t even react to Bucky leaving and hands the mission folders to Nat’s team and Tony’s.

“Good luck,” he says as he watches them leave. Steve turns to me and… he looks tired. “Let’s get this over with, shall we? Pack yourself a bag and meet us outside.”

“Bags already packed, I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time.”

“Then let’s get it done.”


While we’re riding over the helicarrier, I fiddle with my suit nervously. Steve and Bucky had been silent for the entire ride except for a few quiet murmurs. A question had been gnawing at me for the entire ride and finally, I had to ask it. “Why couldn’t I go with Natasha and Clint, I work better with them and all you two do is isolate me.” There’s a pause, silence in the carrier heavier than before. I huff softly and furrow my brows together and shake my head, “I’m trying to change, I have changed.”

“We’re about to take down your family. How do we know that you’re not going to switch sides suddenly?”

“They wouldn’t even let me,” I murmur, leaning against my gloved palm. “Once they figure out it was me, I was the mole, they’re just going to try to kill me. To get revenge.” Sighing I let my eyes fall shut and imagine what’s going to happen when we get to my childhood home. If we can get them without my identity being exposed it might not be as emotional, my family works coldly. But if I know my parent’s, if I know my brother, the second they figure out it was me they’d be furious and do everything they could at that moment to kill me.

Bucky stares quietly for a moment before asking, “So you gave everything up? Just to stop them?”

“My family is one of the biggest donors for the rebuilding of Hydra since you took them down. They’ve put in a lot to bring them back and if we take them down we’re even closer to taking Hydra down. It’s going to take them a long time to recover from that loss.”

“What do we have to prepare for?” Steve questions, leaning forward and clasping his hands together.

“My mother is the least dangerous, she knows how to use a gun but she’s the least experienced with hand-to-hand to combat. It’ll be easier taking her down before she gets her hand on any guns or calls for help. We’re going to have to shut down most of the power without them knowing but after that there’s going to be a short amount of time that we can get her.”

“She’s the one to pull the alarm then?”

I nod and sigh softly, “Yeah.”

“What else, your father?”

“My father is old but he’s strong and smart. He’s got all the information that you’re going to want but it’s not going to be easy prying it out of him. It might even be impossible.”

“What about if we use Wanda?”

I hum and move my head to the side as I think, “It’d work.” I take a deep breath and continue, “My brother is the most lethal. I was trained from birth to be the spy he was trained to be the soldier. He’s smart but not that smart, he thinks too much with his muscles and not enough with his brains. He’s not going to be strategic at first but he’ll catch up soon.”

“So…” Bucky’s brown furrow, “Your mother is first, then your dad, then your brother?” He groans and rolls his shoulders, “Alright, well you can take your mother, Steve will take your dad and I’ll handle your brother.”

“You should both go for my father first. He’s top priority right after my mother’s been detained. I can shut down the alarm system after I take her down so that my father or brother can’t get help either.”

“You just said that your brother was the most lethal, we should take him out while we have the chance.” Bucky eyes me with suspicion, the frown he already had deepens.

“No. Take down my mother, then my father, then him. He might be the most lethal but other than that he’s useless, he doesn’t have all the information like my father and he’s not going to think about the alarm.” I lean back and cross my arms. “Stop suspecting me. I already told you that even if  wanted to go back and help them, they would just kill me.”

“So you’ve thought about it?” Steve tilts his head and squints at me.

I groan and throw my hands up in the air, “No! I left with no doubt in my being. This is what’s right and it’s what I’m going to do!” Huffing I glare at them, “Just detain my father first and watch out for my brother. They might be together and that’s not going to be fun.”

“And where will your mother be?”

“My father’s study is where the alarm system is,” I reply. “I know how to get up there and when I do, I’ll do my job. You come in the same way I had and do yours.”

Steve stares at me for a moment before he sighs and nods, “Just deliver your mother to the other agents and get your ass back to us for backup.”

I nod.


By the time we get to my family’s home, it’s dark. We had to land the helicarrier far away seeing as I knew that it would trigger an alarm system. Steve, Bucky, me, and the rest of the team trecked through the thick woods that surrounded my old home.

The lights were on and there wasn’t much to be seen outside. I give the last of the information that I had to the team to keep them from alarming anyone before Steve, Bucky, and I separate from them. I lead them to where I knew the office was and tell them to wait. Scaling the wall, I climb up and through the window as quietly as I could. The office was empty and I move to my father’s computer, getting to the alarms and shutting it down permanently. There’s a scream that I recognize to be my mothers and then the pounding of heels against the hardwood floor as she runs to set off the alarm. I hide quickly and wait for her to run in, peeking from my hiding spot behind the door to make sure that she came alone. She taps on the keyboard and then gasps when nothing works.

“W-What?” She taps the keys desperately, looking around pale-faced. I step out from my hiding spot and point my gun at her.

“Get down,” I order. She stares like a deer in headlights and I shake the gun, gesturing with it for her to get down to the ground. “Now.”

She swallows thickly and looks away, bringing her hands up to rest above her head as she kneels down slowly. “So it was you,” she murmurs quietly. “I can’t say I expected it, darling.”

“No?” I ask walking forward, pushing her to lie down on her stomach. “Why not?” I pull her wrists down and cuff them quickly before pulling her up.

“You were such a perfect girl,” she says staring at me with soft eyes. A facade. I’m not affected by it. “I was tempted to get you out, my dear.”

“Don’t bother lying, Mother. Please. It doesn’t look right on you, that soft-eyed look.”

She tenses and looks over her shoulder to glare at me. “Your father and brother will stop you.”

“And where are they?” I ask her tilting my head. “I’d like to know.” She seals her lips and turns back forward.

I lead her to the window and her feet plants against the floor in panic, “Wait!”

“I’m not killing you,” I tell her sharply and push the window I crawled through open with one hand. I look down and ask through the comms, “Ready?”

“Let her fall,” Steve answers.

I nod and step back, pushing Mother back in front of me and making her face me. “Don’t tense,” I tell her. “Just fall and you’ll be caught.”

“Why should I trust you?” she spits at me, venom in each word.

I scoff, “I don’t think I’ll ever get anyone’s trust, Mother. Thank you for that.” With that, I push her back and listen as she screams and then that scream cut short as she’s caught. I look out to see that Bucky was holding her and he nods at me. I jump out of the window and climb down, taking her from him.

“They’re waiting at the treeline,” he tells me, nodding in the direction. “Hurry up and take her there and then catch up with us.”

“Got it.” I do as told and start jogging to them, delivering my mother while Steve and Bucky get the rest of my family. By the time we reach them, Mother has started fighting and trying to run away multiple times. “Don’t lose her,” I warn the agents. “Just don’t.”

“Got it,” one of the agents respond. They both hook arms with my mother and tow her along with them as they make their way back to the helicarrier.

I take a deep breath and run back to the house. “Where are you?” I ask, ducking through the window and making my way to the hallway outside the office. There’s nothing but silence and I sigh harshly, furrowing my brows. Where would my father be? I ask myself. Waiting for my mother to escape.

I hurry to where I suspect my father to be, making my way down the stairs and down another hallway. Then down to the ‘basement’. An underground garage that led outside somewhere in the woods. Once I reach the door, I creep slowly and carefully. I catch sight of Bucky and Steve creeping slowly behind some of my father’s cars. But something is wrong. It’s too quiet. Father should have come to investigate mother’s disappearance already.

“Rogers, wait!” I say into comms. Too quiet for him to actually hear me from where I knelt. “It’s a trap!” They pay no mind and I groan anxiously.  Why the hell would they switch to - you know what, never mind I know exactly why they would switch to a secret channel. The distrust is amazing. If I don’t die today I’m going to put my foot down and giving them a piece of my mind. Softly. While I probably cry. Grimacing I push myself away from the wall and move as quickly as I could while being crouched. Just before I could reach them there’s a blast from underneath one of the cars that blows me away.

I groan out and push myself upwards, looking up to make sure that they’re still alive. From what I could tell, Steve had shielded them from most of the blast with his shield and both men were still intact. Of course. But something’s wrong with Bucky, I hear him wince and curse under his breath. Groaning again and push I push myself up even further, wincing when pain shoots up my leg. I look down and quickly inspect my leg but it’s nothing horrible. Maybe a fracture.

I clench my jaw and glare at them and see that they’re staring at me with wide eyes. Breathing heavy. “Why did you change comms? I tried warning you that something was off.”

Steve opens his mouth to respond but get’s cut off when bullets spray in our direction. I duck behind one of the scraps that blew off one of the cars.

“My own blood, a traitor!” I hear my brother scream in my direction and right after another spray in my direction.

“Enough, son, let’s go!”

I pull my gun back out and step out from my hiding spot, aiming at my brother and the arm that held the gun. Without hesitation, I shoot and he drops the gun as he yells out. He swivels around to bare his teeth at me. “Bitch.”

“Don’t move, I’ll shoot.” I glance at Father. “I will shoot.”

He stares at me for a moment tensely, glancing over to where Steve and Bucky were still kneeling. He raises his head, “I don’t think you will.”

“What?” I laugh breathlessly and shake my head, straightening my aim on him. “No, I will.”

Father shakes his head and chuckles humorously. “No you won’t,” he says. “Your friend over there is hurt and unless you want me to him and the rest of us out…” he holds up a small device that had a flashing red light, “… you’ll come with me.”

I glance at Steve who was trying to help Bucky, my eyes widen at the sight of blood. Bucky grimaces and pales as he holds his hand against his leaking side. I look back at Father and swallow thickly.

“Good girl,” he sighs. Hid head inclines down and he nods at the gun in my hand. “Drop it.” Sighing reluctantly, I slowly kneel down and set the gun down. “Now come here and help your brother.”

“Y/n,” I hear. I glance sideways and see Bucky looking nervous and shaking his head. “Don’t.”

I straighten my gaze and stand back up, walking forward and to my brother who snatches me with his unharmed arm. I wince as his grip tightens around my arm and gasp as he pulls me with him. “Get the door,” he growls, pushing me in the direction of the controls.

I walk to it and start pressing buttons, while I am I hear my father speaking to Steve and Bucky. “I’d suggest,” he says softly, “that you get out of here real quick.”

I turn to look over my shoulder and see Steve swallow before helping Bucky up and holding him up. He glances at me and nods before practically carrying Bucky and jogging out. I exhale slowly and open the door that goes to the tunnel leading outside.

“Good girl,” I hear again. My father grabs me by the nape of my neck and pulls me along with him to the car. “Let’s go.”

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Marvel Fics: @m4df4n @just-saying-26 @thoughtsofdarc @sergeantjbuckybarnes @teafocus

theshadowsparade  asked:

Can I request a Bucky one shot? Something fluffy/angsty where Reader and him have been hiding in Bucharest leading a calm, quiet life. After news of the attack on the UN breaks and he is named as a suspect, you two discuss your next move.

As always, I don’t own Bucky Barnes or anything else from the Marvel universe!

Originally posted by marvelposts

You hesitated by the window, not even daring to twitch the flimsy curtains back. You strained your eyes to see through the thin gap in the material and the grubby glass, hoping to see a familiar figure on the street below. The faint sound of the news channel playing did nothing to calm your nerves as your boyfriend’s photo and name were displayed over and over again.

The click of the front door opening caught your attention, and you reached for the pistol tucked securely in your belt.

“It’s me.”

You didn’t release the breath you’d been holding until Bucky rounded the corner, alone. There was a heaviness in his eyes that you hadn’t seen before, no doubt a result of the UN attack.

“You’ve heard?” you asked. He nodded, fixing you with a heavy stare.

“You know it wasn’t me.”

“I know,” you replied, running a hand through your hair. “The world thinks it was you, though, so we can’t stay here. They’ll find us.”

“No, you can’t stay here. They’re not looking for you yet, you could still get away.”

You glared at him. “That is not what we agreed, Bucky. We got away from HYDRA together, and neither of us would have survived alone. I’m not leaving you now.”

You could see his resolve crumbling. Finally, he sighed and moved to stand in front of you.

“Where can we go?” he whispered. You took his hands in yours, bringing them to your lips.

“I don’t know…but we’ll go together.”

Blackout Masterlist

Summary: Being found in a closet with no memory leads to a lot more questions than answers. Reader has a past that even she doesn’t know all of, but with her abilities and the help of the Avengers, she might be able to fill in the gaps.

Pairing: Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader, Wanda x Reader (mostly platonic)

Status: In Progress, chapters unknown

Part 1: Finished

Part 2: Finished, coming soon

Part 3: Finished, coming eventually

Part 4: In Progress

A/N: I know the direction I’m taking this, but little details are fuzzy, I’m pretty excited about this though.

BLIND (part III/?)

Summary: Steve brought Bucky to the compound for him to join the Avengers. While some of them welcomed him with smiles, others prefer to judge him for his past. But, could that change?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Genre: angst-fluff


  • Blind:
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@notexactlythatgirl @thisismysecrethappyplace @sofreakinmanyfandoms @pizzarollpatrol

Warnings: language, still bitchy!Reader (patience, she’ll be nicer.)

A/N: another part yayy. Enjoy darlings. Just enjoy while you can, because this is gonna get intense soon.

Blind masterlist

Rogue-barnes-16 masterlist

I pushed the lab’s door, bursting in and startling Tony. “I think I told you to soundproof Barnes’s room, didn’t I?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.

A couple of weeks ago he had assured me he would soundproof Barnes’s room to avoid any kind of problems.

But, surprise, surprise. He didn’t.

“you certainly did” he confirmed, distractedly. He was doing it on purpose. He wanted to get me on my nerves. “but I won’t do it yet”

I groaned, pinching the bridge of my nose. “You’re doing this out of despite, aren’t you?” I asked exasperated, and all he did was shrug. “I don’t deserve this” I added, defeat evident in my voice and features.

There was a moment of silence, which I took as the end of the conversation. Just when I was turned around, Tony spoke “yeah you do.”

I spun around, my mouth in agape. “what the hell is that supposed to mean?” he peeked at me before leaving his tools over the table. “I didn’t do anything-”

“you had one job” oh. So this was about it. “just one.” he circled the table and stood face-to-face with me. “you said you didn’t want to fight them, I understood, but I told you to shoot, and you didn’t.”

“what t- Tony w-” my eyes were wide open. I knew Tony was pissed off because of what I had done —more like hadn’t done— during the airport incident. But this was unbelievable. “are you fucking serious, I-” I scoffed before talking again. “you ordered me to shoot Barnes and I quote ‘if he was hostile, or if the Winter Soldier came out.’ ” I said, using my fingers to signal the quotation marks. “he wasn’t hostile, so I didn’t shoot.”

“he was running away!” he replied, almost yelling.

“So was Steve” I said shrugging. “and you didn’t ask me to shoot him.”

He scoffed, shaking his head. “c'mon Y/n, he’s Steve. I wasn’t going to tell you to shoot Steve.”

“But you’re telling me I should’ve shot Barnes.” I said raising one of my eyebrows. “I wasn’t gonna kill Barnes, I’m not like him.”

“well,” he walked back to his work area, turning his back to me “you could’ve just shot his leg. or his arm. Just as a warning”

“first of all. What the hell?” I circled the table, facing him. “and second, at that distance I could’ve killed him.”

“I thought your aim was perfect” he retorted, making me hit the table. “relax, Y/n, I’m joking.”

“you better be.” I hissed, walking towards the door. “Soundproof his room, or I’ll tell Steve you ordered me to shoot Barnes.”


“what’s wrong with you today?” Natasha threw another punch at me and I moved aside “you keep dodging my hits” she warned me, taking a couple of quick steps back, still in a defensive position.

“well, what do you want me to do?” I asked, dodging another of her kicks. “I’m not gonna stand still Nat, I’m not a punching bag”

Nat opened her mouth, but she wasn’t able to talk, since someone replied to my question first. “she wants you to fight back.”

I turned around to face him. “no shit genius.” maybe I had forgotten I had to fight back. Just maybe. Anyway, it was none of his business. “I just can’t f- Fuck!” I gasped when Natasha knocked the air out of my lungs.

I didn’t even know what happened, I just knew I was lying on my back with Natasha’s knee pressing my chest. “stop being rude and pay attention.” she scolded me, getting up.

I sat up breathing heavily. “he distracted me, I don’t even know why’s he here” I got up and walked picked up my bottle of water before making eye contact with Barnes. “what the hell do you want?”

He pursed his lips, putting some strands of hair behind his ear. “I told Steve to exchange rooms with me.” for some unknown stupid reason, that bothered the shit out of me. “He’s moving to my quarters right now and he needs-”

“What the actual-” I groaned, stepping out of the mat and stalking out of the gym, followed by him “I just- what the… no, okay? No”

“I don’t understand” why doesn’t it surprise me?, I thought at what he said. He reached me, but stayed right behind me instead of falling into step with me. “No what?”

I abruptly spun around and he bumped into me, but before he could apologize, I raised my hand, signaling him to stop. “I did not argue with Tony about the soundproofing, just for you to move to another room.”

“I thought you wanted me away.” he muttered, looking at me right in the eye. And he did it again, he made me fucking nervous, and I felt the urge to look away.

But I just couldn’t look away, because if I did, he would win —what he would win, I didn’t know—, so I stared at him. “Tony’s punishing me for what happened in Germany.” I stated emotionless, turning around and resuming the walk. “he knows I can’t stand you, so if you move to another room, he’ll find another way for you to bother me.”


I highly doubted she realized she hurt me whenever she said a word about me, but it was okay, because I understood.

I wasn’t welcomed there, at least in Y/n’s opinion.

But, even if I knew I deserved it, even if I knew she hated me, it hurt the same.

I would have been lying if I had said I didn’t care about what she thought about me. I somehow hoped she would give me a chance, since Steve told me how understanding and caring she was.

But she hadn’t given me any chance, and she kept saying those things, and I just couldn’t stop me eyes from watering when she said she couldn’t stand me.

“Rogers! what the fuck?” she yelled, startling Steve, who let one of his boxes fall to the floor. “just- come back to your damn room, he’s staying.”

Steve gave Y/n a confused glance while picking up his box from the floor. “but” he looked at me and I looked away, not wanting him to see my stupid breakdown. “I- I mean… He’s not… Letting you sleep?”

“I solved it.” she answered, and, walking into my room, she grabbed a couple of Steve’s boxes and left them against the door. “he’s staying Steve, picking up your things.”

“Bucky’s things are in my room” I took that as a signal for me to carry my things back to my room, and I thought I was walking alone until I opened Steve’s door.

“This damn mess you made- it’s just unbelievable” I jumped slightly, and Y/n walked past me, and into Steve’s room, crouching and putting my things back into the boxes.

“it’s not a mess” I muttered, crouching and starting to help her. “it’s just that you were all…” I hesitated “moody” it came out as a mumble “I didn’t want to bother you.”

Y/n scoffed and stopped what she was doing “So you go and get Steve because I was 'moody’?” she asked, looking up at me. “I told you I would ask Tony to-”

“I highly doubted Tony would help me in any way” I cut her off in a sudden burst of courage, startling the both of us.

“Excuse me Mr. Winter Soldier” her tone screamed sarcasm, and I wasn’t sure if it bothered me or if it amused me. “but I think I can handle a grumpy multimillionaire child.”

I couldn’t help but let out a suppressed laugh, still looking at the boxes.


I definitely didn’t mean to make him laugh. In fact, I was trying to remind him he was just the Winter Soldier for me.

So when I heard him laughing, —laughing like he didn’t want to, laughing like he was trying to hide his amusement—, when I heard him genuinely laughing, my confused gaze traveled to him.

He had a smile on his face, which he was trying to suppress too, by biting his lower lip.

And the corner of my mouth twitched, forming a grin on my face.

No, stop grinning Y/n, I thought to myself, the grin disappearing as soon as it had come. He was a bad person, he wasn’t even human, I couldn’t be fucking happy if I heard him laugh.

“Okay, do you have anything else?” I asked recovering my impersonal voice tone. He shook his head no, finally being able to erase the smile from him face. “Okay then, let’s get this shit to your damn room.”

I’m so weak. look at him. I’m gonna cry.

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My greatest fear is dying before Sebastian Stan finishes his nine picture contract with Marvel.

tell me I’m wrong (you can’t because I’m right)


a/n: im BACK!!! sorry i was gone so long im in college now lol. lots of timing issues. this is absolutely something i’m so so so proud of

summary: series of times y/n calls bucky hers, and how he starts calling her his. very very sweet. canon au, but bucky lives in the tower. i just picked the gif bc it looked pretty lol

wc: 1.2k

Originally posted by complete-fandom-trashhh

He hears it for the first time in her apartment, her fingers brushing over strands of hair, his head in her lap. She smells like lavender and home, and Bucky feels like he’s safe and warm in the embrace of a woman who embodies light.

“You baby him,” Nat says, but her voice is light. Indulgent.

He pauses for a second. He knows he’s okay, now. Doesn’t need her to hold his hand, or to constantly be touching him. He doesn’t need her to ground him to the space the way he once did months ago.

But he loves the feeling of her hands in his hair. Of her laugh pressed into his mouth. He’s gotten accustomed to her fingers messing with his, light in her eyes at the mention of him. She gives him easy affection. It’s easy to get used to.

He goes to move, but her crooning lovely voice says something while gazing down at him with complete fondness, a kind of love you can’t fake.

A kind of love 70 years of pain still haven’t been able to take the ability from him.

“He’s mine to baby,” she says. She thinks he’s asleep. He’s glad he’s not.

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Corner of the Coffee Shop

Prompt: ‘Soulmate’ for @just-some-drabbles ‘s writing challenge! (no summary because the prompt says it all)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2073 words

Warnings: fluff, hardly any angst. 

Notes: Thank you so much to my love @untimelyideasforstories for helping me come up with ideas for this story, you saved my ass <3 I also didn’t proofread this, it’s 10:40pm and I have a French test tomorrow argh

Originally posted by marvel-dirtbag

Soulmates, true love, first kisses, those are all things you were told to believe. The first one was real enough, as everyone in the world was born with a permanently inked mark, somewhere on their body. Yours was plainly put into sight, right on the inside of your left wrist. From person to person, their mark differed in handwriting, but it always read the same thing; the date of your soulmate’s birth. Your soulmark was scrawled in a delicate yet slightly messy script, which didn’t really bother you. Your friend could barely read her one, it was that chaotic. But it was the actual words that bothered you, which made you lose faith in having a soulmate that was actually alive.

‘10th of March, 1917.’

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Its Always The Quiet Ones

Its Always The Quiet Ones: Bucky discovers something that you and he have in common and that the little innocent Y/N might not be as innocent as everyone thinks. (Based off of this post.) 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Very rough sex // Dirty talking // Choking kink // Graphic details of sex (M/F) // If you’re uncomfy with any of these, keep scrolling // 18+ Extremely NSFW //

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Paper Walls || Bucky Barnes x reader [Masterlist]

Originally posted by aavengingbucky

Summary: Your apartment happens to be right next to Bucky’s, heads only separated by a paper-thin wall, leading to you witnessing every second of his nightmares. Although, bonding over your late night conversations, you seem to forget that you never even saw him before.

A/N: I already wrote a different fic on Bucky’s nightmares (which you can find here) but I really like writing that kind of stuff so … yeah, here you go.

Warnings: some angst, some violence, mostly fluff, language, eventual smut


Read [Part One] here!

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completed: June 10th