the way they all drop those files in front of him makes me chuckle every time


Lenasdayoff part 9

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Past Lena was a dick.  That was all she could say right now.  The early morning sun was blasting through the opened curtains that she’d been far too preoccupied to close the night before.  She growled, burying her face in Kara’s hair in an attempt to ward off her hangover.  

Kara let out a soft whine, dragging Lena in close.  “Stop moving.”

 “Don’t tell me what to do Danvers…”

Lena watched one of Kara’s blue eyes open and fixate on her, “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll revoke that.”

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*Jealousy* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Can I just say you are an AMAZING writer! :D I’ve spent the past few days reading your scenarios and love them all :D Thank you! :D Could I request a scenario where the reader starts distancing herself from Newt because of this girl keeps telling her that she annoys Newt and he’s just too nice to tell her. In truth this girl is just jealous of the reader because it’s obvious that Newt loves her.

♦ Thank you so much, dear Anon! ❤ I’m thrilled you enjoy my work!! xx I hope you enjoy this one as well! ^_^

“And this is where you will be working.” The older gentleman opened the door and led you in to your new work department inside Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. You had recently just received a promotion and were transferred to the Beast Division.

Stepping in to the department, you noticed it wasn’t too busy but there was still a bit of chaos. Following behind your escort in to your new department, you were led to a desk in which a young witch, about your age you assumed, was sitting and sorting through various documents. She had shoulder length hair, light brown, and soft skin. The gentleman introduced to you to her and she looked up to you, unamused, before clearly faking interest in meeting you.

“Welcome to the department.”

“Thank you!” you answered. The gentleman smiled at you both, bid you good day and walked off, leaving you alone with your new coworker, Matilda. 

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Hopeless (Part 2)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines


Request : a few, sort of 

Summary : I do not​ know what crap I’ve written, bare with me.

words : 863

Warning :  I really don’t know where I was going with it I just wrote what I thought gelled together the best.

Hopefully you aren’t very disappointed.





“I’ll see you after chem?” Stiles asked when he was dropping you off to your class. “you really don’t have to drop me to class all the time, Stiles” you say chuckling. It’s very sweet of him but you really didn’t want him to go out of his way to drop you off. “My Econ class is right there” he points at a random door. “Have fun studying at the janitor’s closet” you say calling him out. He scratches the back of his head sheepishly. “See you” you laugh at him and nod. You walk to your desk and settle down.   You see Liam walk into class you smile and wave, he waves back but he seemed a little off.

“What’s wrong? You forgot your assignment again?” You ask and he shakes his head. He waves a file in front of your face before sitting in the desk beside you.  “We need to talk about something” he says. It urges your curiosity and you say “About what?” you raise an eyebrow leaning towards his desk. The teacher walks in right at the moment and you lean back into your seat not wanting to get in trouble.

After class, you gather all your things and Liam starts speaking again. “Are you and Stiles a thing now?” he asks and you stop on your tracks. “What?” you chuckle. “What makes you think that?” you ask. “Don’t lie to me” he says following you out of class. “Why does it bother you even if we were?” You question. It was obvious that he was with Hayden.

“Look” you start running your free hand through your hair. “He’s helping me with things” you say. It was true. Stiles was helping out with a lot of research in the beastiary and getting over Liam, sort of. He’s been helping around a lot. “What things?” he presses. “It’s none of your business, Liam” you snap. he huffs, he’s definitely upset. “Well, I’m sorry” he says and walks off. “Liam, Liam, that’s not what I meant” You turn around. “LIAM!” you call out but he keeps walking. You groan and go to your next class.

You obviously told Stiles about your Liam encounter. You were in Stiles bedroom. You were doing your homework together. He was at his desk and you were on his bed. “I’m tired of this situation really” you say to him referring to Liam. “You don’t want us to be a thing? I’m hurt, wounded” Stiles said dramatically, joking around. “Oh no, that’s not what I meant, I’m forever yours,” you joke along. He laughs and you join in. “Maybe you should tell him how you feel once and for all, enough of the hiding (y/n), I can see how much it hurts you,” he says. “I don’t want to ruin my friendship with him” you say.

“hiding is only harming the friendship, isn’t it?” he asked and you nod.

You sit up, “okay, I’ll tell him” you say taking a deep breath.


You had texted Liam about meeting up and he invited you over. You went over played a video game, then the dreadful time arrived. He said those words you really didn’t want to face. “Didn’t you have to talk to me about something?” he asked and you immediately took a deep breath. “yeah. It’s about um-“ you almost thought about lying but you knew he would find out, “I had something to confess” you say, you look up at his eyes gathering every ounce of courage you had in your body. He raises an eyebrow. “go ahead” he urges. You fidget with the controller you had in your hand.

“Ever since I’ve known you, I’ve had a crush on you” you say breathing heavily. It feels great to get it out of your system but you’re still scared of how he’ll react.

“oh” you hear him say.

That’s it? You confess this huge secret and he says oh? Disappointing. “Do you- um- Did you want us to be- something more?” he asks almost choking on his spit, you could hear it, it was that bad. You were completely shocked at what the situation was and you wanted to dig a hole and die in it. “For a while- yeah” you nod slowly. You didn’t make any sort of eye contact with him. “I’m sorry if I made things weird,” you apologize looking down at your lap. “No, you didn’t, I- um- I’m sorry (y/n),” he says and you knew what was coming. Rejection.


You were walking back in the dark, trying to contain your tears. You went straight to Stiles, to probably yell at him about how bad of an idea it was. He would obviously choose Hayden, you thought. You rang the bell at the Stilinksi Residence and Stiles opened the door. “feels good to get it off of my chest” you start. “but it’s upsetting to know he won’t choose me” you say as the tears slowly begin to fall, the ones that already brimmed your eyes when you got here. Stiles put his arms around you to comfort you. “You’ll be fine, I promise” he says softly.

 I’m sorry if this is disappointing. I don’t want to disrespect Hayden as a character and isn’t this a little more realistic anyway. PART 3?

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people change when they’re in love

Requested on Wattpad.

Summary; Jason introducing batmom to his girlfriend who he really is in love with and like his girlfriend is really sweet and Jason even refrains from swearing (too much) with her around. 

Note; This can be read as a sequel for; ‘happy birthday me || Jason Todd’ but this will be in Mrs. Wayne’s (2nd person) point of view, and I also will not give any certain details for Jason’s girlfriend nor Bruce’s wife. Why? Because I want them to be the reader. You might notice that I gave the title with no specific pairing (like I used to back then).

This is most likely be ‘reader x Bruce’ and 'batmom x Jason’ I’m too much of an amateur to be able to explain things correctly. :/


“Have you seen how Jason acts recently?” Bruce, your husband, asked you out of nowhere when you were cuddling in bed. It was kind of a thing every couple does after doing the deed really.

Your fingers stopped from drawing patterns on his bare chest as you looked up at him through your eyelashes.

“What do you mean?”

His muscular arm under your neck shifted as he placed his large hand on your head, stroking your soft hair, chest rumbling beneath your palm when he answered you, “when he’s on the phone every time he spends the night here, he’s not…him.”

“Not him?” Your question came out in a yawn, sleepiness taking over and you closed your eyes. You didn’t know if you could stay awake with Bruce’s hand massaging your scalp. “What do you mean, not him?”

“He looks calm, too calm even, sometimes he will blush with a frown but smiles soon after.” He stopped stroking your hair to roll over to his side causing his chest to face you.

“And that’s bad because?”

“He never curses, he always curses.” That was true, he would curse no matter what the circumstances were. He rarely did when he was around you just because he didn’t want to get lectured for hours long.

You let out a small chuckle, changing your position, your back was pressing against his front and let your hand reached for his. Tangling your fingers together, eyes still closed.

“You do remember that when you met me, you dropped your playboy act and became easily flustered, don’t you?”

Bruce raised his thick eyebrow, you could tell his blue eyes were fixed on you with a questioning stare.

“People change when they’re in love, even Jason.” You explained, “now stop asking so I can get back to sleep.”

“Round two?” To emphasize his words, his free hand starting to brush against your thigh, sending a chill up your spine. You groaned half-heartedly.

“You do realize that we’re getting too old for this right, Mr. Wayne?” He pinched your skin gently making you slap his hand, “fine but if my back aches, it’s your fault.”

In the morning, you didn’t expect to find your second son sitting on one of the benches in the garden with a young woman by his side when you were about to check for your flowers. Usually, he would call you first before visiting.

“Look what do we have here.” Your voice was loud enough to get them out of their lovey-dovey state, cutting off whatever they were talking about.

The young woman was a little frantic when she stood up, straightening her slightly crumpled shirt before she turned around to face you. She was a little flustered, you could tell from how she fidget when her eyes met yours.

On the other hand, Jason took his time to stand. He soon led his girlfriend to you, a proud smile on his lips. You gave your son a gentle hug and flashed her a warm smile to ease her nerves.

“So, ma, do you remember when I asked you to help me to bake a cake?” He received a nod from you, making his smile grew wider as his arm slung around her shoulder. “This is her.”

“The soon-to-be Mrs. Todd, hello.” You teased, giving her your hand which she gladly yet shyly shook. “How was the cake?”

“It was perfect, thank you.” She was polite, it was rare to find a woman like her. How she had dressed up was a complete opposite of Jason’s usual kind of woman he would bring to have a one night stand with when he was drunk, it wasn’t like he always had one night stand. Probably once. She didn’t wear a short skirt but a pair of jeans that weren’t too tight but enough to faintly show the shape of her legs.

Jason’s type just weren’t those kinds of females who loved to show their pair of silicone they call breasts. He didn’t always fall for those who were badass, it didn’t matter as long as whoever it was cared for him for who he was.

Not even a gender or race mattered for him.

“Don’t thank me, it was because of all of his effort.” You pointed to Jason before turning around to get back inside the manor, “come in.”

You walked in with the couple, spotting Bruce who just came out of his office with a file in his hand. You rolled your eyes when you realized it wasn’t for his work but for his new gadget he told you about last night.

Bruce stopped in his track, noticing the newcomers. He quickly put up his Bruce Wayne persona as he approached the three of you. His megawatt smile across his face.

Jason leaned closer to his girlfriend’s ear, whispering; 'that’s my old man’ to her. As a response, she gave him a curt nod.

“Who might this be?” Your husband asked, not specifically aiming it at you or your son and his girlfriend.

Walking to his side, you answered, “our soon to be daughter-in-law.”

Bruce looked down at you, the same curious stare as last night was flashed to you. Silently questioning you how in the world he didn’t know about this. The two of you ended up arguing with your eyes, it often happens when needed. Mostly? It happened in a situation where he needs to sneak out of, either it was a meeting or an important event.

“Oh come flippin’ on, there are kids here.” Jason protested, interrupting your silent argument with your husband.

His girlfriend though wasn’t too pleased with his move. She gave Jason a scolding glare when he turned to look at her. Mouthing that it wasn’t good to cut in an important conversation.

Usually, Jason would argue and rolled his emerald eyes in annoyance. He would tell the person to screw off and mind their own crap but instead, he mouthed an apology as he planted a kiss to her temple.

Her glare then turned into a satisfied smile.

You and Bruce were more than surprised, it was so out of character of his. Yet, you couldn’t help but smile. Jason’s antics reminded you of Bruce in a way no matter how much they would deny it, saying that they weren’t alike in a certain way. Which usually came from Jason’s side.

You looked up to glance at your husband only to find him to look back at you, “you’re right, people do change when they’re in love.”

This time, it was the young couple who looked confused. In return you just gave them a wink, “he ships it too, get married you two.”

Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (8/15)

Originally posted by mapiyahuyana

AU Summary:Y/N finishes her first mission and shares information about her family. 

Notes: filler chapter to fix some plot holes and reveal a bit of Y/N’s background

Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9


The people inside the cells have been released and taken care of. Hawkeye had to land the jet and speak to the people since neither Tony, Steve nor y/n spoke Chinese. They had medics came in and checked their health and their background. Transportation has been given to those in need and shelter for the victims. It was protocol.

“FRIDAY, are you done yet?” Stark groaned as he spun around the chair he found in front of the control Chinese base control panel.

“The encryption is most complex, sir. I have yet to crack the passwords.” FRIDAY answered.

“Damn Chinese smartasses.” he mumbled then stood up and stretched his legs. “How long till then?”

“About 20 minutes more, sir.”

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Every Me And Every You - Five

“Guys, finish your paperwork asap and then you can leave. Get some rest, this was a tough one,” Agent Hotchner instructed everyone as you set foot back in headquarters.

Nine days you’d been out of town on a case. Nine long, tiring and stressful days.

A case involving kids, they were always the worst. Luckily the abductees had been found and returned to their parents. How mentally scarred they’d be by the incident was a different issue. One you always tried to push to the back of your mind.

You set up at your at desk opposite Spencer’s and began completing the paperwork you started on the plane ride home.

Reid placed a cup of coffee down next to you before taking up his seat opposite you and pulling out his own files. You smiled a thanks at him before going back to the files in front of you.

It had been easier than you’d imagined, working with him after what you’d done together. You really had been able to completely separate your personal life from your professional one, although you weren’t sure if it was simply because you’d been too busy to think about it.

When you’d woken up the next morning, he had indeed been gone. But he’d warned you he needed to, so it wasn’t like he was running out on you. He’d left you a note, telling you that there was a fresh pot of coffee on and to help yourself to whatever you could find to eat in his kitchen. His note went on to say that he hoped you were still feeling okay, and that he’d be around later if you wanted to talk about anything.

You hadn’t…. wanted to talk that was. You retrieved your clothes from where he’d folded them neatly and wrote him a reply before leaving. Your own note thanked him for last night, assured him that you were definitely okay and that you’d text him later.

Heading home. you did some chores and caught up on some shows before running a hot bath, inspecting your wrists and ankles as you undressed.

Only the faintest line remained around your ankle, from where you’d kicked out when he’d used the Wartenberg Wheel. You had no other markings which made you feel both relieved and strangely disappointed. Even your nipples no longer felt sore. You’d expected to be able to look at your body and tell that something out of your ordinary had happened, but you couldn’t.

You settled into the bath and closed your eyes, relaxing into the water. Your phone buzzed signalling a text.

“I’m sorry for running out on you this morning. How are you feeling?” Spencer, checking up on you again. It was kinda sweet how concerned he was.

“Like I said in my note, I’m all good. I promise. I do have some questions though.”

You’d been doing some more reading online this afternoon.

“Okay shoot,“ he replied almost instantly.

“Just….Where do I go from here if I want to pursue this?”

Because you did. You definitely did.

“You decide who you want to pursue this with. And what you want to pursue exactly. I can point you in the right direction.”

“I want to try having someone order me around. Being told what to do.”

“In a sexual scenario or not.”

“I think I’d want it to end in sex. And possibly, try the spanking thing.”

Thing… You really need to think of better words, you were coming across as a total novice here.

But then again, you were. And Spencer knew it.

“Okay, well I’m part of an online community. I could put you in touch with some guys that I can vouch for.”


Had he changed his mind about doing this with you?

A second text came through.

“Or if you don’t find it too weird, I’m still willing. Providing it doesn’t effect work.”

“That’s what I’d prefer. I trust you Spencer.”

“Okay. Let’s see how work goes this week and we can assess the situation.”

“Cool. Thank you.” He didn’t reply again and you finished your bath and climbed into bed, having an early night.

It hadn’t been mentioned again and when you’d arrived at work Monday morning, you’d been pulled into a meeting almost immediately and told you’d had a case.

You’d barely had chance to speak to Reid at all on a personal level over the last nine days as you’d pretty much fallen asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow each night when you’d all been dismissed.

The mark around your ankle had now completely vanished, although you inspected it everyday. You weren’t sure why though. You knew once it had faded the only way it would reappear would be if he marked you again.

Or if you let someone else mark you. Which you didn’t think would happen.

It wasn’t like you were only interested in this because of Spencer. You’d been interested long before you’d met him. But you genuinely couldn’t see yourself approaching this ife style as a novice with anyone else. If Reid changed his mind and said he couldn’t do this with you, your little foray into this would be over. You wouldn’t be able to have the same level of trust with someone else, you didn’t think.

You wondered what it would be like to have him mark you again. He’d said that your skin was so pale that the contrast would be extraordinary, and his voice had held a definite hint of desire when he’d said that. It was true that your skin was pale, and against your almost black hair you sometimes looked very Snow Whiteesque. You’d collected your fair share of bruises during your time at the BAU and had always been fascinated by the way they showed on your body, poking and prodding them when you should have been letting them lie. Did that have anything to do with your interest in BDSM? Did seeing your own skin marked mean you actually wanted it to be marked?


Too many thoughts and too many things to consider. Stop profiling yourself Y/N.

You glanced up at Spencer seeing him engrossed in his files, his hand moving quickly as he wrote and his tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth.

For the first time since that night, you let your mind wander. Thinking about those lips which had been wrapped around your nipple, sucking and biting it hard. Those fingers that were gripping his pen loosely, pulling and pinching you to the point that you were gasping in pain, before working your clit and making you feel the most intense pleasure.

Or his voice…. The same voice that had so calmly talked the unsub down today and convinced him to lower his weapons and surrender. You imagined it commanding you to get on your knees, or bend over whilst he reared his hand back.

“Everything okay?”


He’d seen you looking at him. You looked away quickly feeling heat rushing to your cheeks and busying yourself in your files.

“Stop over thinking things Y/N,” he said quietly, an almost sing song cadence to his voice.

You finished your paperwork quickly, dropping it into Hotch’s office and bidding him adeiu for the next 48 hours. You’d all been out in the field for nine days, you were entitled to two consecutive days off.

When you left his office Spencer was outside the door, his own paperwork in hand and his jacket and bag on, ready to leave.

“Can I get a ride with you today?”

He normally didn’t ask, it was just a given unless either of you had other plans.

“Sure. I’ll just grab my things and then we can head off.”

You retreated back to your desk gathering your things and a few minutes later, he appeared at your side again.

“Ready?” you asked. He nodded.

You walked to your car in silence, suddenly feeling awkward around him. It wasn’t that you were embarrassed or ashamed of what you’d done. But… had seemed easier afterwards to text him and ask him things rather than talk to him on a personal level face to face.

As you got in the car, and buckled up, you felt his hand on yours.

“Y/N relax okay. I’m not going to start anything just because we’re suddenly alone together.”

You laughed. He’d picked up on the tension but misinterpreted it. You started the car and pulled out of the parking lot, making your way home.

“I’m not worried about that Spencer. I was trying to work out how to…. how to ask what your plans are for the next two days.”

“You ask me the same way you’d ask at the end of every case or working week. First and foremost Y/N, we’re friends and colleagues. What happened shouldn’t change that. And I’m pleased to see that, out in the field at least, it didn’t.”

“So does that mean you’re willing to continue?”

“If you want to, yes.”

“Okay.” You let out a breath as you navigated the roads.

“Does that mean you want to, Y/N?”

You bit your lower lip and nodded.

“Alright. I’m free tomorrow night if you want to come over. You mentioned in your text you wanted to try having someone take charge? And possibly some impact play ?”

Impact play … You knew now that that mean spanking, or whipping.

“Light impact play, yes.”

“That’s fine. I’ll tell you what, we’ll go out for a quick dinner first.”

“Like a date?” you were surprised.

“Not really, Y/N. But if you’re going to be my sub then there’s times when we will be out in public together and I may command you to do something. Plus, I’d like to slip into character gradually with you and being away from my apartment will help that transition. If we’re alone straight away, then the temptation for me to command you to strip and kneel, and put my cock in your mouth, might be too much.”

You had to break so harshly to avoid running the red light in front of you. You glanced around sheepishly, and Spencer chuckled.

“You’re aware that, that’s the type of thing that will happen? If we go ahead with this together. If we go out, on our own time away from work, I will presume that I can give you orders and expect you to follow them. And if you don’t, then you’d be punished when we get home.”

“I don’t really see how giving you a blow job would be punishment.”

“You might not see it as punishment, but for me having you knelt naked, in front of me whilst I pull you hair and grip your head just inside my apartment door, before bending you over and branding your buttocks with my hand print…. Not only is that punishment in my book, but it’s also making me hard just thinking about having you do it.”

Jesus fucking christ.

“Pick your jaw up Y/N. Unless you want to pull over now and I’ll give you something to put inside it?“

“I’m sorry. It’s just…. I never thought I’d hear YOU, say these things to me.”

He shrugged. “Does it bother you?”

“No… And that’s what’s weird. It’s hot as hell Spencer.”

You pulled up outside his apartment building.

“Good. So tomorrow? I’ll pick you up at seven. I’ll text you tomorrow and tell you how I want you dressed. And from when I pick you up, you will do what I tell you okay.”


“One thing I just thought I’d clarify here. Whilst we’re doing this, I won’t take any other partners. I expect the same from you.”

“Of course.”

“Excellent. Well I must say, my plans for my rest days just got a lot more exciting. I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N.”

He smiled at you and exited the car.

Yes, your plans had just got a lot more interesting too.

“Run-In” - Part 3

Genre: Angst and Smut

Word Count: 4,492

A/N: I hope you all had a nice and safe holiday. Here is Chapter 3 as promised. Happy readings!^^

“Do me a favor and get rid of her.” Yoongi ordered the man.

He turned his attention back to the monitor to watch the interaction. He watched the man approached you trying to guide you to the door. A couple seconds later you were shaking your head. Your mouth was moving so fast that it was hard for Yoongi to read your lips. You yanked your arm away in anger. Since the club was empty and quiet, all three men heard you scream that you weren’t leaving until you spoke to Yoongi. Hoseok could feel the heat radiating off of him but before he could say anything, Yoongi stormed away. Both of them already knew where he was headed and followed behind. Yoongi didn’t have patience to wait for the elevator so he took the stairs down to the club level. Each step he took carried his anger. Who the hell did you think you were coming on his property demanding shit! The thought made his blood boil. He was definitely going to put an end to it right now. His staff member’s minds must be running wild, not that he gave a shit anyway.

Yoongi burst through the door gathering everyone’s attention. The room became silent with the exception of a few whispers. You look at him before looking away nervously. He narrowed his eyes at your now timid appearance. He knew it was all a front.

“Here I am,” Yoongi replied smartly. “What do you want?” His voice deepened and you automatically knew he was pissed. Your pussy dripped with excitement. It wasn’t your intentions to make him mad, you just wanted to speak with him and maybe persuade him into fucking you. But when the guard came back stating that Yoongi wasn’t expecting any visitors, you let the frustration from your pussy speak for you and you regretted it. The moment you screamed out, the look on everyone’s face already knew your fate. When you saw Yoongi, it was as if all his hate channeled into your direction. And to top it off, he wasn’t alone either. You recognized both men from the last time you were there. You swallowed hard trying to think of what to say.

“C-Can we speak in… in private?” You asked, feeling uneasy.

“No, no, no, no… You wanted to talk, letting the entire damn club know that you’re here to see me so you better fucking talk.“ You stared at him, trying to get the words out but they just wouldn’t come.

“I SAID TALK DAMMIT!!!” He yelled, causing you to jump. You surveyed the place and everyone’s eyes were on you. The guy with the pink hair, standing next to Yoongi was actually smirking at what was going on.


“Just fucking say it. Tell everyone that you’re here to choke and swallow on my dick like you did last time.” Yoongi stated proudly. Your eyebrows shot up and your mouth dropped open. How dare he?! How dare he just belittle you like this in front of his people! You stared into his eyes, somewhat challenging his authority. Your own hurt and anger becoming visible. “I won’t say it again.” His voice darkened.

You lowered your head in shame as you spoke. “I’m here to choke on your dick.”

Yoongi turned to his friend. “Hoseok? Did you hear what she said?”

“Nope, couldn’t hear a thing.” He teased. Yoongi then turned to Namjoon.

“Namjoon, what about you? Could you understand what she just said?”

“Not a single word.”

“Come on, louder! So the ones in the back can hear you!” Yoongi boasted. “… Now.”

You felt the tears weld up but you tried to push them back not wanting them to see you breakdown. This was going far beyond just getting your rocks off. He was using you as his punching bag for his and other’s enjoyment. You were no longer horny and in the mood for sex. In fact, you wanted to go home and cry your eyes out.

“I’m here to choke on your dick!” You screamed out, feeling your face flush with embarrassment. Yoongi smiled, he was very pleased. Just like he thought, you were going to be very useful.

“Good. But before you do that, get on your knees and apologize to my staff for disturbing the place.”

Your eyes immediately found his to see if he was joking but you already knew that he wasn’t.

“My patience is starting to wear thin, y/n. It’s either you do it, or I shoot you where you stand.”

You took a deep breath and wiped your eyes trying to catch any tears trying to escape as you lowered yourself to your knees. “I’m sorry for disturbing you!” You screamed out so that Yoongi wouldn’t make you repeat such an awful act again.

“Great,” He chuckled. “Let’s go talk in private.”

Yoongi walk to the elevator. At first you weren’t going to follow him, but decided to anyway. You stood and walked over to him, passing his friends by. They both smiled down at you but only one spoke.

“Nice to meet you again, y/n,” Namjoon teased. “Make sure he doesn’t get too carried away.”

You didn’t respond back, you continued to walk until you stood off to the side, behind Yoongi. He heard you sniffing but didn’t say anything. You were trying to hold everything in, on the verge of literally crying. When the two of you stepped into the elevator, you were pressed against the wall wanting to put as much space between the two of you as you could. Yoongi noticed but also didn’t care. He figured maybe this time you will leave and never come back. The elevator dinged and the doors opened. Yoongi was the first to exit, leaving you to follow. You watched his tall dark figure walk with so much confidence. It was obvious that he didn’t give a shit about anybody but himself. He could just hurt everybody and no one else would stand up to him because they were afraid. He was so quick to show everyone his dominance over you as a lesson. No matter how small the situation is if Yoongi feels disrespected in any way, the consequences were severe. Your face quickly contorted in anger. You weren’t going to let him get away with this.

The moment you entered his office, you picked up the closest thing you could find which happened to be a heavy bronze statue. Yoongi still had his back to you and you didn’t want to get caught you sneaking up on him. You quickly ran, striking him as hard as you could across the back of the head. Yoongi groaned in pain as his head started to throb. You were too furious and caught in the moment to stop now. You struck him again on the back of his shoulder. Yoongi knew right away who his attacker was and became enraged. He quickly turned around before you hit him a third time. He reached out and grabbed the statue but you refused to let go. You tried to yank it away from him but Yoongi was even stronger. He shoved you backwards, letting you fall hard on the floor. He was on top of you in seconds, managing to pry the statue from your hand. He straddled your waist so you couldn’t move and wrapped both hands around your neck. Your air circulation was cut off as you clawed at his arms. You tried to reach for his face but he leaned back, dodging your swinging arms. Your eyes briefly connected to his face. He was red from anger and his eyes were pitch black. If you had died that very second, you would have been happy for standing up to such a monster. Your arms and legs felt weak as you begin to fade out. Yoongi could see your physical barrier breaking down. He had every right to kill you now after what you just did. Nobody has ever put their hands on him and if they tried to, they wouldn’t have live to tell about it. He watched your eyes lazily start to close and removed his hands. He also moved from on top of you. You weren’t even aware that Yoongi had let you go. All you remembered was your vision slowly returning. He took a deep breath trying to reason with himself. The only reason why he let you go was because he wasn’t ready to deal with your corpse and the police just yet.

You were trying to savor every breath of air until you felt his hands tangling in your hair. You cried in pain as he pulled you to your feet. Your body was still weak and the feeling was still coming back to your limbs. Yoongi threw you against the nearest wall with a loud thud. He stood in front of you with both hands resting on the sides of your head. Not one to give up the fight, you slapped him across face. He head slowly turned to look down at you.

“How could you make me do that?! I’m a woman! A human being with feelings!” You screamed, letting the tears finally fall from your eyes.

“You?! A woman?! Don’t make me laugh! You will never be a woman in my eyes! You’re a daddy’s little slut, using me to get yourself off. I should call him up while I’m fucking you. Let him hear how much of a good obedient girl you are. I’m sure he would just love the idea. The chief of police sits at his desk looking through files, while his daughter is across town getting fucked by his number one enemy!” Your heart dropped. He knew who you were and who your father was.

Yoongi lowered his head to stare you in the eyes. “Scared now? I’m the man your family warned you about. The one who’s involved in those horrible stories you hear. The man you cross the street to the opposite side to avoid. Standing right in front of you, in flesh and blood.”

It was something about the way he said that last part that made you shudder. Your pussy became revived and yearned from some action. Yoongi looked down at your body then back at your face. Your eyes were heavy with lust and your breathing was increasing. His lips crushed yours as his body crushed you against the wall. The kiss was so strong that when you two came up for air, you both were breathing like you just ran a marathon. He grabbed at the back of your thighs, lifting you in the air.

“Wrap your legs around me.” He ordered and you obeyed.

Right away you could feel the print of his dick rubbing your panty covered pussy. Yoongi carried you over to his desk, sitting you down on the edge. His hand lifted your chin, as he examined the hand prints that decorated your neck. He knew by the end of the night, the light markings were going to change to dark purple bruises. Yoongi lightly kissed your skin, taking a long lick at the base of your neck to taste you. Something he failed to do the last time. His actions surprised you. He was usually so rough but for this instant, he was being gentle. Yoongi hands found the top of your white button up shirt and ripped it open.

“Yoongi!–” you were about to protest.

“Shut up.”

He yanked your bra down and latched on to your breast, sucking hungrily at your areola. Your head fell back in pleasure until you felt more teeth than tongue. Yoongi bite down hard, sinking his teeth into your soft tissue. Your body tensed at the feeling and you screamed out in pain. When you looked down, you had visible teeth marks with specks of blood surrounding the wound.

“That hurt.” You whined.


Yoongi ignored you and undressed as well. You stared at his body as you pulled your shirt off and unsnapped your bra. You eased off of his desk to unzip your skirt. When you stepped out of it, Yoongi was already closing the gap. Your mouth watered at the sight of his delicious looking cock bouncing as he walked. He gripped the sides of your panties and ripped them clean off. Within seconds, you were up in the air. You wrapped your legs around him to prevent yourself from falling. Yoongi used his arm to hold you in place as his hand guided his cock to your opening. You slide down his length, moaning out from pleasure. He moved his hands and you almost fell if you didn’t catch yourself by wrapping your arms tighter around his neck.

“Fuck yourself on me.”

You nodded, loosening your leg grip on his waist. Using your thighs and the help of your arms, you were able to lift your drop yourself on his cock. Each time you fell down on him, his cock would drive deeper into your pussy. You whimpered while Yoongi actually stood there watching you. You couldn’t help but felt a little self conscious under his gaze. The way he had you positioned, you were literally getting your own self on him and wondered if he at least felt some form of pleasure. Rotating your hips a bit, you were able to hit your spot making you dangerously close to cumming. Your eyes roamed over his face. It was then that you noticed it strip of blood dripping down the side of his face. You immediately felt bad for what you did. You had never lashed out at anyone before. Yoongi was hurt but before you could say anything, his eyes met yours. You opened your mouth to speak but only moans came out. Your vision became blurry and your body began to shake. You fell forward and hugged him tight as you came, crying his name. Yoongi’s arm wrapped around your waist as his other hand creeped up your back wrapping around the back of your neck, holding you steady as he took steps forward. Each step he took moved his cock in and out of you.

Yoongi sat you back down on the edge of his desk. He leaned back, with his hand still holding onto the back of your neck, so he could watch his cock disappear into your warmth. Right away his movements were quick, pounding away at your insides. You, who had just came down from your first orgasm, was approaching your second one. You held on to his arm for support as you felt yourself about to slip off of his desk. You watched him bite his bottom lip. His hair was sticking to his forehead due to his sweat as he fucked you with such compassion.

“Fuck!” He groaned under his breath.

You smiled on the inside. Although he was using you as well, he was still able to enjoy himself just like you were. Your mind went blank and your body became weak when you came a second time, shouting all kinds of obscenities. You were positive that this time your moans were heard from the club area. Yoongi felt your walls hug him tight. He laid you on your back and held onto your hips. He picked up his pace, slamming into you. Your breasts bounced in every direction under his thrusts. By now, you were barely alert and trying to hold back your third orgasm. It was bad enough that you were sensitive to the touch.

“Rub your clit.” Yoongi demanded as he grunted. You looked up at him, wide eyed.

“Y-Yoongi, I don’t think–” he leaned forward causing you to moan out as he brushed up against your clit. He roughly gripped your head in his hands.

“Y/n, shut the fuck up and rub that pussy!” He forced his tongue into your mouth, kissing you like he did before. “I let you ride me until you couldn’t and now it’s my turn. And you’re going to help get me off, understand?”

You nodded timidly and Yoongi lifted himself back into the position he was in before. Your hand slid down your body, resting on your clit. You slowly rubbed your nub making sure not to over stimulate yourself. You found a nice easy rhythm keeping your release at bay. The look of annoyance decorated Yoongi’s face. He pushed you hand away replacing it with his own. His fingers stroked your clit rapidly, causing your back to arch off the desk. You tried to control the movement but each time he knocked your hand away. You tried to scoot away but his other hand kept you held down.

“No no no… Yoongi, wait… I… FUCK! AAAHHHHH!” You screamed out at the top of your lungs. Hoseok and Namjoon, who were down at the bar, heard everything. They bumped fists, shaking their heads.

“And he strikes again…” Hoseok stated.

You exploded in absolute bliss, convulsing as you came. Your lower muscles gripped his cock, holding him hostage inside your walls. Yoongi had no choice but to come as well. His milky white liquid flooding your pussy, dripping onto to tabletop when he pulled out.

Yoongi walked over to his chair and plumbed down in it. You didn’t want to repeat what happened last time so the moment you could move, you gotten dressed. You could feel his cum pouring out of you as you moved about. You closed your eyes and sighed. How were going to explain this to Hyolyn? You promised her you weren’t going to see him again yet here you were.

Once again your shirt was in ruins but you weren’t going to bring it to Yoongi’s attention. You closed it up the best way you could and walked to the door. Before you could leave, you glance back at him. He was turned away from you, facing the giant window. You didn’t know what to say to him. Your eyes fell to the statue on the floor and you immediately thought of the cut on his head.

“Yoongi? I’m… uh… sorry for hitting you.”

“I’m fine.” His words were cold and short.

“But you’re bleeding.”

“We have more important things to talk about.” You were stunned by his words. What could you two possibly have to talk about?

“Like what.” You questioned. Yoongi got up and walked towards you. You tried to focus on his face to keep from looking at his naked figure.

“Like how "daddy” will be upset knowing that I just wrecked his little princess.“

"NO! YOU CAN’T TELL HIM! YOU CAN’T TELL ANYBODY! PLEASE!!!” You begged and he smiled.

“Well then I guess we could come up with some sort of agreement, do you agree?” You nodded your head eagerly. Not thinking that he could suggest anything. “I have to admit that I enjoy these quick moments we have together but I want more. I want control over your body meaning that I don’t care who you are with and what you’re doing, when I call, we fuck. Pure and simple.”

“But what if I don’t agree?”

“Then I release the pictures and audio of me drilling you to your father and the entire police department.” He lied.

Yoongi knew better than to keep that kind of evidence for anyone to find and use against him. All his paperwork, he disposed after using or looking over it. That way, there wouldn’t be any proof of damning documentation ever existing. But in this case, he knew you would be too gullible not to fall for such a lie. He could find anyone to please his sexual needs but he needed an excuse to get close to you. With time your wall will breakdown and he could get police information out of you.

“…Okay, I agree.” You hung your head in shame.


“I can’t believe you!” Hyolyn yelled.

A couple days had passed and you were getting ready for work when she came over. You were a step ahead, concealing your marks from Hyolyn’s view. But that morning, she caught you red-handed covering up the bruises on your neck with makeup. You denied it but when she saw the bite mark on your breast, you couldn’t hide that truth anymore. You told her everything except for the deal you and Yoongi had. You knew she wouldn’t approve and would try to prevent you from seeing him.

“You promised me, y/n!” She continued. “Do you know what that man is capable of?!”

“I know and I’m sorry,” you spoke while getting dressed. “That day my penis mentality was so strong, I couldn’t fight the urge.”

Hyolyn stared at you before bursting into laughter. You joined her knowing that your joke had some actual truth behind it. The two of you wasted approximately ten minutes laughing and joking at the phrase.

“Can I ask you something?” She asked wiping away tears. “How was it?”

You fell against the wall in amazement imagining your last encounter with Yoongi. “Oh my goodness, Hyolyn. He made me cum three times! The little pain that he inflicts on my body is nothing compared to the pleasure.”

“I see,” she giggled. “I wonder if he makes love as good as he fucks.”

“I seriously doubt it. Yoongi is not the type to make love. He has too much hate inside him to be gentle with someone.”

“Yoongi? You two are already going by first names?! Maybe there’s more to this story that you’re not telling me…” she joke.

“Like what? I told you everything.”

“Only time will tell.”

“Yeah whatever,” you rolled your eyes. “Are you just going to chill here until I get back?”

“Yep.” Hyolyn stated, stretching out on your bed. “It sucks when you have to work but your best friend has the day off and gets to chill in your bed, doesn’t it?”

“Fuck you!” You stormed out of the room, hearing Hyolyn laugh again.


You were at work putting away clothes that your coworkers had taken out for customers to try on. You were trying to keep yourself occupied. That day was a slow day so there were barely people to assist. You did what you could to keep the store nice and tidy. During that time, you found yourself secretly texting Hyolyn, who offered no help whatsoever. You sighed to yourself, regretting not taking the day off. You were so lost in thought, you almost missed the ringing of the door as someone entered. You went over to greet her.

“Good afternoon and welcome to Opulent Goddess. Is there anything I can get for you?”

The woman smiled at you before looking around. She was tall with beautiful long legs. She was wearing a short, fitting, peach colored dress that you recognized immediately because the same dress hung in the back of the store. Right away you figured she wasn’t a new client. Her dark brown hair was styled in a fancy bun and her jewelry compliment her dress. She was definitely a woman with style and you were really impressed. Not to mention she was drop dead gorgeous.

“Actually, I’m looking for Chloe. Is she in?”

“Chloe doesn’t work here anymore. She was relocating. Last week was her last day here. I’m sorry,” You informed her. Her once happy face was now showered with disappointment. “If you want, I could assist you.”

She smiled again and nodded. “I would like that. Thank you.”

You extended your hand for her to shake. “I’m y/n.”

She shook it, introducing herself. “Nice to meet you. I’m Mina, Mina Choi.”

“So is there anything specific you were looking for?”

“Yeah, I’m going out with friends tonight so I needed a dress.” You left and came back with a glass of champagne.

“Now did you want something fancy or like a casual dress?”

“Casual would be fine. I just got off of work and I’m looking forward to a fun night out.” Mina sighed as she followed you over to the dress section.

“You work?” you asked sarcastically in your mind but then you realize you said it out loud. Your eyes widen and you quickly turned around to face her, apologizing profusely. Mina only laughed which threw you off guard. Any other stuck up client would be offended.

“It’s okay. If I worked here, I’d feel that way too. Not to mention if I was a brain dead idiot, you would probably be right. That is why I’m paying for my clothes today.” She giggled.

“You weren’t paying for them before?” You asked curiously.

“No my ex boyfriend does. He insisted that he buy the clothes from my favorite shop.”

“Even after you two broke up? Wow, he must really love you.” You smiled looking through a rack of dresses.

Mina smiled to herself. “Yes, and I love him too.”

You look over at her. “Then why aren’t you guys together? You would think that if two people genuinely loved each other, they would do anything to make it work.”

“I’m starting to like you already, y/n,” Mina stated. “Those were my thoughts exactly but I guess it’s only women who feel this way. Anyways, the reason why we aren’t together is because he tends to neglect me when it comes to work.”

“Wow, what a jerk. What kind of guy is he?”

“He’s one of a kind. He doesn’t have to try or put up a front. Definitely a family oriented, no matter how much he says they get on his nerves,” she giggled. “He speaks honestly and has a good heart. And when we are together, he makes me feel as though I’m the most beautiful woman in the room. He compliments me and gives me whatever I want. He told me that my smile makes him smile. He isn’t afraid to show how much he loves me no matter who is around…. I have to stop there because the list goes on and on.” She sighed coming out of a daze. You realized that you too had stop searching for dresses to daydream about the description of the guy.

“I think you two should get back together.” You smiled.

“I’m always ready to continue where we left off when he treats me like I matter. But he’s off to a good start. A couple weeks ago, he took me out to dinner and we got in an argument. I stormed away upset but a couple days later, he showed up to my place with five dozen different colored roses. He apologized and said very special things to me and later on that night was even more amazing.”

Your thoughts drifted over to Yoongi. You wondered if a cold hearted person like him could have a sweet side.

“Not a chance.” You giggled to yourself.


©2017 Silhouetted_Beauty

The Planetarium

Lafayette x Reader ft. Hamilsquad

Modern AU

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 1535

Warnings: Swearing, awkwardness, kissing

Request :30, 32, and 39 for Laf PLEASE -anon

30: “C-can you hold my hand?”


39: “The buddy system is very important, you may get lost. NOW GIVE ME YOUR HAND!”

A/N: Hey lovelies! This was suppose to come out on Saturday, so sorry about that. I had finished writing it and just needed to put together the post, but sadly I had a school dance that day and ended being rushed around the whole day and finally getting home at 11 at night right after I had thrown up…Yup I threw up at my school dance and have been sick the whole weekend. I’m super embarrassed lol, but maybe since I’m sick I’ll have time to write more of our requests when I’m not doing homework. Hope I did this request the way you wanted! Requests are still open guys! Hope you have an amazing day and I love you all! 

“FIELD TRIP DAY!!!” Alex shouted through the apartment that you, Hercules, John, Alex and Lafayette all shared.

“Why do we call it field trip day?” You asked, walking into the front hallway where Alex was impatiently waiting.

“Because it sounds much more fun than calling it a hangout. That’s what we do everyday, this is special.” Alex explains, scoffing slightly at the question you had asked.

“Who’s in charge of the field trip today?” Herc asked, watching the Lafayette and John file into the entryway after him.

“That would be me!” Laf announced, pulling on his coat and handing you yours. “Today, we are going to the planetarium!”

“Really?” You asked, the excitement clear in your voice.

“Oh god, this is going to be amazing!” John yelled, exchanging a look with you of pure joy. The two of you had wanted to go to the planetarium since it had opened last fall.

“If you two are so excited, then we better get going.” Laf said his gaze never leaving yours as the boys continued to talk and walk out the door.

Once you were out on the street, you walked in pace with Hercules. Lafayette, Alex and John walked together right behind you. From the corner of your eye you could see Alex and John nudging Laf playfully as he blushed.

“You obviously chose this because (Y/N) has wanted to go since it opened!” John whisper yelled, causing Laf’s cheeks to be even more flushed.

“Maybe we should go with the buddy system.” Alex winked, wriggling his eyebrows.

“I don’t know guys…” Laf said, watching you laugh at something Herc had said.

“Trust us, we know what we’re talking about. Just say that she’s your buddy and buddies always need to hold hands.” John grinned.

“And if you don’t, that’s fine. Just don’t be too disappointed if someone else starts dating them instead.” Alex shrugged, making Laf’s eyes widen as he watched you and Herc goof around in front of him.

“Hey guys!” Laf said, shoving in between you and Hercules.

“What’s up Laf?” Herc asked, a knowing smirk on his face. He had stayed up with John and Alex the night before planning how to finally get the two of you together.

“The buddy system is very important, you may get lost.” Laf said, before turning fully you and shoving his hand at you. “NOW GIVE ME YOUR HAND!”

“Um, okay?” You raised an eyebrow at your friends weird antics, the boys face palming from behind the two of you.

“We’re here!” Hercules called, luckily putting an end to the awkward tension that had filled the air.

“This is incredible.” You breathed, walking through the doors and seeing all types of stars on the walls and ceiling above you.

“(Y/N), those exhibits about the different planets in our galaxies are over there. I know you’ve really wanted to see those.” Alex pointed out, making you immediately sprint towards the exhibit.

“Okay Laf, we’re going to give you two some alone time. This time please don’t yell at them! Just be natural.” John said, grabbing Lafayette by the shoulders and shaking his slightly.

“We believe in you man, don’t screw this up!” Herc commented, pushing Laf lightly to where you had run off to.

It wasn’t hard for Lafayette to find you, gazing at the mini models of Mars. You had already read the facts and now just studied every detail of the small replica. You were just staring at it with one of the happiest expressions Laf had ever seen on your face.

“Isn’t space the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen?” You asked Laf as he came to stand right next to you.

“It is extraordinary, mon ange.” Laf chuckled, walking with you to the model of Jupiter.

Lafayette turned to watch you as you studied the model of Jupiter and read the little facts surrounding it. He was completely entranced, his eyes never leaving your face. He loved to watch your eyebrow furrow as you tried to process the facts. He also loved seeing your face light up as you looked at the beauty of space.

You were standing shoulder to shoulder with him, you hands slightly brushing. He wanted to grab your hand so badly, but was scared that he would make the same mistake of scaring you like he had earlier. He didn’t want to ruin this moment with you. Taking a deep breath, words fell from Laf’s mouth before he could stop them.

“C-can you hold my hand?” Laf asked, his voice slightly timid.

“Did you just ask if you could hold my hand?” You asked, turning your eyes away from the model of Jupiter and to his panicked face.

“Um, no…” Laf trailed off, trying his hardest to cover up the fact that he was panicking.

“Yes you did! Why are you lying?” You exclaimed, turning your body to fully face him.

“Well, it’s dumb anyway! I don’t want to make you hold my hand. Sorry, mon amour.” Laf apologized, turning to walk to the model of Saturn.

“Who said I wouldn’t want to hold your hand?” You asked, following after him.

“It doesn’t matter just drop it.” Laf grumbled, his mood having dropped.

“I want to hold your hand.” You stated, holding your hand out to him expectantly.

“What?” Laf asked in shock, his blood quickly rushing to his face.

“HOLD MY HAND GODDAMNIT!” You yelled, your voice echoing through the entire planetarium.

Lafayette stared at you in shock for a few seconds before hesitantly letting you take his hand in yours. You turned back to the model of Saturn as if nothing had happened. Laf stood rigid for a couple of seconds before finally relaxing. To him, it felt perfect of have your hand in his.

You continued to walk around the planetarium together in mostly silence. Every once in awhile one of you would make a comment about the exhibit. Other than that it was a comfortable silence, where neither of you felt a need to say anything. By the end of it, you had almost completely forgot about his warm hand that was intertwined with yours.

“We should hold hands more often.” You sighed, not realizing the words had left your mouth as you laid your head gently of Laf’s shoulder.

“I completely agree, mon chéri.” Laf smiled, laying his head on top of yours.

“Why’d you want to hold my hand Laf?” You asked, feeling Lafayette slightly tense up at your question.

“You want the truth?” Laf asked, squeezing your hand a little tighter.

“Of course I do.” You said, squeezing his hand back in a reassuring manner.

“I really like you, (Y/N). We’ve been friends for a long time and you are an amazing human being. I’ve had a thing for you for so long it’s been driving me crazy!” Laf paused, pulling his head off of yours to look at you and you followed suit by looking at him. “I know this may make things awkward for us if you don’t feel the same, but I don’t want to be just friends with you anymore.”

“I’m glad you feel the same way as me. I’ve wanted to make a move on you for so long but, I didn’t want to scare you away.” You admitted, feeling as if a heavy burden had finally been lifted off your chest.

“You could never scare me away.” Lafayette grinned, the sight only making you do the same.

“Well, since I could never scare you away…” You pause, taking a deep breath to build up your confidence. “Would you like to go out on date with me tomorrow night?”

“I would love that, mon trésor.” Laf nodded, his eyes flickering for just a moment to your lips.

“Do I have to yell at you, like I did earlier, to get you to kiss me?” You asked, your voice barely above a whisper as your lips inched near his.

Without another word, Lafayette captured your lips with his. One of his hands cupped your face in a slightly rough way. The kiss wasn’t gentle like you had always imagined it to be, it was rough and hungry. You got lost in the moment easily, as did Lafayette. In that moment, all you wanted was Laf and only him.

Laf pulled away first, much to your disappointment. You looked at Laf, only to see him looking right past you with a blush on his cheeks. You turned to see Hercules, Alex and John high fiving and hugging. After a year, the three had finally gotten you and Lafayette together.

“Ready to go home?” Laf asked, turning your attention away from the boys and back to him.

“Yeah.” You smiled, intertwining hands with Laf once again as the two of you met up with the boys and started the walk home.

As you walked home, neither Lafayette or you could stop thinking about the date you would go on the next day. Anything could happen and neither of you would probably lose the smile on your face or the excitement for the next day. After all those months of waiting you had finally come together.

daddys-motel  asked:

A batsboys reverse harem pleaseeeee


“You’re struggling.”

Raven stiffened as soon as she felt the heat from his body soak through her thin, oxford shirt. That was not what she needed right now - not at all. She needed to focus, at least a little bit. Her brain felt like it was swimming, each number of the equation and each data set practically storming through her head at break-neck speeds. Nothing was making sense anymore, and Raven began to question when the last time she had a break was.

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Strange is Better With You

A/N: Y’all know I love Stranger Things. Like my sons and daughters fighting Demogorgons in the 80′s. What a life! Super thankful that @dangerous-but-fun sent me a request to do an ST Au, I’m like hell yes, and I love you and I hope you enjoy!!

Warning: blood, vomiting, death, sadness.

Kylo walked down the familiar hallway that haunted his memories. He pushed opened the door to see the old man, who was his boss sitting in the large black leather chair. “Kylo,” The word seemed to whistle out of his mouth. “You’ve done well apprentice.” Kylo nodded and sent a smirk to the red-haired man that scowled at him. “All of the patients and workers have been disposed of, sir,” Kylo said. “Except one.” Hux moved in front of him with a file he had hidden behind his back. “Patient 020-021. Or how she is now known Dr. Y/N L/N, a pediatrician. It shouldn’t be hard to find her, as her practice resides in the next town over. However, getting to her might be a little hard, due to her abilities.” Kylo excepted the file and looked at it. A small twitch hit him as he started to look over the file of Y/N L/N. It was a list of your abilities, as well as the list of accomplishments you had to have over the years. He flipped the page to reveal a picture of you from your practice. Strange feelings started to arise in him. The last time he had seen you, you were eight years old; a mix of jealousy, rage, and longing hit him all at once. He furrowed his brows. “Your past will not interfere with this. Would it?” Snoke’s eerie voice bounced off the dimly lit rooms. “No, sir.” Kylo nodded. “Very well, 020-021 is special. Since she killed her twin and absorbed its powers, she will be a great asset for us.” Snoke replied. ‘And hopefully, your replacement.’ Hux smirked at his thought, while Kylo gave him the side eye for his projected thought. “You will not kill her. Bring her to me alive; physically she can be incapacitated, but alive she needs to be.” With Snoke’s final instructions, Kylo was off.

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how you get the boy - eleven

“Very mature of you, Harry.”

“Aw, bunny, are you angry?” His bottom lip jutted out into a faux pout and I gave him the bird.

“Nah,” I said as I wiped the icing from my nose and before he could see it coming, I brushed the remaining of the frosting across his cheek.

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Twist of Fate

For @jonxsansafanfiction​‘s Valentines Challenge!
Day 2: Sharing a Bed
Summary: Modern AU: Sansa is forced to spend the holidays with her brother and his friends at a remote cabin in Scotland, but when Jon comes back from a walk injured, Sansa volunteers to stay behind and look after him. 

Sansa didn’t want to be here. She was supposed to be skiing, not stuck in a cabin with Robb and his stupid little friends, and she wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for Arya and her stupid little mouth. Now Joffrey was up there without her and Margaery was going to get her well-manicured paws all over him. It wasn’t fair. She was seventeen; what was so wrong with a co-ed trip? It wasn’t as if they were all going to be sharing a room and bathing naked together. Her parents were just overreacting. Sansa was positive Robb had gone on his first co-ed trip with his friends around her age. This was sexism!

“Are you still pouting about your dumb trip?”

The door slammed shut, letting in a blast of cold air. Robb walked the four steps from the door to the kitchen island and plopped himself on a stool in front of her. Sansa recoiled from the proximity, still furious with her brother, and pulled the bowl of cereal with her.

“Sans, c’mon,” Robb said, pleadingly. “It’s not that bad. It’s better than being alone over Christmas.”

Sansa fixed him with her darkest scowl. “I’d rather be alone.”

“You’re being unreasonable.” Robb rolled his eyes at her antics and crossed his arms over his chest. “This is the best out of a bad situation.”

When she didn’t offer up a response, Robb sighed and walked past her towards the corridor adjacent to the open kitchen. She heard his room shut softly with a click. Distantly, she could admit he was right, but with her current mood, Sansa refused to acknowledge anything Robb was saying. She didn’t care that the rest of her family had pre-booked a holiday to Spain for the holidays, excluding her since she was supposed to be in Switzerland. She didn’t care that realistically there was no way Eddard and Catelyn Stark were going to let their seventeen-year-old daughter stay home alone in a big manor. She didn’t even care that Robb had graciously offered to let her tag along with him and his friends to a cabin in the north of Scotland and that one of his friends had relented his own room to let Sansa have a bed.

No, at this moment, Sansa didn’t care about anything. She was mad; she was bored; she was so unbelievably cold she could hardly feel her fingers. Where was the heating in this bloody place?

The door opened again and several more people filed in. Sansa recognised some, childhood friends of Robb, but the others she assumed must be people from university that she didn’t know. A couple of girls smiled at her before disappearing down the same corridor Robb had gone down only moments ago. But two remained and they walked up to the island.

“Morning,” Theon said, leering, which made Sansa want to throw up her cereal right then and there. She smiled tightly in greeting. A second later, after realising she wasn’t going to offer him anymore, Theon sighed. “Right, I’ll just go then.”

Her shoulders relaxed as soon as he was gone. Sansa looked towards the last remaining person.

Jon was busy typing something into his phone but sensing that she was staring, he looked up, grey eyes meeting blue. “Sorry. That’s rude of me.” He pocketed his phone and offered her a sincere smile. “Coco pops?” At her blank stare, Jon chuckled softly. “Your cereal.”

Sansa looked down at her bowl. “Oh. Yeah, coco pops.”

“Good,” was all Jon said for awhile, then he smiled again. “I knew those were your favourite. Made Theon grab them when we found out you were coming with.”

That took Sansa by surprise. She stared, unblinkingly, at Jon for a long second, before her brain finally caught up to her. “How do you know that?”

Jon shrugged. “I’ve had enough breakfasts at your house to know.”

“But I doubt Robb even knows that.”

“He wouldn’t know if a horse wandered into your house if it’s early enough,” Jon told her, and just like that, she laughed. For the first time in days since her parents forbade her to go on the Switzerland trip, Sansa truly, truly laughed. It was so freeing and so jarring because of who had made her laugh that she blushed involuntarily.

Jon smiled again and stood up. “We’re going for a walk down by the lake if you want to join.” But they both knew she wouldn’t join. “Anyway, enjoy your coco pops.”

He walked towards the corridor and was almost out of sight when Sansa suddenly spoke up again, much to her own surprise. “Thank you, Jon, for the room. I know the couch isn’t ideal so… thank you.”

“It’s no matter.”

A second later, a door clicked shut.

Their walk around the lake took much of the afternoon, that when they eventually returned, the sun was already beginning to set just beyond the white-dusted mountains. Sansa was sitting in a cocoon of blankets, reading, when they all walked in, trailing dirt and twigs into the cabin, but instead of being disgusted, making some snide comment to Robb, Sansa’s eyes widened when Robb and Theon assisted Jon in through the door. He looked a mess with snow in his hair and all over his coat. His face was contorted in pain, cursing loudly when the two boys unceremoniously dropped him onto the couch in front of Sansa.

“What happened!”

“Slipped down a mountainside, didn’t ya, sunshine?” Robb laughed, poking Jon on the shoulder. He earned a colourful swear word and a kick to the shins for that.

“One minute he was there then, woosh, he was gone,” Theon added with a dramatic flourish of his hands.

Sansa rolled her eyes at this. She began to reach forward for Jon’s hand when she stopped herself, wondering why she would want to do that. Instead, to avoid any repeat momentary lapses, Sansa placed her hands on her lap, wrapping them tightly around her book. “Are you okay?” she asked instead.

Jon shrugged, wincing as he did so. “I’ll be fine.”

“Aye and I’m the Queen of England,” Robb snorted. “You took a right tumble there, Jon.”

“I’m fine,” Jon said, emphasising each syllable with exasperation. His eyes hardened and he tried to stand to show he was, in fact, fine, but Robb quickly pushed him back down on the couch.

“No, you’re not, and you won’t be moving again for the rest of the night,” Robb said, all traces of humour gone. “We can stay in tonight.”

It occurred to Sansa that watching Jon fall down the side of a mountain must have wrecked Robb’s nerves in the process. They were more than just friends; they were brothers. Something she had seen firsthand when Jon had lost his mother and Robb had been there for every moment of that horrible time. Sansa was twelve then, too young to understand what loss really meant, but Robb was there, always there, and likewise, Jon was always there for Robb.

So Sansa stood up, letting the blankets pool to the floor, and closed the small distance so she was stood shoulder-to-shoulder with her brother. The time for spoiled, bratty Sansa was gone; she was loyal above all else, even if it rarely showed, and she cared a far greater deal than she let people know about the welfare of others.

“It’s okay, Robb,” Sansa said, placing a hand on her brother’s shoulder. “I’ll look after him. I’ll make sure he doesn’t move an inch from the couch.”

Robb glanced at her with a speculative frown. “Are you sure, Sans? It’s okay, you know. We can just go into town tomorrow night. I’ll ring Jeyne and Lysel and tell them to come back.”

“No, don’t be silly.” Sansa placed her hands on her hips. “Go. I’ll look after him.”

“You both realise I’m sitting right here, right?” Jon grumbled.

Robb placed a hand on his head and patted. “Shhh, the adults are speaking.” Jon jerked his head but winced again from the sudden movement.

“Go, Robb,” Sansa immediately said to avoid her brother’s indecision. It took a further twenty minutes to finally coax both Robb and Theon to leave, but finally, they were alone, and that knowledge made her suddenly very aware of Jon. This didn’t escape Jon either as he shifted uncomfortably, glancing up at her and glancing away again.

“Look, Sansa, you don’t have to… I’ll be okay here,” he mumbled awkwardly and raised one hand to rub at the back of his neck.

Sansa chewed at her bottom lip, debating on what she was going to say next, but the pain on his face was enough to convince her to just do it. “I lied to Robb,” she announced quickly before she lost her nerve. “I am going to make you move from this couch.” Jon tilted his head in adorable confusion and it drove all the doubts from her mind in one breathy chuckle. “I’m moving you to the bed, Jon. You can’t sleep out here when your back is clearly in pain… and don’t bother arguing because I won’t have it. C’mon.”

Jon opened his mouth anyways to speak but she shook her head adamantly, angling her body so she could shoulder most of his weight. He hesitated for a second but sighed, placing an arm around her. The warmth from his body made Sansa flush for reasons she’d rather not examine right now and she was glad for the curtain of red hair that shielded her from his gaze. Together, they moved, slowly, but steadily to her bedroom. She gently helped him under the duvet and placed it up to his chin.

“Now stay here and I’ll go make you some dinner.”

Once the somewhat slightly burnt pasta was consumed, Sansa took their bowls and got up from the chair she had been sitting by his bedside to leave. She didn’t look forward to sleeping on the couch but she wasn’t going to subject Jon to that either. Only when Sansa tried to walk away she was abruptly tugged back by a hand around her wrist.


This time, there was no hair to hide her flushed cheeks. “What? Jon, you’re…”

“I’m fine,” he repeated. “And I wasn’t raised to let a girl sleep on the couch when there’s a perfectly good bed here.”


“We’re just sharing a bed,” Jon assured her. “I promise I’ll keep to my side.” A faint smirk played on his lips and that made her blood run hot under her skin. Did he do that on purpose? Was he being oblivious or was he toying with her?

As Sansa settled in on the other side of the bed, body frozen with fear and anticipation, she realised she was the oblivious one, because somehow over the past couple of years, Jon had grown from the awkward, gangly boy she knew to a very broad, very strong man. A man who looked at her like she was as precious as a ruby. A man who made her feel wonderful, terrifying things in the deepest parts of her body, and lying in bed with him was, quite frankly, torture. Sansa shifted to her side, back towards him, then when that didn’t lure her to sleep, she shifted again to stare up at the ceiling. When Sansa tried to shift again for the third time, a hand wrapped around her forearm.

“Sansa,” Jon breathed out, the only sound in the whole cabin. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” she whispered. “I can’t sleep.”

There was a beat of silence, before, “are you uncomfortable around me?”

“No, no, that’s not it, it’s just –” Sansa sighed. “Yes. A little.”

“Would you rather sleep on the couch?” Jon turned so he was facing her; she only knew that because she could feel the bed move underneath him and the warmth of his gaze on her face.

Sansa turned too and searched for his grey eyes in the dark. She took a deep breath and forced herself to say, “no.”

There was another beat of silence before she felt his thumb stroking the curve of her cheekbone. Sansa inhaled sharply, feeling her heart quicken and body tighten with that same exhilarating sense of anticipation.

When Jon spoke next, she could feel his breath on her skin. “Am I making you uncomfortable now?”

She shook her head, belatedly realising he might not be able to see her. “No.”

The feel of his lips on her cheek startled her but when they travelled in light, feathery kisses along the line of her jaw to her already-parted lips, Sansa was ready. She placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, not wanting to jostle him too much, and leaned into the kiss as best as she could. It was altogether too much and too little for her body to handle. Sansa wanted to throw every jittering nerve, every confused emotion and frightening hope into the kiss, but he was injured and that thought was enough to sober her from pushing him too far.

“Comfortable now?” Jon asked. She could hear the smirk on his lips so she leaned forward and answered him with another, softer, quicker kiss. “Guess you are,” he chuckled. He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her into his chest, so she was lying with her head tucked underneath his chin. “Good night, Sansa.”

“Night, Jon.”

For Who You Are

Gotham One Shot

Characters: [FEMALE] Reader x Edward Nygma + Jim Gordon, Kristen Kringle & Tom Dougherty

Warnings: bullying and a lil bit of fighting

Request: “could I request an Edward Nygma one shot where the reader is new the GCPD and gets teased by the cops for being kind of quirky (like singing to herself and stuff??) and Ed confronts them over the matter and has a small altercation, then the reader feels really bad and invites him over for dinner and they’re both pretty awkward and clumsy throughout?? (sorry if that’s too long or anything, I absolutely love your blog!!)” - anonymous

Word Count: 1,758

A/N: its not too long, i actually prefer one shot requests to be detailed !! and thank you so much for your support !! 💛 i dont know if i made it awkward/clumsy enough, but i hope it’s okay !!!

Keep reading, Ch.5 (5/9)

In a world where every dating site swears by their algorithms and databases to find the most accurate match with a high percentage of compatibility, a new site is giving them all a run for their money. promises no data or algorithm, just a few people that *know* how to find your best match based on their instincts and their vibes.

Emma Swan is hired to investigate if there’s a fraud involved with the site’s claim of not using any type of statistics. That path leads her right into the hands of founder, Killian Jones, who promises her that he’ll prove he’s worth his salt by finding Emma her perfect match without any data or algorithms involved.

A new story by me, dedicated from the bottom of my heart to the wonderful @businesscasualprincess All the thanks in the world to my beta @sambethe

Tumblr: 1 2 3 4

Mary Margaret & David

Emma was losing her mind. It might have been the lack of sleep from reading file after file, or the endless hours searching through transcripts from interviews with MissMatched’s competitors. It could also be the way she had kept one ear on the ground, hoping for any piece of gossip she could turn into information, any lead she could find that would untangle the scam of all time.

But. There. Wasn’t. Anything.

She took a deep breath as she reviewed the cases in front of her. It was time to go back to the source. To the one case that, according to Liam Jones, started it all.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

YAY its open! Alright, how would the starish guys react if their S/O got amnesia and doesn't believe they are a couple. Thank you if you do this, I really love the way you write these scenarios :)

( ( I hope this makes up for my absence! I’ve been feeling guilty for not posting new material, so here you go! Hope you like it! ) ) 

STARISH reacting to S/O with amnesia

( ( Click HERE for the beginning, where the S/O is in a coma ) ) 

Otoya ittoki

Ever since his s/o had been in that medically induced coma, he visited her every day at the hospital. Regardless of doctors telling him that they would not notice his presence or even hear his voice he would shake his head and continue his daily ritual of coming in with freshly picked sunflowers everyday for their bedside and talk about his day. Often he would cancel all appointments he could, just to be beside his s/o in fear of them waking up when he was not there to comfort them. It was obvious that the stress was taking a toll on the idol, his once vibrant personality has become stale from all the stress. Time flew by, and without him even realizing it had been once month since he last heard your angelic voice. He often reread the text messages you both exchanged, specifically the last one you had sent him. Three words and eight letters, ‘ I love you ‘, printed perfectly on the screen of his phone. However, today was a special day, he could feel it in his bones that something was going to happen. Something deep inside him told him that some sort of progress would be made with his s/o, which was the only thing that kept his spirits up. Sitting silently at the side of the hospital bed, he was memorizing a new song to be performed before a shift in the blankets had caused him to lose his focus on the music sheet. Snapping his head immediately to the source of movement, he saw your eyes open and searching the room. He rushed to your side and grabbed your hand with tears streaming down your face, calling your name as he was borderline sobbing from finally seeing you awake. His s/o turned their head to see the unfamiliar redhead, giving him a questioning look as to why they were hear and who was they talking to? Their voice croaked from being dry, speaking hoarsely while asking where were they and who the redhead was. The moment the question left their lips, the idol seemed to lose focus of everything in that moment. Had they forgotten who they were? Surely they remembered him, right? However, as doctors and nurses rushed in to the now awake patient. His suspicions were only clear once their s/o began to question what their own name was, who the idol was and where they were. It was heartbreaking to the idol, all he could do was run out of the room with tears blurring his vision. This was not how he had dreamed their reunion to be. 

Masato hijirikawa

Ever since that fateful night, Masato has not left the side of his s/o. Often the nurses or doctors would have to practically drag the idol out of the room during closing hours for visitations but eventually had given up. Only a couple times would he leave to freshen up at the shared apartment of his s/o, but to return the following day to begin the process all over again. Normally, some people may grieve during this time but Masato was logical. He had read the charts of his s/o, and even going as far as to read up on medical books for proper diagnosis and treatments but to no clear answers. However, once thing was for sure is that he knew they were to experience some sort of amnesia. It was likely they would experience some sort of memory loss, the news causing the idol to despair. After weeks of spending his days at the side of his s/o in the hospital room, did he finally see the glassy eyes of his s/o snap open. Their confused and dazed state breaking his heart, feeling helpless as he watched his s/o murmur questions of their own along the lines of. “Where am I? Who are you?”. Once the doctors had done their diagnosis and clearing up any confusion for his s/o, was he finally allowed to see them a few days later. Walking down the endless hallways with a box in hand, he continued his journey to the all too familiar hospital room where his s/o was settled. Stopping in front of a familiar number, he took a deep breath before knocking softly to alert his presence. Listening for the soft “Come in,” he opened the door and introduced himself formally. “So..we know each other?” his s/o spoke softly, a hint of confusion still in their eyes. His heart sunk at their words, but he maintained his posture. “Yes, you could say were were…close.” he spoke slowly, wanting them to soak in the words he spoke. He opened the box before digging into the vast collection of photographs taken through out their relationship along with some personal items. He brought out a specific photo and handed it to them, “This.. was when we had first met.” The photo of his s/o and him together smiling at what seemed to be a park. His s/o studied the photograph carefully before a smil crept onto their features, causing the idol to smile as he remembered their first meeting. Even though he knew this was going to be a long journey, it was almost in a way, like falling in love all over again with his s/o. 

Natsuki shinomiya

Upon the news of his s/o in a coma, his personality has done a complete flip. He did not smile like he used to, nor would he fawn over cute things as he would when his s/o was by his side. How could he, when his beloved was lying in a hospital bed motionless? His persona dropping so drastically, allowing Satsuki to take control just seemed easier than to bear with the pain by himself. However, he knew he could not hide behind his “other self” forever. After another sleepless night in his dorm, he begrudgingly woke to the sound of his alarm and rose from the bed. Continuing the cycle once again, he would clean himself up to look presentable before picking fresh flowers to bring to the hospital room to replace the ones from the previous day. Trudging down the hallways, he was shocked to see the door to the hospital room open. Walking inside he saw a sight he longed to see, his s/o risen up on the bed and speaking to their general doctor. Not even thinking, he ran up to his s/o and enveloped them into a hug he much needed. Crying onto their shoulder about how worried he was and how much he had missed them, only to be gentle removed by the nurses. The eyes of his s/o wide open in bewilderment from the sudden contact. “Who are you?” they asked hoarsely, as their eyes studied the blonde idol. The moment those words were spoken, he was in shock. How could they had forgotten him? Is this just a prank? He chuckled dryly to try to mask the obvious pain, “ha ha.. It’s me s/o!” he exclaimed. But the obvious sad look of the doctor only confirmed his fears, that his s/o had amnesia. It wasn’t until the doctors had to bring the idol back into the hallway where Natsuki broke down in tears was he informed the full weight of the situation. His s/o was experiencing amnesia, resulting in them not remembering him nor themselves.It was at that moment it sunk in, did his other personality come out. All he felt was rage, confusion, and lost. His mind was racing, thoughts of how this could have all been avoided rushing through his brain. Eventually having to leave, not being able to bear the dazed look in his s/o eyes opposed to the usual look full of love and warmth.  

Tokiya ichinose

“Tokiya..” The soft and concerned voice of the doctor calling out from the entrance of he door, pulling Tokiya out of his daydreaming and looking back to the bed just to see that nothing has changed at all. He directed his attention back to the doctor and stood up immediately with a stamper, still trying to gather himself. The doctor ushered the idol into the hallway for more privacy, somehow in the pit of Tokiya’s stomach he knew this was not going to be good. The doctor looked at the young idol for a moment before breathing a deep sigh and updating him on their test results. “It is highly likely that Y/N will experience severe memory loss due to the blunt force trauma” they spoke carefully, Tokiya visibly becoming undone with every word spoken. He was not going to accept this diagnosis, surely his wife would memorize him? Everything after that became a blur to him, he felt a numbness take over his body as he walked back into the room to sit down before collapsing onto the floor. Amnesia. Once the doctor has left him to grieve on his own, nothing but the sound of machines beeping resonated through the stale room until his inner strength crumbled. His tears flowing down his cheeks, unable to believe this was happening. Ever since the news of his s/o was given to him about their possibility of having severe memory loss, the idol immediately went to work. He turned their home upside down to search for any evidence of their love together. Any and every photograph taken, old movie tickets, gifts given, any thing just to remember their time together and husband and wife. He followed the advice of the doctor carefully, wanting to make this transition easy as possible for him and his s/o.  Although this was going to be the hardest battle him and his s/o have ever fought, he was filling to do it if it meant to bring back the memories of his s/o. 

ren jinguji

The idol woke up abruptly from his nap by the hand of the doctor shaking his shoulder, he had been dreaming again. Every night he dreamt of the reunion of his loved one, wanting nothing more to see those familiar eyes open and that smile grace their lips. The doctor sat in front of the exhausted idol, a sad smile on his face as he placed down the various files full of diagnosis and treatment plans. Ren’s voice croaked as he asked the doctor of any new developments in his s/o. The doctor sighing deeply before saying his conclusion, like ripping off a band aid quickly. “There has been no brain activity for a long time with little to no improvement, we believe it may be time to make some…plans for comfort” the doctor spoke with sadness in his eyes. It’s true, his s/o had not woken up ever since the accident and they have not shown any improvement but to be able to breathe through machines. However, Ren was not having this. He angrily slammed his fist onto the table, shocking the doctor by his sudden outburst “No! We are not doing that! You are going to make her better!” He yelled to the doctor, denial and anger dripping in every word he spoke. However the medical professional did not take his words to heart, he could only imagine the pain this young man was going through. He slowly nodded before exiting the room to give the idol some much needed solitude to think about things. Ren looked at the bed where his loved one laid, attached to many tubes and machines keeping them alive. Soon, something began to bubble up, bile began to rise into his throat hot as he felt anger come over him. This was truly his fault, and his s/o was paying the price for his mistakes. If only he had looked at that damned road to see the oncoming car, they would be together today like it should be. The idol left to his apartment, wanting to be alone from all the suspicious eyes of doctors and nurses worrying about his state of mind. Even his friends had noticed the difference in his behavior, he has become more..hostile. Accepting no comfort, denying facts and overall blaming himself. 

cecil aijima

The muses have blessed him, he knew i! After a lot of convincing the nursing staff and his friends finally got him to go home to get much needed rest to recuperate. Although he did not like the thought of leaving his princess behind, he knew that he needed a shower and rest so he could be there for her, stronger than ever. Stronger for the both of them. It wasn’t until he was woken up from his sleep did he recieve the news he longed for. She had finally woken up. He almost did not let the caller finish their sentence before dressing himself quickly to rush to the hospital. He was finally going to see his s/o, awake and speaking to him. However, as he walked towards the familiar hospital room a doctor stopped him midway from entering, taking the idol by surprise and almost pushing past him. “Are you the significant other of s/o?” the doctor asked calmly, Cecil nodded before the doctor looked him in the eyes, “Would you come with me please, to discuss the nature of s/o’s recovery?” he asked solemnly. All Cecil could do was nod and follow the doctor to an empty room, where the doctor gestured to the chair for him to sit in. For some reason, his stomach began to tie in knots in some way of knowing this was not going to be good. The doctor, not missing a beat “S/o has waken up from her coma, but is unfortunately suffering from the side effects of amnesia.” Those words and at that moment, Cecil was at a complete loss of words. Amnesia? The doctor took his silence as shock, as he continued to state that although she was in good health, she may not remember a couple of things or even him. Shock flooded through his veins, a feeling of numbness taking over his body as he finally walked towards the hospital room his s/o was in. The doctor leading him and stating carefully for him to introduce himself when entering. Cecil walking in and his heart skipping a beat at finally seeing you, raised up with eyes open and speaking clearly. He was at a loss of words, really. He was smiling on the outside, but inside he was breaking. Breaking because he knew you would not remember him and the times you both shared together. 

syo kurusu

It broke Syo on the inside, to know that his s/o did not recognize him. It hurt to see those hazy and confused eyes stare at him back with no recognition. Although the doctors prepared the idol for this very moment, he never expected it to break him like this. He almost could not stand the thought of things ever being the same between the two. However, he stayed optimistic as hard as it was. He was not going to give up on his s/o so easily, so he immediately went to work. Vising the hospital every day like before with items to show of their love and life together, Scrapbooks and photo albums stacking up on the corner of the hospital bed as Syo and his s/o laughed while looking through them. He even went as far as to bring back objects of their love together, such as gifts given to the other and even showing her the ring that was recovered from the accident. Their engagement ring. With every visit and each piece of item brought, she was piecing back her life slowly. Memories would flood back some days and others she could not remember her own name, It always took a toll on Syo, but he knew he had to do this. Finally after months of bringing back her memories was Syo finally given permission from the doctor to bring her home, their home. Syo was ecstatic to bring her home, to finally occupy that cold side of the bed he longed to hold their warmth. To finally listen to their routine humming as they always did while doing chores. It was exciting in a way, Syo thought. He had always loved his s/o, but in a way this accident turned into a blessing. He was falling in love with her all over again. How long had it been since they went on an actual date? Now, he had the same butterflies in his stomach and nervousness when he took his s/o on their first date together. Gradually, becoming more like a couple again. How long had it been since they actually made love? Now, he was praising and cherishing her body like their first night they shared together. Sparks flew between them, something that never seemed to dulled. 

Noya’s Repayment [AsaNoya]

A/N: Haikyuu (Asahi/Noya) 14. “Don’t make me come get you.” - It’s the big ler / tiny lee fic and of course it had to be asanoya:D omg this is my first time writing them and I have a total thing for the idea of a dominant ler Asahi so that’s what I did.

Anon thanks for the prompt! I’m the one who’s awkward for writing this shit hahaha oh boy.

Summary: Noya owes Asahi big time, too bad that in Asahi’s point of view there’s only one way to do that.

Word Count: 1772

Pant. Wheeze. BAM. 

Noya watched with wide eyes how a pile of papers and files ended up in front of him with a loud slam, making a nice and attractive tower on the table. His boyfriend was still panting from dragging them all the way here and he stretched out a little.

“This is all I could find. I don’t suggest you copy this and this paper though, they didn’t score that well,” Asahi said, and he took away the top one and pulled out one from in the middle. He didn’t rip them but put them nicely back where he got them from. 

Asahi had always been such a good student, it was actually cute, coming from someone like him with his delinquent reputation. He put a lot of work in it, so the fact that he was allowing him to copy his work meant a real deal.

“Thanks man, you’re a lifesaver. How do I repay you?” Noya asked, admiring Asahi’s wonderful work that had A+ all over them and all he needed to do was twist the work a little and make it look more like his own. Byebye wonderful hours he would have wasted on writing papers, muhahaha. Having a nice Senpai for a boyfriend was the best.

Asahi shrugged, smiling gently.

“You could let me tickle you.”

Noya nodded while continuing to look through the papers and putting the ones he thought he could use best apart.

“Sure no pro – eh, what? Tickle?” His face turned lobster-red and he froze like a statue, his hands dropping the papers he was holding. 

“Yeah. Got a problem?” Asahi smirked. He smirked, and Noya blushed even worse. So it was one of those days huh?

“E-eh I could buy you dinner or give you a massage… I could even do uh, you know,” he stammered and pointed at Asahi’s crotch, suggesting something very naughty, but Asahi bent down so that Noya’s eyes that were fixed between his legs were now forced to meet his. Asahi’s mischievous brown eyes stared at him and Noya swallowed away the dry feeling he was getting.

“Nah, I’d rather give you a massage. A ticklish one. Please? Is that too much to ask?” Oh how mean. Noya giggled awkwardly and he started to back away.

“I uhm. Well, I would prefer something else,” he said nervously, and he speeded up his steps backwards when Asahi got up from the couch and approached him.

“Who owes whom here? I’m starting to think you’re not all that grateful. Don’t make me come get you.” Asahi sounded calm, playful and unlike the Asahi anyone else knew except Noya himself. The scary dominant tickle-monster Asahi who was so confident because he was so damn tall, strong, fast and because he knew every single weak spot on Noya’s sensitive body.

“I could give you anything,” Noya tried to talk him out of it, and he even clapped his hands together as if he was praying, but this only caused Asahi to laugh.

“Heh. Well, I could always take these back again,” Asahi said, and Noya gasped when Asahi bent towards the table to gather the papers again.

“NO!” Noya had been too fast to react, and a mischievous sparkle was in his lover’s eyes as he straightened himself again. He held up one finger and motioned Noya should come over there.

“Hufufu..” Noya whined, knowing Asahi had the power here, so he dragged his feet towards him, his body already tingling in anticipation. Ending up in front of his enormous boyfriend, he looked up at him and smiled.

“Please don’t kill me,” he said sweetly, and Asahi chuckled and reached out to grab him.

“I promise I won’t.” Asahi’s long arms snaked around Noya’s body like big, long tentacles, and Noya screeched and turned himself around to flee again, instantly regretting this decision. 

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Rewind - A Rowaelin One-Shot

Prompt: Based off of this post by @thelifelessbookofhope

Word Count: 2, 218

Summary: The Princess of Terrasen is sent to the Fae kingdom to learn to control her magic, and to improve diplomacy between Doranelle and the North, but she finds something there she never would have expected.

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Break Time, Prompt: Office AU 事務所

A/N:  This is exactly what the prompt says

The hum of the copy machine had Goku in a zombie-like trance.  With a gruff sigh, he braced his hands on his hips and stretched his neck toward the ceiling - as much as he could.  This stupid suit he had to wear every day was so stiff.  Even rolling the sleeves to his elbows and unbuttoning his collar a few notches didn’t serve to lessen his discomfort.  He wouldn’t even think of wearing a jacket, not as long as Mr. Roshi allowed him to disregard it.  But the stiff suit, it seemed, he wasn’t allowed to do without.

“Hey, Goku!”

Goku perked at the call from the hallway and turned to glance at his co-worker through the wide-open glass door.  “Krillin!”

“Are those copies ready yet?” Krillin said as he stepped forward with a peevish look.  “What’s taking so long?”

“Oh,” Goku said with a chuckle as he raised his hand to rub the back of his head.  “I didn’t realize the machine was out of ink, so I had to run it again.”

Krillin blinked at the copy machine spitting sheet after sheet into the growing pile in the tray. “All five hundred copies?”

Goku felt his face flush as he gave his friend an innocent shrug.  If Krillin wanted those copies quickly, he should have probably asked someone other than Goku to do it.  Everyone in the office knew Goku wasn’t the best with the copy machine.  They also knew how the monotony of watching pages being spat from a machine gave Goku the chance to let his eyes lose focus and his mind wander to more appealing ideas than work.

“Goku,” Krillin grumbled as he approached the machine and fingered through the growing paper stack.  With an irritated yet somehow endearing grimace, Krillin met Goku’s eyes and shook his head.   "You weren’t thinking about Vegeta again, were you?“

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