I want to write a little about Bella being a witch. I think Bella would be a witch from like charmed. Her power would be like her vampiric power. She has a mental shield. But she would learn to develop it over time. Maybe she’d end up being able to share her Mind with people. But more with thoughts. So when she meets Edward she’s actually able to talk to him in his mind. At first he’s confused as to why he can’t hear all her thoughts and it seems that she’s directing everything towards him. She starts to realize he’s a little different and wants to know why.

And when a set of demons come to town the Cullen’s stumble on Bella vanquishing them.

And imagine:

Bella talking to Rosalie telepathically.

Bella shields people’s mind from Edward when he gets annoying.

Bella teaching Rosalie spells.

Alice can’t see Bella’s future so they’re all terrified with everything she does, but Bella is a very independent little witch.

principal’s office - esme/emmett

requested by @her-victori thank you for the prompt angel !!

  • the doctor was, of course, well regarded and respected in the small town of forks
  • his wife was rarely seen but everyone knew she was beautiful and, rumour had it, very kind
  • she showed up occasionally at official hospital functions, but they were so rare that she didn’t have any close friends in forks
  • she must be generous, the principal, mr donovan, thought as he sifted through the files of the cullen children, to have adopted all these children
  • he rested on the one in question: emmett 
  • adopted individually, unlike the blonde twins, after his mother was killed in a hiking accident
  • a hiking accident? did she fall? was she attacked by an animal?
  • there was a knock at the door to his office and mr dononvan jumped, stuffing emmett’s file back under the stack of his siblings’ files as though it were a dirty magazine
  • he exhaled slowly to calm himself and retrieved the file, trying to look seriously as it as he called out for the knocker to come in
  • he glanced up
  • as he had suspected, it was emmett, looking sullenly bashful 
  • “you asked to see me?” he mumbled
  • “sit down.” mr donovan ordered, trying to assert his dominance
  • emmett did as he was told, though he looked ridiculous in the small padded chair opposite mr donovan 
  • “do you know why you’re here?” he asked, as though speaking with a small child
  • “i broke one of the cafeteria tables.” emmett reeled off monotonously, staring straight ahead as though willing the conversation to be over already
  • “how did you do it?”
  • emmett shrugged
  • “you don’t know? let me guess, you were possessed by some inhuman strength and were just trying to stretch your leg when you broke the table?”
  • emmett shrugged again
  • “that attitude isn’t going to get us very far, and i would advise you, just this once, to refrain from being smart about this.” he pointed his finger at emmett. “shrug one more time and it’s a month’s detention.”
  • emmett was still and silent; sulking
  • “do you know how much those tables cost?”
  • “no sir, i don’t.”
  • “who do you think’s gonna pay for it?” mr donovan pressed
  • “i imagine that would be me, sir.” 
  • “you got a saturday job, emmett?”
  • “no sir.”
  • “so who’s gonna pay for it?” 
  • there was gentle knock at the door and emmett stiffened
  • “you called my mother?” 
  • mr donovan swallowed with some difficulty, resisting the urge to ask how emmett had known who was at the door without it even opening
  • “yes i did, this is a serious matter emmett. please, come in mrs cullen.” he called out, slightly sweeter
  • the door opened and esme swept in,
  • she was even more beautiful than they had described her and he could see why dr cullen never strayed toward the pretty nurses that worked alongside him at the hospital
  • mr donovan had to actively work on keeping his lower jaw attached to his top
  • she smiled genuinely at him as she closed the door but her face clouded with concern as she reached emmett and touched his shoulder
  • “is everything alright?” she asked him, her words heavy with meaning
  • emmett nodded, “just a misunderstanding. nothing to worry about…”
  • “um, if i might interject?” mr donovan said 
  • esme settled herself in the chair beside emmett’s, ignoring the principal’s rudeness “of course, mr donovan.”
  • “it was not a misunderstanding.” he clarified. “emmett deliberately vandalised a piece of school property-…”
  • esme rose her hand, her palm flat as a signal that he should stop, “forgive me, but how do you know it was deliberate?”
  • “excuse me?”
  • “well how do you know it wasn’t an accident? don’t get me wrong, mr donovan, my husband and i will be more than happy to pay for the damage regardless, but i’m uncomfortable with the assumption that my son would have done something so inconsiderate on purpose. he was not raised to disrespect the property of others.”
  • mr donovan scoffed. “i assure you the assumption is not without basis.”
  • “which is?” esme raised her eyebrows, waiting for elaboration
  • he faltered, unused to being questioned on his authority in such a manner, “pardon me?”
  • “the basis for your assumption. what is it?”
  • he considered for a moment, before insisting, “this is not the first time something like this has happened.”
  • “yes it is!” emmett cried out indignantly
  • “we haven’t been summoned to the school before.” esme added, before putting her hand on emmett’s leg as a warning that he should be quiet
  • “well i-…”
  • esme narrowed her eyes suspiciously, “i hope this isn’t just because he’s adopted.” 
  • mr donovan flushed scarlet red. “mrs cullen i assure you-…”
  • “because i know that my husband would be so upset to think that our children were being treated differently to the other students here just because of their upbringing… especially when he does so much for our little community here in forks through his work at the hospital.” esme interrupted calmly
  • “i-…” mr donovan sighed, feeling defeated. “emmett, did you break the table on purpose?”
  • “no sir i did not.”
  • “do you promise to be more careful in future.”
  • “yes.”
  • he lifted his hands in the air, in mock surrender. “then how about we forget the whole thing ever happened?”
  • emmett shrugged, “sounds good to me.”
  • esme tapped him on the shoulder, “emmett, apologise.” she ordered. 
  • “i’m sorry mr donovan, truly.” emmett said genuinely, smiling at his principal 
  • “apology accepted. i’m sorry to have dragged you down here mrs cullen.”
  • “that’s quite alright, mr donovan. i completely understand.”
  • he showed them out and shut the door behind them a little harder than necessary
  • esme and emmett rolled their eyes in precisely the same way and started wandering down the hallway in the direction of the front door
  • “so what actually happened?” she asked 
  • emmett sighed, “i misjudged kicking jasper at the end of lunch, or he moved too quick or something, and i missed and hit the leg of the table instead. it broke and the whole thing collapsed.”
  • “everyone saw it?” she winced
  • emmett nodded regretfully “yep.”
  • “okay… well you know what i’m going to say, don’t you?”
  • “be more careful in the presence of humans?”
  • “no…” esme chuckled fondly. “don’t kick your brother. it’s not nice.”
  • emmett grinned and resisted saying ‘you didn’t see what he did to me first’
  • instead he stopped and took her hands for a second, “thanks esme. thanks for coming down here and-… thanks for always looking out for us.” he leant down and kissed her cheek. “you really are the best mom we could ask for.”
  • she smiled and patted his cheek, “you make it easy. now go back to class, i’ll see you at home.”
  • the next morning mr donovan arrived at school to find an envelope sitting neatly on his desk
  • inside was a letter, written in emmett’s surprisingly elegant handwriting, apologising again for the ‘misunderstanding’ and an enclosed cheque with an amount large enough to buy enough brand new tables to fill the cafeteria

So apparently Twilight is trending so I thought I’d post a few adjustments I’ve made to the story

  1. Bella and Edward begin an ill-advised relationship. As their relationship reaches new heights, the vampiric government, the Volturi, send three of their officers to attempt to recruit Alice and Edward, the two most powerful members of the Cullen coven. Instead they find out the Cullens have allowed a human discover their secret and are ordered to take them in but the Cullens don’t go without a fight.
  2. After the events of Twilight, Edward begins to question his relationship with Bella. One day, Jasper attacks Bella after she cuts herself, causing Edward to believe he made a mistake letting Bella into his life so he fakes his death to keep her safe from the Volturi and all other vampires. While mourning her lover, a relationship reignites between her and her childhood friend, Jacob Black, who turns out to be a werewolf. Meanwhile, the remnants of the trio the Volturi sent after the Cullens begin to hunt down Bella to avenge the death of friend, James. As Jacob and his pack attempts to protect Bella, the Volturi begin to capture the Cullens one by one. Once Alice is the last one to avoid being captured due to her powers, she contacts Bella to help her convince the Volturi that she is destined to be a vampire when she turns eighteen. With Jacob and his pack in tow, Bella bregudgingly travels to Italy to save Edward and his family.
  3. Bella begins to countdown to days to her eighteenth birthday, when she is scheduled to turn into a vampire. Now that the Cullens are in town again, Bella and Edward slowly begin a relationship against Jacob’s wishes. As the remaining member of the original trio kidnaps a werewolf to avoid being spotted by Alice’s visions, she builds an army of newborn vampires and orders them to kill as many innocents as possible until Bella turns herself in, resulting in a war with her, the Cullens, and Jacob’s pack.
  4. Bella and Edward get married the day she turns eighteen and get pregnant the same night during their honeymoon. The Volturi become impatient as they wait for the news of Bella’s transformation as they’re looking for any excuse to recruit Edward and Alice. Bella gives birth a month after conception, she is turned into a vampire seconds after. When the Volturi sends a party to confirm the news, they instead catch a glimpse of Bella and Edward’s hybrid child who has rapidly aged and now appears to be a toddler. Alice sees the Volturi gathering their army to annihilate the Cullens and they join forces with Jacob’s pack and other covens to fight the Volturi once and for all.