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Listen… Twitter is currently aflame with ace discourse the likes of which has only just finished burning its way through Tumblr, and I have absolutely no time for that reductive anti queer lib gatekeeping whatsoever, so to all my ace followers, firstly: you are cool and rad and you all have great hair, and secondly, here is are a few ace books that you can lob at the heads of acephobes (this is not an exhaustive list, just the best ones I know of):

  1. Hearts Tolstoy - Kathryn Ormsbee. A YA novel about Tash, who, as the title suggests, loves Tolstoy. When her web series goes viral, one of her online heroes reaches out to her, but she’s not sure how he’ll deal with her asexuality. This book is hilarious and just great.
  2. Ace and Proud: An Asexual Anthology - A.K. Andrews. This is an anthology of 17 essays by asexual people, covering various facets of the ace experience. It’s a pretty short book at just over 100 pages so a good primer for anyone who wants to understand or feel less alone. 
  3. Gender Queer - Maia Kobabe. A graphic novel memoir about the author growing into eir nonbinary ace identity. It brilliantly explores the reductive nature of binary thinking and is one of those books that’s expansive, illuminating and necessary (all the big words.) 
  4. Let’s Talk About Love - Claire Kann. A YA novel about a girl whose gf dumps her when she comes out as ace, and how she tries to cope with her crush on a boy when she’s already been rejected for her sexuality. It illuminates so much of the ace experience and is just excellent. 
  5. The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality - Julie Decker. Essentially a primer on asexuality, this covers so many bases - misconceptions about what asexuality is, how acephobia/aphobia manifests, how the ace spectrum works. A great resource for further understanding.

You can really tell which Fallout fans have only ever played the extensively fan-patched version of Fallout 2 they torrented when they cite it as a counterexample to Bethesda’s mishandling of the franchise’s later sequels.

At the time of its release, Fallout 2 was an absolute trash fire. It was infamously buggy for 1998, and if you understand what quality assurance standards in PC gaming were like in 1998 you might have an inkling of just how bad it had to be in order to make itself stand out.

Like, we’re talking random softlocks that don’t become apparent until a dozen hours later. We’re talking recruitable characters that break the game engine just by existing. We’re talking the back half of your car just getting up and wandering away – taking your entire inventory with it – because it was implemented as an NPC follower with unlimited carrying capacity to let you store stuff in the trunk, only sometimes it would “forget” it was an inanimate object and try to follow the player character around, causing it to spawn in unexpected or out of bounds locations. Hell, we’re talking about a game where 80% of starting builds can’t beat the tutorial dungeon. Some of the game engine’s issues are so deeply entrenched that, in spite of the patching community’s best efforts, they weren’t fully resolved until over 15 years after the game’s release.

Holding up Fallout 2 as an example of how to do sequels right isn’t an argument – it’s a punchline.

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A leftist FB group I'm in is tearing itself apart over how to deal with people in clear violation of lockdowns, specifically calling the police. On one hand, involving police oftens result in situations escalating unnecessarily, and can be a death sentence for POC/other groups. On the other hand social shaming/calling out people doesn't seem to be working yet, and transmitting the virus can be a death sentence for the elderly/immunucompromised. What is your take?

As trash as the police are, in this case it is justified to ask them to detain someone who is breaking the law, because they’re putting everyone else at risk.

That’s my take.

Before calling the cops though I would confront the person and ask for them to isolate themselves. Calling the cops would be a last resort obviously.

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Maybe the person who unfollowed after you post racial stuff is unfollowing not bc their racist but because they came here for reading fan fics nd doesnt want to follow a blogger who doesnt do what they followed them for idk 🤷🏽‍♀️

i wasn’t gonna post this because its really pissing me off to the point where i’m shaking but i’m gonna say what i have to say.

first of all…“they came here for reading fanfics and doesn’t want to follow a blogger who doesn’t do what they followed them for”…kiss my ass. i am almost ALWAYS writing. me taking the time to write one or two posts about something that effects ME in fandom is not taking away from that.

this has pissed me off beyond reason. its so stupid and condescending, anon. it really is.

“doesn’t do what they followed them for” FUCK YOU, MAN. you want me posting fanfic on a daily basis or some shit?

seriously fuck off.

Intertwined Part 4

Pairing: OT7 x reader/ BTS x reader

Word Count: 3.4k

Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Smut, Fantasy, lil bit of angst

Rating: M

You start to come to a hazy consciousness as the first sensation you feel is warmth. You had never known your bed to be so comfortable, nor could you ever remember sleeping so well. As your other senses come to, you pick up the distinct sound of low chatting in the background, and you instantly panic. Is there someone in your apartment?

Your eyes fly open, and you are initially shocked to see that you aren’t in your tiny room, but instead, you are in a vaguely familiar bedroom. With that, all the events of last night come flooding into your mind, a bright red blush making its way to your cheeks.

You stand up out of bed, still naked, and make your way to the large, floor to ceiling mirror on the back of the closet to examine your form. There were numerous spots of healing bruises, and small crescent scratches where fingernails broke the skin. Most notably, however, were the marks they had left on you.

Each mark was a light blue, matching the color of your veins that already shown through your pale skin. They were small, no bigger than 1 inch by 1 inch, and all were strikingly similar. However, like seven artists asked to draw the same object, they all had subtle inconsistencies that gave away who it belonged to. The design was swirly and flower-like, reminiscent of the Love Yourself: Her album art, and complimented your otherwise flawless complexion perfectly.

You weren’t sure how you felt about this whole arrangement. In a single night, your whole life had been turned upside down. You nearly had a heart attack at a BTS concert, and suddenly you were permanently part of their lives, whether you liked it or not. You take notice though that uncomfortable, painful thrumming in your chest has entirely subsided and replaced itself with a subtle warmth.

You rub your eyes, turning back to your bed as you wince in pain. Crap. You had forgotten to take out your contacts last night. You waste no time taking them out and discarding them into a trash can in the room.

You start searching for your dress, but instead find a pile of clothes, of which you assume to be one of the boy’s. You pick them up to put them on, smelling them as they go over your head, the scent bringing a smile instantly to your face. You immediately know these are Taehyung’s but aren’t sure why. The white t-shirt and black shorts they provided fit admittedly poorly, hanging off your lithe form, but you somehow manage to pull it off.

You decide to dig through your purse before you get up and start the day, looking for your phone. You breathed a sigh of relief as you turn it on, it still has some battery life left. Relief is soon replaced by panic as you realize that it is already 11 am and you were supposed to work today at 7 am.
You open the numerous texts from your boss, the pit in your stomach growing lower. You weren’t sure how you were going to explain your way out of this one.

“Hey boss, sorry I couldn’t make it in, I’m a 112-year-old Elven woman who spent last night getting dicked down by her apparent soul mates. Sorry I couldn’t make it in!” You thought sarcastically to yourself.

Reading the first message:

Boss: (7:07) If you’re gonna be late just let me know

Boss: (7:30) Y/N, seriously? 30 minutes late?

Boss: (8:12) I’ve given you many chances in the past after you’ve just not shown up, you’re really gonna keep pulling this shit?

Boss: (8:31) If you’re not in by 10, you can forget about coming in again.

Boss: (10:01) Hope whatever you were doing was worth your job. We’ll mail you your final check.

You felt tears start to sting at your eyes as you began to hyperventilate. There were millions of dancers in Seoul, and you had worked so hard to secure this choreographer job, beat out hundreds of candidates, and you managed to screw that up. How could you just throw away such an opportunity? Frustrated, tears begun to openly pour down your face.

Shacked up with some vampires whom you have yet to see, and now jobless, you weren’t sure you could handle so much change.

Breaking you out of your sobbing, you feel someone come bounding down the hallway towards you. The energy seems rushed and concerned, but warm and comforting. You then hear a soft rapping on your closed door.

“Come in.” You mumble through tears.

Jin opens the door and runs to you, scooping you up into his arms in an instant.

“I’m sorry, princess I felt you crying, I wanted to give you some time to yourself, but I needed to make sure you were okay, what happened?” Jin asks, cradling you against his chest.

“All of this is so new and overwhelming.” You sob, completely coming apart in his hands.

“I know it is, princess. We’ve been thinking of you this whole time, and I’m really sorry if we pushed you into things-“He responds holding you tighter before you cut him off.

“It’s not just this.” You add, choking on sobs. “I just lost my job because I decided to spend the night here with you guys, what was I thinking.”

“Princess I am so sorry, we would have never of let this happen had we known…” Jin trails off.

“I worked so hard to get my job, and it’s all gone because of me.” You continue.

“Maybe we could talk to your boss? Try to explain things? We are influential after all…” Jin asks, trying desperately to be helpful.

“Not even Moon Jaein himself could convince them at this point.” You snuggle into his chest, the warmth emanating from it making you feel entirely at home. You close your eyes, pulling yourself together as you inhale Jin’s scent.

“Is there anything I can do for you, princess?” He asks, softly.

“Just keep holding me, please.” You whisper, gripping his shirt tightly.
He happily obliges and begins to rock you slightly. You have no idea how long you two stay like this, your consciousness drifting into a near-sleep state before you are jarred awake by the sudden loud rumble of your stomach.

Laughing above you, Jin looks down at you, smiling. “Looks like we should get some food in you. Come, I’ll whip something up for you.”

Your humility felt that you should protest, but your hunger won out, following him out the room as he gently sets you down.

As you walk down the hallway, you feel another two presences in the living room. Both of which also seem anxious, like they are waiting for something. You aren’t sure what to make of this new ability of yours, but you continue down the hallway, a feeling of excitement and comfort washing over you as you get closer.

Rounding the corner, you lock eyes with Namjoon and Taehyung, who nearly knock you over rushing you hug you. They both wrap their arms around you, and you get stuck in a Namjoon and Taehyung sandwich, a position you were happy to stay in forever… if it weren’t for your need for oxygen. They might be undead, but you sure weren’t.

“Can’t… breathe…” You gasped, crushed by their two forms.

They step back suddenly, and you feel the air rush back to your lungs.

“We’re so sorry Y/N! We were just so worried you felt so upset I wanted to help, but Jin seemed to have things under control, so I didn’t want to overstep…” Taehyung said, trailing off.

“I’m better now, I’m sorry for worrying you.” You said wrapping your arms around his waist, before moving on to Namjoon and doing the same. “I just lost my job for being late too many times and with that and now this whole arrangement, the change was just pretty overwhelming so I kind of… freaked out.” You continued.

“What? Lost your job?” Namjoon asks, concerned.

“Yeah, I had a habit in the past of being late and this time was just one too many I suppose. It really sucks but at this point there’s really nothing for me to do other than look for a new one.”

“What is it that you do?” Jin adds from the kitchen.

“Oh, I guess I never told you guys. I am a professional dancer and choreographer. Or I guess I was.”

“Fitting, for an elf.” Taehyung smiles at you, before sharing a glance with Namjoon you aren’t able to work out.

After a few moments of silence, Namjoon speaks up again.

“You know, BigHit actually has a lead choreographer leaving soon and is going to be looking to hire a new one pretty soon.”

“I… What?” Your eyes go as big as saucers. “I couldn’t possibly accept that; it wouldn’t be fair! Just because I’m in good with their biggest group shouldn’t mean I just…. Get the job!”

“Well… what if we have you audition for the part? You could show what you can do to the dancing line; they’d be pretty good at evaluating your abilities.” Taehyung offers helpfully.

“Well…” You trail off, thinking it over. “Only if they promise to be fair.”

“Of course, they would be!” Taehyung exclaims wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you down into his lap on the couch.

You make a small noise of exclamation at the sudden movement, but once your seated, you snuggle into his back happily.

Namjoon stands up suddenly and makes his way over to Jin who is cooking busily and you can just make out the sounds of their voices over the sizzling, but you can’t quite make out what it is they are saying.

You sit in silence for a few moments before you feel Taehyungs warm hands finding their way under the hem of your shirt to rest themselves on your hips.

“I love seeing you in my clothes.” He murmurs against your shoulder.

His hands move from your hips back to the small of your back, and then up to your shoulders. Your head rolls back at how amazing his touch is. He nuzzles the crook of your neck, and you feel his hot breath against your skin, causing your own breath to hitch a bit.

Your breath hitching eggs him on, his hands then sliding in front to your stomach and then up your ribs, his thumbs caressing, and then just barely slipping under the hem of your bra.

You arch your back at the touch, letting out a breathy near-moan. Your butt reflexively aches back too, grinding your ass directly into his crotch, causing an audible grumble from him. A hand reaches around you and firmly grabs your thigh, preventing you from moving into him anymore than you already did.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish.” He says uncharacteristically darkly, sending absolute shivers down your spine.

“Food’s done!” Jin calls out, breaking you out of your near trance. Taehyungs hands snap away from your body suddenly to fall innocently at his sides, as if the last 15 minutes never happened.

The smell of the food hits your nostrils, and as if it were perfectly timed, your stomach growls loudly, causing all three of the boys laughed at you. Your eyes wonder the spread guiltlessly. Lots of cooked beef, lamb, chicken, and pork, sautéed vegetables, rice, and pretty much every sauce or condiment you could want. You couldn’t sit down and dig in fast enough.

“Where is everyone else?” You ask, nearly stuffing your face full of food. It felt like forever since you last ate. You wanted to bring yourself to feel shame about the way you were eating, but you found yourself unable to care.

“Hoseok, Jimin, and Jungkook had to go to the studio to practice, and Yoongi had to go in and help mix a song for another group.” Jin smiles as he watches you eat.

“Make sure you have plenty of beef; we have to make sure your iron levels don’t get too low. Being the mate of 7 vampires is no joke, and it would be really dangerous if you passed out.” Jin adds, worry clearly present in his voice. You can’t help but giggle at his concern, the mom of BTS was living up to his reputation.

“So.” You state, finishing your meal up. “I have a lot of questions. About this, about you, really about everything, but let me help clean up here first.” You go to stand up to bring your dishes to the kitchen to wash, before Namjoon stands too, trying to stop you.

“Please, we are happy to answer any questions you might have, but I really insist, let us do the washing up.”
“Please, you guys cooked me this lovely meal and hardly ate most of it, I am going to help wash the dishes don’t be silly.” You state as you push past him, you catching the smallest smile playing on his lips.

With four sets of hands, the washing up hardly takes 15 minutes, and you all find your way to the living room. You sit in one of the grey two-seater couches as Namjoon joins you, the other two boys finding a spot on the other couches, all looking to you expectantly.

“I guess we’ll start with these.” You state gesturing to the various marks on your body. “I mean I get it, it’s a supernatural name tag, but what’s up with them?”

“Beyond being a ‘supernatural name tag.’” Jin explains, chuckling. “They are the physical manifestation of a contract between souls, a promise to intertwine our thoughts, feelings, and fates.”

“They also will fade into your skin tone in a few days, don’t worry about having to explain all of these new tattoos to anyone.” Namjoon adds.

“Woah. Sorry that’s… kind of a lot.” You say, a bit shocked.

“We didn’t pressure you into anything, right?” Taehyung suddenly adds, worryingly.

“No Tae, don’t worry. I chose on my own; it’s just a lot to take in. At least I don’t feel like I am having a heart attack anymore.”

A look of relief washes over his face as you say this. You were a powerful sorcerer, but surely these men could have taken you in any which way they wanted, but their constant reaffirming of your consent was a comfort to you. You didn’t know each other very well yet, but you at least were relieved to know they were every bit as respectful and gentlemanly as they were on TV, as they were in real life.

“Try something for me,” Jin asks.

“Okay…” You answer, suddenly suspicious.

“Close your eyes.”

You do as your told, your eyes fluttering shut.

“Now think about someone not in this room, Hoseok, Jimin, Jungkook, Yoongi, anyone.”

You decide to focus on Hobi, your cheeks heating up immediately as your first thoughts of him are flooded with him hammering into your heaving form, bringing you to a delightful climax. Just the memory brings a wave of heat crashing over your body, a sensation you get the feeling isn’t missed by the men who surround you.

“Good, now really focus on him. Focus on how he feels, how he makes you feel, focus on his very being.”

You try to follow the instructions to the best of your ability, pushing yourself further and further trying to mentally find Hoseok. Your brow furrows in concentration, and then you feel it, the pull from your chest you’ve since grown accustomed to. You hand instinctively snaps to your chest, bracing for the pain, but it never comes.

“You feel him, right?” Namjoon asks, bringing you in close. “Now try to zoom in on that connection, try to find out where he is, how he is feeling.”

You continue following directions now with this connection to follow on. You mentally follow the string coming from your chest, a path you feel you’ve taken a thousand times. Suddenly you see it, a ball of busy energy where you knew to be a large complex of industrial buildings.

“He’s at the studio like you said.” You pipe up, eyes still closed. “He seems… tired? Overworked? How do I know all of this?”

“This is the true ability of being bonded; I came in this morning because I felt you crying, I felt you upset and I needed to come and comfort you,” Jin explains.

“Woah…” You say breathlessly. “I can do that with everyone, not just with Hobi?”

“Yep! Kinda cool, huh?” Taehyung smiles at you with his classic boxy smile.

“Yeah…” You say with a small chuckle. “Sorry this is just kind of a lot to take in.”

“Take as much time as you need. If we can do anything to help you, please don’t hesitate to ask.” Namjoon says as he squeezes you against his form.

“Why don’t you know any of this stuff, Y/N? I mean, most nonhumans are taught by their parents this stuff.” Taehyung asks curiously.

“Oh I… um…” You break eye contact, looking at the floor. The answer to that question was a long one, and not really one you wanted to get into with them, at least not now. You had enough of a pity party for today. “I guess they just never got around to it.”

Sensing your apprehension immediately, Taehyung backs off immediately. A lot of your boundaries have been crossed lately, and he wasn’t about to go crashing through another.

“Well, cool new powers aside, and as much as I love these dashing clothes,” You say, sarcastically, “I think I really need to get home, get changed, and sort somethings out. Is that alright?”

They all share worried glances with each other as a silence settles between the three of them as if somehow, they are communicating with each other through staring.

“Maybe that’s not such a good idea…” Taehyung says, worried.

“Why?” You ask innocently, “I’m not just some human, I can certainly handle myself. I have been handling myself already for quite some time.”

“It’s just…” Jin starts, and before he can you cut him off.

“Besides! You can just check up on me with these!” You gesture to all your new marks. “And of course, for all other things, I’ll leave you my phone number!”
Glances shift again before you catch a subtle nod from Namjoon.

“Alright, we’ll send for a car to bring you back to your place. Just be careful, and please make sure you’re answering your texts?” Namjoon says, giving you a small squeeze.

“Sounds like a deal!” You say, standing up.

After not 10 minutes, a blacked-out car like the van you had traveled in previously rolls up to the apartment. You gather your clothes and the rest of your stuff, give the boys each a hug and a peck on the cheek and are seen safely out of the building.

“I really, really, don’t want her to go.” Taehyung whines, after the door is shut behind you.

“Me neither, trust me. But we really need to let her go on this one. So much has changed in her world, it’s better not to insist she move in too soon.” Namjoon explains to the younger boy.

“Besides, too much time away from us and she’ll really start to feel it.” Jin adds.

“But we shouldn’t force her to stick around just because of the physical discomfort of being away from your mate for too long.” Taehyung retorts. “Let’s take her somewhere nice tomorrow!”

“I like that idea a lot. I’ll brainstorm with the boys when they get home.” Jin says, smiling and crossing his arms.

As you bumped along in the back of this car, you can’t help but feel nervous, as if you were leaving something crucial behind. You checked your bag again for the fourth, then the fifth time. You easily located your phone, your keys, and your wallet, along with the dress you had worn the previous day.

Deciding to put the feeling out of your mind, you focus on your destination. As you zero in on your apartment, you are suddenly filled with the same feeling from before, that tugging in your chest. You again follow the string like you had before and are met with a warm, welcoming energy. It wasn’t Hobi, that much you were sure, and you were sure it was one of them, you just weren’t quite yet sure who. The energy is happy, nervous, and excited and you find yourself feeling the same way, what could be in store for you at your apartment?


I just wanted to thank everyone for their continued support of this series! I’m really sorry for the delay, I am a student and school eats up a lot of time, as I’m sure a lot of you know. More to come in the future! 

Bound in Pain - Binding Curse for an Abuser


A Nonny requested a curse for an abuser that makes them suffer until they see the damage they have caused. I hope this works for you Nonny.

Also: I don’t believe in the threefold law and you will not change my mind about it so please stay out of my inbox


-yarn, sting, a shoelace, any type of cord will do

-a needle, push pin, thumbtack, a nail, anything pointy will do

-taglock for the person you are cursing

-(optional) a binding sigil


1) prepare for spell work however you usually do. For me I would light a candle, invoke the elements, and pray to my Gods and Goddesses for their favor and help.

2) take your pointy object and attach the taglock and sigil if you are using one to it. You could just wrap the object in the paper of stab the paper with the object so it stays on it whatever feels best to you.

3) take your cord and wrap it around your object as tightly as you can until it is completely covered. As you do this pour your anger, pain, and negative emotions into the object. As you come close to being finished with the wrapping speak or think with intent the following: As I bind this popit so too will you be bound in misery and pain, anguish and darkness until you see the error in your ways and change.

4) seal the end of the string either by tying it to itself or with wax or however feels right to you.

5) keep the popit in a dark place like the back of a closet, the bottom of a trash can under the bag so it doesn’t get thrown out, you could burry it if you do so in a pot or make a biodegradable object if you plan to leave it in the earth. Once the curse takes affect you can take apart the popit and cleanse any parts you wish to keep and responsibly despose of the rest.

the amount of “friends” i am losing because of this movement 🥴 disgusting good riddance u little cop brown-nosers 🐷 imagine being more upset about businesses than human lives……..the trash takes itself out i guess


How Eerie looks at Connor when he shows up 15 minutes late with Starbucks to interview the wife of a murder victim, acting totally normal but has dirt on his clothes/face and leaves stuck in his hair, and she just KNOWS he probably just crawled out of a dumpster and that iced coffee is probably just rainy sludge water

After they interview the lady she lets him have it!! She calls him out. Plot twist, it IS (mostly?) coffee and he’s offended she thought he was THAT gross and he only saved it from the trash outside Starbucks itself, must’ve been a wrong order or something. (He is vaguely bragging about his find). He doesn’t like things just cos they’re gross. Straight dumpster sludge is too nasty for him to consume. None of the individual flavors have any integrity left, anyway, it’s pointless. He has a way more sophisticated palate than that.

She says Then how do you explain the dirt and the leaves in your hair?? He says oh. Uh, I … don’t really know? Ya know, sometimes it just happens. She picks a leaf out of his hair and makes him look at it. He takes it from her with a teeeeny tiny ounce of shame.

He tries to divert the blame of being late by saying its not his fault he is nocturnal and needs coffee in order to get this work done on short notice in the middle of the day and she tells him, Well, so am I?? You don’t see me showing up late. And he’s like … oh. uh… …wow. …… You’re right. I really can’t use that excuse anymore…. He looks deep in thought about this one. After a few moments he shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath then says okay fine. You’re right, it won’t happen again. Sorry, boss.

She softens her doubtful expression into an amused smirk and says, It’s no prob, boss. Just looking out for us.

He gives her a small smile back then offers her a sip of his coffee. It’s soy~~ you like soy, don’t you?? She laughs and waves at it dismissively and says thank you but I’m good. Besides, finders, keepers. She winks at him.

He grins with his teeth around the straw and feels proud of his find even though she knows she’s just grossed out by it. Hmmm, yeah, you’re right. Finders, keepers. *slurrrp* tell me if you change your mind though it’s good.

She says ok I will. Thanks boss ;) 💚💛

No prob boss ;) 💚💛

i just read this absolutely bonkers article about how trump rips up all the paper that crosses his desk and then because the presidential records act requires the preservation of all his papers, the shreds all have to be painstakingly reassembled and taped back together by people who used to have a real job:

Armed with rolls of clear Scotch tape, Lartey and his colleagues would sift through large piles of shredded paper and put them back together, he said, “like a jigsaw puzzle.” Sometimes the papers would just be split down the middle, but other times they would be torn into pieces so small they looked like confetti.

It was a painstaking process that was the result of a clash between legal requirements to preserve White House records and President Donald Trump’s odd and enduring habit of ripping up papers when he’s done with them — what some people described as his unofficial “filing system.”

But White House aides realized early on that they were unable to stop Trump from ripping up paper after he was done with it and throwing it in the trash or on the floor, according to people familiar with the practice. Instead, they chose to clean it up for him, in order to make sure that the president wasn’t violating the law.

coincidentally, i spent an hour yesterday tearing multiple drafts of printed-out fanfiction into tiny bits and putting the resultant confetti in the trash instead of recycling it. this is a deranged habit born of weakness and shame: i have to print out my stories or i can’t revise them properly (think of all those pseudo-scandalous hillary emails that consisted only of the words PLEASE PRINT in reply to whatever huma was sending her that day), but the thought of anyone casting eyes in real life on my detailed descriptions of english-irish boyband fellatio fills me with skin-crawling horror. imagine an intact page of fanfiction somehow floating out of the trash and presenting itself before the shocked eyes of the nice lady across the street. thus: print and shred.

anyway, this is probably the first thing i’ve ever had in common with donald trump. we both take action to cover up our crimes. in fact this is a primal instinct, described in genesis: “i was afraid because i was naked,” says adam, when robert mueller shows up in eden to ask questions. adam has put on a loincloth, in order to hide the evidence of his shame, but the loincloth itself is the evidence. 

of course i only rip up what is shamefully revealing, and due to our shared humanity i can be sure that trump does the same. the result is that for me, the 12 point times new roman hot werewolf sex ends up in the trash, while for trump, literally everything ends up in the trash. there is a distinction, in my life, between my criminal output (to be shredded and trashed) and my grocery lists and junk mail (left intact in the recycling bin). for trump no such distinctions are possible. his whole life is a crime scene and he knows it. accordingly, he takes no chances.

So many injustices throughout the world. It is imperative to use your platform (regardless of your numbers/followers) to raise awareness, donate if you can, share helpful information, let all poc know we are here for them, help anyway you can both online and off (not just today but always) openly state the side you‘re on. stop staying silent, voice your empathy. if you refuse to share things regarding the BLM movement or the current events/protests because your page isn‘t about politics or activism or because it doesn‘t fit into your aEsThEtiC, unfollow me because with that you‘ve chosen your side and that is very telling. It is not enough to just NOT be racist everyone MUST be ANTI RACISM. To any trash ppl telling me i DoNt fOlloW yOu fOr uR OpInioNS, eat a dick fuckstick, this is MY account. Delete me, i honestly love when the trash takes itself out 🚮 i will not EVER tolerate racists/closet racists/anyone who does not believe we are all equal, those fucks will immediately be blocked. There is absolutely NO place for hate ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿💜