the tide levi


Brad’s POV

A lot of people would say that staring at (Y/N) was a hobby of mine, which was not true. Sure, she was a cute girl and I liked her a little bit…

Okay, maybe I liked her more than a little bit, but it was nothing serious.

But now we all had to stare at her. We were shooting the video for Wake Up and her being one of our opening acts, we asked her to be in it along with The Tide and Brooklyn Beckham. Since she was a solo act and Brooklyn would be spending 95% of the shoot with us, she asked to be with The Tide throughout the video.

Everyone knows, we’re all good friends with the tide, never had anything against them. But something about this made me…jealous?

“Staring at your crush?” James said, staring at his phone as he passed by.

“I don’t have a crush on her.”

“Hey,” Connor started, “he didn’t say who it was. He could’ve been talking about Levi.”

I laughed at Connor’s horrible attempt to outsmart me.

“Quiet on set!,” the director yelled, “You guys ready for this last shot?” he asked the tide + (Y/N). They all gave a thumbs up and the director set on his chair behind behind the camera. “Start from the ‘and we will dream a dream for us’ part. Ready?” he asked one last time before he gave a thumbs up for them to starts singing.

They began to shout out the lyrics but had to do the take three times due to the fact (Y/N) couldn’t stop laughing. The first time they redid the take, she turned around and playfully hit Levi. The second time, she had playfully punched his shoulder. He was doing something to her, I just didn’t know what. Usually, this wouldn’t have been a big deal. It’s not like we were dating; I just felt so jealous for some reason.

The third time they got it right. As soon as they were done, (Y/N) whipped around, nearly knocking herself and Levi off the car. Bur of course, he saved both himself and her from falling off by holding her steady. She pushed him again and he jumped off the car, scared I’m guessing that she’ll hurt him for whatever he was doing and she chased after him. I was watching for a little while before I felt I hand on my shoulder. Turning around, I saw it was Brooklyn.

“Thanks again for inviting me to be in the video. It was a blast.” he said, putting his hand up to high-five me.

“Thanks for being in it Can’t wait to see how it turns out.” I said, giving him a high-five.

“Yeah. By the way… is (Y/N) dating anyone?”

I nearly choked when he said that. Looking over his shoulder I saw (Y/N) posing on top of the car as Austin took a picture of her.

“Uhm, I’m not sure. I think she’s single.”

“Nice. Thanks again.” he said before turning and walking in (Y/N)’s direction.


I was trying to stand up so I could go after him, but the director’s assistant came over.

“Hi, sorry to bother but my daughter’s a huge fan and I promised her I’d get your autograph. Do you mind?” she asked, holding out a sharpie and a copy of our first album.

“Not at all.” I replied, getting a quick look of Brooklyn talking to (Y/N) as i grabbed the sharpie and opened up the cd cover. Quickly I signed the cd and handed it back to the woman.

Brooklyn had just left and was waving goodbye as I walked over.

“Hey Brad.” Drew said as he saw me approaching. I said hi and waved back to him.

“What are you gonna wear on your date?” Austin teasingly said to (Y/N).


She laughed and told him to shut up. “It doesn’t count as a date if you guys are gonna be there. That’s just hanging out.”

Going out as a group? With 5 other guys? Who we were all friends with? Why do I feel so jealous?

“Better head back to the hotel and start getting ready.” she said, hopping off the car.

“You guys are going today?” I asked.

“Yeah, we would’ve invited you guys but James told us you guys had some interviews to do.” Drew said following (Y/N).

“Maybe next time. See ya later.” (Y/N) replied before walking off with Levi, Drew, and Austin following behind her.

“Someone looks upset. You alright, Brad?” Nate asked slowly following behind the group.

“Thanks, I’ll be alright. Have fun.” I said and faked smiled before he caught up with the rest of them.

I sighed and whispered, “And watch out for (Y/N).”