the tardis design


Go with the team that’s been bopping around time and space since 1963 - go with Team TARDIS! Whether you’re a sports fan yourself who wants a fandom-flared shirt, or just need something to wear when it’s ‘wear your favorite sports team’ day, you’re covered by Team TARDIS!

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Our 13th Doctor is getting a new TARDIS interior when the show comes back in Fall 2018. I’m rather hoping they don’t go dark, doomy and gloomy - it was such a relief to have the bright, modernist original TARDIS back; they even lampshaded the ‘atmospheric’ darkness of modern TARDISes in the script. 

Here’s a promo photo of the Rani’s TARDIS, with its minimalist museum interior, dark console and “balancing rings” rotor and gyroscope; and three pieces of fan art which could point in new directions. The nubs around the perimeter seem to be left over from the Dalek workshop and are the only thing that really make this design look dated. 

Also shown, from various fan-art sites:

1 - a distinctly Star Trek take on it, with the boat-throttle levers, binocular scopes, shaped metal beam rafters, a big viewscreen and guest chairs. The round screens look fascinating, and in theory could be done with custom-made LCD displays, or greenscreen. 

2 - a brigher, pearlescent white interior with sweeping curves, that incorporates the roundels into a textural component, with an upper observation deck. The purple roof is very British. 

3 - A dramatically widescreen, vaguely Star Wars-y / Imperial design with dark polished floors, recessed lit roundels, the console over a pit, reachable only by a narrow bridge, and 3D holographic imaging. 

Given the playful nature of the new Doctor’s outfit - with its retro rainbow stripe and modern take on balloon/gaucho trousers - I’m betting the new interior will be similarly colourful, drawing on 1980s design history, reinterpreted for the 21st century. Primary colours, squiggles, circles, triangles. 

Or they could reach back a little further, to the 1960s/1970s and the work of Verner Panton, whose interiors combined geometry with intense colour:

Want to have other women that love some era of Doctor Who constantly randomly approaching you in public?

Then this is the coat for you! 

I swear, I have NEVER been approached by so many women in such adorable ways as when I’m wearing this coat. I’m pretty sure a good third of the women that stop me don’t even realize it’s a Doctor Who thing- they just really like the design and style of the coat. But most of them know and there’s always this odd moment of… something like respect? Over how subtle it is?

But it’s also actually a quality coat, amazingly enough. It was 5F out today and it was keeping me pretty warm. I do have a heavier coat that I keep in my car but I haven’t felt the need to pull it out yet this year.

I got it on crazy clearance this time last year on but it looks like they’re currently sold out. Looks like Hot Topic still has some sizes available, though.

That said, sometimes I’m just super awkward about it and don’t realize why someone is suddenly tapping me on the shoulder in the middle of a mall while I’m zoning out about everything I need to get done.