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Daily Discworld Headcanon

Leonard of Quirm is missing. When all conventional and a few unconventional attempts to find him fail, Havelock asks Vimes to use the Summoning Dark to find him. After a lot of shouting, Vimes acquiesces. “Ah, Commander,” the entity drawls, “it’s not a question of where, but when. Open the blue box and you’ll understand.”

anonymous asked:

can i have some headcanons with zelgius and a much smaller summoner?

-Zelgius is constantly protecting you. Due to your small stature, he is often worried about your safety in battle.

-He will always be by your side as you often need his help reaching things. He is quick to your rescue to make sure you can get what you need.

-He thinks you’re so sweet and cute. He feels extra compelled to serve you because of how much help he is off the battlefield.

-If you need some muscle during parleys, Zelguis is always there with a stoic expression and Alondite in hand. 

ike cuddling hcs. <3
  • almost always the big spoon, and i mean who can blame him? a stone faced, strong, 6-foot tall mercenary who hums 3 syllable responses gets more than the award for big spoon contender. plus he’s super warm and a great pillow. (the miracles of bara tiddies.) 
  • ike has a tough time with his emotions, not that he’s frustrated with them, but rather not talk about his feelings truly because he’s afraid they could come off as awkward and blunt, much like his persona. these same mannerisms fall into affection.
  • he really likes cuddling, but he doesn’t know what to do, should he hold your hand? should he pet your head? is he too stiff? the like.
  • if you bring the idea of cuddling to him, he wouldn’t dare say no, but expect him the first few times to be very awkward and stiff, so if you can reassure and guide him, he’d more than appreciate it. 
  • he doesn’t initiate them unless he’s really tired or sad. and even then, he won’t say much, just wraps his hands along you and carries you into your bed to properly rest his head between your chest and hear your beating heart, all with cherry red cheeks and no eye contact. 
  • or you can expect to lay on top of the gentle giant, laying soft smooches across his face will give the same expression of embarrassment to lay across his visage, “do you have to be so affectionate? you’re making me blush.” only phrases like does tend to smooch him more.
  • he won’t admit it, but cuddling is one his favorite activities with you even though he isn’t used to that kind of intimacy and tenderness. 

While the Roths are away, Samantha Ottomas babysits Cassidy and I follow them around to take pics.

flora and her sick gf. <3
  • flora wouldn’t mind treating you, in fact she’d be more than happy to treat you, not needing to coerce you with words to go to bed and get lots of rest just because of her warm smile and attentive demeanor.
  • she’s naturally caring and nurturing, almost motherly even. so it’s no surprise that she will give you lots of affection and attention when you are sick and leaves you even healthier than you were before you caught the cold. 
  • you honestly felt like you dipped into a fountain of youth where you meet magical colorful mermaids and gave you a body of the gods, but you digress.  
  • she’s surprisingly very warm, despite living most of her life in a snow tribe. and if you ask her if she can hug you, she will adamantly agree albeit with a bit of caution as to not strain or overwhelm you. cuddles and forehead kisses may ensue. (also has no problem making a snowflake show for you.)
  • makes you very delicious food and has no problem in bringing treats for you, will enjoy feeding you more than she would ever admit. 
  • will try a bit too hard, always asking if you need anything or need her to help you with your work. you admit she worries too much, but she just replies, “i just do it for you, my love.” with a simple yet affectionate smile.
  • likes to be reminded she did a good job, so be sure to tell her that she healed you good as new. 

imnotamaterasu  asked:

Hey hey Can i get something about Zelgius finding the summoner singing alone in the middle of the night? Like, the voice is beautiful but also really ominous, like a siren, but he can't stop hearing it so he just waits for them to finish.


I turned this into a drabble (which I usually don’t do because I’m Not Great at them) so I hope that’s cool!

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