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DAY TRIPPER - model: Anna Ewers - photography & styling: Venetia Scott - hair: Davide Diodovich - makeup: Sharon Dowsett - location: Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain - W Magazine May 2017

  • featured: Lisa Marie Fernadez swimsuit. Missoni hat. Miu Miu sandals

Stanley: I’m gonna put my A down to make ‘A.’
Mariella: I will add onto your ‘A’ to make ‘AT.’
Female Narrator: I’ll add onto your 'AT’ to make 'RAT.’
Narrator: I will add onto your 'RAT’ to make 'BIOSTRATIGRAPHIC.’
Stanley: [flips the board]

Brotherhood Suits vs Real Life

I have been told this a couple times that these suits don’t exist and are silly.

Well they’re right to a point. Those specific model of suits don’t actually exist but they’re updated based upon 1950′s and 1960′s pressure or g-suits.

These suits were designed to combat the high g forces that pilots were subjected to. The suit itself maintains pressure on the body to force blood to not pool in the limbs and keep as much of an even bloodflow as possible.

This really makes a lot of sense in the context of Fallout. Power Armor is a suit that you pilot and it is subject to a hell of a lot of g’s from jumping off a building to taking a hit from a Death Claw or a Missile. You’re suddenly hit with a ton of g’s that can really wreck your day. The suits are pretty much a necessity for pilots of Power Armor.

After explaining this to someone they then told me that the orange or pink version never existed.

Really? Half the suits Nasa uses are orange and if you need further proof that odd colors existed here’s a gold one.

This also explains why there are so many pilot helmets to be found in the commonwealth. Fallout 4 overhauled the way Power Armor works and I think it’s honestly for the better because it’s a lot cooler to have you step into a suit of armor then to just throw it on.

All Aboard
Choices Rules of Engagement
All Aboard

1/3 of Rules of Engagement Soundtrack.

“Welcome to Ember of the Sea, the pinnacle of luxury cruise ships. Are you ready to embark on the summer of a lifetime?” - Carter’s introduction

As you embark on the cruise ship, there’s full of adventure and romance awaiting you to join in the fun and spending your summer vacation with your siblings, plus getting your inheritance from your late grandmother who left a $500 million fortune to split among you, your three siblings and your cousin.

Could somebody please explain what's good about Noorhelm relationship?

Okay I always thought they were an example of bad and toxic relationships which will never survive against growing up and taking adult responsibilities but turned out some people really considered them to be relationship goals and it freaks the shit out of me. I only saw them as a part of teenager phase when you learn the coolest guy in the school will probably not suit real life.

And what still makes me confused - how Noora could fall for William at all?? I mean it happened so unexpectedly like once she couldn’t stand him and the next moment she lies just to stay the night with him??wtf

And that’s not only that. He really hurt her friend and even when he apologized (reminding Noora he does it only for her and he still doesn’t give a fuck about Vilde) as for me it wasn’t enough to fall for the guy which disgusted you all the way long.

Also once Noora confessed to Vilde and Vilde asked her if she said Vilde deserved better than William, did she thought she deserved him? And Noora like ??? But before that she at least seemed to know her attitudes.

And one more, when William suspected Noora cheating on him with his brother, he asked her and she answered “I don’t know”. Wouldn’t such answer confuse any other guy?? Like what a situation it must be if a girl can’t remember if she had sex or not? (taking into account he knew she never drink)

So somebody please tell what was good about their relationship? (Little girls who think putting tongues in each other’s mouths all the time is enough for relationships, please stay away)