the story about how dean winchester fell in love with an angel


Pairings: Dean x Sister!Reader / Sam x Sister!Reader

Word count: 790

Warnings: Insomnia, think that’s about it

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Everything everything? - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Everything everything?

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None

Imagine: Death has assigned a reaper to keep an eye on you and the Winchesters, good? Not so much, at least for Dean. Because the older Winchester has trouble keeping his not-so-appropriate-thoughts about you in his head when he thinks he’s alone, and expresses them in all kinds of ways. The lines of your friendship get very blurry when everything is revealed.

A/N: Written before I saw episode 19, based on the promo only!

“So you’ve just been hovering around us invisible like-” Sam frowned slightly “Like a babysitter?”

“More like a baby monitor.” the reaper in front of you shrugged and you nodded your head.

“And you’ve seen uh…” Sam started but trailed off a little awkwardly and you raised an eyebrow.

“Everything.” she said ever-so-simply but the Winchester’s weren’t that pleased, both for apparently different reasons.

“Everything everything?” Dean’s eyebrows raised slightly and she smirked.

“You can take a guess.” she breathed out a small laugh and you turned to your best friend – slash love of your life but that was a totally different story – with a funny look.

“Come again?” you smirked slightly and when his eyes fell on you, his lips fell apart in a soft ‘oh’ and for a second he gotdistracted by you as his eyes roamed your figure before lingering on your face. He gave you that half smile that he only used when he’d thought about something inappropriate before clearing his throat and looking away with a shrug.

“It’s better if you don’t know.” he shook his head, trying to stay serious when he faced away.

“Oh yes, trust me. It is best if you, specifically, don’t know.” he said with a bigger smile, obviously teasing Dean about it, and, although you missed the glare Dean gave her, you couldn’t hold back your curiosity.

“What-” you whispered, looking at the boys with a frown but Sam just walked ahead, laughing to himself, and Dean was ready to follow.

“Don’t mind it, sweetheart. Let’s go, we’ve got work to do.” Dean rubbed your back, giving you that soft caring smile and wink that any other time would have you forgetting your own name but this time you were more curious than anything else.

“Alright. Spill.” you whispered to her firmly once they’d take a couple steps away.

“I think you might have more important matters that-”

“I have an angel blade, don’t make me use it.” you glanced at the boys to make sure they weren’t listening “I won’t tell him. Come on, I’m not a little kid. I can clearly understand it’s something dirty, especially with all that pride and guilt he had on his face a minute ago.”

“Well, one does learn a lot more when around you three. Especially about Dean Winchester.” she breathed out a small laugh and you blinked.

“Have you been reading our thoughts or what? Because as far as I know it’s been long, a little too long, since he got any action. If anything he is 24/7 with me, and Sam or Cas, with the occasional breaks, that I doubt he-”

“But those breaks are what make the difference.” she shrugged and you tilted your head “Maybe his bed when he decided to sleep away from you. Even more the shower, if you ask me.”

“Shower? How does that-”

“Oh for the sake of! How loud do you even listen to that music of yours to not hear the sounds the man makes in between moaning your name in that room!” she nearly exclaimed (thankfully not loud enough for the green eyed-man to hear) in exasperation, but it was certainly enough to make realization set down on you hard.

“Oh. Oh!” your eyes widened and your face starting feeling hotter with each passing second; your heart leapt to your throat “You- you’re serious? You mean he actually calls my name when- when he-”

“Let’s just keep it PG-rated and say: Yes, when he’s having a shower amongst other things… not so PG-rated.” she shrugged, smirking at your stunned expression and above all your red face.

You could never imagine Dean thought about you in that way, much less took it even further away when he was alone. It only needed a split second for the image to flash through your mind and at the mere thought you caught yourself shivering and biting harder on your lip as a very familiar feeling set in the pit of your stomach.

“I- I never thought that he’d- Dean and I are… we’re just friends.”

“Oh please, spare me! I can’t even count the times I’ve had to walk out of his room because of well… how loud his thoughts about you actually got!” she huffed, rolling her eyes “I mean how good that insulation is in the freaking bunker!?”

“Apparently, real good.” you mumbled, chewing on your lower lip as you glanced at the man or at least his back.

“Apparently. And don’t let me get started with all the things he mumbles in his sleep about you.” she scoffed with a laugh “Oh please, it’s like I’m watching a fanfiction come to life… only it’s Dean’s dreams. So maybe a movie? Hint of angst with a dash of action and a sprinkle- tone of sprinkles of romance and of course smut.” she chuckled “Oh and let’s not forget the kids.”

“The- what?!” if that wasn’t the definition of feeling all air get caught in your lungs then you didn’t know what was. You forgot what air meant at that moment.

“See aside from all those nightmares, it’s a nice change wouldn’t it be? He certainly appreciates it.” she shrugged “So yes, kids… you know, he’d love a baby girl frist. Yeah, I think that’s what he loved the most… Oh that and of course the making of.” she grinned as a shaky breath left your lips.

“Hey” Dean’s gruff voice made you jump but instantly lock eyes with him “What are you two doing?”

“Oh nothing.” she laughed, walking away from you as Dean approached “Just reached the end credits.”

“What the-” he blinked with a funny look but you shook your head with a soft smile.

You took in a deep breath before facing him “Nothing, don’t mind her. Come on, we’ve got work to do. I really think we could use a shower.” you grinned, leaning in to peck his cheek and his eyes widened in surprise. He gaped at you but didn’t say anything until much much later.



“Wait…” he whispered, finally looking in your direction “We?” and oh did that do a number on him.

12x10: an Episode in “Friendship”

This episode … this freaking episode! All about angels’ relationships with humans, whether it be their vessels, their charges or their actual love interests, it all dealt with how they felt about one another. Yeah, yeah—it could be boiled down to the careful tread between the earthly and the divine; but there was more to it then that … a focus here that was just too specific to be accidental: the mirroring between Ishim and Castiel.

They were the traditional good vs. bad. Like most of these types of stories, the good guy and the bad guy are very similar in a lot of ways, almost exactly the same if given just a simple glance, but it’s usually one small event, one poor choice that turns one of them towards darkness. In this case, it was heartbreak that brought out the evil in Ishim. He fell in love with a human so deeply, that he shared everything with her. He told her all of heaven’s secrets, but when she didn’t necessarily return his affection, he grew enraged and retaliated.

Now, we could say this is its own story and nothing like Castiel’s time on earth nor his experience with humans, except—Ishim himself made this connection!  He said, as Castiel was beaten and bloody on the floor: “So now, I am going to cure you of your human weakness … the same way that I cured my own” and then, he heads for Dean.

Ishim “cured” his human weakness by breaking the heart of his love, because she did the same to him … so if that’s the case, what is he implying about Dean Winchester? What is he saying the man is to Castiel? Whose heart is he planning to break next?

And one could say, “Dean is Castiel’s friend, so his death would be heartbreaking in and of itself” which, yes—of course that’s true; however, did we notice the use of the word “friend” in this episode? Specifically when they were talking about Benjamin and his vessel. Dean was surprised to find that Benjamin was in a female vessel—so Castiel explained that the angel and his vessel weren’t just “partners” in some divine deal, they were … [long pause] “friends”.  Hell, Cas couldn’t even find the words himself, so Sam had to be the one to fill in the blanks, and even as he said it, there seemed to be a slanted emphasis to it all, as if “friends” had a deeper, more profound, and special meaning, apart from the norm. So for Ishim to take Castiel’s “friend” away, specifically Dean … seems a bit more significant, especially when mirrored with his own romantic heartbreak.

According to Ishim, human weakness is love.

To highlight this, everything in this episode was coated with a sense of something more happening between friends than just friendship. The bickering between Dean and Cas … the way Dean charged into that diner and scooted in right next to his “buddy”, just so he could stare down the other angel and play “whose got the bigger blade”. The way Dean kept saying things like “Well, Cas knows who his true friends are “ and “Cas, is different now.”  He defended him, even when he was mad at what he did to Billie– he stood by his side and ran to his rescue and helped him to his feet, touched his shoulder, brought him a beer—which is of course, a very touching Winchester-gesture. Yes, Sam did similar things, but whereas Sam also defended Cas, he was more focused on mending Dean and Cas’s relationship. He worried about how his brother was reacting to their friend, and he even playfully mocked the way Dean just couldn’t stay away from Cas in the end. Yes, Sam was defending someone who has become part of his family, but Dean was defending someone who has gotten under his skin and become part of him. There was a difference.

Overall, this episode felt like a lover’s quarrel, healed by risks of bigger problems … a common enemy, and the fear of losing each other. It was a reflection of what could happen if they allow themselves to become greedy with one another, and a lesson in how important it is to always love and respect each other … even when you feel like the other is wrong. This was more than just an episode about Castiel’s past … it was an episode about his “would be” future, if he hadn’t found the right way to love a human.

After all—Acabel had it right all those years ago when he said: Humans are good … how could one know them and not love them?

sirikenobi167  asked:

How would you describe Dean and Castiel's relationship over the course of the seasons? (and how did it evolve?) I've been thinking about this a bit over the last few days (my current headcanon is that Castiel fell in love with Dean somewhere in season 6, and Dean fell in love with Castiel in season 8).

Hi, dear! Wow. This is a very interesting and challenging question. I hope I can do it justice. Buckle up because this is gonna be a hell of a long post! I’ll give you my interpretation in the most canonical way possible.

In season 4, Dean and Castiel were reluctant allies. They weren’t friends, at least not at first. But this was the season Cas started to see for himself that Dean was a good man and that Heaven wasn’t pure anymore. Finding out that some of his brothers and sisters had been corrupted and seeing Dean trying to do the right thing made Cas have even more doubts and questions than he already had on his own. This was the season when Cas’ superiors began to question his sympathies because he was getting too close to Dean and was starting to express emotions (doorways to doubt). I don’t think that means Cas was falling in love with Dean or anything like that. I think Cas started to consider Dean more righteous than Heaven, and therefore, his obedience to Heaven could falter, which actually happened. Dean, on the other hand, had problems to believe in angels and hated the guts of Castiel at the beginning. He couldn’t understand why or how he was rescued by an Angel of the Lord, and he definitely didn’t want to do Heaven’s bidding. It was this season when Dean started to realize that Cas was different, that deep down he cared, that he was not a “hammer” because he questioned his orders and even disobeyed Heaven to help him (in 4x18). This was the season when Cas first rebelled against Heaven even after he was dragged back to “Bible camp” (and we learned four seasons later that brainwashing and resetting an angel was a cruel and painful procedure). This was the season Dean started to see they were really making the story up as they went.

In season 5, Dean and Castiel became friends. Cas rebelled against Heaven for Dean (and Sam). He did his best to keep Dean and Sam away from the other angels who just wanted them to say yes to Michael and Lucifer. This was the season when they went from allies to friends. Dean and Cas helped each other in their missions, reluctantly, but they did. Dean helped Cas in his search for God; Cas helped Dean when trying to kill Lucifer with the Colt. Both missions failed horribly, both of them thought the other’s plan was pointless, but they helped anyway. This was the season when Dean got sent to 2014 and realized that his fucked-up, poisonous self could destroy even an angel like Cas. This was when he realized Cas would follow him anywhere, and he probably didn’t know how to feel about it. For Cas, this was the season when he totally lost faith in God and learned to have faith in Dean. Angels were created to love and have faith in the Lord, and they associated love with faith for default. When he started to have more faith in Dean than in God, he somehow started to love Dean more than he loved his Father. In 5x21, when Cas realized Dean said no to Michael, he apologized to Dean for doubting him, and I think that was the moment Cas’ faith in Dean became unbreakable. And so did his love for the righteous man. At this point, Cas’ love for Dean wasn’t romantic. Dean became his role-model. He put Dean up in the altar where his Father used to be, and he loved him deeply, as one of God’s best creations. When season 5 ended, Cas cared about Dean a lot more than Dean cared about Cas. As friends, brothers-in-arms, they parted ways once the war was over. Cas wanted to see Dean happy, but he still felt he belonged in Heaven and liked the idea that God had brought him back to life (for a second time now) to fix things up there. Dean, on the other hand, saw Cas leave and probably thought he wasn’t gonna see the angel ever again. He had other pressing matters, anyway. Sam in the pit, for example.

In season 6, Dean and Cas became a dysfunctional family. Before going back to Heaven, Cas rescued Sam from the pit to give Dean the grand prize he was asking for at the end of 5x22. However, he didn’t know he’d left Sam’s soul behind and the whole thing blew up in his face later on. He thought he could set things right in Heaven, but he wasn’t expecting Raphael to have totally different plans. When he realized he wasn’t strong enough to defeat Raphael, he went to Dean to look for help, but once Cas saw him living his apparently happy and peaceful life, he couldn’t pull Dean back in. Crowley took advantage of the moment and managed to convince Cas to work with him. It’s totally true that Cas did a lot of regrettable things in season 6 and that he lied a lot, but everything he did was for Dean and because of Dean; everything was in the name of that profound bond he thought he shared with Dean. On the other hand, Dean, who was raised in an environment of neglect and abuse, and therefore considered that kind of behavior “normal” in a family, started to treat Cas in a very poor way. As I said in another post:

[Dean] only called Cas when he needed something and didn’t really care about anything that was happening to Cas. That’s what Castiel perceived. He loved the Winchesters a lot, especially Dean, but he somehow thought he couldn’t really count on them. “Of course. Your problems always come first,” Cas told Dean in 6x07. “It sounds so simple when you say it like that. Where were you when I needed to hear it?”, Cas asked in 6x20. These two jerks really had communication issues at that time. Cas didn’t ask Dean for help at first because he didn’t want to disturb Dean’s apparently peaceful life, and he didn’t ask for help later because it was already too late (the deal was already made) and because anyway, he kind of thought Dean didn’t give a damn about his civil war. Dean was so worried about Sam and “the job” that he never cared to ask Cas if he needed anything. Probably because he thought an angel was so powerful, he didn’t need help. But also because the Winchesters are not exactly the most helpful people to their closest ones. Remember how Bobby didn’t get any help from Dean and Sam in 6x04 until he finally asked for it (and called them “self-absorbed”)? What was the boys’ reaction? “Bobby, all you gotta do is ask.” The whole speech Bobby gave them in that episode showed how the boys didn’t really give a second thought to other people’s problems. It was not because they didn’t love those people, it was just because that was the Winchester way. Dean didn’t know how to listen to Cas, how to offer help, how to empathize. And Cas didn’t know how to ask for help, how to consider that he might not be in a righteous path, how to doubt himself. I guess the “Next to Sam, you and Bobby are the closest things I have to family” Dean said in 6x20 came too little, too late for Cas at that point.

Cas desperately wanted Dean to have faith in him, but Dean didn’t. In Cas’ notebook, that meant Dean didn’t love him (no matter if he said Cas was family or that he would have died for Cas). Castiel had to finish what he had started. To defeat Raphael, he made very bad decisions. The ends justified the means, so he hurt Sam in the process. Castiel was disappointed. Nobody had faith in him, nobody loved him. That’s why he told Dean “You’re not my family” in 6x22, and that’s probably why the first thing he said as Godstiel was “You will bow down and profess your love unto me.”

In season 7, Dean and Cas had to reconstruct their relationship.  I’ll quote myself from another post:

Season7!Dean had so much going on in that head of his. I don’t think Dean had feelings for Cas at that point. When Dean said that Cas was like a brother to him in 6x20, I believe he really meant it. However, the guilt, anger and frustration Dean felt toward Castiel was drowning him little by little. Guilt because maybe if he had just listened, if he had said something, if he had been less self-centered, he could have saved Cas and prevented the whole Purgatory souls fiasco. Anger because how could Cas betray him? How could Cas break Sam’s wall? How could Cas lie to him? How could Cas die without giving him the chance to say everything he had to say? Frustration because he had to clean up Cas’ mess, because Cas was gone, because he had lost his best friend. It was so much for such a complex person as Dean that he couldn’t move on and dealt with all that the best way he could: drinking. When Dean found Emmanuel, everything that I just mentioned came crushing to his mind. Just add another frustration item: Cas didn’t even remember him. The frustration list just got bigger and bigger: Cas going kinda insane; Cas refusing to fight; Cas behaving like a little child. And the only method to deal with things like these Dean has known all his life is to lash out. That’s how he communicates. He learned it from John Winchester and has used that lots of times with Sam. He needed to take it all out, to yell at Cas in order to move on and start the healing process, the forgiving process (because he really wanted to fix things with Cas, he just didn’t know how to), but Castiel was denying him even that. Poor Dean! At this point, I felt sorry for both, Dean and Cas, because I could really empathize with both.

Cas realized too late that he’d made a huge mistake and before dying all he wanted to do was Dean’s forgiveness and make things right. He was absent most of season 7, and when he reappeared and remembered who he really was, he felt extremely guilty. Taking Sam’s pain was the only thing he could do to make things right. If drinking was Dean’s coping mechanism, staying away from all sorts of violence was Cas’ once he woke up in 7x21. Dean needed Cas to take out Dick Roman, and Cas agreed to help (and even protected Dean when the time came) because he wanted to show Dean gratitude for the faith he was showing him when he told him “I’d rather have you, cursed or not”. Faith equals love. Was that a “note of forgiveness”?

In season 8, Dean and Cas weren’t on the same page regarding their feelings. It was in Purgatory, the place that felt pure, where Dean realized that no matter what Cas had done, no matter what had happened, he loved his angel. He cared about him so much that he wasn’t going to leave Purgatory without him. In season 6, he was a shitty, selfish friend, but he wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. He needed to find Cas and take him home, where they could start over. It was in Purgatory where Dean understood he preferred a life of constant hiding, running for dear life, and killing instead of a life on Earth without Cas. He knew that if everything he suffered during the year Cas was gone was terrifying, the guilt he would feel about leaving his friend without even trying to look for him was definitely going to kill him. When he finally found Cas and realized that Cas had left him alone to try to protect him from the Leviathans, he decided to tell Cas how much he cared. He told him “I need you” and “I’m not leaving here without you”. Dean didn’t need Cas to be able to get out. He just needed Cas to be with him, and he wanted Cas to understand it. Cas, of course, understood, but he felt too much shame and guilt to consider the possibility of leaving Purgatory, so he just made sure he got Dean out.

Leaving Purgatory without Cas was so painful to Dean that he had to change the memory of what happened so he could blame himself. Once Castiel was back, even though Dean was suspicious of how he got out of Purgatory, he wasn’t about to make the same mistakes he’d made before. He was all “talk to me” with Cas. He wanted to make sure Cas was OK. He wanted to prove that he cared. No matter how shady Cas was, Dean still prayed to him. He still poured his heart out to Cas. Even when Cas was about to kill him, he didn’t fight back. He just reminded Cas that he was family, that they needed him, that HE needed him.

On the other hand, Cas was brainwashed into killing thousands of fake Deans so he would be ready to do Heaven’s bidding without interference from the elder Winchester. It took for the real Dean to say “I need you” to break the connection between Cas and Naomi’s mind control, but when Dean asked him what broke the connection, Cas honestly didn’t know what to answer. Unfortunately, there wasn’t time for Cas to analyze what had happened. There were more pressing matters, like the angel tablet. Cas wanted to make things right and got fooled by Metatron in the process.

At this point, I’m fairly sure Dean already understood he loved Cas. All season 7 Dean couldn’t understand why he couldn’t move past what Cas had done. In Purgatory he was free enough to say “I love you” in the Winchester way: “I need you.” He’s told Cas “I need you” a lot of times. Why? Because Dean Winchester is not really with the whole love and… love, so he says the next best thing. The question is what kind of love does Dean feel for Cas? I’m sure that’s something Dean doesn’t want to understand. He’s gotten hints from his family that he should try to understand his feelings for Cas (“he’s dreamy”, Charlie said; “because it’s Cas”, Sammy said), but he didn’t really get it, and even if he did, it didn’t matter anyway because his angel was going home.

In season 9, Dean and Cas weren’t on the same page regarding their feelings AGAIN. But this time it was Cas’ turn to start to understand. Castiel, angel of the Lord, has loved Dean Winchester since he decided to have faith in him. Faith equals love. However, I don’t think Cas understood what kind of love he felt for Dean. That’s why he couldn’t answer the “what broke the connection” question. HE DIDN’T KNOW. He had to be human to be able to understand that he can love his brothers and sisters, humanity, Sam and Dean, but each love is different. His love for humanity is agape. His love for his brothers and sisters is storge. His love for Sam is between storge and philia, but what about his love for Dean? I’m ready to bet it’s eros, but Cas didn’t know that before. (ETA: For more info on the kind of love Cas has for Dean and why I think eros is involved, you can read this). That’s why the PB&J conversation between Cas and Sam in 9x11 was so important. Being an angel, Cas has the physical capacity to eat or even drink liquor, but he can’t enjoy things the same way a human does. That’s why it’s been emphasized that emotions and even simple things like flavors are human things. I think it wasn’t until 9x06 that Cas realized he was in love with Dean. What about Dean? Well, 9x06 was probably the moment he realized he was in love with Cas, too, but this time it was Dean’s turn to let Cas live a normal and peaceful life.

Cas’ weakness was revealed in 9x22: he’s in love… with humanity. But, of course, everybody (Hannah, Metatron, and Dean himself) agreed that Cas sacrificed everything for just one man, to protect Dean Winchester.

In season 10, Dean and Castiel need to figure out what they want. They both don’t know. They both want more but are too afraid to go for it. Dean thinks he’s gonna die soon, but he acknowledges there’s people, feelings that he wants to experience differently or maybe for the first time. He has no doubts that Cas loves him. If he had any, he lost them after Cas gave up an entire army for him. Cas doesn’t know what he is anymore. He doesn’t belong in Heaven, he’s not a human, but there are human things he considers good –art, hope, love, dreams. However, he knows emotions… feelings are dangerous temptations. How does he know? Well, he’s been consistently screwing things up to protect the one thing that has become his priority: Dean Winchester. Everything has been, is, and will always be about saving Dean. It’s pretty much obvious Cas doesn’t have vessel issues anymore in case he decides to stay on Earth (whether angel or human). But his big questions are still the same, “What broke the connection?” “But as what [do you want to live] Castiel, as an angel or a man?” “Who are you? What’s your mission?” And the answers to all those questions are related to Dean. Therefore, Cas has to figure out what he wants.  

Dean, on the other hand, is afraid of losing control and hurting the people he loves: Cas and his brother. Notice who Benny (Dean’s subconscious) mentioned first. At this point in the story, I think Dean knows how he feels about Cas, but Cas doesn’t know. And Cas knows how he feels about Dean, but Dean doesn’t know. They both think they’re family for the other. They both are a couple of emotionally constipated idjits. Dean also has to figure out what he wants, but right now, he doesn’t give much thought to it because he thinks there’s not a good future for him.

I just hope that whatever the consequences of what Sam and Cas are doing to save Dean don’t separate Dean and Cas that much for season 11. However, they both already know how they feel. It’s just a matter of telling the other and we can’t get that yet. That’s why it makes so much sense that TPTB have kept Dean and Cas apart so much during season 10. So, I guess more conflict will be a must for next season.

If you notice, the thing that makes Destiel one of the most popular ships is that it feels real. It doesn’t feel forced. They have gone through a lot and overcome a lot together. This is definitely one of the best love stories ever told!

Remember Bobby Singer

Remember Bobby Singer
Summary: You and Dean reminisce about how Bobby helped you find love. 
Warnings: Light Angst, Floofy.
Words: 1,250
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You stared blankly out the window as the Impala raced down the road towards the bunker.   Dean was damn near mental when he had figured out that the angel inside of Sam had lied to him.  His guilt, anger, and sadness sinking into your veins as pressed your forehead to the cool glass.  He needed a distraction to take him away from everything that was happening in the present.

“Dean?”  You whispered from your position at the window.  Though you didn’t turn to face him and continued to stare outside.

“Yeah, sweetheart?”  He answered softly for you.

“Can I tell you a story about Mr. Singer?”  You murmured into the hollow of the silence between you.   Dean’s body tensed beside you before his voice was slipping into the void of space.  

“Yeah, kiddo…  Yeah.”  

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Damsel in Distress

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader 

Word Count: 946 (I am so sorry that this is so short!!)

Warnings: language, I really think that’s about it lol 

Author’s Notes: This is for @katymacsupernatural Wish Upon a Star Challenge! My prompt was “I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.” I am super fucking late in getting this out and I deeply apologize Katy!! I hope you like it even though I’m a loser who’s late lol 

Also big thanks to @supernatural-jackles for being my beta and cheerleader, this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for her. 

***Feedback is greatly appreciated***

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Exam Season

Request- Hi! I was hoping I could request something since exams are giving me extreme stress. Could you do a Cas x Reader imagine, (who is also the Winchester’s youngest sis), where the Reader puts makeup on him? And obviously Cas is like, “why are you putting makeup on my vessel?”. Just something funny like that. Thanks❤ 

Word Count- 794

Masterlist       Prompt list     Request a story or drabble

Tag- @evyiione     @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish   (also tagging @winchesters-favorite-girl as she as her test tomorrow good luck!)

A/n- This is just a quick little story I wrote while revising for my exams. I made the reader and Cas just friends I hope that’s okay anon :)

“I love death. I really do.” You say looking at the piles of books you have to revise from.

“Dean killed Death remember.” Cas says looking through all your books. “Sam and Dean said to inform you that they will be back later on. Also they said not to over do it on the revision.” He says turning to look at you.

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Summary: Sam and Dean won’t leave you the hell alone, so you leave the bunker for awhile. But were they trying to get you to leave?

A/N: I saw a picture of a willow tree and this fic was born <3

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Deadly fluff.

Word Count: 1.4k

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Today had been a particularly rough day. You felt like you were suffocating in the bunker and the boys just wouldn’t let up. Boredom took over as it often did whenever they there was no vampires to decapitate or rugarus to immolate; and whenever you tried to lock yourself away in your room to read a book or showed any sign whatsoever that they were getting on your nerves, they pressed, and pressed, and pressed.

Dean would dodge the several random objects you threw his way, and Sam would sass your ears off. No matter how old the boys were, they never grew up. Which, you didn’t really mind except for the part where they wouldn’t leave you the hell alone.

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Cop Car

Pairing: Teen!Dean x Teen!Reader

Word Count: 1,281

Warnings: Swearing, fluff

Prompt: Dean and Y/N sneak out to a private field and sit and enjoy the stars and the planes, but their fun night is brought to a screeching stop when the cops show up.

A/N: This is written for @wildfirewinchester Birthday Challenge (look at this meg! I made it before on time! :D) my song was Cop Car by Keith Urban.

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You chewed on your lip, glancing out the window into the cool darkness. It was just past 11pm and Dean had snuck you out of your house to take you out for the night.

“Dean,” you gasped, noticing the “no trespassing” sign he drove past.

“Relax,” Dean chuckled, reaching over to take your hand. “If they really didn’t want anybody trespassing they’d put a gate up.”

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Favorite Human

Sorry this is out so late guys! I think this is the start of a sort of one-shot series thing between the reader and the angels, so let me know what you think and what other angels you would want to see! It’s a lot longer than I had originally planned, and I’m not super happy with it, but I think it’s pretty good. Hope you guys enjoy! 

Warnings: A little bit of blood/ fighting. Not much though

Being a Winchester, you knew something weird was bound to happen at some point. It was basically guaranteed. But, in all your years, you had never expected this well you kinda expected the angel part but not on this level.

You had come into the hunting life later to your brothers and were fairly younger than both of them, being their half sister. The boys had found you after your mother was turned by a vampire and almost killed you. You were fifteen. Bobby had later informed you three that your mother was a hunter in her prime. She and John had been seeing each other for a while, until she got pregnant. No one knew where she went, but you assumed it she left the life to keep you safe. After learning that you had nowhere else to go, the boys and Bobby gladly accepted you as a part of their little family. You began to live with Bobby, going to school in Sioux Falls and training or helping answer the phones in your spare time. The boys would stop in every chance they got, even letting you go on simple salt and burns from time to time.

But, things had gotten more complicated. The apocalypse had been started, by your older brothers no less. Ever since then, things had been different. The guys rarely stopped home, and when the did, it was brief.  You missed them. But, they had their reasons. Your ability was discovered by one of those reasons.

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You and Cain (and Gerald)




Cain watched from the shade of his porch as you gingerly stepped through the garden. Ever since he’d found you and taken you in, this became a daily event for you. You enjoyed being outside and you loved playing with the bees.

Yes, playing.

They swarmed to you, lightly buzzing across your skin. They never stung you, never bothered you. When you danced around the flowers, they followed you, as if performing premeditated and pre-choreographed steps. Cain often heard you whispering to them, telling them stories of what you remembered of Heaven (or of whatever was on your mind—you were a strangely good story teller).

He was a little concerned about what would happen when winter arrived and the bees left… but that was a problem for another day.

After a while, you made your way back up to the porch. You sat on the step, looking up at him. A single bee lazily floated around you.

“Who’s your friend?” Cain asked, a small smile on his face.

“This is Gerald.” The bee flew over, circling Cain’s head.

“Hello, Gerald,” Cain said.

The bee buzzed back over to you. You cocked your head to the side as if listening to it, then turned, looking down the drive. “Who’s that?”

Cain turned, seeing nothing.

But then he saw the car.

The ’67 Impala.

“Get inside,” Cain said, standing.

“Why? What’s wrong?” you asked, scrambling to your feet.

“Inside.” Cain ushered you inside, Gerald floating along after you. He lead you down the hall to your room. “Stay here.”


“Stay.” Cain shut the door behind him just as he heard his front door open. Two sets of footsteps entered, the low hum of voices echoing over them.

Cain stepped into the living room, startling the two men. “Can I help you, gentlemen?”

One man held a gun out, pointed at Cain’s heart. “We need your help.”

“And you think pointing a gun at me will get you what you want?”

“You’ll have to forgive my friend,” the other man said in a gruff, accented voice. “He’s more brawns than brains.”

Cain sniffed. “What exactly is it you think you’re doing here?”

“We need the Mark,” the man with the gun said.

“And you plan to do… what in order to get it?”

“Look, let’s all just… ease this tension,” the gruff man said. “Perhaps we can have a sit-down…” He paused. “Who else is here?”

“No one.”

The man in the suit snapped his fingers, bringing you into the living room with a small thud.

“How dare you?” Cain growled, crouching down next to you. He helped you stand, placing you protectively behind him. He was pleased to see Gerald buzzing into the room.

“You seem to have an infestation,” the gun man said, swatting at the insect.

“Don’t,” Cain said, his voice covering the small cry you uttered.

“Who’s that girl?” the man in the suit said.

“Why don’t you tell me who you are first?” Cain asked. “It’s past due.”

“Very well. I’m Crowley, King of Hell. This is–”

“Dean Winchester,” the other man said.

“Winchester?” you said, poking your head around Cain. “Do you know Castiel?”

Dean’s brow raised in surprise. “You know Cas?”

“Of course.”


“She was an angel,” Cain said.


“She fell.”

Dean snorted. “And they say angels are graceful.”

Both Cain and Crowley rolled their eyes. “She fell. From Heaven,” Cain explained. “She was kicked out before reaching full angel maturity.”

“So, what? She’s stupid?”

Cain took a sharp inhale through his nose. “No,” he carefully breathed out. “She just… has the mind of a child.” He turned to you, finding you staring up at him with large eyes. “Go into the kitchen, get a snack.”

“Can I make sugar water for Gerald?”

“Of course.”

The group watched as you disappeared into the kitchen, the bee following behind you.

“That… is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen,” Dean said.

“Say one more unkind thing about her and I will rip your throat out.”


You looked up as the men entered the kitchen. They gave you a small wave before stepping out; after a few moments, Cain stepped back in.

“Are you all right?” he asked, sitting down next to you.

You nodded.

“How’s Gerald?”

“Good. I gave him sugar water. But he had to go back to his family, so I let him out the window.”

Cain smiled.

“What were those men here for? Dean and Crowley?”

“It’s not important.”

“Is my brother involved? Castiel?”

“I don’t know.”

“He was always fond of the Winchesters. I heard stories from the others.” You smiled. “He also liked bees.”

“Well, perhaps if Dean reappears on our doorstep, he’ll bring Castiel and you can introduce him to Gerald.”

The Great Winchester War

Pairing: Dean x reader

Prompt: Fed up, you threw the soap at him!

Words: 1250ish

Warnings: none, pranks gone wrong, suggestion of sex at the end

A/N: This is for @bkwrm523 30 prompts challenge. Late, I know, but life got in the way. But it’s here!! Sorry for being gone for so long and I hope a little Winchester banter will make it up to you. 

Edit: Big thanks and shoutout to @adriellej for betaing and helping me with this fic :D 

Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

“Fed up, you threw the soap at him!” you exclaimed as you slammed your hand on the steel table top. “Or rather…ME!” You glared at the two adult hunters in front of you, both of them frozen in their spots, against the wall behind the older Winchester a greasy splash and a bar of soap scattered across the floor. With a huff you marched off towards the library, leaving a wet trail behind, pulling your soaking wet clothes from your body.

Their miniature prank war had been going on all week. It all started with a snarky comment from Dean and a pair of scissors. He may have gotten a little too close to Sammy’s hair with the metal blades, chopping off some of the edges by accident and sending his little brother into a fit. A lot of apologies and a haircut later you thought that would be the end of it.

It was not.

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Love Triangle 2 (Jensen x Reader)

(Credit to owner)

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Female Reader, DaughterOC!Gracely

Warnings: some angst

Word Count: 1,332

(The song listened to while writing was Please Don’t Leave Quite Yet - Adam Agin)

part 1

FEEDBACK IS MUCH APPRECIATED If you want to be tagged, let me know! 

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Jensen and Jared are great actors so the scenes they get are acted beautifully, perfectly. Sometimes, I’m still left in awe.

But that’s it. SPN is done. I really hope Jensen and Jared are truly done too, ready to move on. Either season 13 or just Season 14 with only 13 episodes to complete 300.

And I think they are. I love them a lot but I don’t think SPN is a priority now. And it isn’t a bad thing. There’s nothing left on this show to prioritize. It is good paying job, a lot of memories and history attached to it. But they must be reaching that end point.

It is so blatant in how they still think of Sam and Dean but how it doesn’t match to what has been presented on the show. Their Sam and Dean is my Sam and Dean, not the once we see on SPN now. These watered down caricatures of what once used to be such dynamic, raw, flawed but amazing characters. And it is not on Jensen and Jared because they are still acting the shit out of these characters but I don’t think they are very invested with what the writers and tptb want to do with these characters, how they want to use them for other purposes, reduce them to this parody like state that it is in today. There is no growth, no consistency, no passion. Every writer’s Sam and Dean is different. They all write their stories and force fit it together in this mess. Sam and Dean are just stuck in the same place they were years before, only now they have been reduced to this flat character status. Sam is just so … Passive. About his own existence. He says such heavy dialogues but his actions are so empty or not even written in. He’s tortured, raped, abused, tortured more and there’s just no real emotional trauma or result of it, everything else is more important. Everything that isn’t related to Sam. Sam can only be felt for through others. He has no story of his own to tell anymore. Because it is like he doesn’t face any of it, doesn’t experience it. Yeah, OK. He internalized it, dealt with it off camera. Um, but he is the lead. His experiences aren’t inferior to these new characters introduced in every season, every episode. Sam, being so empathetic, doesn’t seem to actually process anything that happens to him because it all just happens ‘off camera’, more side characters to deal with, angels to be betrayed by, devil Spawn’s to be raised. Sam is there but he is just not HERE. He isn’t in the story anymore, he is in everyone’s story acting as a soundboard, a reflection glass.

Dean is unrecognizable from what was once the best character on TV for me. One of the most complex and interesting characters, so dynamic and humorous, a dick and a man with a huge heart and fucked up mind. Now he’s just a prop for the writer of the week to remould and reshape into whatever they need to further their story and narrative. Stories for Dean aren’t written, Dean is written into stories, fitted even where he doesn’t fit. Forcefully. Its ugly. He is just a stranger now. I can’t actually associate this Dean with 'Dean Winchester’ anymore. So confusing, impulsive, immature, mindlessly immature unlike before, when it was endearing in a way. Now its annoying and every writer writes a new dean for every episode. An intelligent, smart, strong man, just like his brother. But now intentionally dumbed down and butchered to elevate other side characters.I fell in love with Sam and Dean. These characters on SPN today aren’t those. They are just strangers. Well acted characters in a bad story, bad narrative, bad plot. Nonsensical. Pathetic.

They are just there. Their only purpose is to be there for all other characters. Hopping from one side character’s story to another. That’s all they do. Their bond, which was the foundation of the SPN world and everything around it is barely just a lip service. Used when convenient. Not really what the show is about. Hasn’t been for seasons.

I don’t believe that J2 don’t see that. They’re just sticking to their own version of Sam and Dean that they love to talk in Cons. Jensen’s Dean has been written off the show, Jared’s Sam is barely there, all important parts have been stripped away from the show and exist only in Jared’s mind and heart.

It’s a good job, brings in good money, gives job to other hundreds of people. But apart from that, J2 clearly have other important things in there life now that they’re ready to commit to. They can’t prioritize a TV show forever. The next stage of there life is almost there. I just hope they can take away some authenticity from the show’s last moment, which will remind them of the show and characters that once was, that they loved and still do but for the most part, the show or the characters don’t exist anymore, mostly buried in the past.

I guess they’re trying to create something that can exist out of Sam and Dean after they have butchered them to such extents for every side character to ever show up. I guess the others are ready to move on to just like J2. Only, they’d like to move on to something new that can have them secure financially after the end. Hope this spin off works out, just so Jensen and Jared totally move on and move out, they’re already halfway there. I’m ready for them to be free, whenever they feel is the right time.

anonymous asked:

"Cas is in love with humanity" - but what it really means is "Cas is in love with Dean." --- One could say I am "in love with queer" but what it really means is "I am in love with my girlfriend." --- It just sounds like Cas's awkward family trying to find the most awkward way to explain that Cas is now part of the 'humanity+ community' without actually acknowledging his human boyfriend or his own 'human-ness.'

I’ll be honest I stumbled a bit with this ask. But I think I get it. the homophobic family trying to create a disconnect between the actual person, and the idea as a whole. Its like when people describe their queer family member as having a “lifestyle choice” rather than actually accepting them as a queer person who was born queer. 

This fits in with something I was discussing with @godshipsit not too long ago. We talked about how the way the angels treat Cas and his “love for humanity/Dean” is a giant metaphor for homophobia and the struggle that LGBTQ+ people have with coming out to their own homophobic families. 

Check out this post for a nice summary of this metaphor with some very obvious examples. 

This has been in place since the beginning of Cas’s story arc though, with his “considering disobedience” and referring to Anna for advice (Anna the angel who choose to fall, rejected her family for “human things” such as sex), being his decision to come out of the closet and break away from the controlling family he belonged to.

Other moments such as this great line: “You’re the famous spanner in the works. Honestly, I think you came off the line with a crack in your chassis. You have never done what you were told. Not completely.” can easily be seen as a homophobic person talking about how they always thought their queer family member was ‘different’. It has only become more prominent since Cas and the angels truly parted ways in season 10, with the angels forcing Cas to choose between them and Dean each time, threatening violence against him when he chose Dean, and going so far as to try to “cure” him. 

We have often mused about how exactly the other angels see Cas and Dean’s relationship. With it being pretty clear in the subtext that they feel there is a sexual relationship there (11x02 demonstrated this quite clearly as did 12x10). So progressing on from this thought to seeing the metaphor of a homophobic family trying to “cure” the queer relative is suddenly really obvious and it makes Cas’s entire relationship with his angelic siblings all the more sinister… especially now that he has gone back to heaven to face them in 12x15.

It is even clearer when you look at how the other angels treat Dean in the later seasons. They are always threatening him or using him as a means to manipulate Cas. It is never Sam that they threaten to kill, because the angels don’t see Sam as the same kind of threat as they see Dean. In their eyes, Dean is the human whose “touch corrupts” and who is responsibly for Castiel going down this path to disgrace. Naomi, Metatron, Ishim, they all went after Dean in order to “cure” Cas in their own way. Thinking that by getting Dean out of the picture, Cas would go back to the way he was before he “fell”. 

Basically, you barely have to scratch the surface to find this metaphor, but once you see it, its impossible to un-see. Cas is the queer man, trying to find happiness with his lover, but who is constantly threatened by his homophobic and powerful family, who will seemingly stop at nothing to get him back in the closet… going so far as to torture him, brainwash him (conversion therapy much?), kill his lover and even try genital mutilation. 

Its pretty fucking grim. But its right there in the subtext. 

Here For You

Requests:  Hi I saw the shut it angel story and I was wondering if u can add a ending where it months that u and cas have broke up but you and Gabriel are getting closer so u end up dating him and cas gets jealous – Anon, and Can you please make a second part to “Shut it angel” it was amazing and it left me needing more – @a-percious-fandom-cinnamon-roll

Pairings: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: swearing, is it a warning that there is NO smut here?

Word Count: 2192

I’m sorry that I didn’t feel like putting a detailed smut :(

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

It’s months since you and Cas broke up, and months of Dean and Sam wanting for you to go break your own sexual tension. You’ve been flustered to no end and Sam and Dean were pretty much irritated of you. You’ve been focusing too much on cases and haven’t had the time to entertain guys at all. It was all brought upon the thought of getting hurt all over again.

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“What? Whatwhatwhat?”

Cas answers the question as though Charlie hasn’t been shrieking at him. “I didn’t say there’s a being called the Doctor who likes to visit England. I just said that Time Lords exist. A fascinating race, Time Lords…”

Cas lets his thought trail off and continues to eat the spaghetti and meatballs Dean made for dinner. Charlie, Sam, and Dean sit frozen, staring, all thoughts of food forgotten. Dean has a forkful of spaghetti halfway to his mouth, which hangs slightly open.

“Time Lords. Are Real.” Charlie says it with a forced calm, but her clenched fists and sparkling eyes give her away.

“Oh yes,” says Cas, still eating his dinner. “I never met one myself, but I’ve observed them from a distance. They look human to your eyes, but of course an angel can spot the difference in their soul at a glance.”

“And the TARDIS?” Charlie asks, the fangirlish excitement creeping back into her voice.

“Well I’ve never seen one that looks like a police box, if that’s what you’re asking. But yes, when a Time Lord travels he–or she–generally uses a TARDIS. But they blend in, so you wouldn’t notice one even if you were leaning against it.”

Dean finally snaps out of his frozen shock; his fork falls to his plate with a clatter. “Can we get back to the part where there are aliens on earth sometimes? Walking around and hanging out with humans? And you didn’t tell us?!”

Cas quirks a grin at Dean. “You seemed so sure of yourself every time you said aliens didn’t exist. I didn’t want to burst your bubble.”

Sam bursts out laughing, followed quickly by Charlie. Dean glares, but they only laugh harder.

“Most of the tv show is rubbish, of course.” When Charlie starts to protest Cas quickly amends, “No, Charlie, I don’t mean it’s bad, I mean it’s untrue. Fiction created by the BBC. Daleks, Cybermen, Judoon, Zygons…” With each addition to the list, Charlie’s face falls a bit more.

“But,” he says, raising a hand to bring her back, “They do get something right every once in awhile. I actually met a Sontaran once. Cranky fellow. They really do look like potatoes, although they’re actually quite a bit taller. And,” he pauses, clearly for dramatic effect, “Weeping Angels are real, too.”

Charlie looks like she’s going to faint. Even Sam looks a little green. Dean looks from Cas to Charlie to Sam and back to Cas and asks, “What’s a Weeping Angel?”

“Only the scariest fucking monsters the BBC ever created!” Charlie says. Then she looks confused and says, “Or, great, now don’t know what to think! You’ve destroyed my whole worldview!” To Dean she says, “Weeping Angels are aliens that look like statues when someone is looking at them but can move really really fast when you look away. Or even blink. They don’t usually kill you, they just send you back in time to live until you die. Trust me, it’s much scarier than it sounds.”

“Yeah. Sure,” says Dean. He starts to roll his eyes, then realizes he’s not actually talking about a tv show. He changes to a grimace. “I’m with Charlie. You’ve really messed with my head, Cas.”

“Wait,” says Sam. “How did the BBC find out about Time Lords in the first place? And Weeping Angels and Sontarans? I mean, Doctor Who has been on the air, off and on, for over fifty years, but the Weeping Angels are relatively new. That doesn’t make much sense.”

“No one knows for sure. Anna had lots of theories, though.”

“Anna?” Dean can’t keep the shock out of his voice. “Anna watched Doctor Who?”

“You know how fascinated she was with humans. That included human television. As I was saying, Anna had many theories. My favorite was that a writer fell in love with a Time Lord, traveled with him–or possibly her, there’s no way to tell, really–for a time, and then came back to Earth. The Time Lord left him here with an idea for a television show, and a long list of stories to tell. The Time Lord also agreed to visit the writers of the future, to give them more ideas. But some of the future writers, of course, made things up on their own. Even the original creator didn’t have complete control, that’s why we got the Daleks in the very first season. And that’s how the Weeping Angels didn’t come about until the Tenth Doctor. I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s a good theory.”

Charlie blinks.

“Or maybe the original writer was actually a Time Lord who thought it would be a funny joke.”

Charlie looks like she’s going to faint.

Pulling herself together, she says, “One more thing–for now, anyway, later I’m going to grill you for hours! Cas, do we have to worry about the Weeping Angels?” Charlie’s face flits between terrified and hopeful.

Cas smiles. “Don’t worry, Charlie. The Weeping Angels are no match for actual angels. They have never made it to the surface of the earth.”

Unable to contain herself any longer, Charlie jumps out of her chair. Throwing her arms around Cas, she squeals, “Cas, you’ve made my day. No, you’ve made my century. I’m going to go re-watch every episode of Doctor Who ever made. Twice.” Shrieking with glee, she bounces out of the room.

Sam, smiling sheepishly, stands. “I’m with Charlie,” he says, and follows her toward the tv.

When Sam is out of sight, Dean says, “Okay Cas, level with me. Were you just messing with Charlie?”

Cas grins. “Maybe.”

Dean lets out a breath. “I knew it! I knew there were no aliens. Jesus, Cas, don’t–”

“Maybe,” Cas says again. He winks, then adds, “But maybe not…”

Inktober with the Bunker || Day 27: Creature