the stanford prison experiment

Who Should You Fight: Ezra Miller Edition

Kevin: do it. fight the little fucker. he’s a scrawny, megalomaniacal dickface, it’ll be easy. punch him right in the face, his family will thank you. (just make sure he can’t get his hands on a bow and some arrows because your chances of winning decrease dramatically in that event) 10/10

Elliot: 100% go for it. destroy this whiny mofo. u could blow on him and knock him over, he doesn’t stand a chance. 8/10

Patrick: I mean, you could fight Patrick. you’d probably win, too. but why would you he’s beautiful and gay and very sad. also Charlie will probably beat your ass. 0/10 would not recommend.

Daniel: this hippie probably weighs 15 whole pounds soaking wet, and he has sideburns. yeah, you could fight him, but consider this- hasn’t he suffered enough? 2/10 just leave him alone with his tears.

Leon Dupuis: sure, he’s distractingly pretty, but his name is Leon. 9/10 fight him.

Credence Barebone: there are 2 reasons why fighting this tiny child will be the worst mistake of ur life. reason #1 he’ll cry probably, and then you’ll feel like a monster, and reason #2 he can literally destroy you. -1000/10 do not fight this precious boy.

Barry Allen: 10/10 FIGHT THIS NERD!!!! you won’t win, he’s very fast, but fight him anyway.


Ezra Miller attends London Fashion Week Men’s June 2017 collections on June 12, 2017 in London, England.


“We like to think there is this core of human nature – that good people can’t do bad things, and that good people will dominate over bad situations. Infact, when we look at the Stanford prison studies, that we put good people in an evil place, and we saw who won. Well, the sad message in this, is in this case is the evil place won over the good people.” — Philip Zimbardo

The Stanford Prision Experiment (2015) dir. Kyle Patrick Alvarez


The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015)

Director - Kyle Patrick Alvarez, Cinematography - Jas Shelton

“I learned that people can easily forget that others are human.”

Meant to be together

Ezra!Barry Allen x Reader

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Movie:Justice League

Who:Barry Allen (played by Ezra Miller)

Summary:Barry falls in love with the reader after saving her from a thief.

“Thank god its time to leave this place.” I sigh and grab my purse. I just got off of work and started to walk to the nearby Cafe. As I was close to the Cafe a man tried to steal my purse. “Hey!” I yelled and tried to pull on my purse but unfortunately he already had it in his hands and started to run away. I was about to run after him until less than a millisecond another guy had my purse and the thief was on the floor groaning in pain. The other man walked over to me and gave me my purse.

“Thank you so much!” I smile and look up. Whoa he’s attractive.

 He smiled. “No problem.” He turns about and starts to walk off. 

 “W-would you like to uh join me for coffee?” I blurt out. He stops and turns around facing me.

“Sure why not…I kinda need more friends.” He smiles sweetly and scratches the back oh his neck. He walks towards me and lets out his hand. “The name’s Barry by the way.”

I gladly shake his hand and smile. “I’m (y/n)”

{A month later}

“Hey Barry wanna come over my place and watch a movie?” I bite my lip. “I have pizza and I know that’s your favorite thing.” I added hoping it would interest him to come over. I hear him laugh over the phone.

“Honestly (y/n) we could be doing nothing and i’d still come over.” 

I blush. “so you’re gonna come?” 

“I’m already on my way.” I hear him close his door.

I smile. “See ya then.”

“See ya.” 

After a few minutes I hear him knocking on the door. “You know you get here like really fast, do you run or something?” I laugh and let him in.

“Nah I just simply walk faster than normal people.” He gets a slice of pizza and goes over to the living room and sits on the couch. I do the same and sit right next to him. I started the movie and got myself comfortable on the couch. Mid way through the movie I slowly started to get tired and laid my head on Barry’s shoulder. He looks at me and smiles. “Getting tired?”

 “A little.” I yawn softly.

 “If you want I can leave.”

 “N-no I lowkey wanna cuddle.” I blush.

 “W-we can do that.” His voice cracked a bit. We started to cuddle and as we watched the movie I hear him whisper. “hey (y/n)”


 “I love you”

I blush and look at him. “Y-you love me?” He blushes and looks away. “Yeah ever since we met I had a crush on you.”

I kiss his cheek and whisper. “I felt the same way”

He smiles but then sighed. “But before anything happens you need to know that I have super powers.” I look at him confused. He chuckles and got up. Suddenly less than a second he had another slice of pizza in his hand.

“Wait how? The pizza’s in the kitchen” I got up. 

“I got hit by lightening and uh now I can run like REALLY fast. That’s kinda how I saved you back then.” He starts to eat the pizza.

I walk over to him and hold his hand. “I think the universe wanted that thief to steal my purse so we can meet.” 

He smiled. “Yeah it’s kinda like we were meant to be together.”

I took his pizza and bit into it. “I think so too.”


The Stanford Prison Experiment + effect on participants. 

On August 20, 1971, Zimbardo announced the end of the experiment after only six days. 

I ended the study prematurely for two reasons. First, we had learned through videotapes that the guards were escalating their abuse of prisoners in the middle of the night when they thought no researchers were watching and the experiment was “off.” Their boredom had driven them to ever more pornographic and degrading abuse of the prisoners.

It happened that the uniforms faded their individuality and personality. Guards feel the need to abuse of their dominance and prisoners started feel the duty to obey even if it wasn’t real. 

The quotes are from the movie but were based on the real patients interview as the prison #416 reaction :

I began to feel that I was losing my identity, that the person that I called Clay, the person who put me in this place, the person who volunteered to go into this prison – because it was a prison to me; it still is a prison to me. I don’t regard it as an experiment or a simulation because it was a prison run by psychologists instead of run by the state. I began to feel that that identity, the person that I was that had decided to go to prison was distant from me – was remote until finally I wasn’t that, I was 416. I was really my number. 

Secret’s Out

Ezra!Barry Allen x Reader

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Movie: Justice League

Who:Barry Allen (played by Ezra Miller)

Summary: Barry plans to tell his secret to (y/n) but Bruce Wayne decides to spill the beans

“Barry where are you taking me?” We stopped walking until we reached some old abandoned building.

“I think you’re gonna like this.” He unlocks it and walks in turning on the power. I got inside and closed the door

“What is this place?” I look around. As he was about to speak we both got interrupted by something.

We saw a stranger sitting down in Barry’s chair. “Barry Allen. Bruce Wayne” He gets up. 

“You say that like it explains why a total stranger is my place. May I add, who’s also sitting in my second favorite chair.” He hands him a photo that shows a guy who looks exactly like Barry.

“So tell me about this” The guy looks at the gadgets and such.

“Uh this is a guy who looks exactly like me but is definitely not me”

“Wait what’s going on? What is this?” I ask him but got interrupted by this Bruce Wayne dude. 

“I know you have abilities. I just don’t know what they are”

Barry clears his throat. “Well my special skills include viola, web design, fluent in sign language..well gorilla sign language”

“Silica based quartz sand fabric, abrasion resistant. Heat resistant as well” The guy looks at this red suit.

 “Yeah I do competitive ice dancing” Barry is so bad at lying omg

“Since when?” I look up at him but he still hasn’t taken his eyes off this dude.

“That’s what they use in the space shuttle.” This guy didn’t believe what Barry was saying.Honestly who would?

 “I do VERY competitive ice dancing.“ Again Barry with the lies.

I sigh “Look dude I don’t know what’s going on whoever you’re looking for, it’s not him” Suddenly the guy turns around and is throwing something sharp towards me. I screamed and covered myself but it didn’t even hit me. I look up and see that Barry is in front of me and has the weapon in his hand.

He looks at the weapon. “Wait your the Batman?”

I tug on his shirt. “B-Barry what’s going on?”

He turns around “(y/n) I think you should go sit down for a bit okay?” I nod and went to sit down. They started to talk, something about becoming a team and how Barry wants friends and is still upset over brunch.

“Well let’s go then” Bruce starts to walk out.

“Wait I can’t leave (y/n)” Barry points at me.

“You do know this may endanger her.” 

Barry told him to stay put and walked towards me. He grabs my hands. “I was gonna tell you today already but I guess he beat me to it….I’m the Flash” DUDE IT ALL MAKES SENSE!

“Honestly not really surprised” I giggle a bit.“That guy is actually Batman?” I look over at him.

“Yup the real deal. He needs me to join his team to fight against evil” 

He sighed deeply. “I have to leave for a bit but I’ll be back I promise.

I frown. “I can’t come?”

“No baby it’ll be too dangerous and if anything happened to you I.. wouldn’t know what to do honestly.” He holds my face and has me looking up at him into his eyes. “I’m in love with you (y/n)“

I get all flustered and blush. “I think I’m in love with you too” He kisses me and I kiss back.

Well stepping away from our usual content. Actor Nelsan Ellis has passed away from heart failure at the tender age of 39. Known for his portrayal of Lafayette Reynolds on HBO series “True Blood”. Other roles Ellis has been known for was on the t.v. show Elementary and films The Butler, Get On Up, The Stanford Prison Experiment, Secretariat, The Help, Little Boxes and The Soloist.

Octavia Spencer posted the heartbreaking news via Instagram early this morning.

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