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The theme of November’s installation of my new “Top Ten” series is soul mates (in the magical realism sense). As always, this Top Ten Series is inspired by werewolfwagon, one of my favorite Sterek sources.

Note: Because this is my top ten soulmate fics, this list is based off of personal preference, not the fandom’s collective preference.

1. examine every inch (whimsicalimages | 3,364 | PG)

John Watson can see a red string around every person’s fingers that leads him/her to the person they’re destined for.

2. Deoxygenated Series (Ibmisscharlie | 4,295 | PG)

“If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?” 
Everyone has a clock, either installed by futuristic machines or they’re born with one.

The numbers can’t guarantee happiness, reciprocity, or even fidelity. They’re just a fact of life. In a world where everyone hides their numbers, John Watson meets a man with bare wrists.

3. Celestial Bodies Series (songlin | 18,907 | NC-17)

They watch the omegas in their class miss a week at a time for their heats, or turn up pregnant, or drop out entirely, and see even the nicest, brightest boys and girls get rude and dumb and aggressive after presenting as alphas. Privately, they wonder what the rush is about.

John and Sherlock are eighteen years old and still haven’t presented as alpha or omega, though they’re both sure they know how their cards have been dealt. That is their first mistake.

4. The Ties That Bleed (luchia13 | 11,733 | R)

John Watson has been bonded by blood to Sherlock Holmes. Until the day Sherlock dies, they will be tied together. Until the day Sherlock dies, John can’t.

5. With Eyes Wide Open (cleflink | 8,048 | R)

Thirty two hours after they met, John Watson shot a man to save Sherlock Holmes’ life.

Three hours after that, John Watson let Sherlock Holmes see his soul.

6. The Waiting is the Worst Part (loyalnerdwp | 4,065 | PG)

“If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?”

7. Fate, At Your Fingertips (radialarch | 7,604 | PG)

Even “soulmate” is just a word.

8. Time Enough (airynothing | 1,135 | PG)

John refused to believe that Sherlock, of all people, could have simply missed his soulmate.

9. Simple Gifts (agameofscones | 1,834 | PG)

Every person is born with one innate talent. They are also born with one soulmate, and the full potential of their talent is not realized until they’ve found that person.

“So why does it matter to find your person if you’re okay without them?”

“Because”—Mummy sighs, and perhaps sounds the littlest bit sad—“you are perfectly okay without them, but that doesn’t change that you’ll always be better with them.”

10. Inscriptions Series (orphan_account | 36,909 | PG)

Everyone is born with the name of their Soul Mate on their finger. This is called their SBI, or Soul Bond Inscription, and from the time a person turns sixteen, they are locked in a Search for the person with the corresponding SBI; the person with their name on their finger, in the same color as their own SBI. They do not know when, and they do not know where. All they know is that at the end of their Search is the person they are meant to spend the rest of their life with.

I should probably also mention Walking Together, Colors, Millennia, and Cycles.

And of course, here’s my soulmates tag if you’re looking for more.

P.S. I’m so excited about my 3k celebration! It’s currently in the works.

That’s right. All those “big changes” I was talking about? They weren’t just lies so I could stop filling requests, I swear. I’m super excited to present a new series for this blog: Top Ten Fics. This is an idea I got from the absolutely wonderful werewolfwagon (an excellent Sterek fic source). I’m not sure what the time frame on these will be, but hopefully I’ll be able to do one every month or so. 

This month’s theme is fluff.

It was a serious struggle to narrow this down to ten, and then order them. Undoubtedly I’ve forgotten some, but hopefully I’ve got the main ones on here. Note: Because this is my top ten fluff fics, this list is based off of personal preference, not the fandom’s collective preference.

1. and stand there at the edge of my affection (coloredink | 2,683 | PG)

“You’ve written love letters,” Sherlock asserted.

2. Two Coffees One Black One With Sugar Please Series (Linpatootie | 25,419 | G to NC-17)

A somewhat pointless experiment on Sherlock’s behalf leads to John having to re-evaluate pretty much his entire life.

3. The Important Bit (solshine | 9,984 | PG)

Just where exactly is the line between “to love” and “to be in love”? What difference is required between “flatmate” and “husband”? (Besides the rings, obviously.) No, the important bit is that they have each other.

4. Duvet (Green) (Mazarin221b | 2,021 | PG)

Sherlock recalibrates and restructures his mind palace so it looks like 221b. What he chooses to put in John’s room is a bit of a surprise, and a revelation.

5. Random Numbers (songlin | 1,672 | PG)

Just because they’re not having sex doesn’t mean they aren’t intimate.

6. No Mushrooms Please Series (Ibmisscharlie | 5,456 | PG)

The two working in tandem, silently anticipating each other’s needs, is not unfamiliar to Greg, as they have become something of a smoothly oiled machine at crime scenes, but their easy comfort in such a domestic setting still surprises him.

7. A Quiet Murmuration (cathedral_carver | 4,684 | PG)

Just pay me back with one thousand kisses.

8. A Silver Sixpence (_doodle | 16,399 | NC-17)

John, we need to get married. 

9. Let You Kiss Me (So Sweet and So Soft) (out_there | 8,666 | PG)

The first time Sherlock kisses him, John keeps his eyes open, and so does Sherlock, and mostly, he wonders what Sherlock could possibly be up to. There’ll be some logic to this. Some ridiculous experiment about body warmth or respiratory rates or testing a new way of picking pockets. Sherlock does the unimaginable for bizarre reasons, but behind it, there’s always logic and curiosity. Sometimes, it just takes him a while to explain it to John.

10. Seventeen Letters (out_there | 2,357 | PG)

“I love Sherlock,” John says out loud, testing how the words feel in his mouth. It doesn’t change anything. Sherlock’s still the pillock who fiddled with his computer password.

Also, I just have to do a quick shout out to Dates of Vast Importance, The Real Meaning of Idioms, The Internet is Not Just For Porn, The Velveteen Doctor, Corpus Hominis, A New Kind of Communication, As I Love You, A Bit Backwards, and The Battle of Bakerloo

And, of course, here’s my fluff tag if you’re craving more.

A young Bruce Chatwin in an earlier life as an art expert at Sotheby’s. From The Songlines:

When I was in my twenties, I had a job as an ‘expert’ on modern painting with a well known firm of art auctioneers. We had sale-rooms in London and New York. I was one of the bright boys. People said I had a great career, if only I would play my cards right. One morning, I woke up blind.

During the course of the day, the sight returned to the left eye, but the right one stayed sluggish and clouded. The eye specialist who examined me said there was nothing wrong organically, and diagnosed the nature of the trouble.

“You’ve been looking too closely at pictures,”, he said. “Why don’t you swap them for some long horizons?”

“Why not?” I said.

Aboriginal Creation myths tell of the legendary totemic beings who had wandered over the continent in the Dreamtime, singing out the name of everything that crossed their path—birds, animals, plants, rocks, waterholes—and so singing the world into existence….

Each totemic ancestor, while travelling through the country, was thought to have scattered a trail of words and musical notes along the line of his footprints … these Dreaming-tracks lay over the land as ‘ways’ of communication between the most far-flung tribes….

In theory, at least, the whole of Australia could be read as a musical score.

—  Bruce Chatwin, The Songlines

Fic recs I collected last night, from about 3 hours. I’m excluding the ones I remember already reading:

Fics I’ve found myself reccing several times:

Part 2

“To lose a passport was the least of one’s worries: to lose a notebook was a catastrophe.”

– Bruce Chatwin inThe Songlines

Chatwin famously used Moleskine journals that he bought from a shop in Paris.  When the manufacturer stopped making the notebooks Chatwin, as he liked to tell people, bought all the notebooks left in the Parisian store so he would have as many as possible.

Personally I am both a fan of the Moleskine notebook (except for the price) and the quotation above.  I have been reduced to tears because I couldn’t find my notebook.


Select photographs from the retrospective for the musician Björk at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, NY, March 8–June 7, 2015. Photographs by Blair Prentice (iheartmyart).

Divided into three experiences, the exhibition endeavors to give a glimpse into the immense audio and visual landscape created over the last 20 years by the ground breaking experimental musician Björk and her collaborators. 

As visitors enter the museum lobby, they encounter the otherworldly sounds of experimental instruments - a gameleste, pipe organ, gravity harp and Tesla coil - which were created specifically for Björk‘s Biophilia (2011) album. 

Perched above in a pavilion specifically created for the exhibition, the Songlines experience invites the viewer to take an audio-guided journey through Björk’s albums designed to complement the displays of her costumes worn on tour and in music videos. The most intriguing artifacts are Björk’s notebooks which contain the original notes for the lyrics she penned to some of her greatest hits.

The highlight of the exhibition lies in the MoMA commissioned sound and video installation for the song Black Lake from Björk’s new Vulnicura (2015) album. The video features a radiant Björk as she emerges from the depths of a deep cave as she overcomes the deep pain of her breakup with artist Matthew Barney.  


The exhibition Björk will be on view at the Museum of Modern Art in New York from March 8–June 7, 2015. 


Photographs by Blair Prentice (iheartmyart)

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“On the other hand, if you smashed or lost your tjuringa, you were beyond the pale, and had lost all hope of ‘returning.'  of one young layabout in Alice, I heard it said, 'He hasn’t seen his truringa.  He doesn’t know who he is.’”

– FromThe Songlinesby Bruce Chatwin

A 'Tjuringa’ is a sacred stone, on which is written the piece of the songline that belongs to a particular person.  These are stored in a safe place and it is up to the individual to protect their tjuringa and keep it safe, therefore, keeping that piece of the song safe.

The Dreamtime, for the native peoples of Australia, is a kind of time out of time, a time hidden beyond, or rather, within the manifest presence of the land. It is that time before the world itself was entirely awake – a time that still exists just below the surface of wakeful awareness – that dawn when the totem ancestors first emerged from their slumber beneath the ground, and began to sing their way across the land. The earth, of course, was still in a malleable, half-awake state. And as the Dreamtime ancestors – Kangaroo Man, or Tortoise Woman, or Honey-Ant Man, or Wallaby Woman – as they first wandered, singing, across the surface of the earth, they were shaping the land as they traveled, forming valleys where they laid down, creating creeks or waterholes wherever they urinated, and forests where they kicked up dust etc. So today, when an aboriginal man goes walkabout, traveling along his ancestral dream tracks, he chants the verses originally sung by his dreaming ancestor, singing the land into view as he walks through it. And, in this manner, he renews not only his own life, but the very life of the land itself.

Because it is not humans alone who dream, and not just the other animals and the plants, but rather the land itself dreams, continually. The Dreamtime is not something that happened once and for all in the distant past; rather the Dreaming lies in the same realition to the open presence of the land around us as our own dream life lies in relation to our conscious or waking experience. It is a kind of depth, ambiguous and metamorphic. Indeed, it is a sense of both the past and the future not as dimensions that reside somewhere else, but as realms that are hidden, secretly, within the depths of the present moment. A sense of time as depth. Deep Time.

David Abram, from ‘Gary Snyder and the Renewal of Oral Culture’ as published in The Alliance for Wild Ethics