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Team Patrick, or Team Isaac?


“Welcome to Blue Lion!”

Tho there are already million bakery AUs, I too had to make one where Keith is a tired college student™ who stumbles into an old but cozy bakery/cafe and meets the bubbly baker~

Also this was the first time I created the setting on Sims 4 and used it as base bg. Much more easier than building on Google SketchUp :’)


The Sims 4 World customization Project (WCP)

Using S4S I’ve managed to remove all the background buildings/props in Willow Creek. Because I’m sick of the shotgun houses and the plantation homes and they limit what I can do with my neighborhood. This is a blank canvas of sorts.

I didn’t remove the buildings in the commercial district though, because the blank space looked way too weird there.

I will share the package file later on, when I’m finished testing, in case someone is interested but the thing is my modding skills are non-existent, so this is about as far as I can get (for now).

So I was thinking…with all the talented modders out there, I’m sure we should be able to tweak existing worlds and create our own custom worlds.

Does anybody know how to…

- Replace existing buildings (as opposed to just deleting them like I did) with other models? It would come in handy, e.g. in Willow Creek commercial district, so we can change the buildings on the other side of the street.

- Change road and world textures?

I think we could manage to do something great if we put our heads together!

Simsrena: the day I realised I’m a perv...

I know. Those of you who know me will be thinking, but Rex, we already knew this. Actually, anyone who follows me probably knows that. Am I right?

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So in Simsrena land, Bernie and Serena are unfortunately still living as neighbours and they even swapped keys! There was lots of kissing at work after they gave each other the keys but I forgot to take pictures….

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But the joys of our wonderful women having keys to each others places means that they can just waltz into each others homes. So me being me thought, lets just let them do as they please and see what happens…

Bernie being Bernie jumped straight on the treadmill.

Me: BORING!!!! (and also silently judging you for wasting precious groping Serena time on working out!)

Until…. I knew we could count on Serena!

Let’s face it. We’re all Serena in this photo. Am I right? I mean, who wouldn’t ogle Bernie in her work out gear?! 

This is just example one of me being perv. There’s more to come.

Once again Serena is being the entire fandom if we ever saw Bernie sweating and panting…. example two of me being a perv…

Serena eventually had to leave for work and I decided to leave Bernie playing in a bubble bath and follow Serena around for a little while. 

But before I move on, here’s a picture of Bernie playing in a bubble bath. I know. You’re welcome!

Do I need to point out that this was example number three? I mean, can you blame me? Bernie. Naked. Bath. 

Yeah, I can feel you judging me and I’m judging you right back! You know you’d be doing the same thing!

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So when Serena finished her shift, I thought wouldn’t it be fun if Bernie came over and watched Serena work out?

So I bought Serena a yoga mat and guys I have to say, she’s doing much better than I remember her doing!

Let’s just take a look at the last time we saw Serena doing yoga shall we?

Actually, I probably spoke too soon… OUCH!

But as we all know, our Serena is no quitter! She got back up and…. 

Wow! Guuurl you’re very flexible…

Oh no…

Dirty thoughts…

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Well this gif doesn’t help… pervy moment example number four… or maybe the original dirty thoughts was number four and then further dirty thoughts after Serena’s little smirk was number five…?

Oh… then this happened…

Pervy moment number…

I’ve lost count… 

Guys, it’s official… I’m a desperate perv…. fuck it!

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Tobias? Archer sighed heavily as he stepped into their dining room to find his husband slouched onto the table, an assortment of beverages spread out before him. The blond shook his head slowly as he stopped a few feet away. Care to tell me what’s going on?

The older man shrugged his shoulders weakly, his elbows sliding carefully across the pristine glass table top as he leaned further against it. His eyelids were heavy with inebriation, causing Archer to grumble to himself in annoyance. Oh for fucksake, he huffed. You were supposed to meet me at the office. You’re lucky Darren was in the area. I don’t know shit about contract negotiations, especially when it comes to signing new artists. We could’ve blown this whole deal. Then while I’m sitting in your meeting, without reason, I get a text from you asking me not to pick Ellie up just yet. Why, Tobias? So you can sit here & get fucking loaded out of your mind on a Monday night? This isn’t like you.