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I had a sim who was dating Eggy when she was a teen, and now that Eggy’s an adult in my game, I can’t do any romantic interactions with him because they’re not the same age. I’ve looked through the neighborhood to see if there was a household I could play so I could get him to age up, but as far as I saw..he doesn’t exist. I’ve googled his household as well, doesn’t exist either. I don’t know what to do :(

Is there a way I can cheat his age up repeatedly or something? Or what do I do.. I can’t move him in either, since he’s only a teen. :/

This search is a little different from the others. Less about a particular topic that might be useful to your writing, I figured I’d compile some resources on writing that dreaded first chapter.

Every author, every story, is different. These are more like “guidelines” than rules, but they might help you better explore the beginning of your work.
If you have more resources to add, please feel free to send me an ask or simply reblog with your recommendations. Thanks for sharing!


What to Do

What to Avoid


Guide To Better Picture Quality in the Sims 4 :

So I’ve been wanting to do this for a while because I had my own share of problems with my ingame graphics also screenshooting so I tried to gather up some  tips that can help improve your photo/ingame quality a bit at least :) Most of these tips will help to make your pictures become clearer and sharper but remember  your pics quality will always depend on your Graphic Card before anything else .

1. Adjust your ingame Graphic Settings

  • Make sure you set your ‘Sim Details’ and ‘Lighting’ to ‘highest’.
  • Tick ‘Umcompressed Sim Texture’.
  • Untick ‘Post Processing Effects’
  • Laptop mode is optional but I usually untick it.

2. Adjust your  Graphic Card Settings

  •  Right click on your Desktop and select ‘Graphic properties’.
  • Set your bar to highest Quality in the 3D tab option. (  Every graphic card is different but usually they allow users to configure quality and settings.)

3. Download HQ ingame mods  

  • Mods can greatly improve game quality. This mod by @brntwaffles is the best mod for that. It does help a lot.  Follow their instructions for installing and screenshooting.  Download.

4. Download Photoshop Plug-ins

  • For those who use PS for photo editing, I recommend the following plugins. They do help in improving photo quality/resolution.

Topaz Clean Set   ( free Trial mode)

Raw Camera Filter  ( free)

5. RAM and Memory :

  • When you’re running The Sims 4, try to close all other windows and programs. This will conserve RAM for the game and help it run smoother.

6. Clean and Organize your CC

  • too much CC or bad CC can affect the quality of your ingame so make sure to clean your mods file and organize the content once in a while at least. Tools to help you :

The Sims 4 Mod Manger 

Mod Conflict Detector

7. Game Boosters/Optimizers.

  • There are many softwares out there specifically made to improve the gaming exprience overall. 
  •  I personally use SystemCare game Booster  so search around google and find one that would work for you.

That’s it guys and girls :) I know the list is not perfect, it’s smthg I gathered from my own exprience so it might not work for everyone but I do hope this would be of help.

 If there is another tip you would like to recommend, tell me or add it by reblog.



                                                           EXO ; Dating Sim ! AU

     ❝ You are the first female student at a school that is known as a former all-boy school,
        what decisions will you make and will you face a happy ending with one of the guys? ❞

“Open” doors

Just a simple tutorial on how to create “open” doors in TS4.

1. Decide where you want your door, and build an arch. It can be 1 tile wide, 2 tiles wide, short, tall, rectangular, round, it’s up to you. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m using Trabeated Entry Frame.

2. Activate MOO (bb.moveobjects) and delete the wall(s) the arch is built into, as well as 1 piece of wall on each side. If you do not use MOO during this step, deleting the walls with the arch will also delete the arch, and you need it as a guide.

3. Now build 2 diagonal walls (going two different directions) somewhere in the room(s). It doesn’t matter where you build them, as long as they’re not outside the boundaries of the room(s). Building them outside will make your doors change direction when you move them in the next steps, because they’ll try to snap to the outer walls.

4. Choose your doors and place them on the diagonal walls. I’m using Kablammo Superdoor here.

5. Make sure your doors are in correct positions. Right now, my left door isn’t facing the right way. To fix that, grab the door and press “<” or “>” on the keyboard.

6. Now grab your doors and move them to the edges of your arch. Try not to move them too close to any of the room walls, because your door will snap to it/them and change direction. If it does, simply place your door back onto the diagonal wall and try again.

7. Finally, remove the diagonal walls and rebuild the missing wall parts next to/on the arch.

Remember to reapply wallpaper, if you need to.


Misc. Mods Masterlist

I thought I would go in depth about some of the mods I use and how they make my game-play smoother/easier. Without these I’d be totally lost (or just really, really annoyed). I also want to make sure when I share sims, you can get them looking exactly the same.

I’ll add more as I go along, but for now you can find this in my resources section for quick reference

Eyelash Removal/Face Overlay by retroxdance

This removes the crappy EA lashes so you can properly use the s-club ones (here). It also removes that ugly blue ring around contacts and the blotches on the lips

Cross eye fix by buhudain

Like the post says, the EA eye textures are simply flipped causing the catch lights to look ‘off’. This fixes that issue. If you’ve ever used my contacts and thought 'huh, mine look a little different’, this is why!

CAS Zoom by Shimrod101

Exactly what it says! It allows you to zoom in further to the face so you can see better when working on face details

CAS Pose by Spagtscully

This locks your sim into a pose while in CAS, making it easier to create them without their pesky ability to move. There are a few options to choose from. I find the dead eyes a little creepy but it’s super useful (Jonha’s original description: ’Sims will not greet you, sims will not smile, sims will not breathe, sims will not blink, sims will not move at all.’ Cute!)

More Beauty Marks & Freckles by fanaskher

Increases the amount of slots you can have for topical overlay freckles/beauty marks

No Camera Drift by aikea-guinea

This eliminates that annoying camera drift you get when moving the tabbed camera, so you don’t have to sit there pressing a combination of the left and right arrow keys attempting to centre on a sim. Yay!

No Camera Fade by Claeric

When you zoom in too far while in free cam, your sim will fade (bad!). This stops that from happening (good!)

Sexy Feet by Bloom

No more brick feet, this mod gives your sims toes and discernible foot details!

Invisible Plumbob Replacement by gardenbreeze

Removes the trademark, but incredibly annoying plumbob

Auto Testingcheatsenabled true by Treeag

A simple mod to save a little time when typing in certain cheats

Master Controller Base Mod + Modules by NRaas

Integration Module & Cheats (same page^) - You’ll have to read the page for more information, because these are capable of way more than what I use them for, which is mainly to enable layerable makeup, edit sims in CAS, add sims to a lot, etc.

Portrait Panel - Increases the number of sims’ portraits you can have on the left side of the screen, so you can keep track of them (shout out to my amazing followers who helped me with this one)

25 Things To Try (CAS)

It seems you guys liked my gameplay ideas, so I thought I’d do a little suggestion list for CAS. There are no “wrong” interpretations and you’re free to use whatever content you want.

1) A female by the name of Balinda

2) Family of a dad and quintuplets (that’s 5) who all have a different personality/style

3) Dark-skinned beauty with a secret

4) A ginger man with a big nose

5) A sim inspired by the word “Discombobulate“

6) Rocker granddad

7) Family of 4 whose surname is Itchy

8) A sim you wouldn’t expect to be an owner of a doberman

9) A girl who was quiet and unassuming at school, but was actually a master schemer and behind all of the school gossip

10) Sim who was voted “Most likely to fall into a pothole while walking and taking a selfie”

11) A male detective with a great bushy mustache

12) A sim who is known to say “Amazeballs” way too often

13) Your selfsim’s evil twin

14) Black widow

15) Crazy cat gentleman

16) Family of 3 dresses head to toe in black + yellow

17) Pageant mum

18) Misunderstood villain

19) A male who is so in love with his cowboy hat and boots, he sleeps in them

20) A really scary-looking father and the cutest little daughter

21) A lady who would own two chihuahuas called Dolce and Gabanna, and her much older husband

22) A sim who hates fun

23) 3 elderly sisters/friends who like sitting in front of playgrounds and complaining about the kids

24) Two parents with a terribly spoiled teenage son

25) A family of 3 - teenage daughter and her two very embarrassing parents