설렐 때만 사랑이니까                                                                                   내 친구 모두 소리쳐 넌 정말 문제야!                                                                        I’m fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine

Aiden's Home - Tuesday, 1:20pm

She hadn’t even finished her coffee. Damaris had just gotten up from the table and sat in the living room, putting the television on blast which clearly meant, she was ignoring him. Not that he blamed her.

It was one of those days for Aiden and unfortunately, he had taken it out on her. There had been some truth in his argument. It bothered him that she hadn’t been in touch with him for longer than he was used to. No, they didn’t spend everyday together. Sometimes a few days would go by before either one of them would visit, but they still called or text. The fact that she’d been MIA, nagged at him so much that he really did think maybe she had someone on the side. It wasn’t as though she and Aiden were an official couple. They were just, “seeing” one another, which meant Damaris was free to see whomever she wanted. Whenever she wanted.

Though making a commitment to her, even if it was by taking that next step into a relationship would stop that from happening, Aiden wasn’t ready to take that step yet. He was already hiding a secret from her that he wasn’t too sure he could just come out and say. To be Bipolar and insecure, made Aiden want to ram his own head into a wall.

Later he found her in his room, laying on top of his sheets. By then he had calmed and felt the need to make things right. “I’m sorry.”

Damaris didn’t hold grudges. He knew that, but it didn’t make his outburst any more validated. “I know how loyal of a woman you are. The things I said, were wrong.”

Her tiny huff as he hugged her made his heart swell. “I don’t know what I’m going to do with you, Aiden.” She’d said that many times since she met him. Little did she know, those words might actually hold some truth in the future. If he ever told her what was really going on with him.

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