the sims


Poppy: I don’t know why this upset me so much. *laughs* I need thicker skin…

August: No you don’t. I like you and your skin just they way you are. It’s him who needs to change.

Poppy: You’re too good to me… What did I do to deserve you back in my life?

August: Shh stop that. I just wish it hadn’t taken us so long to be friends again.

Poppy: M-me too. 

Poppy: August?

August: Mmmh?

Poppy: Can you just take home? Or get Nala. I don’t really want to go back in there.

August: Of course. I’ll update Nala, see what her plans are. Then we’ll go home. 

August: I’m sorry tonight didn’t go…. smoother.

Poppy: *laughs* When does anything go ‘smoothly’ for us?

August: *laughs* Hey! I mean i did just win the art prize? You know… for our entire county??

Poppy: Oh shush show off! Not everyone is a brilliant and talented as you!

hey there! I know I have done this before but since there are lots of different simblrs all around tumblr that I don’t know, I would totally love to find them and follow tham, so let’s spread some positivity here!

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kai! i like generation four too much i had to bounce back for a min. i’ve been brainstorming for a few short stories with kids from gen 4 just to have more insight/indepth information on their personal lives, it’ll be separate to the legacy.(containing its own tag) idk how i’m gonna do it  tho cause i’m not a story kind of person LMAO i get so lazy. but ya, just a heads up ok.