the ship is strong w this one

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of course

im basing this off the movie btw

the first song from this show I heard: dancing queen
do I own the cast album?: fuck yes
favorite song: tbh it wasnt this before but you converted me to gimme gimme gimme so fuck u marissa
least favorite song: hmmm our last summer maybe
favorite character: idk
least favorite character: idk!!!!!
OTP: dont rly have
BROTP: strong ship opinions
NOTP: for this here musical
song I didn’t like at first but now do: honestly? honey honey grew on me
song I used to like but now don’t: dont have one for this
is the fandom annoying?: no… i can only think of a couple musicals w annoying fandoms
do I read/write fanfic for this show?: nope
favorite non-sung line: “typical isn’t it you wait 20 years for a dad and then three come along at once”
overall rating out of 10: 9/10 a fucking bop

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tell me why every straight ship of sakura sucks

oh i actually have an answer for this one 

sakura’s story is most interesting when read as her rejecting men from her life as a necessity - ideally in reference to lesbianism but like, ill take “strong independent woman” or w/e lol it’s still a better option. 

she starts out the series as clearly really really struggling w femininity. she does everything she can to be cute and likable and reserved - she’s a fucking ninja but she doesn’t feel like she’s allowed to show aggression

this is imo best illustrated by inner sakura - bc we can rly see all the personality she’s repressing in favor of being likable. 

here’s the important part though, she’s most worried about being likable to boys. this is of course shown w her crush on sasuke, and how she always sizes herself down to try and not annoy him. but with her attempts to impress kakashi - a male authority figure, i’d say the same applies. don’t get me wrong, i don’t think that means theres a romantic element between her and kakashi. what im referencing here is the experience for pretty much all young girls and the different pressure we tend to feel from adult men. i won’t go too much more into it rn but. if ur a girl, im sure u know what i mean lol 

she never shows this problem with ino, able to openly insult her and show her rough side. all references to femininity around ino are either 1. when theyre much younger children, and ino is supporting her in that even tho she might not meet conventional standards she’s still likable and adorable, and 2. when they’re playing up their attributes to appeal to boys. 

and overall this is really really detrimental to sakura. her part 1 character is hurt by this insecurity, and internalized misogyny is really obviously to blame imo. 

i think for this reason i like seeing her arc as breaking past that and not caring at all about the opinions of men - and this is rly relatable to me as a lesbian who’s had to work to not worry about the male gaze, and i think that extra layer gives her a lot of dimension!

obv im not a fan of rly any str8 sakura ship, but since sasusaku is the canon one, i do have an example from is specifically i wanna bring up.

i DONT like seeing sakura like this. its sad! she’s a confident rough and tumble girl and we never see her act like this in part 2 until sasuke comes back. to me this reads like he’s just opening up her insecurities again and its upsetting. :(

let sakura date girls! thanks for coming to my ted talk

I used to love old Selena who is strong, confident, believe herself and doesn’t need anyone to control her life. She was my idol, not this Sel. People think this is because of i ship jelena but no man… it’s like i can’t see the girl i used to adore when i look at her. Just one year ago, she came back with her “revival” and i was so damn proud. I was like ‘yeah that’s my girl and she doesn’t need a man to be happy’. Then she needed to go rehab. I’m ok w it, she needed to stop her tour. But c'mon how she gave up like that quick? She could resume the tour, but she preferred go to his new bf’s shows. I mean wtf. Why girl? What happened? You were believing yourself so much but then you just went to rehab and what changed? I just wanna know what happened. Seriously. Plus, all dumb selenators are like she was not happy at all one year ago. but i need to say it SHE WAS THE HAPPIEST WHEN SHE WAS ON TOUR EVEN SHE SAID IT HERSELF. But they’re still like “no she was so upset now she’s happy just because of abel” WTF? The last time i checked my girl didn’t need anyone to be happy. Seriously, what happened to my girl? They say “she’s living and enjoying her life” but bitch really do y'all think she has a life? She doesn’t do anything for herself. Her life is all about her new bf? Is this possible even in 4 months? How she “fell in love” this quick and making her ALL life about him? We only got candids when she’s w him or when she’s going to his concerts. All new updates are all about their relationship. Where tf her life? I just don’t understand. I really don’t get it and it’s so damn annoying i can’t know my own idol anymore. I hate the person who she became. Btw i know i need to chill but i miss my old Sel so much idk

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Paladins with a very clumsy s/o (like, instinctively shouts "i'm okay!" upon falling or dropping something)? Love ur blog btw ❤❤❤❤❤

of course!! (I relate I’m such a clumsy person I always drop glass plates and fall on the sidewalk omg) and thank you! <3


  • dad mode™ is constantly activated when he’s in the same room w/ you tbh
    • becomes the embodiment of “Marco Diaz, the Safe Kid”
  • whenever you fall near him he just reaches out and catches you with one arm
    • he strong  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • before you leave the ship for a mission he makes sure you have a box of the Altean equivalent of band-aids with you
  • constantly jokes about wrapping you in bubble-wrap


  • whenever he cooks/serves dinner on the ship he only lets you eat with a paper plate and a spoon
    • you’ve dropped too many metal and glass dishes to count and he can’t trust you
  • whenever you guys have to run away from an enemy quickly he picks you up and carries you


  • the first few times you fall/get hurt or break something they’re like “oh my gosh (y/n) are you okay????”
  • once they learn it’s just your personality to be a complete fucking clutz, they (lovingly) shout “get fucking wrecked” or “rip in peace/rip in piss” whenever you trip (they help you up of course but they gotta meme first)


  • every time you trip and fall, he tries to run and catch you so he can do a lame pick up line
    • Lance: “hey babe did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”
    • You, probably: “no but I scraped my knee crawling out of hell”
  • whenever you break/mess up something he always tries to make a rather cute joke to make you feel better about being clumsy


  • he was worried the first few times you fell or broke something, but he learned it was just you that was clumsy af and he got used to it
  • every time you fall near him you say something along the lines of “help, I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up”
    • he hates this,,, but he still blushes anyway
  • he won’t admit it, but he kinda likes tending to the scrapes and lil injuries you get

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Hi! You said that in your comic will no more shipping (I think it's great). But in the first chapter, I have seen some hints of Honemustard. Sorry, but I really hate this ship :( It will appear in the fourth chapter, or you will keep the promise? Your comic is still cool, especially the attack and weapons, but in my opinion (No one has ever asked me, but still ...), it would be much better if there was no shipping that somebody could hate. Sorry :( *sounds of apologetic firefly*

Hey ^^ I’m glad to know your opinion about this. Well I don’t want to do ships in this comic and the “honeymustard” thing in the first part was more like a brotherly thing. I wanted to build a strong relationship between red and usPap but like best friends or even brothers. Maybe I went too far ;-; so no ships in part 4 but they will act like very good friends ;w;

guysssss yurio is 15…… that’s so fucking young that’s only like freshman/sophomore year high school in america and him dating someone like jj or otabek is like dating a high school senior / freshman in college and i know the age difference is just 3-4 but the life experiences/maturity levels are so drastic and different. plus, yurio is obvs a minor while everyone else except minami and guang-hong are adults

let him grow up before exploring any possibility of romance w/ anyone. let him cultivate friendships bc as ep 10 suggests… no one has ever asked to be his friend. i know he has a strong and assertive personality and he can get what he wants but he is still growing up he is still a 15 year old teenage boy and his brain is still developing let him mature a bit

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there was backlash against moariel? why? what were people saying??? wtf why do ppl hate lesbians

yeah there was!!

they were saying how moana is supposed to be the strong and independent poc princess and like ??? kinda funny how only poc princesses are the ones who are supposed to be “independent” w/o love interests ://

people are all about crossovers ships until it’s an interracial one smh

(also @ those people who don’t like it bc they headcanon moana as asexual: that doesn’t mean she can’t be in a romantic relationship bye)

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I'm really sick rn and I love your headcanons, not hinting anything, nope, not at all

(i’m laughing omg) well anon, to help you in these trying times, i’d like to make your sick days a lil better ;^>

• mattsun absolutely sucks at air hockey, like, really. if makki wanted fast cash he’d drag mattsun to the arcade and start betting with him at the air hockey table (of course mattsun would always agree, he can never back down from a challenge).
• he’s really good at shooting games though. c.o.d.? that shit is minor to mattsun. makki is pretty decent, but he prefers the retro games to all the gunshots.
• kunimi is the god at chess. dont ever challenge him. he will literally crush you. kindaichi tried to play with him once, and he ended up curled into a ball on the floor after the second try. rip kindaichi.
• kyoutani is surprisingly good at games like candy crush. like, if there was a level you couldnt beat, just give your phone to kyoutani and he’d gladly solve it for you (hell, he’d be happy that you actually had the guts to talk to him; this tiny puppy,,,).
• yahaba is really flexible. like, legs-behind-your-head flexible. when watari found out he started calling yahaba violet beauregarde for the next two weeks.
• oikawa actually doesnt put any product in his hair. its just naturally perfect. he even has a few girls (and boys) that are totally jealous of it, so he just says he spends a ton of time on it just so they stay in their lane.
• one time iwaizumi used gel to spike his hair just so that when he went to headbutt oikawa it would hurt 10x more than normal
• watari still plays neko atsume
• “dude that game is so old haha” “so is your mom” “you cut me deep bro”
• oh yea, watari is a fucking savage
• like he has a comeback for anything. even if you say something stupid, watari will make it known that what you said was stupid
• kyoutani is a really deep sleeper. and he doesnt even snore when he sleeps.
• most of the time when he’s late to school its because he sleeps through his alarm
• kindaichi has reading glasses
• kunimi is weak whenever he’s over at kindaichi’s house and he walks in to see kindaichi reading with his glasses on (stay strong kunimi)
• kindaichi actually reads more than kunimi does, but kunimi has all the good books. sometimes if they’re supposed to hang out together kunimi will bring a book so that kindaichi can read it to him


i think i went overboard w/ this one,,
also i didnt know if you wanted a specific ship or not so i just did the whole team lol
anyway, i hope you get better soon anon !!! sleep well, drink lots of water, take care of yourself !!! you’ll be up and running like normal again in no time

Like honestly this isn’t a joke and I’m not playing, seeing a lesbian or other w/w-partnered character (especially one that I relate to and connect with) shipped with a man is literally triggering. On multiple occasions it’s made me actively self-harm, and on every occasion it’s made me feel the repulsive presence of a man leering at me and touching me, and it’s violating and horrific.

We honestly don’t take a hard enough stance on shipping lesbians with men, “erasure” isn’t strong enough a word for it. You are advocating conversion therapy.

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can we get some bokushou headcanons??? This ship is rare as fuck, and i have strange needs...

nice nicE NIC E

  • before they started dating, bokuto would NOT stop pestering kuroo for daishou’s number. kuroo ofc wanted to protect his precious bro from that damned snake but joke’s on him bc he eventually plays reluctant wingman just to get bo to shut up. (“stay strong, kuroo-san.” - akaashi)
  • daishou’s teammates are so frickin’ tsundere abt bokuto like gOD they would act v salty bc of how fukurodani mowed their asses in the last inter-high, but they all secretly ship it like fedex
  • bokuto loves, loves, LOVES the sound of daishou’s voice like omg it doesn’t matter whether daishou is cursing the existence of all bugs on earth or rambling abt this one guy from this one team w/ that dumb accent and how he should just die in a fire, bokuto WILL listen
  • daishou’s resolve is honestly /so/ weak when it comes to bokuto like when they go on dates and bokuto sees a crepe stand or smth, it will only take approximately 3.89 seconds of puppy eyes until daishou says ok even tho they just ate
  • (bokuto’s teammates warned him abt this, but he didn’t listen RIP daishou)
Marrish and the supernatural bond

Lately, haters post a lot of things like “The bond is supernatural and links only the banshee and the hellhound, not Lydia and Parrish. There is nothing more”. If you think like that… I’m going to ruin your day and I’m not sorry :)

Let’s start with the obvious: yes, the Hellhound and the Banshee are connected by supernatural bond. Yes? Well, not exactly. We know that they communicate by the hallucinations/visions. So, the first one? Jordan said, that he saw the banshee and she tried to keep him alive. She said “Jordan, stay with me”… See something interesting? Lydia said JORDAN. But let’s keep going. The second one – I’m not going to talk about it. It was caused by the Dread Doctors and it was about Jordan’s fear of not being able to control his powers and hurting Lydia. So, the third one. Putting aside that they were both naked and had a steamy make out session, Lydia said “You’re a harbinger of death, Jordan”… Did she just call him by his first name? Again?

Why it’s important. I got an impression that people who say that it’s only connection between their supernatural sides, treat Lydia and the banshee like two, separate beings. Like there is Lydia and there is a banshee. What is a bullshit. Lydia Martin IS the banshee. There is no little, cute banshee sitting in Lydia’s head and taking charge where there is a body or something. Lydia and the banshee are ONE being. The same goes for Parrish. I know that when his hellish side takes control, he acts like a different person, but there is no difference between that and fresh werewolves who don’t control their powers. Because, he still doesn’t control it. What doesn’t change the fact that, at least for now, Jordan and the hellhound are one being.

Let’s go back to the visions. Lydia called him by his first name. Why? It’s supposed to be the banshee and the hellhound here. Yes? So why she used his name? And two times? She has never called him Jordan in reality, she always called him Parrish. What does it mean? Few things.

It proves that there is no difference between Lydia and Jordan and their supernatural sides. Plus, friendly reminder that Jordan, is always “Jordan” in his visions not “the Hellhound”. He was always a little confused/worried in the visions and seriously, I haven’t seen a confused Hellhound so far – he always just does his job. She called him “Jordan” and that could mean that they’re closer than they show in reality. Because why the visions are so intimate? According to haters, it’s all Jordan’s “creepy fault”, but hey, it is Lydia who reaches for him, he responds to her actions. It’s like she subconsciously chooses how the vision should look and what they do in it. So, hmm, she chose a shower and make out session. Just saying.

Secondly, haters say that Jordan and Lydia are connected by death. DEATH, people. They using it like it’s an insult or something horrible. Umm, Lydia is a banshee and that means she is connected to death for her whole life. PERIOD. There is no escape from it. She was alienated for long time, but now she has finally someone who is the same, who understands her and accepts her wholly. Two Harbingers of Death. This is not only a supernatural connection, this is connection between two beings with the same experiences and worries. And it means A LOT.

Thirdly, haters say that there is a supernatural connection, but there is nothing stronger than love. Sweethearts, do you know what love is? Love is chemistry in your brain :) That means it can be easily broken :) Like you know, people fall out of love with “their love of their lives” quite often :) They just stop feeling love. It happens. A lot. Everywhere. Even now.

What about supernatural connections? Well, probably they last for freaking forever. It’ll bond them for their whole lives. Probably it’s unbreakable. And look how strong it is: Lydia can reach him, no matter how far he is. Jordan can find her, no matter where she is. And their powers are compatible – the scene when he absorbed her scream? He used his flames, but it didn’t burn her. The scream didn’t hurt him. He can absorb her scream and save her (and others around them). He is her freaking life jacket. Always (minus time when he’s paralyzed by freaking kaminas). It means that Lydia has much more in common with Jordan, than, for example, with a human teenage dude. Just saying.

Lastly, haters act like there is a supernatural connection, so there can’t be anything else. Of course, for now there is no love but it doesn’t mean they can’t fall in love or the bond prevents them from it. Sweethearts, there is a friendship between Lydia and Jordan. And quite strong one. It may stay platonic of course. But we have some hints that it may evolve to something more in the future.

But yeah, you ship Lydia with someone else? Better go and pray to every damned god on this planet because if two Harbingers of Death fall in love there is absolutely fucking nothing that could break them apart.

Thank you for your attention. Fight me if you want.

Stronger // Kylo x Reader

Anon requested: Kylo Ren x reader please! Kylo realizes there’s a force sensitive member of the first order, reader, who was brought from birth to be a lieutenant in operations (under hux). He feels a kinship w/ reader who has no idea about the force. he hides from hux/snoke but he also doesn’t want to appear weak to someone inferior. He begins testing readers abilities w/out her knowing (like suggesting she become a higher officer &shows her how to Jedi mind trick) & he knowingly helps her escape, feeling weak

This prompt was really interesting and I planned this one of a lot before I got to writing to make sure it was perfect and the logic behind it is correct.

He can feel it throughout his body. Something doesn’t belong. It doesn’t feel right.

Someone on this ship has a way with the force other than himself. Kylo needed to know who it was. The was a strong feeling, telling him it was one person, but it couldn’t be. She was a lieutenant and undergoing training with General Hux. She’s been training for this position for years and it was impossible that he could only have starting sensing something now. 

However, he was compelled to investigate. He had to see if his power was in jeopardy.

Kylo marched toward the control panel, finding you in your typical position next to General Hux.

If you are really sensitive to the force, you’ll sense this, he thinks to himself. Kylo grabs a wrench from a radar technician and chucks it.

You were standing next to Hux, as he was talking to you about how important it was to look over everyone making sure they are doing his job. However, you felt something wrong. Like there was a presence behind you, racing towards your head. You turn around and your hand flies up to your face, catching a wrench. Your eyes widen.

How did you do that?

You were scared, but intrigued.

Kylo eye’s widen. His heart races.

It’s true. She is strong with the force.

This can be very beneficial to the First Order, he thinks. She can be the key to the end of the rebellion.

“Lieutenant (Y/N). Come with me”, Kylo speaks out loud to you.

Your heart stop. Kylo rarely talked to you directly. You look at Hux, who nods in confirmation. You straighten your posture and walk to him. He guides you down to an empty training room.

“Turn around”, he demands. You hesitantly obey.

What was he gonna do? Was he going to hurt you?

Again, you feel the same feeling you did in the control you. Something was hurdling down towards you. You snap around, once again, hand flying up to your face, catching a wrench.

“What is happening?” you say, worriedly, looking to Kylo Ren for an answer.

Kylo smiles to himself and says, “Something fantastic.”

Over the course of a month, Kylo has been secretly testing you with the force. Today, you were with him in the same training room and he was in the midst of teaching you what he called “mind tricks.”

Kylo spent 15 minutes explaining how to do it, finally bringing in a storm trooper to test you.

Looing at the trooper in the face, saying “You will open the door and leave.”

The storm trooper repeats robotically, “I will open the door and leave”, following your orders. Kylo smiles to himself and claps his hands.

You are content with making him happy, but you didn’t like this training anymore. You even lost the interest of being a General. Kylo offered you a general position, which you declined. You just didn’t want to take that path. You wanted to return back to wherever you came from. You weren’t happy and you knew Kylo could sense it.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, taking off his helmet.

“Commander, don’t get upset. I just- I don’t want to be a General anymore. I don’t have the same interest as I did a year ago. I’m not happy”, you say sadly.

Kylo sensed it. You were depressed and he didn’t like seeing you like that. “Okay. I respect your decision.”

You look up at him, surprised. “Really? Oh, thank you”, you smile.

He knew that he had to let you go, no matter how strong you were.

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idk if you're still invested in this ship but if you are PLEASE MORE CHARLOTTE AND HENRY HEADCANNONS (from henry danger) plsss i'm begging

just 4 u anon and bc u asked so nice ill do more 

ur so cute come off anon so we can talk abt this ship more pls im so lonely 

- charlotte loves horror movies but henry hates them. They compromise so that when they see a scary movie they have to go watch something light hearted and fun like a kid’s show or cartoon. 

- i am obsessed w the idea that after a school dance or something charlotte’s feet hurt so badly from the heels that henry tries to carry her bridal style only he isn’t strong enough so he just gives her a piggy back ride instead

- a frequent date spot is them going to the animal shelter and just playing with puppies 

- one time on henry’s birthday she tried to make him a pasta dinner and like she nearly burnt down the house so instead they raided their local 7/11 and after eating 3 packs of combos, a liter of diet pepsi, airhead extremes, and a frozen pizza they fell asleep on the couch. henry recalls it as one of his best birthdays. 

- HENRY LOVES TO TAKE SELFIES and charlotte is camera shy. there are at least 30 selfies where his arm is around her and he’s sporting a huge grin where charlotte is putting her hand over the camera or ducking out of frame. 

- they probably are always making stupid bets like henry will be like “charlotte, bet you I can eat 40 fries in 2 minutes.” and Charlotte has to be like, “No, you will literally throw up.” 

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wait whats going on w the ons fandom

Here’s a list in no order whatsoever because they’re all terrible:

1. Ship wars between Yuunoa and MikaYuu

2. Romanticise everything and ignore the plot/character dynamics

3. Reposting artwork from artists without permission, without source (sometimes with INACCURATE source) and even artwork from artists who have ALREADY posted it on their own tumblr

4. Ship wars between MikaYuu and YuuMika (This one is literally the most ridiculous one it’s laughable)

5. Hate in the tag about irrelevant stuff (ex: the burst of Shinya hate in the mikayuu tag)

6. Hate on strong female characters to justify their gay ship -COUGH- shinoa -COUGH-

7. Mischaracterisation of characters to justify their headcanons

my onions about (almost) every twin peaks character

im going to put it under a read more but my cliff note is my three faves are andy, pete, and gordon and i write like a paragraph for all these characters so have fun – also spoiler alert i use the word “sweet” a lot…. its just how i feel

also, spoiler alert for a lot of these just a heads up

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