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LIST OF RP FAVORITES AND LEAST FAVORITES !  / repost, do not reblog.

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FIRST NAME: magpie 👀
FAVORITE FCS TO PLAY: shrugs? the canon (for chris, anyway). if it works, it works !
FAVORITE SHIP YOU’VE EVER HAD: M A N Y. ALL. (even if we don’t talk as much anymore ;v;)
FAVORITE FANDOM YOU’VE BEEN IN: dis one. :> cuz of y’all
FAVORITE SONG TO GIVE YOU MUSE: idk anything that’s painful tbh?? :’^) or fitting their aesthetic.
LEAST FAVORITE FCS TO PLAY/PLAY AGAINST: usually people who’ve done some Ultra Fucked Up Shit (like abusers/etc.) or are people i’m just “:/ yikes” about. probably gonna stay away from (popular) ytber fcs, s o. yeah.
LEAST FAVORITE RP EXPERIENCE: uhhhhhhhhhh don’t recall. shrug emoji.
LEAST FAVORITE GENRE OF WRITING: fighting? action? How Do. i don’t know fighting words that don’t sound mechanical.
LEAST FAVORITE FANDOM YOU’VE BEEN IN: uh. this is pretty much the only fandom i’ve been active in (as opposed to reblogging things) so um. u kno. 👀
LEAST FAVORITE THING PEOPLE ASSUME ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER: “uwu cinnamon roll wouldn’t harm a fly so protective.” also that he has a fake-crush on ashley l mao?? Get Out Of Here, I’m Not About That Shit.
OTHER CHARACTERS YOU’D LIKE TO PLAY: uhhhh maybe Emily. but i don’t think i’d have the correct tone for her outward attitude & such stuff. maybe for her inner workings but uh. :’)

and, for the bonus round, bold whatever rp-related things appeal to you from the list below!

MUSE PREFERENCES: females / males / canons / ocs / corrupted / good / live action / animated / human / supernatural / other species / hopeless romantic / averse to love / younger (15-25) / older (25+) / easy for you to relate to / hard for you to relate to.

PLOT IDEAS: accidentally married / affairs / age gaps / angst / apocalypse / arranged marriage / boarding school / college roommates / criminals / enemies to lovers / enemies with benefits / exes / fake relationship / fluff / forbidden relationship / friends with benefits / online relationships / pregnancy / prison / professor/student / road trips / rich kids / royalty / smut / supernatural / toxic relationships.

POSSIBLE TRIGGERS IN PLOTS YOU’RE OKAY WITH: abuse / bdsm / daddy kink / drinking / drugs / dub-con / gore / incest / kidnapping / murder / non-con / prostitution / stepcest / stockholm syndrome / torture.

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Hi! Can I please have a written ship w Goblin (any gender)? I struggle w meeting new people, but I'm a very loving, dedicated friend, & I have strong humanitarian sentiments. I do my best to stay open-minded & accepting, & I'm always interested in learning new things & hearing new perspectives. I'm very patient w my loved ones. I deeply value kindness. I want to learn and experience the world as much as I can. However, I can get a little intense & philosophical at times. Thank you so much!

Goblin -  Yoo Duk-Hwa

Originally posted by lasershieldsk

Sorry for being so late XD

Hope you like it :] 

- Rellik

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If you're still doing the ask thing, then... Hoshi?

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | donโ€™t like them | eh | theyโ€™re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: short kiddo w/ lowest voice??? Good Shit
worst quality: ???
ship them with: no one
brotp them with: not sure
needs to stay away from: Everyone!! let him sleep!!
misc. thoughts: SPOILERS

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Hey hun. So I am a Disney/fairytale/fantasy nut and was wondering if you could recommend any good Johnlock "Disney princess" or fairytale AU fics? Ta!

Hi Lovely!

I actually haven’t read any that come to mind immediately, other than these ones:


The Swan Triad Series by Pennin_Ink (T, 121,660 w. across 3 works || Swan Princess AU) – Sherlock and John grow up spending every summer together. Their mothers’ attempts to play matchmaker only fuel their mutual resentment and scorn. But then, one summer…

The Frost Child by twistedthicket1 (M, 9,944 w. || Frozen-ish AU || Angst, Fluff)In a world where people are born with a Gift of varying levels, simple John Watson is the last person one might look at when thinking of any strong Magick capabilities. Hiding comfortably in the shadow of Sherlock’s brilliant deducing abilities, John is content to keep it that way…

Perdition’s Flames by i_ship_an_armada (E, 63,435 w., | Treklock AU) – Sherlock would do anything to save him. Risk anything. Give anything. His money, his life. His soul. What he does, though, is change both of their destinies forever. Genetic re-engineering is the only option left. It turns out researchers underestimated the life expectancy and potential abilities of genetically re-engineered subjects. The British government and what would eventually become the United Federation of Planets, however, had not. Part 1 of PF Universe

Coventry by standbygo (E, 52,020 w. || Dollhouse AU) – “Let me get this straight,” John said, wondering when his life had become a science fiction film. “Some guy orders up a personality, a person, to his specifications, and they program this into a real live person, who has consented to do this, and she goes to this person and acts as his wife, or lawyer, or Royal Marine, or Navy Seal or what have you, and she has all the skills, all the knowledge, everything? Then you say the magic words, and she follows you back to The House, and they erase it all until her next appointment?”

The Boy Who Drank Stars by kinklock (E, 36,187 w. || Howl’s Moving Castle | Slow Burn, Romance, Pining) – “I’m looking for a castle,” John informed the scarecrow. “A moving one.” Except that, as it turned out, it was not a moving one at all.

Impossible Improbable Truth by KaraRenee (M, 24,308 w. || Labyrinth AU) – John and Sherlock take a case investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl and her toddler half brother. What they find is an impossible adventure that leads them on a journey of discovery of their sexuality. {{I haven’t read this, but it’s on my Marked for Later and I remembered putting it on there LOL}}

Through Dangers Untold by hogwartswitch (E, 32,003 w. || Labyrinth AU) – The Goblin King has fallen in love with John Watson and visits him in dreams. But the evil wizard who cursed the Goblin King cannot allow that to continue. Will John survive the labyrinth? Or will he become a lost goblin like all the rest? {{I think I started this when it was a WiP, so I never finished it, hah. I don’t remember it all.}}

Malediction by MapleleafCameo (M, 36,680 w. || Ladyhawke AU) – Cursed to a half-life, John and Sherlock must fight the forces of evil to be reunited once again. {{I read this once a LONG time ago. I remember loving it.}}

Bel Canto by bendingsignpost (T, 96,751 w. || Phantom of the Opera AU || Major Character Death) – After years of waiting for wealthy patrons to faint, Dr John Watson discovers a far more interesting patient in the opera house basement. {{ Another I never finished, but this is the  “go to” PotO fic}}

The Dragon’s Soldier by twistedthicket1 (M, 154,667 w. || Smauglock || Past Rape/Non-con, H/C, Dragonlock) – When the dragons “came out” to the rest of the world, nobody expected the resulting War that broke out between Humans and Beasts. Both sides afraid and suspicious of each other, Humans drove Dragons into slavery, imprisoning them and turning their children into weapons for the military. Forced into hiding, many Dragons disguised themselves as Human and kept their secrets locked away, awaiting for the day when the royal blood line long since vanished would once again reappear and lay waste to the Humans that oppressed them. Can Dragon and Man really get along? Or even more, become friends? {{Another on my MFL list, haven’t read this yet so read at your own risk}}

The Soul Remembers by i_ship_an_armada (E, 43,636 w. || Oblivion AU || Dreams, Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure, Bittersweet Ending) – John Watson is the lone security repairman stationed on a desolate, nearly-ruined future Earth. His dreams are plagued by a tall, dark-haired man, and when his dreams meet reality, he will be forced to question everything he believes is the truth about his life.

Deducing Daisies by LlamaWithAPen (G, 144,583 w. WIP || Pushing Daisies AU || Friendship, Death, Humour) – What if you could touch someone and bring them back to life? Sherlock Holmes, the Detective, is a seemingly ordinary man with an extraordinary gift: he can bring the dead back to life with a single touch. {{Haven’t read this yet, it’s on my MFL list, read at own discretion}}

Once Upon a Beast Becoming by antietamfalls (T, 24,042 w. || Beauty and the Beast AU || Magical Realism, Romance) – An act of pride, a druid’s curse, an enchanted leaf; Sherlock’s torment has lasted an age. Hope arrives in the form of one John Watson, a man uniquely suited to break the spell. But with a single night to win his affections, Sherlock finds his carefully laid plans disrupted by a monstrous killer whose sights are set on the only thing he has left to lose: John. {{Haven’t read this yet, on MFL list. Read at your own discretion}}


We Bleed into the Grey by QuinnAnderson (T, 4,989 w. | Fluff and Angst, Supernatural Elements) – It was stupid, really. What was the point of having an ability if it wasn’t even a useful one? Sherlock would just as soon be rid of his. Until he meets John Watson, that is. {{Sherlock can see Auras}}

An Experiment in Empathy Series by belovedmuerto (G to T, 62 397w across 13 stories) –  In which John is an empath, Sherlock is Sherlock, and an epic bromance happens. In the aftermath of The Great Game, John creates an unexpected bond between himself and Sherlock. Now they have to learn how to deal with it. John is better at this than Sherlock is. {{I LOVE this SERIES SO MUCH.}}

An Experiment in Apathy Series by belovedmuerto (G to E, 28,701 w. over 13 stories, WIP) – John and Sherlock navigate their complicated relationship. I adore this series, and it feels complete where it leaves off :)

Invisible by chappysmom (K+, 25+K w. || No Slash, semi-canon compliant) – John had had the knack for as long as he could remember. It wasn’t that he could become invisible, exactly. The laws of physics worked quite well in his vicinity, thank you very much. It was just that people tended … not to see him. {{This was one of the first AU’s I read, and I still love it to this day}}. SEQUELSStill Invisible (ASiB) || Too Visible (THoB) || Invisible Once More (TRF) All are very good and should all be read.

Conductivity by Coquillage Atlas (K,11K+ w.|| Fantasy and Friendship) – John Watson, alone in London with a healing power he can hardly bear. A description of his life with magic, before and after Sherlock. {{Another really good AU!}} SEQUELS: Resistance || Reciprocity 

Left by lifeonmars (M, 45,153 w. || Magical Realism) – John Watson is left-handed. He’s tried not to let it affect his life, but as any Lefty knows, that’s almost impossible. (FAVE!!)


I Used to Live Alone Before I Knew You by etothepii (T, 11,052 w. | Winglock) – Where Mycroft is an angel, Sherlock is a demon, and John is still John. {{I like this one because John is so perfect in it, and Sherlock cares so much about John}}

Fallen Series by Belladonna_Q & mamishka (T, 222,094 w. across 3 works, WiP || Angel!John, Fae & Fairies) – In a world where myth, mystery, and the supernatural flourish beneath the veneer of modern civilization, Sherlock is a master of magic as well as science and deduction. But there are some things that he cannot see, riddles he cannot unravel, even when they walk right beside him in the form of one John Watson…

A Certain Kind of Hunger by MapleleafCameo (E, 5,881w. || Somnophilia, Incubus!John, Tail Things) – A concerned Sherlock watches as John seems to be rapidly losing weight. What he discovers is that John really isn’t normal. And he is very, very hungry. The tail was the real surprise.

Angel by MrsNoggin (T, 1K+w. || Friendship, Winglock-ish) – John is an angel. That can be the only explanation. This is an interesting take on the Winglock universe.

Not The Hands That Kill by You_Light_The_Sky (M, 6,201 w. || Winglock, Implied Sex) – Having wings does not make Sherlock Holmes a guardian angel, not in the way that John Watson is his.

Guidelines by WithLoweredVoices (M, 43,018 w. || Winglock, Fantasy, BAMF!John) – The Good Soldier, one of the oldest and strongest of the fallen, is offered a bargain: to live as John Watson and to Guide a fledgling archangel so that he will stay on the path of good. Of course, Sherlock Holmes has different ideas about his destiny. Warnings for violence, occasional gore, and a whole load of hurt and angst.

It’s After That Hurts by jonnyluvssherlock (T, 2,791 w. || Winglock, Pining Sherlock, Minor Gore, Fallen Angel, Friends to Lovers) – Sherlock’s an angel stuck as a guardian to danger addict John Watson. Everything is fine until he gets too involved. Now he has to make the choice, eternity alone or one life time with a man who may or may not love him. {{This is only one chapter and it feels like it should be more… I love it but feels incomplete. Kind of an AU of City of Angels}}


John Watson’s Moon by patternofdefiance (E, 11,314 w. || Werewolf!John, First Time) – Sherlock finds out John is a werewold and wants to see the transformation. It, uh, gets really kinky.

An Acquired Taste by kinklock (E, 31,059 w. || Bat!Sherlock, Humour, Misunderstandings) – At Montague Street when Sherlock was forced to sate his body’s needs, he was at least able to wander about the flat as much as he pleased. At Baker Street, it was mini-bags in a mini-fridge and bedroom confinement.

Bleed Me Out by antietamfalls (E, 87,987 w. || Soul Bonding, John Whump, Fluff and Angst, H/C) – John isn’t exactly surprised to discover that Sherlock isn’t human. His vampirism doesn’t pose a problem, even when their relationship gradually grows into something more. That is, until a deadly revelation about John’s blood sends their lives spinning dangerously out of control.


Shatter the Darkness (Let the Light In) by MojoFlower (E, 109,683 w. | GenieLock, Torture, H/C, Magical Realism) Fairy tales are for those who remember how to dream; not John Watson, broken and hiding from his bleak future in a beige bedsit. But then he discovers a lamp and finds himself in the dangerous riptide of an enigmatic man whose very existence is unbelievable, murder charges against his sister, and the growing pains of feeling alive once more. {{This is a REALLY great story, which tears at your heart consistently}}.

De Veritate Unicornis Moderni by tepid sponge bath (T, 5K+ w. | Fantasy & Drama) – John Watson, a unicorn of this day and age, is trapped in a mortal body. Life as it is seems pretty pointless, almost unendurable, until he meets one Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective and very much a virgin. {{This is such an interesting take on unicorn mythology}}.

To Mend A Heart by dee-light (G, 1,472 w. || Magical Realism, H/C) – Hearts can be broken, and mended, and broken again. Good thing, then, that hearts are only the seat of all emotion, and not something Sherlock needs in order to live.

Winter of Life by You_Light_The_Sky (T, 5,178 w. || Magic Realism, Fluff, Christmas, Angst) – It was an experiment, really. On Christmas, Sherlock wrote to Santa asking for a friend. He got a broken toy soldier instead. This is the story of how he finds him again and again.

Software Malfunction by tiger_in_the_flightdeck (E, Tumblr fic || Android!lock, Jealous, Angst, Unhappy Ending) – Assigned as the head of Medical Research on the Baker, John Watson meets- and quickly falls in love with- Sherlock, a specially commissioned Companion android with a malfunction.

No Strings Attached by Elster (G, 2,714w. || Fae / Faeries, Love Confessions, Fairy Tales) – To save John from being spirited away Under the Hill, Sherlock challenges the fairy queen to a fiddle contest.


The Semantics of Crop Circle Formation: a case study by Sherlock Holmes [unpublished] bycanolacrush (M, 41,710 w. || Sherlock POV, Aliens, Wordplay, Casefic) – “Look at these photographs,” I said, gesturing to the wall of crop circles. “What do you observe?”“Crop circles,” John replied.“Obvious. What else?”“Are…are those intestines surrounding them?”“Yes. The majority are bovine and ovine in origin. The farmers who have acquired these crop circles in their fields have also had a tenth of their livestock murdered and arranged thus.”“Why?” John said, presumably in a rhetorical fashion. I detest rhetorical questions. “That is what I must find out, John.”

The Red Dianthus by kinklock (T, 11,382 w. || BAMF!John, Misunderstandings, Halloween, Fluff) – The boys investigate a mysterious disappearance in a supposedly haunted house, and get much more than they bargained for.

Upon Waking by joolabee (E, 3,901 w. || Somnophilia, Mildly Dubious Consent, Angst) – It sets on slow: John can only be awake while Sherlock sleeps, and vice versa. Their lives are codependent, but never meeting. Like a set of scales.

London’s Ghost by JustlikeWater (K+, 5K+ w.|| Tragedy/Angst, MCD, TRF AU, Sherlock POV) – "Today, it’s been weeks since Sherlock died. Other times, years. He doesn’t know for sure, though. Time passes differently for the dead" 

Electric Potential by pygmymeese (T, 5K+ w. || Supernatural) – It’s not clear why everyone in the world suddenly gets a ghost only they can interact with. All John Watson knows is that he’s stuck with a brilliant, if smug, ex-consulting detective, and that life is definitely looking up.

Second Waltz by Atiki (T, 6,685 w. || MCD, Angst, Fluff, Cancer) – "The night I died, you wished I could wait for you.“

Where The Ghosts Have Voices by HappyJuicyfruit (M, 37,665 w. || John Whump, Magical Realism, Ghosts, Coma, Happy Ending) – John has lived his whole life as an outcast. It is only when he meets Sherlock, that be realizes being a freak might not be such a bad thing, and that the curse he has lived with his whole life may be a gift after all. {{Haven’t read this yet, it’s on my MFL list, read at your own discretion}}


The Heart On Your Sleeve by flawedamythyst (T, 5,441 w. || Heartmark, Stubborn Sherlock) –  Sherlock stared at the imperfect circle on his left wrist in horror, then sat down on his bed with a bit of a thump. After over thirty years, his heartmark was finally showing activity. This was not good.

The Best Picture of the Human Soul by SwissMiss (T, 5,776 w. || Tattoos, Finding Your True Love) – The stories of our lives are written on our skin. Every time you fall in love, you gain a mark. Part 1 of Imagines Moti

With All My Heart by QuinnAnderson (E, 19,257 w. || Tally Marks, Magical Realism, Fluff and Angst) – AU in which every time a person falls in love, a red line like a tally mark appears on their wrist. Sherlock is determined to keep himself from ever gaining one of these marks for fear that love will corrode his mental faculties. Then he meets John Watson.

Finding John by orphan_account (T, 5,456 w. || Symbolic Rings) – Sherlock Holmes has met exactly twenty-four Johns in his life. They have all been the wrong John. He’s getting tired of waiting, staring at the inscription on his finger and wondering when his John will turn up, if ever. Part 1 of Inscriptions

what’s in a name by flight815kitsune (NR, 1,285 w. || Soulmate Names) – There were some things you just knew. The name, if you were lucky enough to get one, was one of those things

the fearful passage of death-mark’d love by urcool91 (T, 1980 w. || Tattoos, H/C, Angst) – The first time that John meets Sherlock Holmes, the younger man has his sleeves pushed up to his elbows, wrists bare of any hint of ink. Within 48 hours, John has added “Jefferson Hope” to his clavicle. (Or: The One Where, When You Kill Someone, Their Name Shows Up On Your Arm)


{{SEE ALSO: Johnlock Body Swap Fic Rec List}}

Bringing Colour to the World by SD_Ryan (G, 1,168w. || Est. Relationship, Sickfic, Fluff, Schmoop) – In which we encounter a sick detective, a snuggle on the couch, and a silly fairytale.

The Steadfast Tin Watson by what_alchemy  (T, 3,973 w. || Fairytales) – When the fairies left, they took their stories with them. But they left the characters behind.

Otherwise, I actually have a lot on my Marked for Later list, all of which have come from Alexx’s lists:

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👊 - A Best Friend

Ah, best friends? I suck at explainin n talkin sooo yeah. Alright so starting with Archer, he can be a lil rude but he can also be pretty damn cool! He’s also hella strong but I beat his ass one time, good time… Oh and Bara n Intern are my space buddies! We go stargazing sometimes along with hunting for space Pokemon, and then one time we tried building an actual ship but… It kinda blew up but I have a teensy little scar on my arm but that’s alright. Oooh did I tell you about W? He’s hella sweet and honestly the kid deserves an appreciation day, sometimes we go vulpix hunting together. It’s cold but it’s also fun, cold fun… sounds like a type of band. There’s also 3 cuties in that are best friends, Leaf, Blue, and Red. Honestly I could probably write a 80 page essay about them and how good they are. I think that’s all my best friends..? I just thought of the ones that came first in my mind so yeah.”

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u know that sansa stark girl

i might’ve heard of her??

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff 
best quality: oh my GOD she’s so smart!! and strong!! and plays the game and people underestimate her and she uses it to her advantage and she doesn’t get down and dirty and physically fight w a sword and stuff but she’s?? one of the strongest characters out there while wearing a dress i could go on and on okay
worst quality: being naive (especially early on)
ship them with: happiness, petyr, jon, sandor (possibly margaery?)
brotp them with: jon, margaery, tyrion
needs to stay away from: petyr lmao and ramsay
misc. thoughts: like i was rambling about above she’s just so strong and??? cares about others so much and learns from her mistakes and fights in the way she knows how to and like??? learns from every heartbreak and misfortune and u g h i love her she’s my fav girl

send me characters!!!

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โ˜’ + โ˜‘

↪ 「 munday asks | hsfhdsfd i’m sleepy but sure 

☒ : A NOTP with your Muse in it (if you have any).

tbh with how bare-bones gaiden’s roster is and how literally half of the characters don’t interact with one another, i can’t say i’ve got very strong feelings for these ?? i’m p open to anything honestly

zeke/alm will probably never be a thing i’ll be into though since zeke’s canon romance is established pre-gaiden and is also really important to his character and gaiden’s plot, but also because i figured these two have more of a brotherly relationship !! honestly gimme the platonic zeke & alm interactions CAUSE THEY SOUND SO GOOD….

☑ : An OTP with your Muse in it (if you have any).

HFSDHJFKDSDS you know that my fav ship for alm is alm/celica already as i’m sure like literally everyone who follows this blog for a while also knows like HELP ??? the symbolism w/ them is just so Good. and i’m also kinda a sucker for childhood friends and their overall dynamic and i could ramble on for like FIFTY YEARS 

to go w/ a nonobvious answer though, i kinda like the idea of alm/tobin where the two are a lil noncommital at first? the two acknowledge the other is Kinda Hot and it’s more like a casual fling they revisit to keep each other not lonely and to help each other try and practice for their crushes on celica and clair respectively but they find out Well Fuck !! I Might Have Some Gay Feelings Dude ??

who am i,

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Hi!~ Can I have a written ship w/BTS,pls? I'm 5'7,the eldest of 4,making me reliable & a good leader.Very caring,affectionate,kind,strong both physically & mentally,competitive & fearless.I'm a good listener so as a good adviser.I love sharing my love w/my fam & people I care.I LIKE flowers,animals & LOVE cuddling,skinship,theme park & advanturous things.I can cook too.I hate heat & worst w/directions.I'm always there for my siblings.Smile's always on my face & I hope everyone can smile,too.Tysm

Thank you for requesting! 

In BTS, I ship you with RapMonster!

Being a leader himself, Namjoon would recognize your leadership skills immediately, and would understand and appreciate the hard work and love you put into taking care of your siblings and loved ones. You’d be each others’ rock, and your relationship would be a stable and strong one! He’s also a cuddle bug, so expect a lot of hugs and skinship whether at home or while out on a fun date!

I hope you like your ship and have a wonderful day~

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inej for the ask game :)


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor (I think leigh sorted her and we agree) | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: she is just so strong and never gives up, and I love how she gets along w other people and has hope
worst quality:  does she even have one??
ship them with: kaz, i’m trash 4 them
brotp them with: all the dregs!! especially nina and jesper
needs to stay away from: mmmm?? from pain, she already has been through so much
misc. thoughts: I hope she is having a great day kicking those slaver’s asses and that she is bonding w her parents again after so long. and I hope she goes to ketterdam every once in a while and that she keeps in touch w nina

scarfblogs  asked:

Winry Rockbell

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: winry rockbell is a good, kind girl who loves with her whole heart.
worst quality: she is quick-to-act and is hesitant to admit she is wrong
ship them with: E D W A R D   E L R I C
brotp them with: alphonse elric!!!!!!! lan fan!!!! P A N I N Y A
needs to stay away from: was gonna say scar, but she proved my ass wrong
misc. thoughts: one of the most inspirational female characters in any shounen anime ive ever seen. she’s strong in a quiet way, voices her opinion loudly, and is unapologetically feminine while still exceeding in a male-dominated field. talk shit about winry rockbell and i’ll break into your home and turn on all your faucets while you’re sleeping. enjoy that water bill, bitch. 

thefourteenthdarkone  asked:


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: rlly strong and cute!! her magic is super powerful and versatile!!
worst quality: she was a lil arrogant during tenrou but now shes not so 👍👍👍👍👍 we cool
ship them with: no one rlly
brotp them with: juvia, ultear, sting
needs to stay away from: IDK
misc. thoughts: super super Soft and rlly cute! i rlly adore her relationshpi w/ ultear

send me a character

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- how often I play them: on occasion, but im really bad at her. i play on pc w a controller like an idiot, so flying and aiming is hard, even w explosives
- which maps I like to use them on: Antarctica, Lijiant, Hanamura, annnd Dorado
- which skin I currently have equipped: i have her event skins but those are the only fancy ones, so just some generic bronze skin for her :(
- who I ship them with: symmetra def, and mercy bc the art is too cute to dislike. maybe zarya also. two ripped ladies…. too strong for this world

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do my actual daughter and wife konatsu

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

best quality: SHES SO STRAIGHT FORWARD and sooo driven like…that motivation is so good and she’s so strong. I love her

worst quality: Totally understand why she doesnt, but I want her to try and trust ppl more
Also saying rakugo is more for boys made my skin crawl..honey ur so good pls pursue it 

ship them with: Yotaro !!! no one could be more perfect than yota

brotp them with: Okami and Mangetsu

needs to stay away from: uhhh Eisuke i guess, considering his obsession w Miyokichi

misc. thoughts i love her and i want her to become a famous rakugoka too ;_;

Why Asgore and Gaster used to be (very) close friends

( Gaster battle sprite by @dreemurr-reborn )

Here are 4 reasons King Asgore and Doctor W. D. Gaster used to be close friends.

1. The strong connections between The Dreemurr family and the Font family

When we look at the 3 biological members of the Dreemurr family and the family of 3 skeletons that each speak in a different typefaces (dubbed the Font family for the purpose of this post) certain patterns emerges. Each one of the members correspond with a member of the other family. Asriel/Flowey and Papyrus, Toriel and Sans, Asgore and Gaster, each pair has a connection and share key characteristics the others donโ€™t. Gaster worked for Asgore, presumably worked to further his goals, and both is looked up to for their work. Since we still donโ€™t know much about Gaster as a person their might be other characteristics Asgore and Gaster have in common. My assessment is that like Flowey/Papyrus and Toriel/Sans, Asgore/Gaster shared a strong bond.

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can we get some bokushou headcanons??? This ship is rare as fuck, and i have strange needs...

nice nicE NIC E

  • before they started dating, bokuto would NOT stop pestering kuroo for daishou’s number. kuroo ofc wanted to protect his precious bro from that damned snake but joke’s on him bc he eventually plays reluctant wingman just to get bo to shut up. (“stay strong, kuroo-san.” - akaashi)
  • daishou’s teammates are so frickin’ tsundere abt bokuto like gOD they would act v salty bc of how fukurodani mowed their asses in the last inter-high, but they all secretly ship it like fedex
  • bokuto loves, loves, LOVES the sound of daishou’s voice like omg it doesn’t matter whether daishou is cursing the existence of all bugs on earth or rambling abt this one guy from this one team w/ that dumb accent and how he should just die in a fire, bokuto WILL listen
  • daishou’s resolve is honestly /so/ weak when it comes to bokuto like when they go on dates and bokuto sees a crepe stand or smth, it will only take approximately 3.89 seconds of puppy eyes until daishou says ok even tho they just ate
  • (bokuto’s teammates warned him abt this, but he didn’t listen RIP daishou)
Stronger // Kylo x Reader

Anon requested: Kylo Ren x reader please! Kylo realizes there’s a force sensitive member of the first order, reader, who was brought from birth to be a lieutenant in operations (under hux). He feels a kinship w/ reader who has no idea about the force. he hides from hux/snoke but he also doesn’t want to appear weak to someone inferior. He begins testing readers abilities w/out her knowing (like suggesting she become a higher officer &shows her how to Jedi mind trick) & he knowingly helps her escape, feeling weak

This prompt was really interesting and I planned this one of a lot before I got to writing to make sure it was perfect and the logic behind it is correct.

He can feel it throughout his body. Something doesn’t belong. It doesn’t feel right.

Someone on this ship has a way with the force other than himself. Kylo needed to know who it was. The was a strong feeling, telling him it was one person, but it couldn’t be. She was a lieutenant and undergoing training with General Hux. She’s been training for this position for years and it was impossible that he could only have starting sensing something now. 

However, he was compelled to investigate. He had to see if his power was in jeopardy.

Kylo marched toward the control panel, finding you in your typical position next to General Hux.

If you are really sensitive to the force, you’ll sense this, he thinks to himself. Kylo grabs a wrench from a radar technician and chucks it.

You were standing next to Hux, as he was talking to you about how important it was to look over everyone making sure they are doing his job. However, you felt something wrong. Like there was a presence behind you, racing towards your head. You turn around and your hand flies up to your face, catching a wrench. Your eyes widen.

How did you do that?

You were scared, but intrigued.

Kylo eye’s widen. His heart races.

It’s true. She is strong with the force.

This can be very beneficial to the First Order, he thinks. She can be the key to the end of the rebellion.

“Lieutenant (Y/N). Come with me”, Kylo speaks out loud to you.

Your heart stop. Kylo rarely talked to you directly. You look at Hux, who nods in confirmation. You straighten your posture and walk to him. He guides you down to an empty training room.

“Turn around”, he demands. You hesitantly obey.

What was he gonna do? Was he going to hurt you?

Again, you feel the same feeling you did in the control you. Something was hurdling down towards you. You snap around, once again, hand flying up to your face, catching a wrench.

“What is happening?” you say, worriedly, looking to Kylo Ren for an answer.

Kylo smiles to himself and says, “Something fantastic.”

Over the course of a month, Kylo has been secretly testing you with the force. Today, you were with him in the same training room and he was in the midst of teaching you what he called “mind tricks.”

Kylo spent 15 minutes explaining how to do it, finally bringing in a storm trooper to test you.

Looing at the trooper in the face, saying “You will open the door and leave.”

The storm trooper repeats robotically, “I will open the door and leave”, following your orders. Kylo smiles to himself and claps his hands.

You are content with making him happy, but you didn’t like this training anymore. You even lost the interest of being a General. Kylo offered you a general position, which you declined. You just didn’t want to take that path. You wanted to return back to wherever you came from. You weren’t happy and you knew Kylo could sense it.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, taking off his helmet.

“Commander, don’t get upset. I just- I don’t want to be a General anymore. I don’t have the same interest as I did a year ago. I’m not happy”, you say sadly.

Kylo sensed it. You were depressed and he didn’t like seeing you like that. “Okay. I respect your decision.”

You look up at him, surprised. “Really? Oh, thank you”, you smile.

He knew that he had to let you go, no matter how strong you were.

Things I want to see in One Piece:
- Shanks when he was a kid
- Shanks being proud of Luffy
- How strong Shanks was when he was still on Roger’s ship
- Sh anks when he w as a k id
- When and why Roger gave his hat to Shanks
- Shanks when he was a kid
- More Shanks as a teenager
- Shanks’ hometown and family
- Did I mention Shanks as a kid
- Shanks and Buggy moments
- Sh an ks as a kid
- I just want to see Shanks again ple ase
- Shanks pls
- shanks