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tell me why every straight ship of sakura sucks

oh i actually have an answer for this one 

sakura’s story is most interesting when read as her rejecting men from her life as a necessity - ideally in reference to lesbianism but like, ill take “strong independent woman” or w/e lol it’s still a better option. 

she starts out the series as clearly really really struggling w femininity. she does everything she can to be cute and likable and reserved - she’s a fucking ninja but she doesn’t feel like she’s allowed to show aggression

this is imo best illustrated by inner sakura - bc we can rly see all the personality she’s repressing in favor of being likable. 

here’s the important part though, she’s most worried about being likable to boys. this is of course shown w her crush on sasuke, and how she always sizes herself down to try and not annoy him. but with her attempts to impress kakashi - a male authority figure, i’d say the same applies. don’t get me wrong, i don’t think that means theres a romantic element between her and kakashi. what im referencing here is the experience for pretty much all young girls and the different pressure we tend to feel from adult men. i won’t go too much more into it rn but. if ur a girl, im sure u know what i mean lol 

she never shows this problem with ino, able to openly insult her and show her rough side. all references to femininity around ino are either 1. when theyre much younger children, and ino is supporting her in that even tho she might not meet conventional standards she’s still likable and adorable, and 2. when they’re playing up their attributes to appeal to boys. 

and overall this is really really detrimental to sakura. her part 1 character is hurt by this insecurity, and internalized misogyny is really obviously to blame imo. 

i think for this reason i like seeing her arc as breaking past that and not caring at all about the opinions of men - and this is rly relatable to me as a lesbian who’s had to work to not worry about the male gaze, and i think that extra layer gives her a lot of dimension!

obv im not a fan of rly any str8 sakura ship, but since sasusaku is the canon one, i do have an example from is specifically i wanna bring up.

i DONT like seeing sakura like this. its sad! she’s a confident rough and tumble girl and we never see her act like this in part 2 until sasuke comes back. to me this reads like he’s just opening up her insecurities again and its upsetting. :(

let sakura date girls! thanks for coming to my ted talk

Hatoful Boyfriend Ship Week Day 5: Letters

That bonus scene in Holiday Star where Leone receives the letter+gift from Tohri (via yuuya)… thank you moa 4 my life……. He definitely sends Leone more for sure!!

(If you wanna join in, check out the details at @hatofulshipweek! Still a couple prompts left and ofc you can fill at any time!! I’m running late yikes but I’ll see yall soon w the next prompt!)

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Paladins with a very clumsy s/o (like, instinctively shouts "i'm okay!" upon falling or dropping something)? Love ur blog btw ❤❤❤❤❤

of course!! (I relate I’m such a clumsy person I always drop glass plates and fall on the sidewalk omg) and thank you! <3


  • dad mode™ is constantly activated when he’s in the same room w/ you tbh
    • becomes the embodiment of “Marco Diaz, the Safe Kid”
  • whenever you fall near him he just reaches out and catches you with one arm
    • he strong  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • before you leave the ship for a mission he makes sure you have a box of the Altean equivalent of band-aids with you
  • constantly jokes about wrapping you in bubble-wrap


  • whenever he cooks/serves dinner on the ship he only lets you eat with a paper plate and a spoon
    • you’ve dropped too many metal and glass dishes to count and he can’t trust you
  • whenever you guys have to run away from an enemy quickly he picks you up and carries you


  • the first few times you fall/get hurt or break something they’re like “oh my gosh (y/n) are you okay????”
  • once they learn it’s just your personality to be a complete fucking clutz, they (lovingly) shout “get fucking wrecked” or “rip in peace/rip in piss” whenever you trip (they help you up of course but they gotta meme first)


  • every time you trip and fall, he tries to run and catch you so he can do a lame pick up line
    • Lance: “hey babe did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”
    • You, probably: “no but I scraped my knee crawling out of hell”
  • whenever you break/mess up something he always tries to make a rather cute joke to make you feel better about being clumsy


  • he was worried the first few times you fell or broke something, but he learned it was just you that was clumsy af and he got used to it
  • every time you fall near him you say something along the lines of “help, I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up”
    • he hates this,,, but he still blushes anyway
  • he won’t admit it, but he kinda likes tending to the scrapes and lil injuries you get

He was supposed to be an  a n g e l  but they took him from that  l i g h t  and turned him into something  h u n g r y ,

something that  f o r g e t s  what his hands are for when they
aren’t  s h a k i n g .

He will  l o s e  s o  m u c h ,

and you will watch it all happen
because you had him first,

and you would let the world
break its own neck if it means keeping him.

Start by wiping the blood off of his chin and
pretending to understand.                                                                                      

Repeat to yourself                                                                                                

“ I  w o n ’ t  l e a v e  y o u ,

I  w o n ’ t  l e a v e  y o u ”                                       

until you fall asleep and dream of the place                                                             where nothing is  r e d .

W h e n  i s  a  m o n s t e r  n o t  a  m o n s t e r ?                                                

O h ,  w h e n  y o u  l o v e  i t . 



(This is just my opinion; all are respected. No shipping wars, please!!!)

Ships I Love

  • Jatherine (Jack Kelly and Katherine from Newsies). Omg my OTP!!! There’s so much chemistry for a somewhat trite romance trope (girl annoyed by boy falls in love with him). She teaches him to let go of a dream that’s nothing more than a dream that drives him to make bad decisions while he gives her a platform to speak up against injustice. They deal in tongue and cheek while discovering that their dreams (his Santa Fe and her fame as a female journalist) are, while not less important, must be balanced with love and sacrifice. Bonus points if you racebend them (my fave is Chinese Jack. I usually don’t do Katherine, but if I did, she’d be Polynesian or African American.)
  • Eugenzel (Rapunzel and Eugene from Tangled). Another one of my faves. It’s sassy, sweet, and pretty innocent. A hardened thief falls in love with a sheltered, but still strong woman. A recurring thing I notice w/ my fave ships is that they all include the realization, or end, of a dream. Eugene gets Rapunzel’s dream to come true while realizing that his dream of wealth is a delusion; loving her finally gets him to let go of that. For Rapunzel, Eugene allows her to see the world and that the world isn’t what it seems. The loving mother she knew turns out to be an abusive abuser who could care less about her feelings while he, a petty thief, ends up sacrificing his life to give her freedom. The death part drove it in for me.
  • Percabeth (Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase from Rick Riordan) This one is one of the more realistic ships. It takes years to develop; they go from annoyed partners on a road trip/quest to passionate teenagers w/ a real connection. They too are quite sassy with one another (Seaweed Brain, anyone?), but the devotion goes so far that they fall into Tartarus together!!! Percy helps Annabeth deal with Luke’s betrayal and Athena’s disappointment while she goes to the ends of the earth looking for him and trying to get back his memory. They have genuine chemistry, from fights to teasing to love, and it’s very touching in a world where gods callously cast aside mortals and lovers.
  • FactPoet? (Natasha and Daniel from The Sun is Also a Star; I just made up that name, if there’s one out there let me know) This one is somewhat of a satire of love at first sight, but it does it so passionately and poetically that you realize that all why mocking the idea to an extent, it actually affirms it. Does that make any sense? Okay, Natasha, a frustrated Jamaican American aspiring scientist who is getting deporting thanks to her equally trapped father spilling the beans while drunk, meets Daniel, a Korean American poet trying to dodge his parents’ demands that he go to college and become a rich doctor all while having a rude, selfish older brother who actually doesn’t turn out to be good in the end. I just love the contrast between fact and feeling; the characters fall in love so wonderfully that it’s very real. Theirs is probably the purest love I ever read or seen in books, which is amazing. The entire novel could be seen as a commentary of the science of love and the big question: what really connects people? The only flaw is that they (might) not be endgame, but hey: maybe their universe is taking longer to form.

Ships I Like/Okay With

  • Merricup (Merida and Hiccup from HTTYD and Brave) I’m not big into crossover ships, but this one is actually pretty decent. They have enough differences and similarities to balance one another out, and they are in similar family situations. Both of them feel like they’ve let down their parents (Elinor and Stoick) and want to escape and break the norms. I prefer 15-year-old Hiccup, just bc he’s funnier and closer to Merida’s age and maturity. However, while some of the material on YouTube is good, I feel like I’d need to see them actually together, like in a movie, to understand the full complexity of it. Plus Merida doesn’t need a man and Hiccup has Astrid and Toothless. It’s good to me, but not great.
  • Jelsa (Elsa and Jack Frost from Frozen and RotG) Another pairing very similar to Merricup. Two contrasting personalities in similar situations. They could definitely relate. My personal favorite AU for them is the Titanic, bc that’s Jelsa (to me) at its core: a wild child teaching a girl who follows the rules to an unhealthy extent to have fun and live life to the fullest. The YouTube videos actually do them justice. The only reason I only like them? I don’t like Jack Frost very much (I was okay until fandom overused him), Elsa might be LGBT (I’m holding out), and neither character particularly stands out to me in their own right. Honestly, I think the Jelsa vids are better than the actual movies, but that might apply to crossovering in general, which really ought to make movie studios ashamed of themselves lol.
  • Sybil/Branson (Lady Sybil and Tom Branson from Downton Abbey) okay, don’t get me wrong, I really love them in fandom. I follow the yankeecountess, I used to obsess over them, I still have this fondness for Sybil. But Julian Fellowes, to me, dropped the ball on their relationship in S2. It started out great in S1 and w/ Tom’s proposal, but the majority of the scenes saw them fighting or trying to reach a decision about running away. Not that it’s not necessary, it’s totally understandable why they’re upset. What is not good is the fact that we never see them on a good day. What is a normal day like for them? Is their relationship normally argumentative or do they joke and jest? Tbh, Fellowes really let his writing go downhill to me in S2. Bates becomes a Gary Stu; does he have an evil bone in his body? He must. Vera’s motivations make no sense, and the Evil Wife thing rubs me the wrong way (Idk why). That aside, what really saved them for me is fanfiction (courtesy of excellent writers like the YankeeCountess, who did better than proud Fellowes could ever hope) and Tom’s reactions to her death. I like how he never really got over her; he just kept her memory alive thru Sybbie.
  • Romelza (Ross and Demelza from Poldark) Scorching hot actors, amazing acting, beautiful visuals. Why aren’t they up at the top? One word: Elizabeth. Not to mention that Ross is not exactly likeable; his saving grace is his love for his wife. Demelza really deserves something better; he’s a rather grumpy man. But the devotion they share is classically charming in an abiding way. Not to mention Poldark is an exploration of the ups and downs of love and marriage, so it’s totally intentional and well done. We’re not meant to ship away blindly; we’re supposed to understand the nuance to human relationships.
  • Carolight (Dwight and Caroline from Poldark, not the gross lightening cream) I love romances that are forbidden and transcend class. These two had a rocky start w/ awkward chemistry that bordered more on being classist and a pathetic teenage girl falls for hot doc, but the result was amazing. they mutually hated, I mean love, one another and teach each other to be brave and go against the odds.

Crack Ships

  • Fa Zhou/Megara (Fa Zhou and Meg from Mulan and Hercules) Just watch Var Roman’s amazing Spirits Paralyzed vid. Now you see?

Ships that Have Potential

  • FinnRey/FinnRose/Stormpilot/Poly. Plenty of POC, sass, action, guns, and hotness mixed into all of these. Just no confirmations. FinnRey has cute hugging, Stormpilot has amazing banter, and FinnRose has two amazing actors being friends on set. Poly covers all. I just need to wait for the Last Jedi to give me an idea about what happens.

Ships I Don’t Like

Reylo (Rey and Kylo Ren from Star WarsKylo Ren’s a pretty cool villain, but he’s like the last lover anyone would want to take. I could see him having a tragic past romance, but that’s ripping off Anidala. This guy killed his dad! Plus he’s more in love w/ Grandpa’s helmet than anyone else, lol! Not to mention Rey has a bajillion hot Resistance guys to choose from.

Jackunzel (Jack and Rapunzel from RotG and Tangled). Okay, I admit it, I’m a bit biased. I ship Eugenzel and Jelsa, etc… But really, I just don’t get these too. They look hot and all, but aside from not wearing shoes, I don’t really see their personalities fitting except for a teenage first love or something. I could see them as teens during a short summer romance, but tbh I can’t see Jack settling down w/ anyone unless she makes him (Elsa, Tooth?). They’re both pretty childish, but for totally different reasons. They both need a more worldly, grounded person for romance, and as far as believing and showing the world… almost anyone fits the bill. Hiccup has a dragon; he could see Rapunzel the skies. Merida is willing to believe in witches and will-o-the-wisps. Idk, these two don’t seem like enemies, but they don’t say “couple” to me either.

JackAnna (Jack and Anna from RotG and Frozen). Same reasons as Jackunzel. Two goofy teens usually don’t catch my fancy, except if it’s Rick Riordan, But he always catches my fancy- almost (cough cough Magnus Chase).

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Incest, Pedophilia, Slavery, etc. Um, bc I have good taste?

This is just my opinion. Please respect. And have fun shipping!!!

I used to love old Selena who is strong, confident, believe herself and doesn’t need anyone to control her life. She was my idol, not this Sel. People think this is because of i ship jelena but no man… it’s like i can’t see the girl i used to adore when i look at her. Just one year ago, she came back with her “revival” and i was so damn proud. I was like ‘yeah that’s my girl and she doesn’t need a man to be happy’. Then she needed to go rehab. I’m ok w it, she needed to stop her tour. But c'mon how she gave up like that quick? She could resume the tour, but she preferred go to his new bf’s shows. I mean wtf. Why girl? What happened? You were believing yourself so much but then you just went to rehab and what changed? I just wanna know what happened. Seriously. Plus, all dumb selenators are like she was not happy at all one year ago. but i need to say it SHE WAS THE HAPPIEST WHEN SHE WAS ON TOUR EVEN SHE SAID IT HERSELF. But they’re still like “no she was so upset now she’s happy just because of abel” WTF? The last time i checked my girl didn’t need anyone to be happy. Seriously, what happened to my girl? They say “she’s living and enjoying her life” but bitch really do y'all think she has a life? She doesn’t do anything for herself. Her life is all about her new bf? Is this possible even in 4 months? How she “fell in love” this quick and making her ALL life about him? We only got candids when she’s w him or when she’s going to his concerts. All new updates are all about their relationship. Where tf her life? I just don’t understand. I really don’t get it and it’s so damn annoying i can’t know my own idol anymore. I hate the person who she became. Btw i know i need to chill but i miss my old Sel so much idk

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for the ask thing: N Harmonia

  • do I like them: did you mean LIGHT OF MY LIFE?? my darling?? my sun, moon, and stars.
  • 5 good qualities: has good intentions, innocent, strong-willed, loyal, and independent.   
  • 3 bad qualities: n has no bad qualities (jk he’s very naive, selfish, and a loner but that’s bc of ghetsis ffs)
  • favourite episode/etc: that one episode where he made ash row that boat for him even tho he’s a grown man good stuff
  • otp: if u follow me u KNO it’s n/touko 
  • brotp: n/touko
  • ot3: n/touko/happiness
  • notp: none really?? idk who else he’s shipped w so 
  • best quote: “Two heroes living at the same time— one that pursues truth. And one that pursues ideals. Could…could they both be right? I don’t know. It’s not by rejecting different ideas, but by accepting different ideas that the world creates a chemical reaction. This is truly the formula for changing the world.” deep, man
  • head canon: after leaving after touko/touya defeats ghetsis, he’ll occasionally send them a postcard with a picture of a different place on it. he doesn’t sign it, but they just know it’s from him. all he writes on it is “we’ll meet again soon, dear friend”.

hey its me 2d/oc is grossly imbalanced and abusive and no one at all should expect stu to forgive mur/doc at all and the argument that you’re ‘empowering’ 2d by shipping him with his abuser is inherently gross! don’t woobify him either way but shipping him with mu/r/do/c doesn’t make him a strong character!!

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what's ur problem w g/aaralee? i don't care for it personally and i don't rlly see a problem with it but maybe i'm just missing something??

  • oh its not ~problematic~ or anything like that i dont think theres any abuse or weird shit involved at all i just personally dnt like it and im right abt everything SOOOOOO
  • but mainly i dnt like g/aalee bc
  • i dnt think it has a strong basis in the way that n/arugaa does. the entirety of the ship exists in a limited amount of interactions between the two in part one with more or less??? nothing??? after that????? like im srs when i say that s/asugaa has more canon backing (tried to kill each other in chunin exams, both have trauma, gaara CRIED when he tried to kill him in kage summit bc he CARED ABT HIM, had the same embarrassing hot topic phase, both love naruto)
  • i dnt think their personalities mesh well together and ik that subjective but? i think lee is too loud and energetic for gaara and ik that sounds fake bc im That N/arugaa Bitch but i dnt think gaara likes…. dealing w loud ppl much and that naruto is an exception to that rule. even in fanarts gaara often seems overwhelmed or uncomfortable and its A Lil Weird. also i dnt think lee understands gaaras trauma to the extent that gaara needs. like…. most of lees trauma stems from….. gaara……. and the basis of gaaras first strong relationship is lit the deep empathy naruto felt for him. 
  • the eyebrow discrepancy throws me off JK
  • im pissed off that its more popular than n/arugaa. ik a lot of that is bc ppl prefer sns (WHICH IS VALID I GUESS) and arent into multishipping but its so weird how pop g/aalee is in comparison to n/arugaa when naruto is such an essential person in his life. like i just dnt get it sdnhjfdjbjdr
  • i also just think its boring and ppl always write gaara as a top and thats fucking fake 

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idk if you're still invested in this ship but if you are PLEASE MORE CHARLOTTE AND HENRY HEADCANNONS (from henry danger) plsss i'm begging

just 4 u anon and bc u asked so nice ill do more 

ur so cute come off anon so we can talk abt this ship more pls im so lonely 

- charlotte loves horror movies but henry hates them. They compromise so that when they see a scary movie they have to go watch something light hearted and fun like a kid’s show or cartoon. 

- i am obsessed w the idea that after a school dance or something charlotte’s feet hurt so badly from the heels that henry tries to carry her bridal style only he isn’t strong enough so he just gives her a piggy back ride instead

- a frequent date spot is them going to the animal shelter and just playing with puppies 

- one time on henry’s birthday she tried to make him a pasta dinner and like she nearly burnt down the house so instead they raided their local 7/11 and after eating 3 packs of combos, a liter of diet pepsi, airhead extremes, and a frozen pizza they fell asleep on the couch. henry recalls it as one of his best birthdays. 

- HENRY LOVES TO TAKE SELFIES and charlotte is camera shy. there are at least 30 selfies where his arm is around her and he’s sporting a huge grin where charlotte is putting her hand over the camera or ducking out of frame. 

- they probably are always making stupid bets like henry will be like “charlotte, bet you I can eat 40 fries in 2 minutes.” and Charlotte has to be like, “No, you will literally throw up.” 

Things I want to see in One Piece:
- Shanks when he was a kid
- Shanks being proud of Luffy
- How strong Shanks was when he was still on Roger’s ship
- Sh anks when he w as a k id
- When and why Roger gave his hat to Shanks
- Shanks when he was a kid
- More Shanks as a teenager
- Shanks’ hometown and family
- Did I mention Shanks as a kid
- Shanks and Buggy moments
- Sh an ks as a kid
- I just want to see Shanks again ple ase
- Shanks pls
- shanks

While it’s still on my mind…If the Misty and Lana ship name is waterwarriorshipping, then I think there should be at least one fanart of them dressed as warriors…possibly water related. 

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Rukia for the character

How I feel about this character: a queen! she’s my favorite character of all time and i’ve loved her ever since i was 10. she’s so strong and smart and witty and beautiful nd i lov her so much. she’s one of the reasons bleach became as popular as it did! i lov seeing how loved nd popular rukia is because she rly is amazing :’’)
All the people I ship romantically with this character: my main ship w her is ichiruki but i can ship her w anyone tbh (with a few exceptions ofc)
My non-romantic OTP for this character: i lov ishiruki with all my heart. i also lov the kuchiki siblings :’)
My unpopular opinion about this character: …rukia kinda didn’t deserve the captain promotion. she didn’t really do much (or anything tbh) in the final battle even though she was hyped up to be a part of it. imo it would’ve been a better option to still have her be ukitake’s vice captain than give her some promotion just to shut us up.
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: she was always screwed over when it came to screen time. she’s supposed to be the co protagonist yet we rarely hear from her. i wish we’d gotten to see more of her, ESP HER BANKAI!!! it was hinted that we were going to see it again yet that never happened :’/

Send me a character

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25 :D


i dont ship real ppl, however i do value very strong bonds!! i love joshua and jeonghan’s bond so much!! how joshua was the first one to welcome and talk to jeonghan when he first joined and how they instantly became best friends. it made jeonghan feel more comfortable in such a new environment that he soon opened up to all the other members. but that first attachment, that first person to truly befriend him, would be a little more special. so he feels closest to joshua, his first friend. it makes me go back to that one time when they read letters and how jeonghan teared up when joshua’s letter to him was read to him. it made me feel like they formed a very special, emotionally attached bond between the two of them.


Am I dreaming? Will I ever find you now?

I walk in circles but I’ll never figure out

What I mean to you, do I belong?

I try to fight this but I know I’m not that strong

And I feel so helpless here

Watch my eyes are filled with fear

Tell me do you feel the same

Hold me in your arms again

In the Name of Love ( Ellie Goulding ) ft. ShinOi

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can we get some bokushou headcanons??? This ship is rare as fuck, and i have strange needs...

nice nicE NIC E

  • before they started dating, bokuto would NOT stop pestering kuroo for daishou’s number. kuroo ofc wanted to protect his precious bro from that damned snake but joke’s on him bc he eventually plays reluctant wingman just to get bo to shut up. (“stay strong, kuroo-san.” - akaashi)
  • daishou’s teammates are so frickin’ tsundere abt bokuto like gOD they would act v salty bc of how fukurodani mowed their asses in the last inter-high, but they all secretly ship it like fedex
  • bokuto loves, loves, LOVES the sound of daishou’s voice like omg it doesn’t matter whether daishou is cursing the existence of all bugs on earth or rambling abt this one guy from this one team w/ that dumb accent and how he should just die in a fire, bokuto WILL listen
  • daishou’s resolve is honestly /so/ weak when it comes to bokuto like when they go on dates and bokuto sees a crepe stand or smth, it will only take approximately 3.89 seconds of puppy eyes until daishou says ok even tho they just ate
  • (bokuto’s teammates warned him abt this, but he didn’t listen RIP daishou)

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there was backlash against moariel? why? what were people saying??? wtf why do ppl hate lesbians

yeah there was!!

they were saying how moana is supposed to be the strong and independent poc princess and like ??? kinda funny how only poc princesses are the ones who are supposed to be “independent” w/o love interests ://

people are all about crossovers ships until it’s an interracial one smh

(also @ those people who don’t like it bc they headcanon moana as asexual: that doesn’t mean she can’t be in a romantic relationship bye)

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u know i was catchin up on all actions drg fansigns and i wanna reitirate again that d mmbers r really close to one and another. i just hope dat dumb shippers stan see #ot7 FIRST rather than indv ships. Im a strong stan of kookmin but ship #0t7 more than anythg else. w/o em, there wont be any ships. So puhlez, dumb shippers get a grip of urselves and love all equally. we are still 4 yrs old and haf a loooooong time 2gether as ARMY. #TeamBusan #kookmin #jikook #nohatebutalloutlikejk&jm #kookmin

i agree y’all. i wish people would stop hating members just because of their ship.that’s so sad lmao.