the ship is strong w this one

No one at Cartoon Hangover or Frederator tells potential creators to what to create. Other than ‘comedy cartoons’ we don’t direct towards animals (though we seem to liking cats lately), humans, or rocket ships. That way, our shorts output over the years has reflected the future of cartoons, rather than it’s past. At least, I think so. 

Anyhow, science fiction has been a particularly strong strain the last couple of years. Funny science fiction, to be sure, with characters that people love, but sci-fi, for sure. 

Hence, our postcard imagery. 



From the postcard back:

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Series 26.13 [mailed out January 23, 2015]

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can we get some bokushou headcanons??? This ship is rare as fuck, and i have strange needs...

nice nicE NIC E

  • before they started dating, bokuto would NOT stop pestering kuroo for daishou’s number. kuroo ofc wanted to protect his precious bro from that damned snake but joke’s on him bc he eventually plays reluctant wingman just to get bo to shut up. (“stay strong, kuroo-san.” - akaashi)
  • daishou’s teammates are so frickin’ tsundere abt bokuto like gOD they would act v salty bc of how fukurodani mowed their asses in the last inter-high, but they all secretly ship it like fedex
  • bokuto loves, loves, LOVES the sound of daishou’s voice like omg it doesn’t matter whether daishou is cursing the existence of all bugs on earth or rambling abt this one guy from this one team w/ that dumb accent and how he should just die in a fire, bokuto WILL listen
  • daishou’s resolve is honestly /so/ weak when it comes to bokuto like when they go on dates and bokuto sees a crepe stand or smth, it will only take approximately 3.89 seconds of puppy eyes until daishou says ok even tho they just ate
  • (bokuto’s teammates warned him abt this, but he didn’t listen RIP daishou)

Ive never felt so bad before like…these boys are supposed to mean so much to us directioners and then theres fans who wanna bash them. Like ive been going through tumblr this week and i see all these nice things being said about the boys; but then theres ppl that just are so mad about everything like one thing, if zayn left cuz he needed to rest from w.e is goin on wif him…well shit let him rest. Dont get mad cuz he feels stressed or w.e. I really hope he feels better :/. I also feel strong about w.e break up rumors have started, hopefully they arnt true, but would u blame them if it happened? Like theres just so much that happens with our fandom, like ships, omg it’s tbh annoying and funny wen shippers and anti-shippers just fight with each other. But thats besides the point lol Like wat ever happened to us being a family and not worrying about the boys relationship….like theres too much drama with everything and i can’t keep up….idk thats just my opinion. All the drama just been annoying i guess.

Stronger // Kylo x Reader

Anon requested: Kylo Ren x reader please! Kylo realizes there’s a force sensitive member of the first order, reader, who was brought from birth to be a lieutenant in operations (under hux). He feels a kinship w/ reader who has no idea about the force. he hides from hux/snoke but he also doesn’t want to appear weak to someone inferior. He begins testing readers abilities w/out her knowing (like suggesting she become a higher officer &shows her how to Jedi mind trick) & he knowingly helps her escape, feeling weak

This prompt was really interesting and I planned this one of a lot before I got to writing to make sure it was perfect and the logic behind it is correct.

He can feel it throughout his body. Something doesn’t belong. It doesn’t feel right.

Someone on this ship has a way with the force other than himself. Kylo needed to know who it was. The was a strong feeling, telling him it was one person, but it couldn’t be. She was a lieutenant and undergoing training with General Hux. She’s been training for this position for years and it was impossible that he could only have starting sensing something now. 

However, he was compelled to investigate. He had to see if his power was in jeopardy.

Kylo marched toward the control panel, finding you in your typical position next to General Hux.

If you are really sensitive to the force, you’ll sense this, he thinks to himself. Kylo grabs a wrench from a radar technician and chucks it.

You were standing next to Hux, as he was talking to you about how important it was to look over everyone making sure they are doing his job. However, you felt something wrong. Like there was a presence behind you, racing towards your head. You turn around and your hand flies up to your face, catching a wrench. Your eyes widen.

How did you do that?

You were scared, but intrigued.

Kylo eye’s widen. His heart races.

It’s true. She is strong with the force.

This can be very beneficial to the First Order, he thinks. She can be the key to the end of the rebellion.

“Lieutenant (Y/N). Come with me”, Kylo speaks out loud to you.

Your heart stop. Kylo rarely talked to you directly. You look at Hux, who nods in confirmation. You straighten your posture and walk to him. He guides you down to an empty training room.

“Turn around”, he demands. You hesitantly obey.

What was he gonna do? Was he going to hurt you?

Again, you feel the same feeling you did in the control you. Something was hurdling down towards you. You snap around, once again, hand flying up to your face, catching a wrench.

“What is happening?” you say, worriedly, looking to Kylo Ren for an answer.

Kylo smiles to himself and says, “Something fantastic.”

Over the course of a month, Kylo has been secretly testing you with the force. Today, you were with him in the same training room and he was in the midst of teaching you what he called “mind tricks.”

Kylo spent 15 minutes explaining how to do it, finally bringing in a storm trooper to test you.

Looing at the trooper in the face, saying “You will open the door and leave.”

The storm trooper repeats robotically, “I will open the door and leave”, following your orders. Kylo smiles to himself and claps his hands.

You are content with making him happy, but you didn’t like this training anymore. You even lost the interest of being a General. Kylo offered you a general position, which you declined. You just didn’t want to take that path. You wanted to return back to wherever you came from. You weren’t happy and you knew Kylo could sense it.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, taking off his helmet.

“Commander, don’t get upset. I just- I don’t want to be a General anymore. I don’t have the same interest as I did a year ago. I’m not happy”, you say sadly.

Kylo sensed it. You were depressed and he didn’t like seeing you like that. “Okay. I respect your decision.”

You look up at him, surprised. “Really? Oh, thank you”, you smile.

He knew that he had to let you go, no matter how strong you were.

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Character meme for Zen?

* First impression: honestly,,, i thought he was a fuckboi

* Impression now: he cute. not a fuckboi. such a softie. probably has a marshmallow for a heart

* Favourite moment: *banging fists on table* thE STARGAZING CG THE STARGAZING CG THE STA

* Idea for a story: idk maybe zen falls in love w/the director of the huge play he’s the lead in??

* Unpopular opinion: i have a strong suspicion that his rat tail is a clip on tbh

* Favourite relationship: once again,,, i don’t rlly ship him w/anyone but in terms of brotp,,,, fuck me up w/zen and jaehee

* Favourite headcanon: one of the ppl who has a closet dedicated to random shit. when he moved in, there was a spare closet and he decided to just fill it w/things like props from his past plays, some vinyls he doesn’t remember buying, and paperwork that’s outdated and was meant to be thrown out. this closet is overflowing so if u open then u ded

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honestly i'm. really frustrated that /despite/ sw literally filling their trailer with moc and a strong female character people are still! freaking out over 1 second of an Evil White Man like please.. leave me alone.. let me fall in love w bodhi rook & cassian andor & all the goddamn heroes in rogue one w/o having to sift through 600 krennic/galen lovers in the rogue one tag i am starved

Unfortunately shitty ships and worshipping white male fascists are things that the Star Wars fandom is seemingly not going to get over any time soon.

Just goes to show how racist and misogynistic the fandom is. They’ll completely ignore moc and women just to fixate on the evil white dudes.

They’re easily the least interesting characters in the film so far too. The only reason I care about Galen at all is because of how Jyn’s going to help take him down, and wondering if they’ll insert a quick redemption thing for him or if they’ll just kill him or both. Krennic if just Hux, nothing to him and I don’t give a shit because he’s just there to fill a role not be a character.

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Okay but that post you did about people bashing ginny when they ship dr@rry with the upthehillart piece was used out on context. If you actually read about questions the artist has got you'd know that it's not about bashing ginny, it's just funny (1)

And the artist was asked if they’d make a similar image of dr@mione but with Ron being pushed away and they said no. Because ginny is a strong character who would laugh it off whereas Ron would probably take the rejection quite badly (2)

and yet context doesn’t help much at all!  regardless of how strong ginny is or w/e, that’s still a female character Quite Literally being shoved out of the way for a white gay boy ship.  one could also argue violence is being used against her, yikes

plus, i’m p sure most shippers reblogging it don’t care abt the context and just want to bash ginny.  do look at the tags/comments on the post.  Nasties


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I also think discussing Tezuka w/ you is fun :) Do you have any thoughts about first/second/pre-canon Tezuka? He's really emotionally/psychologically strong for staying in the tennis club w/ the guy who physically assaulted him. No wonder every tennis player around him falls in love (but Ryoma is his true love of course). Not really related I suppose but why is TezuFuji (one of) the most popular ship? Isn't it one-sided like everyone else obsessed w/ Tezuka? We just see more bc he's in Seigaku.

Oh & I didn’t mean to any hate to TezuFuji. I just joined the PoT fandom & I’m kind of fascinated how this ship in particular became popular. It’s appealing aesthetically & I mean that sincerely because I find TezuRyo aesthetically appealing too & it’s the ship I prefer the most (for more than its appearance). I just don’t find anything that makes Fuji and Tezuka’s relationship “more special” than the others. In fact, I think Tezuka has the strongest friendship w/ Oishi.

(I put them together so I could ramble more lol sorry for the late reply, I’ve been out today)

As far as I’m aware tezufuji is the most popular ship for those two, I think it’s (sadly) one of the most popular ships too. So, full disclaimer, I really hate tezufuji so I honestly can’t describe their appeal beyond I guess they’re pretty together???? Fuji is definitely obsessed with Tezuka (unhealthily so), but I’ve never seen any evidence that Tezuka cares for him beyond being a friend and he definitely seems closer emotionally to Oishi than Fuji (they have such a beautiful friendship!! I would totally ship them is pillar pair didn’t own my heart and soul).

Onto pre-canon Tezuka, it’s weird but I don’t really have any headcanons for him beyond Fuji stealing his first kiss in 2nd year. It’s the same for Ryoma though… Maybe I should start coming up with some XD.