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Why Asgore and Gaster used to be (very) close friends

( Gaster battle sprite by @dreemurr-reborn )

Here are 4 reasons King Asgore and Doctor W. D. Gaster used to be close friends.

1. The strong connections between The Dreemurr family and the Font family

When we look at the 3 biological members of the Dreemurr family and the family of 3 skeletons that each speak in a different typefaces (dubbed the Font family for the purpose of this post) certain patterns emerges. Each one of the members correspond with a member of the other family. Asriel/Flowey and Papyrus, Toriel and Sans, Asgore and Gaster, each pair has a connection and share key characteristics the others don’t. Gaster worked for Asgore, presumably worked to further his goals, and both is looked up to for their work. Since we still don’t know much about Gaster as a person their might be other characteristics Asgore and Gaster have in common. My assessment is that like Flowey/Papyrus and Toriel/Sans, Asgore/Gaster shared a strong bond.

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there's definitely something between them now. even my best friend, who didn't originally ship them, just said that she thinks they're dating. i feel like there was definitely something there in 2009. even w all the shit that went down in 2012, they still had such a strong bond that they just couldn't leave each other. and now they feel much more comfortable with us & are sort of testing the waters to see just how much they want to reveal to us. it seems like it's going pretty great so far tho!

at the very least they’re so much more comfortable on camera with one another than they have been in past years (bar 2009) and that itself is a huge step of progress for them, and I love that they’re letting themselves be themselves and sharing - at least I think - a more genuine ‘off-camera’ side than the typical dinof/ap personas we’ve been solely exposed to in the past

i feel like they’re testing the waters too, dropping little things that could be interpreted a certain way and seeing how we react to them, maybe it could mean something or maybe it doesn’t, but that’s all the fun of speculation!

Things I want to see in One Piece:
- Shanks when he was a kid
- Shanks being proud of Luffy
- How strong Shanks was when he was still on Roger’s ship
- Sh anks when he w as a k id
- When and why Roger gave his hat to Shanks
- Shanks when he was a kid
- More Shanks as a teenager
- Shanks’ hometown and family
- Did I mention Shanks as a kid
- Shanks and Buggy moments
- Sh an ks as a kid
- I just want to see Shanks again ple ase
- Shanks pls
- shanks

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Hi!~ Can I have a ship w/BTS & NCT127,pls? I'm 5'7,the eldest of 4,making me reliable & a good leader.Very caring,affectionate,kind,strong both physically & mentally,competitive & fearless.I'm a good listener so as a good adviser.I love sharing my love w/my fam & people I care.I LIKE flowers,animals & LOVE cuddling,skinship,theme park & advanturous things.I can cook too.I hate heat & worst w/directions.I'm always there for my sis.Smile's always on my face & I hope everyone can smile,too.Tysm :)

Hey there! Sorry this took so long!
I ship you with Taeyong from NCT 127! Your mature personality would suit his motherly and caring one perfectly! Especially since you know what it’s like to have quite a few younger siblings, and he knows what it’s like to take care of youngers as well. You’re both very strong people and would have little workout sessions together, along with nights where you’d just talk about anything and everything. Cooking would be fun with him in the kitchen, as he’d try to get you to pay more attention to him rather then the food!

I ship you with Rapmon from BTS! He’s quite mature, being the leader and all, but also quite immature which I think would balance out your personality greatly. Together you guys would have kitchen adventures with him trying to help but usually messing up, and it ends up in you having to clean up…. All in all you guys would be quite nice together, and the rest of the boys would love you too! Your conversations would be endless and so would your love.
I hope you enjoyed! Thank you for requesting!!!

Seventeen ship~

Hi!~ I absolutely loved my last ship ( Your written ship gives me life ❤❤❤) I was wondering if I could get one for Seventeen pretty please~ I’m 5'7, long black hair, dark eyes, fair skin, oval face & chubby cheeks. I’m the eldest of four, making me reliable & a good leader. Very caring, affectionate, kind, strong both physically & mentally, competitive & fearless. I’m a good listener so as a good adviser. I love sharing my love w/ my fam & people I care. I LIKE flowers, animals & LOVE cuddling, skinship, watching movie (horror movies are my fav), amusement park & adventurous things. I really enjoy looking at the stars and walking out at night. I don’t really like changes, my perfectionism, hate heat & worst with directions. I’m always there for my siblings. Smile’s always on my face & I hope everyone can smile, too.

Don’t push yourself. I am very patient and your content is well worth the wait :) take your time. Your blog is perfect and so are you. Thank you soo much. I hope you have a beautiful day full of smiles, much love ❤

Hi sweetie~ Thank you very much <3 You are so cute! :) I’m glad you liked it :) Welcome back! Here we go~

Written ship type B: DK!

DK would have his eyes on you from the very start. Your mature way of taking care of things as well as your fierce attitude towards your daily life would impress DK, but, the moment he get close enough with you to see the caring and loving manner you share with people you care about, he would be caught off guard. Before realizing, he would only have you in his thoughts and in his heart <3. He would try to be with you as much as he can, liking to tease you and see your more childish self. You would put him on the track whenever his cheerfulness has gone too far, without helping yourself but to wear a smile with him at your side. He would love to take you to do the adventurous things and specially walking under a sky full of stars with you…you would be a couple to get envy of :)

Written ship type A: DK- meeting with his parents…

You were very nervous…you wished and, at the same time, you didn’t for that day to come. DK held you closer to his chest and you blushed…

-Don’t worry too much about it, (y/n)…-he laughed- it’s just a family meeting…they are not going to eat you alive or anything…

-It’s the first time I’m seeing them…I don’t want to give a bad impression…-you tried to look away, but he leaned his lips closer to your ear…

-(Y/n)…you being my girlfriend is motive enough to them to like you- he kissed your neckline. Your face got redder and he couldn’t hide his smirk…-well, if you can’t relax, I will have to use this- he came from behind and started to tickle your belly…you burst into laugh as you told him to stop. At that moment, a woman opened the front door and saw that unique scene. DK awkwardly tried to pose yourselves as a normal couple, making the woman tried to hide the fact that she wanted to laugh at the situation.

-Hi sis! It’s good to see you again!

-Hey, Seokmin! I missed you too!- she opened a big smile- Who is this charming lady?- you blushed…

-Her name is (y/n)…she is my girlfriend…-he hugged you on the neck level…your heart beat faster…

-It’s nice to meet you! It has been a long time since Seokmin has brought someone over…come on in! Mom and dad are waiting for you…-she guided you to the family table. You could sense that, even being uneasy, that his family had quite a nurturing environment…it had such a harmonious feeling to it…

-Welcome back, Seokmin! - the mother gave him a big hug…she didn’t notice you between her and her son, squeezing you…-Oh dear! I’m sorry darling! I didn’t see you there! What’s your name sweetie?

-It’s (y/n)…it’s a pleasure to meet you- you were about to bow, but DK’s mom stopped

-You don’t need to be so formal, dear…you are DK’s friend, right?-she smiled.

-She is my girlfriend, mom…

-Stop joking around, DK! There is no way such nice girl would date you…-she looked at his serious face…oh God…- Oh my! I’m sorry…I never thought my little boy would grow up so fast…let’s eat the food while it’s warm…

The warmth and the cheerful nature of DK definitely came from his family. After the awkward first contact, the table was filled with a pleasant atmosphere…you even forgot that you were with your boyfriend’s family…until…

-So…(y/n)…what do you do for living?

-I’m current a college student…

-Oh really? That’s pretty nice…maybe you can convince our Seokmin to do the same…right, son?

-He is very busy at the moment…with his comeback in a few days and such…

-A major in music wouldn’t be bad though…it’s related to his work…-the father insisted…

-Sure it is…but what is the point of doing a half-ass graduation if your work is related to that? I’m sure that in a near future it would be welcomed the opportunity…for now…it’s not the best…

Seokmin stroked your hair in satisfaction. He was impressed by your speech that silenced the sensitive topic, moving on to a more pleasant one. After the goodbyes, you two headed to the car. He held your waist as you walked.

-It was good today! I thought it would be…

-Stressing? Like a job interview, right?- he pinched your cheek…

-Ouch! Yes…I thought so…do you think your parents liked me?

-More than I do? Never- he kissed your cheek…you blushed…

-You know what I meant!- you laughed as you stole a quick kiss from his lips…

-You did well…thank you for defending me…you look so sexy when you are serious…-he smirked…-Now…let’s have a nice time back home too…-he kissed you passionately…

I hope you liked it :) Thank you for reading :) Feel free to request anytime :) Sorry to respond after such a long time…

earthenterran  asked:

raven reyes

otp: i’m into bellamy/raven tbh. but like. also um lowkey i DO ship raven w/ abby. oops.

brotp: raven/clarke

ot3: uhhh damn i don’t think i really have one for her?? maybe a raven/bellamy/wells combo

notp: idk i’m not really aware enough of t1oo ships to have super strong feelings. raven/murphy??? i don’t ship anyone with murphy, he can choke

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can we get some bokushou headcanons??? This ship is rare as fuck, and i have strange needs...

nice nicE NIC E

  • before they started dating, bokuto would NOT stop pestering kuroo for daishou’s number. kuroo ofc wanted to protect his precious bro from that damned snake but joke’s on him bc he eventually plays reluctant wingman just to get bo to shut up. (“stay strong, kuroo-san.” - akaashi)
  • daishou’s teammates are so frickin’ tsundere abt bokuto like gOD they would act v salty bc of how fukurodani mowed their asses in the last inter-high, but they all secretly ship it like fedex
  • bokuto loves, loves, LOVES the sound of daishou’s voice like omg it doesn’t matter whether daishou is cursing the existence of all bugs on earth or rambling abt this one guy from this one team w/ that dumb accent and how he should just die in a fire, bokuto WILL listen
  • daishou’s resolve is honestly /so/ weak when it comes to bokuto like when they go on dates and bokuto sees a crepe stand or smth, it will only take approximately 3.89 seconds of puppy eyes until daishou says ok even tho they just ate
  • (bokuto’s teammates warned him abt this, but he didn’t listen RIP daishou)

channynipa  asked:

Hi!~ Can I have a ship w/BTS, please? I'm 5'7,the eldest of 4,making me reliable & a good leader.Very caring,affectionate,kind,strong both physically & mentally,competitive & fearless.I'm a good listener so as a good adviser.I love sharing my love w/my fam & people I care.I LIKE flowers,animals & LOVE cuddling,skinship,theme park & advanturous things.I can cook too.I hate heat & worst w/directions.I'm always there for my siblings.Smile's always on my face & I hope everyone can smile,too.Tysm :)

Hello to you!!~

I ship you with… Namjoon

Originally posted by forjimin

I feel like rapmon would love to have someone take care of him, because he’s usually the one in charge being the leader of bts. He’s a profound person on the inside, and I can see you sharing your most intimate thoughts with each other. You would have a deep bond and understand each other’s thoughts by just a look! He would also take good care of you, I see you going out and have fun in some amusement park, and he would love to see the big smile on your face when he brings you a different flower on every date! You would spend evenings chilling together in front of the tv, with his arm around your shoulders and your legs over his own. Being able to cook is also a positive point for you because it’s not really his thing don’t let that man enter in a kitchen, so he’d rely on you for those kind of things. You would both be there for each other and others would envy your affinity! 

Thanks for your request!~

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Hi! Can I please have a written ship w Monsta X & GOT7? I struggle w meeting new people, but I'm a very loving, dedicated friend, & I have strong humanitarian sentiments. I do my best to stay open-minded & accepting, & I'm always interested in learning new things & hearing new perspectives. I'm very patient w my loved ones. I deeply value kindness. I want to learn and experience the world as much as I can. However, I can get a little intense & philosophical at times. Thank you so much!

Hello lovely anon, yes of course you may!

For Monsta X, I ship you with…I.M.!

I.M. is a very observant person in my opinion, and I feel like he would always want to know your opinions on things even if it’s something as stupid as blue vs. black shoelaces. He would really admire your sweet and loyal nature, because I think he is like that too. Your beautiful perspective of the world would get him thinking a lot, and he would be one to always tell you how much you mean to him (:

Originally posted by kihyeun

and for Got7, I ship you with…Jinyoung!

Jinyoung can appear serious a lot of the time, but I think it’s just because he is a very thoughtful and perceptive individual. He cares for people a lot and would admire your similar perspective. Your eagerness to learn would be so endearing to him, and he would always be telling you stupid random facts or asking to learn about your hobbies. 

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What's up here for the ship meme, I'm a 6'1 straight girl with grey eyes and brown hair. I've got a really strong jaw and I'm super outgoing. I like video games, art, writing stories and dancing. I like to over analyze things and learn languages. (I've probably given myself away by now.)



i ship u w jared!! he dance too n he would Worship You i guarantee it,,, also pbg tall squad

Stronger // Kylo x Reader

Anon requested: Kylo Ren x reader please! Kylo realizes there’s a force sensitive member of the first order, reader, who was brought from birth to be a lieutenant in operations (under hux). He feels a kinship w/ reader who has no idea about the force. he hides from hux/snoke but he also doesn’t want to appear weak to someone inferior. He begins testing readers abilities w/out her knowing (like suggesting she become a higher officer &shows her how to Jedi mind trick) & he knowingly helps her escape, feeling weak

This prompt was really interesting and I planned this one of a lot before I got to writing to make sure it was perfect and the logic behind it is correct.

He can feel it throughout his body. Something doesn’t belong. It doesn’t feel right.

Someone on this ship has a way with the force other than himself. Kylo needed to know who it was. The was a strong feeling, telling him it was one person, but it couldn’t be. She was a lieutenant and undergoing training with General Hux. She’s been training for this position for years and it was impossible that he could only have starting sensing something now. 

However, he was compelled to investigate. He had to see if his power was in jeopardy.

Kylo marched toward the control panel, finding you in your typical position next to General Hux.

If you are really sensitive to the force, you’ll sense this, he thinks to himself. Kylo grabs a wrench from a radar technician and chucks it.

You were standing next to Hux, as he was talking to you about how important it was to look over everyone making sure they are doing his job. However, you felt something wrong. Like there was a presence behind you, racing towards your head. You turn around and your hand flies up to your face, catching a wrench. Your eyes widen.

How did you do that?

You were scared, but intrigued.

Kylo eye’s widen. His heart races.

It’s true. She is strong with the force.

This can be very beneficial to the First Order, he thinks. She can be the key to the end of the rebellion.

“Lieutenant (Y/N). Come with me”, Kylo speaks out loud to you.

Your heart stop. Kylo rarely talked to you directly. You look at Hux, who nods in confirmation. You straighten your posture and walk to him. He guides you down to an empty training room.

“Turn around”, he demands. You hesitantly obey.

What was he gonna do? Was he going to hurt you?

Again, you feel the same feeling you did in the control you. Something was hurdling down towards you. You snap around, once again, hand flying up to your face, catching a wrench.

“What is happening?” you say, worriedly, looking to Kylo Ren for an answer.

Kylo smiles to himself and says, “Something fantastic.”

Over the course of a month, Kylo has been secretly testing you with the force. Today, you were with him in the same training room and he was in the midst of teaching you what he called “mind tricks.”

Kylo spent 15 minutes explaining how to do it, finally bringing in a storm trooper to test you.

Looing at the trooper in the face, saying “You will open the door and leave.”

The storm trooper repeats robotically, “I will open the door and leave”, following your orders. Kylo smiles to himself and claps his hands.

You are content with making him happy, but you didn’t like this training anymore. You even lost the interest of being a General. Kylo offered you a general position, which you declined. You just didn’t want to take that path. You wanted to return back to wherever you came from. You weren’t happy and you knew Kylo could sense it.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, taking off his helmet.

“Commander, don’t get upset. I just- I don’t want to be a General anymore. I don’t have the same interest as I did a year ago. I’m not happy”, you say sadly.

Kylo sensed it. You were depressed and he didn’t like seeing you like that. “Okay. I respect your decision.”

You look up at him, surprised. “Really? Oh, thank you”, you smile.

He knew that he had to let you go, no matter how strong you were.

Ive never felt so bad before like…these boys are supposed to mean so much to us directioners and then theres fans who wanna bash them. Like ive been going through tumblr this week and i see all these nice things being said about the boys; but then theres ppl that just are so mad about everything like one thing, if zayn left cuz he needed to rest from w.e is goin on wif him…well shit let him rest. Dont get mad cuz he feels stressed or w.e. I really hope he feels better :/. I also feel strong about w.e break up rumors have started, hopefully they arnt true, but would u blame them if it happened? Like theres just so much that happens with our fandom, like ships, omg it’s tbh annoying and funny wen shippers and anti-shippers just fight with each other. But thats besides the point lol Like wat ever happened to us being a family and not worrying about the boys relationship….like theres too much drama with everything and i can’t keep up….idk thats just my opinion. All the drama just been annoying i guess.