the ship is strong w this one


Time to sleep
love you guys, take care <33

I love you so much Waifu, take care and remember the bees are the nicest, and the butterflies are the evil ones D: can’t believe our babies are butterflies waifu no, why!? ;w; our love is strong for this ;w; i love you so much and always more <33 hope you and enemy are fine, otp otp <333*sends love*

Have fun with the novels Annachan, i love you super much <33 remember you’re the cute but the evil one with the shippings ;w; i’m here i need to be saveeed *runs*<3

haha thanks for the pics Taylor and good luck in pokemon! <33 i love you so much you cutie pervy guy >:D but too cute <33*squeeze your cheeks and tackles*<33!!

Niichan you killed me, how evil you are ;w; but i love you always more <33 and return Will to me >:P (but actually he said it lol XD)

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Ship me please? I have dark brown curly hair that goes past the shoulders. Green eyes and Im pale. Im shy but I have a lot of thoughts and honestly great ideas I have a strong love for the stars, space and books. I write poetry and have friends, but not ones that really care for me. My dad's grade A jerk. Im an outcast in my family&no one really gets me. I know theres more in the world and I cant wait to get there someday. Im the kinda person who's alright w/ being alone but I wish I had someone

Two-bit or Steve

uniqueme2417 asked:

Fm is fan mail. I think i said I won't take long to update! Girl I did say, our bae ( Charles Davis ) arms are strong.., It'll be interesting him and Kylie.

Hahaha fan mail well duh! I didn’t get anything tho, guess it didn’t go thru..Oh and I knew you were referring to CD w/ the strong arms comment. I call myself making a funny when I said “Are you trynna say the bae arms ain’t strong?”(referring to Avan) it was a joke, obviously not a good one…😡 and yes that would be a good pairing, but not on TO tho, I ship the hell out of him and rebekah. Glad to hear you will updating soon its a good story so far 😉