the seventeens

Got around to watching Seventeen Big Debut Project episode 5. I literally screamed in the middle of Subway three times.xD once when Minghao first came in during the dance battle because holy wow yes thank you. Again when Jihoon came in for the dance battle because aGAIN JUST YES HOLY SHISUSTHANK YOU. And then one last time when Sophia came on to cheer on Hansol. Too precious.

Mystifying Feats

If someone had told me when I was seventeen, that someday I’d be working in an Arena slinging merchandise for bands I would have looked them in the face laughed and said,

“Nah, I doubt that!  I’m gonna be on the stage!”  

I was determined back then to be a singer, never realizing that there was a whole world behind the curtain of all the greatest musicians and it was about to beckon me with the most delicious offer.  Back then I had no idea the amount of people a good concert required.  I was so blinded by the lights, the music, and the characters on stage I never once thought to notice the people handing the musicians their guitars, checking their drums, or duct taping the cords down before the show.  It would be almost ten years before I learned about the world behind the curtain, and believe me I was mystified, a regular Alice or Dorothy wondering around with wide eyes following the most amazingly dreamy guide.

Many of you already know the story of how I got the internship of the century with the ever charming and suave Merch Mike, but for those of you who don’t I guess a brief re-cap is in order.  Back in 2012, (which was already three years ago holy crap), my favorite band, The All-American Rejects, hit the road again to promote their fourth record Kids In The Street, a record most people don’t even know exists.  I was determined to fulfill a promise I made to myself at seventeen, a promise to follow the guys around on tour for at least one week straight.  I did a whole lot more than one week, and by the grace of the rock gods themselves I was in the right place at just the right time and was offered an incredible opportunity.  It was in Cleveland at the House of Blues and it was cold and snowing outside that April afternoon so I begged the Rejects’ merch guy to let me in early.  Before I knew it I was standing behind the merch booth with him smiling at me before handing me a stack of cash.

“I need to take a shit, watch the booth for me.”  Merch Mike stated with a smirk.  

I stared at him dumbfounded, a new sense of complete and utter excitement building in me.  I was selling merch for my favorite band. No joke, no lie, no kidding.   After that I became his official, (but not too official), intern and even got my own nickname from the band, Pepper in honor of the ‘I’m A Pepper’ shirt I wore to every show.  I soon found myself on every show I could get myself to. I drained my bank account, spent every penny I had to get to whatever show was nearby, and at the very last show I sold for the Rejects solo.  I even got paid at that last gig.  Sure it was only fifty dollars, but that fifty bucks is still framed in my bedroom a constant reminder that if you believe something hard enough and want it bad enough for long enough it will happen.

Fast forward to September of 2014 when Merch Mike, after two years of not really talking to one another, stepped foot onto my sweet Albany, New York soil.  I was right at that airport to hug him ever so tight, trying to make up for those lost years.  I was grateful to be his intern again, but even more then that as if he wasn’t good enough to me, he gave me the contact information for my local arena.

“You’re gonna call this Elliot guy and pretend like you know him.  Hopefully, you can just leave a message.  Then when he calls you back, and trust me he’ll call back, you tell him who you are and that you want a job.”  Merch Mike said over dinner at Chili’s.

After dropping him off at the airport, telling my husband I wanted a divorce, and generally getting a new sense of determination I made the call.  I did leave a message.  Elliot did call back.  

October 31, 2014 I worked my first gig at the Times Union Center (the TU for short) in Albany, New York.  It was an audition to see if I was legit, or at least that’s what Kevin (my awesome boss at the TU) tells me.  Turns out I am legit.  I’ve been working there ever since.  

So far, that’s my story.  Just the other day I had one of my little sister’s friends ask me how my life was so cool.  I really thought about that for a few minutes and realized, holy crap, my life is pretty freaking cool.  Why am I not sharing my crazy merch adventures with the world?  Hence my next blogging masterpiece (yes I know a blog is no masterpiece but I’m still gonna call it that)!  

Welcome to the world behind the concert curtain.  I’m happy to be your guide.  My name is Pepper, the merch girl extraordinaire and I’ll be entertaining you with my mystifying feats of keeping it real while I chase happiness one gig at time.

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b1a4, seventeen, f(x)


  1. because of you cover
  2. adore u
  3. 20
  4. just for fun
  5. no flex zone :-)

f(x) this is so hard kill me

  1. love
  2. milk
  3. all night
  4. goodbye summer
  5. jet

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                   i will likely not be using an OLDER faceclaim for charlie’s older verse, namely because – charlie and nessies maximum physical age in the books was seventeen && my faceclaim is currently sixteen, so he’s at that age where he passes – because lets be real guise, seventeen year olds don’t look like adult men, or adult women, they look like kids still.

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I'm a seventeen year old girl, five foot-seven with long black hair and green/copper eyes... My absolute favorite thing is music: whether it's just listening or writing with my bandmates- and I'm majoring in Music Business in college this fall! In just the last three weeks I've seen frnkiero andthe cellabration plus Fall Out Boy, and I'm still crying... best nights of my life. Since it's summer, I would take you on a date to a drive-in movie, and we could get pizza or whatever while we watch...

You sound so lovely and I absolutely love the date idea! You’re very lucky to see both of those bands in such a small amount of time. I’m honestly jealous! And, I absolutely live music too. I’m so glad we have both of those things in common and I’m sure if we dated, we could discuss that a lot. And, best of luck in your academics when they start! 😊💖

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