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I guess it is time to tell you guys that I finally got a new job, not what I wanted but you know it will do till I am done with school. I will give me the money to pay for my month school tuition that I have to pay. I know I stated that when I was looking for a new job that I didn’t want to go back to being a nanny, but I got sucked back into it because no one will hire me for anything else. *insert eye roll and groan here*

So I am a nanny for two kids, tho technically I am only a nanny for one of them. The ages are going to sound ridiculous when I tell you but I will tell you why they need a ‘nanny’. the second oldest, is a boy an he is seventeen. I know when I first heard about it I was like ummm he’s almost an adult I dont see when I need to nanny him. I am not really taking care of him I am more so just watching him. He’s like any normal seventeen year old boy, stays in his room most of the day unless he is coming out to get something to eat, take is meds, go to work, or if he is going out with friends. When he leaves I just make sure that his parents know that he is going somewhere and he is on his way.

Now the youngest is a little girl, and he is fourteen. Now with her I do have to “take care” of her. The reason being is that she was born mentally ill. Even though She has the body of a fourteen year old, he mind is nothing more than an infant. She does has a few other things wrong with her but that is nothing that I wish I to disclose at this time.

So I am till trying to see how I am going to fit everything into my life right now. We (the two kids and I) all start school on the same day, the 24th of this month (August 2015). I go to school from 9 am till 2 pm and then I start work at 3:45 pm, which is when I have to go pick up the girl from school and I get off at 9 pm Monday thru Thursday. Friday is 3:45 to 11. Plus I wanna fit in going to the gym, because I need it. Which that mean that’s I need to find a gym that stays open later than 10. I would attempt to do it during the time that I have after I get off school and when I have to pick up the girl but I feel as if something will go wrong. Just an instinct.

Wish me luck because I am more than ready for this 11 month program to be over and it hasn’t even started!

Shuffle Tag (kpop version)

i was tagged by the beautiful captain-sehun so…yeh
the list is artist to song (just in case anybody got confused)

1. Jimin ft. Iron- Puss
2. Seventeen- Adore U
3. BTS- N.O
4. Mad Clown- Population Control
5. Super Junior- Mr. Simple
6. EXO- Heart Attack (Chinese Version)
7. BTS- BTS Cypher, Pt.3: Killer
8. EXO- Lady Luck
9. B.A.P- Warrior
10. EXO (Xiumin solo)- Breakin’ Machine

my playlist is too long omg
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(seventeen's wonwoo) *blushes at the sudden kiss* well then if kisses make you go to bed earlier then that's what i'll do every time you stay up late okay? *grins* oops sorry, i was just watching videos on youtube. *puts phone on the side table, turns off the lights and faces him to give one last peck on his lips* close your eyes and sleep now, you worked so hard today. p/s: the gif you used is a blessing he looks really good

WonWoo: *smiles at you as bright as he can even though he’s tired after the kiss you give him, he leans in to give you a quick peck and caress your waist lightly closing his eyes again* Thank you for taking care of me, jagi. *opens his eyes to look at you* You need a good night of sleep to, you always stay awake ‘till late because of me. I have to make it up to you soon, right? *he brushes you hair away from your face*

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- Admin Seung
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Hi~ Can I get shipped with Seventeen? American-Viet, tall, w/ long dark brown hair; Writing and music are my passion, and I'm mature and smart. Mostly introverted but I can be 4D, lazy, a homebody, and independent. I'm motherly, and I go by Work Hard Play Hard. Rather blunt and a lil cold, but philosophical. Also a childish romantic, bossy, talkative, but short tempered and emotional. Not athletic and a really touchy person. My style is comfy/simple/casual, and I'm picky/protective. TYSM!~ ♡

I ship you with S.Coups! ‘Cause PLEDIS gave SEVENTEEN members swaggie names yolo

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I think our leader needs some maturity and intelligence in his life, courtesy of someone like you~ No but srsly he does need it someone save him With the occasional 4D burst that would give warm life to your relationship, you two would be able to come to each other for sanity and some deep philosophical conversations.. He would care so much about you really and he’d try his best to make everything you want happen (Romanticism)! He would ask to read what you write and he’d take ian interest in everything you do… sweet kid <3

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✿ And he hasn’t changed a bit ✿

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What was your best first date ever?

I know this sounds pretty lame, but when I was around seventeen I was speaking to this girl on facebook and we agreed to meet at a park near her place which I had no fucking clue how to get to. So the day comes where we were supposed to be meeting up and she ditched me. So as I was walking around this park I bump into this other girl by accident, so I apologise and we start talking and we eventually swap numbers. So yeah it sounds cheesy but my favourite ever first date was a complete accident and all we did was chill eat ice cream and speak to get to know each other.