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wen junhui - red || like the colors in autumn, so bright just before they lose it all… loving him was red 

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Hello~! I’m here to ask for a selca ship with Seventeen, iKon and Wanna One. I hope my request will not cause any trouble :)

No trouble at all! Thanks for requesting, Your outfit is to die for. I love it!

ok here we go



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Wanna One


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Thanks again @leasanzo

“I’m drowning in your dream like presents” IKON #WYD

~Admin ViRi


 I tried, I failed, I’ll try again lol #practice

An attempt at drawing Wonwoo, Mingyu and Joshua.

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what're your top 10 groups and biases in those groups?

Seventeen (Vernon)

NCT (Johnny)

BlackPink (Lisa)

Day6 (Jae)

Got7 (Youngjae)

BTS (Taehyung)

Pristin (Kyla)

K.A.R.D (Somin)

Pentagon (Wooseok)

sf9 (Rowoon)

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A concept: Woozi takes frequent breaks from his work and feeds himself sufficiently and gets enough rest and !! is healthy!!!!!

svt: YES. 

woozi: uh, um like i do like feed myself i mean i order chicken almost everyday?

seungcheol: add at least six hours of sleep to that

jeonghan: and veggies and vitamins

joshua: plus lots of breaks to relieve stress

woozi: as seventeens producer i need to work hard to produces songs even if it means-

svt: //starts to protest loudly//

hoshi : its not just concept tho it should be his lifestyle

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joshua sometimes i wish we went to the same school so i can just have you around,,,i miss see you

Joshua: I miss you so much too. I’ll come visit you if I can. Or… you could come see me…

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Hello, could I possibly get a selca ship for EXO, BTS, Astro, NCT U, Got7, and Seventeen? Thank you so much, I hope you have a wonderful day!

There is an actress you remind me of but I can’t remember her bloody name! Oh well…

Ship for @birdsandspades

EXO: Xiumin

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BTS: Rap Monster

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Astro: Jin Jin

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NCT U: Taeil

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Got7: Jackson

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Seventeen: Dino

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Can you please ship me with someone from  Monsta X, Seventeen, GOT7, SHINee, and BTS??? Thank you, you’re wonderful!!!

Thank you for requesting <3

From MONSTA X I shipped you with… Shownu/Hyunwoo!

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From SEVENTEEN I shipped you with… Seungkwan!

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From GOT7 I shipped you with… Jackson!

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From SHINEE I shipped you with… Minho!

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From BTS I shipped you with… Rap Monster/Namjoon!

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// I hope you liked your ships!! //


long shot but do any of my followers either have a presale code they’re willing to give/sell or someone who would let me buy the second ticket with them? TT i’m just so sad i might not be able to get VIP tickets so :( chicago, dallas, or NY works since i have to travel anyways. thanks in advance! pm if so.

Princess Camilla

She’s a seventeen year old peach and just arrived at court from Spain. There was a scandal in Spain involving Camilla and a servant and in order to avoid the scandal and the gossip, her parents sent her to England. No one but the ambassador knows about the scandal. With the king dying, the King and Queen of Spain figured that a royal face would help with their relationship with England, killing two birds with one stone.

Smokin' Seventeen: A Stephanie Plum Novel (Unabridged) - Janet Evanovich | Mystery |440722668

Smokin’ Seventeen: A Stephanie Plum Novel (Unabridged)
Janet Evanovich
Genre: Mystery
Price: $9.95
Publish Date: June 21, 2011

℗© 2011 Random House Audio

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Jeonghannie, I'm having a very hard month... Would you cuddle me, please? (◕︿◕✿)

Jeonghan: //is not ok hearing that you had a hard month// Baby, it’s going to be ok.

//starts carrying you around in his arms everywhere// //buys you food// //sets you down on the couch// //runs to get pillows, blankets, and snacks// //plops down on the couch next to you//

Jeonghan: How about to make up for this awful month, we can just sit here and cuddle for a month? Does that sound like a good idea, babe? //wraps you up in blankets and his arms, kisses your forehead//

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