the seventeens

  • S.Coups: Joshua and Mingyu have left us for BTS. Woozi has been inducted into EXO. Jeonghan got confused for Johnny and now he's in NCT. Shinee adopted Hoshi. The8 ran away to Got7. Anyone else wanna leave? I need at least a ten days notice from now on.

[ENG] 170119 SEVENTEEN’s Twitter Update

[17’S] 서울 가요대상 본상 감사합니다! 우리 캐럿들이 있었기에 오늘도 또 한번의 큰상을 받았습니다! 늘 어디서든 응원해 주셔서 고마워요~~~!!! 시간과 함께 우린 닮아가 결국에 하나가 될 우릴 봐♡

[17′s] Thank you for Seoul Music Awards’ Bonsang Award! Because we have our CARATs, we received another big award today! Thank you for always supporting us no matter where you are~~~!!! With time, we are resembling each other, in the end, we will become one♡

(T/N: The last sentence is the lyrics to HIGHLIGHT)

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