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alright kids today we’re gonna do an experiment. i’m going to show you how easy it is to fake screenshots.

this is my initial test message.

i open ms paint and plop my test message and a message from another person in there.

all i have to do is select their icon and name and paste it over my icon and my name.

and presto! we have our perfectly faked screenie.

so before you take screenshots to heart, please take a minute to think. “is there a possibility this may be faked? do multiple people have evidence and screenshots against the same person? is the person giving these screenshots reliable? does the person in said screenshot ACTUALLY act or type that way?” 

also, you can figure out if a screenshot is faked by deep frying it, surprisingly enough. if it’s a real screenshot, the artifacts will be around the text, and if it’s faked, the aritfacts will be a box, like the box-selection you do when you edit a screenshot


the above name tag is edited. the below is not. you can tell because of the boxy artifacting.

i hope this helped! please be sure to check all resources and see if multiple people have different screenshots to make sure they’re legit.


I hear that relationships, they um, take effort. I’m all for effort.



tutorial: how to use overlay gifs

in this tutorial you will learn how i put those sparkly glittery moving effect on pictures like i did for these edits: x x x. it will cover both the frame animation method and timeline method, so you can see which method you prefer. this is easy if you know basic photoshop & how to make gifs already!

you will need:

- adobe photoshop: i use the version cc 2017/2018
- a base picture
- overlay gifs: these are the ones i’ll be using

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Fever Kiss

Dabin was beginning to get concerned. Christian hadn’t eaten anything all day, his eyes were hardly open, and he kept falling asleep in weird places. When he started coughing he decided to ask once more. “Hey man, are you alright?”

“Yeah” Christian cleared his throat feeling the horrible scratchiness deep inside it. “I’m fine.” After putting on a mask he continued to work. The mask helped muffle his coughs and make them less noticeable to Dabin and the others.

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How To Report Inappropriate Nicknames in Splatoon 2

As funny as some names may be, these names can get kids who play the game into hot water. After all, it is meant to be a shooter for the younger crowd and we know how rational some parents can be. One inappropriate username and a kid may be barred from playing their favourite game again. Or worse, they blame Nintendo for it. Come on, let little Timmy Play Splatoon 2! Seriously.

 There is a way to report inappropriate user names, but it’s kind of a roundabout method. Here’s how to do it.

1. Download the Nintendo Switch mobile app

2. Sign into your Nintendo Account, then select ‘Splatoon 2′

3. Refresh the app by tapping the refresh icon just to make sure you have your most recent battle data, then tap the battle icon.

4. Select the battle with the offending user. I like to do it right after I finish the battle, that way I don’t have to sift through and figure out which one it was since it’ll be the most recent one.

5. Select the offending user by tapping on their name. Note: No one in this battle had a bad name, I’m just using it for an example. I didn’t send any report form.

6. When the screen pops up, tap the small ‘report’ text.

7. Scroll down and tap ‘inappropriate username’. Then type a brief explanation as to why it was bad, even if it’s just ‘it said bitch, which is a bad word.’

And you’re done! Timmy can play Splatoon 2 without people ruining it.

scotmtccall  asked:

Hi! Would it be possible to post a tutorial of how you created the text in this set /post/135890396784/just-fill-the-poor-boy-in-already thank you :)

Absolutely! It’s a little fiddly and takes some time to do, but once you’ve made one, you can pretty much just drop it into your other gifs!

I’ve tried to make this as accessible as possible to beginners by giving you guys follow-along examples (as gifs) to help with navigation, but if there’s any questions, don’t hesitate to send them my way.

Original Post

You will need:

  • Photoshop CS5 and up (I’m using CS6 for this. Anything below CS5 won’t have the video timeline, which makes this a lot easier.)
  • Know how to make a gif. If you don’t, here’s a tutorial I made a few years ago. It’s really old, and I’ve changed some of my settings, but the raw fundamentals are still there. (Again, any questions - just send them my way and I’ll be more than happy to help.)

Before, without the text effect:

After, with the text effect:

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