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Why I love Far Cry 5 fandom

Ya’ll trying to see good in cult heralds; research and analyse their past and motives (remember that cool theory about left-handed John?)

YES, almost all of us started as thirsty thots, we are unclean with sin of Lust, but still)

Most of you don’t want to kill Seeds (rather arrest them and get help), don’t want all this violence. I know, it’s an action shooter game and that’s the whole point of fun - a lot of players wanted a non-violent way to resolve the story even BEFORE getting to the ending with Joseph’s speech about Pride and Wrath that breaks the 4th wall.

And fans want ‘join the Eden’s Gate’ option, want to see the situiation from cultist’s point of view, and I think all this is really great - open mindedness and kindness

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The Amorphophallus titanum in our campus greenhouse just died :'( I can't get over it. I can't believe how much I'm grieving for a plant

dude no like titanums are like….another level of plant tho. like literally, they can live for 30, 40, 50+ years, blooming every decade. there’s a phenomenon ive noticed with them of individuals being dutifully cared for during that time by university greenhouse/public conservatory staff and they almost all get named. there are only roughly 300 blooms per year in the united states, and when they bloom its An Event for the location that cares for them, bringing in a ton of new visitors who aren’t that acquainted with plants for the occasion. they are more easily attached to as important creatures instead of a plant on the same level as a common houseplant, and become a fixture and an attraction in the places that tend to them. i would grieve for it, too. that’s a real loss. there are some kinds of plants that are very different in that way. 

i remember when my community greenhouse lost our century plant, a type of giant succulent that blooms once every 70-100 years right before it dies. it sends up an 11+ foot stalk with hundreds of flowers, which uses up it’s final energy reserves that it’s been building its entire life. when we lost ours it was incredible, obviously, because the stalk can go up in as little as three days- but i came in to water the greenhouses one morning and the landscaping crew had removed it’s body, leaving a gaping space in the desert bed. it had been there the entire time the greenhouse had been open. 

i turned around to water the succulents on the tables behind me, and found that the landscaping crew had saved a single one of it’s pups (an asexual offspring). it was maybe three-five inches tall, about a year old, and was sitting in a very tiny pot befitting of it’s size. they had moved the species marker from it’s mother’s space in the bed to the pot. i cried. 

I legit saw a post on reddit that was like, “Far Cry 5 wasn’t written with the female player in mind because Faith is supposed to be seductive and female players can’t connect to that.”

Like, seductive??? Attractive????


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Also ignoring the fact that there are girls attracted to other girls? Fuck, dude.

When will white knight nerd boys shut up???? Like, you’ve never talked to a girl before. Invalid. Bye.

Watch as I Grow Mad with Power

I have recently discovered Plants. Did you know: if you find a plant you like, you can just… collect its seeds? Or, you can dig it up and plant it somewhere else?? OR (now this one is crazy but stick with me) you can take part of it and grow it into a new plant?!?

Amazing! First, I started small: I noticed some milkweed was spilling floaty seeds everywhere, so I borrowed a couple, planted them, and several months later I had so many Monarch and Queen caterpillars I had to give some away.

Next: I noticed a baby morning glory vine had popped up in my side yard. I didn’t want it in my side yard, so I dug it up, put it in my brand new flower garden, and several months later it has taken over the entire back half of my yard.

Then: my coworker brought in some lemongrass cuttings she’d done, and I planted it in my yard. It exploded and it’s the most massive lemongrass bush I’ve ever seen.

Now that I’ve done my “hands off” experiment with the back yard (conclusion: invasive grasses will completely take over and prevent any natives from taking root), I am ready to become the master of my realm. But I’m still broke as heck. So!

Milkweed vine (Matelea?) and Monarda seeds nabbed from the field at work!

Every mango I ever eat ever again! (Three germinated, started #4 last night)

Ruellia simplex which I *cough* may have borrowed from a park. I took five because I didn’t have scissors or a knife and I didn’t trust my ability in making cuttings but ALL FIVE ROOTED and some are starting to bud!!!

Red yucca from the parking lot at work

It’s contagious! My coworker went for a walk in her neighborhood, and saw a strange tree with these 15 inch long seed pods that look like giant string beans. So of course she took one to give to me. It matured over the weekend, and today I popped it open and LOOK AT ALL THESE SEEDS!!! It’s a Catalpa tree, which is native to the eastern and southern US states. It makes HUGE F-ING flowers which it drops everywhere, making a huge mess. They get TALL. And I have a HUGE HANDFUL of them. What am I going to do with 100+ Catalpa trees?!?! My (not very large) yard is already filling up with trees (though I eagerly await the total consumption of my house into thick wooded forest in the middle of my housing development). I’m thinking Bonsai 😂

September 11, 2018