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When did you lost your virginity?

lady bracknell, i admit with shame that I do not know. i only wish i did. the plain facts of the case are these: on the morning of the day you mention, a day that is for ever branded on my memory, i prepared as usual to take my virginity out in its perambulator. i had also with me a somewhat old, but capacious hand-bag in which i had intended to place the manuscript of a work of fiction that i had written during my few unoccupied hours. in a moment of mental abstraction, for which i never can forgive myself, i deposited the manuscript in the basinette, and placed the virginity in the hand-bag. and i left it, god forgive me, in the cloakroom of one of the larger railway stations in london. victoria.. the brighton line. i lived for that regret ever since. i would never forgive myself. 

Imagine Kylo Meeting K2
  • Kylo: You were once one of us. It's not too late. Join us.
  • K2: Boi... Get your shit together.
Svt as Dads // Seungkwan //

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  • Oh boo my lovely boo
  • Bought himself “Worlds Greatest Dad” stuff before his kid was even born
  • Sings to his children all the time
  • Sang to them while they were still in their moms tummy lets be real
  • Cutest dad on earth ???
  • Takes care of his kids more than he takes care of himself like seriously
  • His kids above all else
  • Like we’ve all seen when a moms are protecting their kids like its so scary
  • But seungkwannie omg
  • He’s even scarier
  • You will feel. His. wrath.
  • Dont ever mess with his kids
  • He’s kids will always be protected lets just say that
  • His kids would literally be the cutest things
  • Im seeing cute lil chubby cheeks
  • I love chubby cheeks on kids its too cute
  • Sassy dad sassy kids
  • Poor other people that encounter them
  • They are done for if they mess with him and his kids
  • Like the sass is too strong for the sassiest of sassy
  • You feel me
  • Back to the kids
  • Sobbed
  • I mean soooooobbed the first time he saw his child
  • Ugly sobbing in the cutest way if you get what i mean
  • Constantly playing with their lil hands
  • And like
  • Non stop games with them
  • Got your nose
  • peek-ah-boo
  • you name it
  • He’s done it like ten times
  • His kids would either come out really strong willed and no one can ever control them
  • OR
  • Seungkwan is the only one that can shut down their crap
  • Because like
  • He aint gonna have any of that
  • 100% they dad that points out his kid to other parents
  • Cries at any significant moment in his kids life
  • First concert or recital
  • Graduating from kindergarten
  • Cried even harder at high school graduated
  • Dont even get me started on college graduation
  • Totally be that dad that shows up with the huge teddy bears that are bigger than himself
  • Just thinking about him as a parent makes me smile
  • Coolest dad ever tbh
  • Better than anyone else
  • Dating is a whole other post with seungkwannie omg can you imagine
  • Oh man
  • Our boo is to precious for this world

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