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3 - “Don’t tell me we’re in matching costumes AGAIN.” For Drake and Robyn or Zig and Dia - your choice! 💜

Thanks for your ask A :D It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything Drake and Robyn related - here you go! @mrswalkerwrites

Matching Souls - (Drake x MC)

Robyn fixes the wispy strands of her decay-looking veil on-top of her head.The curls make it difficult and she wiggles it a little, frowning until she manages to get the right angle. 

She does a quick once over - her painted pale-ish skin, the dark colour of her lips in stark comparison and the darker rims beneath her eyes before ruffling the curls of her hair a little more, being careful not to have the veil fall for a second time tonight. Smiling, she adjusts the straps of her gown and takes a step back to admire the detail in all its shimmery white glory. 

She can hardly believe it. Already it’s been a year since they’ve been married. Happiness surges inside her chest as she thinks about him - Drake Walker, probably grumbling while he waits for her at the bottom of their stair case.

He won’t have to wait much longer. She had to hurry if they’re going to make it on time. 

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Book: The Royal Romance
Pairing: Maxwell x Bertrand (sibling shenanigans)
Warning: None
Word Count: 679

Author’s Note: This was a request from the lovely @iknewyoudcome! I really hope you enjoy this, love! I love writing these two! This was inspired by the peacock that roams the back roads near my house and yells at me every time I try to go to the mailbox.

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Chapter 42 Confusion and Consolation

The Royal Romance Fan Fiction (Liam x MC*Riley) (Maxwell x OC*Amanda) (Drake x Olivia) (Hana x Rashad)

These characters are from the amazing writers of Pixelberry’s Choices stories: The Royal Romance and Red Carpet Diaries. The only character of my own is Duchess Amanda Bridgerton of House St Orella.

Masterlist of The Other Friend TRR

Chapter 42 summary: Olivia and Amanda meet with Sir Francis to discuss Olivia’s marriage contract. Maxwell and Drake run into Bertrand. Liam and Riley rush to the hospital to see Constantine.

Chapter 42

“So, what you are saying is that I do not have to marry this Justin?” Olivia asked.

Sir Francis removed his glasses as he focused on the duchess. “Your grace, according to the requirements in this contract, you do not have to neccessarily marry this particular young man. There are stipulations though that many of the young men possess.”

“What are these stipulations?”

“The man must be worthy of the Nevarkis name. He must be either titled or wealthy. Justin Anton Severus comes from a wealthy family. His mother has a minor title. From what I gathered from your aunt, this was why he was chosen. He is an only child like you and will inherit his family’s entire fortune.”

Amanda glanced at Olivia’s face, furrowed in confusion. “Sir Francis, are you saying that she cannot marry someone, like a commoner?”

Olivia snapped her head at Amanda, shocked at her for asking.

“That is correct, your grace. The man she chooses must meet at least one of these requirements.”

“Is there a possibility to overturn it? Could the king do something about this?” Amanda persisted.

Sir Francis sadly shook his head. “I’m afraid, due to past history with the Nevarkis family and the crown, that King Liam can not dissolve this contract.”

Amanda sat back thinking, defeated by his words. What about Drake? He had no title. He had no fortune. Surely there was something they could do to make this right. Somewhere, somehow, there had to be a way around this. She had seen the bond forming between the prickly pair. It needed to continue.

Olivia felt an anger unlike any other at her ancestors. She was having to pay for their stubborn, ridiculous ways. She was exhausted from having to fix past problems. Her parents had nearly run the duchy into the ground. Her aunt had abandoned her and the family’s land, yet now felt the right to push her into marriage. She was sick of it all.

Sir Francis was sympathetic to Olivia’s plight. “If you have any more questions, Lady Olivia, please do not hesitate to call upon me.” With a bow to both ladies, he left the room.

Olivia began to pace as she tried to come to terms with the contract.

Amanda watched her, knowing the frustration of realizing you have no choice. “I know it looks like your trapped, but I believe we can find–”

Olivia snapped. “Spare me your positive thinking speech, Amanda! You at least were given the man you wanted in the end. You had him in the beginning too. There is nothing that can be done. It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s not like I’m in love with anyone or have any promises I need to worry about.”

Amanda stood and hugged her. Olivia struggled a moment then clutched her as she cried. She let the tears take out all those ridiculous dreams she had held close to her heart. She let them take the loneliness and frustration. Why could she not catch a break? Had she not been through enough?

Maxwell and Drake were downstairs in the hotel’s restaurant waiting on Olivia and Amanda to finish their meeting. As they were talking, Bertrand came up to their table.

“Maxwell!” he exclaimed. “How dare you go to Savannah and encourage her back to Cordonia! I had hoped that there was one last shred of loyalty to your family’s name. I see now how greatly mistaken I was. Do you realize the situation you are creating for me and Madeleine? When people learn of that child’s existence, it will ruin us.”

Drake shot out of his chair and punched Bertrand in the jaw. Bertrand fell back a couple of steps, then threw an uppercut followed by another punch to Drake’s eye. Maxwell jumped between them pushing them apart.

“That’s enough! Bertrand, I will see my nephew. Just because you refuse to claim him, it doesn’t mean that I will go along with it. You have no right to keep Savannah out of Cordonia. Now I suggest you leave. We have nothing to say to each other.” Maxwell turned to go back to his table.

“I should have known this was a pointless endeavor. After you married that Hollywood harlot of a duchess, you’ve —”

Maxwell whirled and launched himself at his brother. He knocked him into a table, crashing to the ground. He rammed his fists into Bertrand’s face in quick succession. Drake ran over and pulled him off of him. “You stay away from me, my wife, my nephew, and Savannah! If I see you even look in their direction I will shove your head so far up your own ass that there isn’t a protologist in the world that will be able to help you.” Maxwell was breathing hard and struggling against Drake holding him back.

Bertrand pulled himself up, wiping the blood from his face, and stumbled from the restaurant without another word.

Drake started laughing. “No protologist in the world. Really?” He was snorting now with his laughter. Maxwell let out a burst of laughter. “I don’t know where that came from.” Amanda and Olivia found them laughing and sporting ice packs.

“What happened?!” Amanda rushed over and looked at the bruises on Maxwell’s face and hands. She moved the ice pack to see the cut above his eyebrow. Olivia gently touched Drake’s jaw and the darkening bruise.

“Hmm. Uppercut, followed by jab.” she muttered. Drake’s eyes widened. “Yeah. How did you know?” Olivia smirked. “I’m a Nevarkis. I know all types of fighting styles and the resulting marks they leave behind.

Drake grinned. He watched her as she examined his knuckles. She was being very kind. He could see the redness of her eyes. He felt his heart sink. It must have been bad news in the meeting. He wondered if she would tell him about it.

"Who were you fighting?” Amanda asked.

Maxwell glanced at Drake. “We had a difference of opinion with Bertrand.”

Drake snorted. “A big difference of opinion.”

“You mean, you two lost a fight to Bertrand?” Amanda asked in disbelief.

“What! No! He definitely walked off with more bruises and blood.” Drake exclaimed

“Yeah, the cut over my eye was from knocking him into the table. It must have caught me too.” Maxwell touched the area around the cut.

“Why were you not thrown out of the restaurant?”

Drake chuckled. “Apparently Bertrand got on the manager’s bad side here. He actually gave us free drinks while we waited on you.”

Amanda shook her head at the two of them. “Now tell me why were you fighting.”

Maxwell stared at the table. “He said some things that he should not have and we expressed our not liking them.”

“Couldn’t have said it better.” Drake clinked his glass against Maxwell’s.

“Good. He has needed to be knocked off his high horse for a while now.” Olivia waved the waiter over to their table. Everyone placed their orders. Amanda sat there silently, listening to them talk around the subjects that they were all interested in.

Finally, Drake asked Olivia about the meeting. “Are you stuck? Will you have to marry Justin?”

Olivia froze for a moment. “I don’t have to marry Justin, but I am stuck with stipulations.”

Maxwell looked at her and Amanda. “What are they?”

Olivia continued to pick at her food. She glanced at Amanda, silently asking her to explain.

“Olivia has to marry someone who either has a title or a fortune. Liam will not be able to dissolve it, due to some ancient agreement made by her ancestors.” Amanda said softly.

Drake felt like he had been punched in the gut. He did not know why it would hurt like it did. It wasn’t like he was in love with her. Right? They had made no promises or plans for the future. It was just nice. Which was weird. They seemed to fit well together. Camaraderie. That’s what it was. No heart stuff involved at all.

Olivia glanced at his face. He looked shocked. Did he feel it as acutely as she did? Did he wonder why it hurt like this? There was no reason for it…was there? She stood up and told them all she needed to be alone for a while. She promised to see them later at dinner. As she walked to the elevator, she knew she needed to think about her future. Whatever that could be. The only thing Olivia knew for certain, was that she needed some space from Drake.

Liam and Riley were facing their own trial. Constantine had been unable to breathe and had been rushed to the hospital. A frantic Regina had called them, begging them to come. Riley knew how difficult it was for Liam to play the doting son after all his father’s words and actions.

She laced her fingers through his as they sat in a private waiting room. Liam squeezed her hand. Thankfulness did not begin to touch on how he felt having Riley with him during this time. Liam could not imagine having to face this alone. When the doctor came in to tell him he could see his father, she wrapped her arm around him and walked beside him.

Liam took a deep breath and walked into the room. Constantine was laying very still. The beeping of the machines was the only sounds in the room. He turned his head to look at them. “You did not have to come, Liam.”

“Regina asked me to. How are you?”

Constantine shrugged. “Dying. Slowly, but still dying.”

Liam nodded. He honestly had no idea what to say to this man. Riley asked Constantine if there was anything she could do for him. He began a fit of coughing, while telling her no. “I only require rest.”

“Then we will leave you to it.” Liam placed his hand on Riley’s back to leave. He opened the door for her and began to follow her out, when Constantine asked to speak to him alone. Riley kissed Liam’s cheek and stepped out of the room.

He turned back to his father, waiting on him to break the silence. Constantine coughed. “How are your friends?”

Liam glared at him. “I know what you have been doing to them. It ends now. As your King, I am commanding you to cease your schemes.”

Constantine returned his glare. “Just like you you followed your king’s orders?”

Liam refused to back down. “My friends did nothing wrong. They do not deserve whatever torment you have planned.”

Constantine let out a bitter laugh. “Disobeying one’s monarch leads to repercussions. You will see that one day. Drake, Maxwell, and Amanda will learn their lesson. You will be forced to watch it all.”

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To King Liam, a hopeless romantic with a taste for bakalava, a soft heart of gold, and a man who is loyal and just and one who stole all of our hearts with his kindness– even if we had to say no.

To Drake Walker, a man gruff as he is soft, one who loves whiskey almost as much as he loves his friends, one who would take another bullet without a second thought– and one of the best slow burns.

To Hana Lee, a woman of many talents, but perhaps none as great as stealing our hearts with her pure and tender soul, showing that you have time to find your place, your people.

To Maxwell Beaumont, always a jokester in the darkest of times, but somebody who will never leave a friends side, and will do what’s right and just in any situation.

To Olivia Nekarvis, a fiery soul with hair to match, it was slow, but we went from enemies to sisters, even if it took her longer to realize how much the people around her meant to her. Except Drake.

To Bertrand Beaumont, to a man who let us see that we all make mistakes, who only wanted the best for his house, and who learned to let love in, one baby step at a time.

To Kiara, a master of languages with incredible strength and courage to face her fears with impeccable hair.

To Penelope, a woman who showed us that we can all be anxious, and that it’s okay to want help from furry and human friends alike.

To Madeleine, for being such an incredible villain that made us hate her. And a better press secretary than Justin, let’s be real.

To Regina, a Queen Mother with grace and class and always keeping the country and Liam in mind.

To Constantine, for pulling off one hell of a twist on us and sacrificing yourself for your sons.

To Bastien, always watching, loyal (to a fault), and a bodyguard that would do anything for his king. Even if he’s seen better days.

To Mara, you may not have been the best bodyguard and were suspect… but you too, are loyal, even in your faults.

To Anton, honestly, your puns were awful.

To MC, a true legendary woman, one who risked everything to jump on a plane, one who can steal hearts with a blink of her eye, one who loves her fancy hats, one who loves her friends and would do anything for them, one who captives our imagination like no other, one who is silly and serious and romantic and simply hopes for the best even when times are tough– to our Queen.

To TRR, for a series that was a spinoff that turned into something that is fun, serious, sexy, romantic, heartstopping… something we truly, dearly love, so, so much.

To The Royal Romance!

“This is where our Happily Ever After begins”