therock The signed #RockDeltas are on their way.
Thank you to the thousands who participated in our USDNA Veterans Day giveaway and sharing your inspiring heartfelt stories of the military men and women you have in your life.
And THANK YOU to the boys and girls of our US Military past and present.
I’m grateful to the bone.
#ProjectRock #UnderArmour #RockDeltas #1 USDNA 👊🏾
therock Dig in.
Want to thank the various spec ops boys who helped me bring this character to life.
Especially on the HRT (hostage rescue) crisis negotiations side.
Shooting #SkyscraperMovie has been an intense and unforgettable experience and I’m grateful to the bone for the opportunity to put in the work.
Honored to wear the patch over the heart to recognize our fallen.
Lorek and Shaw.
Thank you team. Respect.
#SkyscraperMovie #Vancouver #China