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things i wish i’d known in my first year of university

I’m reaching the end of my time at university and it’s got me all sentimental. and regretful. There are a number of things that I had learned during my time at university that I wish I’d known during first year. 

  • Read everything. The only valid excuse for not reading everything on the reading list is that you didn’t have time, not that you found it boring, or that it wasn’t useful. Because there’s nothing scarier than trying to write an essay on something you studied a month ago, and you have no notes on the topic. 
  • Revise constantly. I wish I’d revisited everything I did a week after I did it, just as a recap. I tended to focus on what I was doing in the moment because it felt the most important thing at the time. Well, during exams, everything is equal. And it’s so frustrating not quite being able to remember something. So, revise. Even just for ten minutes.
  • Don’t spend all of your money on impulse. I’ve bought so much rubbish that I really don’t need. And if I’d saved that money, I could have gone on holiday. Save every last penny you can. 
  • Eat well. I just said that you should save all the money you can, but I think that food is one exception to that rule. Try and save money where you can, obviously, but don’t go for days and days without fresh vegetables because you’re saving money for a holiday. Your mind, as well as your body, needs food.
  • Go and talk to professors in their student hours. I used to find this so awkward. To be honest, I still do. But if you’re going sending them an email and asking for clarification on a topic, consider maybe popping into their office when it’s open to students. And tell them if you’re struggling! If you don’t let them know, then they can’t help you.
  • Take hot drinks with you, to your lectures or to the library. Don’t spend all your money in the library cafe. Bring a flask of tea, and loads of study snacks in a packed lunch box. Trust me on this.
  • Make time to meet up with friends you haven’t seen in ages. Don’t wait for them to ask you. I make sure to socialise with my friends at least twice a week. And by socialise, I don’t mean getting blind drunk and going clubbing. Sit down and have lunch together. Chat. Get to know each other properly. Friendships formed over alcohol never last as long as friendships formed through actual conversation.
  • Do stuff that the university puts on for students. Join societies. Get involved. One of the best nights I ever had at university was a masquerade ball that my college put on. And for some reason, I’ve never done anything like that since then? And I don’t understand why! University is for making memories, and I don’t really have many!
  • Travel around your university town. If you’re university is on a campus, don’t let your life revolve around that one place. If you’ve travelled away from home to go to university, then make it worth your while! See the sights, be a tourist, get on a bus and go to a random town and buy ice cream. 
  • Experiment. This is the time. Dye your hair blue, join a weird and random society and take up a hobby you’d never dreamed of.  If you want to try drugs, make sure it’s a safe environment and do your research before hand. If you don’t want to do that kind of thing, then don’t judge other people for doing so.
  • Give yourself a day off per week. When you’re at university and you’ve got loads of work, it’s tempting to just work constantly - or at least, to work every day, if not all the time. But it’s so much better for your mental state to take a day off to just relax. 
  • Keep up with your chores. When you’re stressed about an assignment, you don’t want to be also stressed about that pile of washing up accumulating by the sink. Keep your room tidy too - clear space, clear mind.
  • Be kind to everyone. You’re going to meet a lot of people at university, some you’re going to hit it off with immediately. But there will be some who really rub you up the wrong way. Don’t worry about it, it’s completely fine to not like someone. But don’t be mean to them. This isn’t high school, you’re all here to learn and there’s just no need to make them feel bad about themselves. It’s just petty and childish.
  • Think about the future. I know that you’re completely wrapped up in your university life right now, but you’re going to have to venture out into the real world at some point. Do things that might help your future career: volunteer, get a job, join a sports club, make connections. University isn’t, sadly, forever.

There you have it! The advice that I would have given myself in the first year of university. Whether you’re just about to start university, or whether you’re just about to leave, I hope this is useful to you.

I wanna give a s/o to all the students out there where everything was working against them to do well in school but they persevered anyway.

The students who didn’t have parents that did well in school and so they couldn’t receive proper guidance. The students who went to shitty public schools that didn’t prepare them as well as private school kids. The students who were the first in their family to complete high school. The students who have to work to survive or afford school while studying. The students that have to support their family in addition to themselves. The students who couldn’t figure out how to study until it was too late to fix their GPA. The students who discovered their mental illnesses while in college and it tanked their success or forced them to take longer to finish.

All of you are valid. Remember that. College is hard and can make you feel that numbers always matter. But once you enter the real world, no one is keeping score. Be proud of what you achieved based on your unique conditions.

Enjoy the life you’ve given yourself because you went to college. You did it.
Nafessa Williams: ‘As a young black girl I didn’t have a superhero like me to look up to’
Nafessa Williams, who plays Thunder in Black Lightning, hopes her character will be an inspiration
By Rob Walker

“It’s a genre dominated by white, straight males, so American actress Nafessa Williams admits she was moved to tears when she pulled on her costume for the first time to play a black, lesbian superhero. “It was a moment,” she says. “I mean, I’m representing a whole group of people who need to see themselves on TV.”

Williams plays Thunder in the hit television series Black Lightning – and is in London this week to promote its second series and hopefully convert more Britons to what she admits is “not your typical superhero show”.

“Yes, we’re wearing costumes but we’re not fighting aliens or creatures in an alternative universe,” she says. “We’re fighting real-life issues that are happening within our country, in our inner cities. Police brutality, gang crime, drug crime, social injustice – and we’re shedding light on it.”

Williams plays Anissa Pierce, a medical student and black-rights activist who learnt of her superhuman powers in the first series.  

She tells how a teenager recently approached her and thanked her for playing a strong, black, gay woman. “She said that after seeing Anissa she now feels normal being a lesbian. It’s pretty cool because as a young black girl I didn’t have a superhero to look up to – there was no one who looked like me,” she says.”

Read the full piece here

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serenity0220  asked:

Any chance you could please find some that Yuuri and Victor are married, but no one knows they are AU. Like, "Victor is a famous skater and he's married, but no one has a clue who his husband" is kind scenario? Thank you!

Hi! Thanks for these requests! This is a really fun AU! (Most of these fics are based off @skygemspeaks post which you can find here!

Originally posted by asparagusoup

Identity Reveal

Who is Coach Yuuri? by glitteryimagay, Teen, 24k
Nix, Fish and Frankie were over the moon when they were told they were chosen by skating legend Victor Nikiforov himself to be taught at his rink in America. But upon arriving, they are informed Victor was asked last minute to be the choreographer for the Olympic US Skating Team and instead, they will be taught by the rink’s head coach, who they know nothing about! This is great!

The Internet Exists For a Reason by tomorrowsdreams, Teen, 2.8k
Katsuki Yuuri amazes people even without them knowing who he really is. Thumbs up!

Comfort Zone by BertholdvonMoosburg, Gen, 8.9k
Yuuri decides to go back to school. He’d really like to experience being normal again for a while, and he wants friends, not more fans.It’s hard to keep two lives separate. Love this!

Yuuri Katsuki, MA by BertholdvonMoosburg, Teen, 10k
Two years. Two years she’d known Yuuri Katsuki, since that welcome reception where he’d looked so uncomfortable and she’d invited him to the pub. He had been a mystery at first, friendly but closed off. When he finally let her into his life, she found a real friendship with this warm, expressive, gentle man. And with his warm, expressive, extra-as-fuck husband. Thumbs up!

My fun fact is: by stillmadaboutpetra, Gen, 6.3k
Yuuri fails to mention to his new non-skater friends who he is or who his husband is. Or that he even has a husband. HAHAH THIS IS GREAT

Ethical Dilemmas in Sport Psychology: When Googling Your Friend Gets Weird by Adrianners, Teen, 1.5k
Grad student Yuuri is late to his study group, but nobody has his phone number or university email. One “Yuuri Katsuki Wayne State” Google search later and… Why does Yuuri have a Wikipedia page? Awesome fic!

Showing Results for ‘Katsuki Yuuri’ by Ferrero13, Gen, 3.9k
Victor makes it his goal to get Katsuki Yuuri, figure skater, to the first page of Google results. There is no way he could let such a brilliant skater be overshadowed by Katsuki Yuuri, winner of some stuffy academic medal, who is probably 50 and balding. I LOVE THIS FIC SO SO SO MUCH

A Real Life Cinnamon Roll by Seito, 2.1k
Yuuri Katsuki’s students knew three things about their new teacher:
1) he was adorable
2) he was extremely passionate about teaching them
3) based off the lovesick expression he often wore, his wife was a lucky woman. I LOOOOVE THIS FIC

How do you not know? by missykristy, Teen, 4.5k
Yuuri Nikiforov-Katsuki, after retiring from competitive skating at 27, decides to go back to school and build on top of his Communications degree. He becomes the Teaching Assistant to a first year Japanese class and is more than happy to stay silent about his career. But honestly, a quick Google search and he’s there. How could you not know? Fun read!

And the answer is… by nessiesaur, Gen, 1.5k
Yuuri Katsuki is adorable, but also one of the most mature people in their class. Yuuri Katsuki is in her study group, which definitely saved her ass on the midterm. Yuuri Katsuki is…wait, who is he!?

A Prince in Disguise by lourthor, Gen, 5.1k
The one thing his classmates know about him for sure is that he loves his husband. Such a good fic!

Long time no see by ddugeun, Gen, 4.8k
“Mum? What’s wrong?” he might be 27 and retired, but his anxiety never gets easier about the smaller things.
“Yuuri! Oh, don’t worry, nothing’s wrong!” Hiroko chirped through the speakers. It’s not quite enough to quell his nervous thoughts just yet. “I got a letter for you in the post; it looked quite important so I opened it incase it was time sensitive, and it turns out it’s a high school reunion invite!” High school reunion AU… you have to read this!

icebreaker by Cesare, Gen, 6.1k
Marianne gets to know Yuuri Katsuki mainly because she never heard the name “Yuuri” before their class together. AWESOME fic!

five theories about victor “my husband” nikiforov (+ one fact) by dadvans, Not Rated, 2.1k
No one knows the truth about the strange, well-paying man who comes into the bar three times a week and only talks about his husband. But everyone has their theories. Rec’d by my followers!

Music & More

Dear Friends

Holy BELLS! It’s been 5 weeks since I posted. My life has suddenly gotten very busy after floating around like a little lost lamb for 18 months. I’ve been studying some psychology modules at uni, which I absolutely love, and I’m gearing up to test my ideas for my next musical project over Christmas. So, I’m going to use this site as a diar/ creative notepad over the next few months. There is a dream plan I have for marinabook, but I have no brain space right now to think about anything but music and psychology. I’m not sure if this is connected to the introvert/baseline level of arousal thing I talked about in this post but, god damn it!! My brain space/brain RAM can handle only so much thinking!

Today I finished the first term of uni and I felt a happiness I haven’t known for a very long time. I’m so full of glee I’m acting like I’ve LITERALLY GRADUATED (*goes to university once*). I went on a shopping spree 5 minutes after it, as if it were 2007 and I were blowing my student loan willy-nilly into ongoing traffic. Some people on this blog have asked me what it’s like going back to university as a mature student… Well, it’s pretty wonderful. I love using the library, which is in a beautiful part of central London, and I love being around people of all ages from different professions. It’s very refreshing and is a real comfort to me to know that the option to study new subjects will always be there throughout my adult life (The uni is tailored to part time degrees and evening classes, so you can study module by module if you like). I have some essays that I may adapt for this site, one discussing the extent to which personality is biological and another on attachment theory and how useful it is in explaining the origins of personality disorders. I had heard about Attachment Theory before,but after reading it in depth I’ve been interpreting behaviours in a completely different way. I think learning about attachment styles could be of benefit to anyone. I would have loved to have worked in child or developmental psychology if I hadn’t been an artist. Hopefully I can combine both worlds one day.

Whilst I’m far from starting the next campaign, I’ve been thinking about how I can create a better life for myself as an artist, on a day-to-day level, but also how I can best spend my energy in contributing something positive or helpful. The privileges of making art for a living are so huge, but one of the things that I have always found difficult is a lack of routine, or consistency. Traditional album cycles were very off/on in the past; You made your album, created your visual world, went on promotion, then went off on tour and kissed goodbye to the sweet life you’d scratched out for yourself between albums. Then 2 years later it’s all over again, you’re faced with a big space and you feel strange trying to integrate yourself back into your old life. There is no ‘how to’ guide to mental health + being an artist. I’m going to try my best to do things differently this time. Some people enjoy the cycles, others work better with consistent medium-intensity work (i.e me). I like to work hard, but not *too* hard. What can I say… I enjoy my life…

Pic of me enjoying life. My kitten does not look like she’s enjoying hers particularly. RUDE.

In between music and creative posts, I might start doing introductory posts on topics I would like to explore more for MarinaBook, to gain a perspective on peoples thoughts and feelings before writing the actual piece (e.g. Millennial marriage + what role it plays for our generation). The motivation for me to write definitely lies in a format where readers can contribute their own questions or thoughts and make the project collaborative and human. Perhaps I could have a monthly guest post on here from a reader on a specific topic… I have a few ideas I’m going to trial so bear with me!

Whether in writing or music, what I love most is a feel of relation and connection with other people in the world. And it’s something I’ve missed as an artist in recent years, just talking freely and naturally with people. It’s made me consider what kind of visual message I want to project going forward in order to be able to have more of this. Writing on this site has made me feel human again and I have you to thank for that! People have been so open and supportive. It’s not easy to write some of the posts - each one takes me literally 5 days because I write slower than snails crawl - and sometimes it feels unnatural/uncomfortable to be open. But the responses are worth it. Love reading your messages. Would like to do some talks again with you in 2018 (like the Oxford one last year) focusing more on the topics we discuss on here.

If this post reads like a highly frazzled person who hasn’t seen the sky for 4 days because she just finished her uni exams, that would be accurate. I miss you all a lot and look forward to talking more soon. I’m looking forward to the new year and creating a beautiful new project for you (and for me).

Marina xxx

PS. Here is a little vid of me writing something.


June 22 2018

It’s officially summer! I’m moving back to UCLA on sunday for summer sessions, I feel like this week has been really long but also really short hmm. I didn’t do much at all lol but it felt well deserved. 

I’m also still waiting on some of my grades to be put in!! ALSO I GOT A NEW IPHONE because my 6s stopped charging and then died so now I have a shiny new iphone 8 in gold :-) but I bought it with my own money so my wallet is feeling really skinny 

on another note my friend is giving me his MCAT study books so…I’ll be studying this summer…things are getting reAL

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true story: i’m in paris for university, and this semester i’m in this program where two of your classes are like, team taught? anyway, the two profs have major tension happening. one is french, teaches art history, and throws things at students a LOT. the other is american, always comes in late with coffee, and runs the school’s lgbtq+ club. yesterday the french art history guy was wearing green and the american one was wearing red and it was seriously like an exr au come to life

for the many of you who have been asking about my vietnam war era hamlet ideas: i finally typed up a little something to share with y’all about my future directorial plans. i plan to keep shakespeare’s original text in the production, with minor changes and/or cuts as needed. (the only major cut would be gertrude’s death, i think it’s important for her to be alive at the end, and you’ll see why.)

this production focuses on the conflicts between younger and older generations, american hyper-praise of masculinity and what it means within the concept of war, and what happens when people put trust into political institutions blindly. this production also has exploration of sexual identity and queerness, drug use, and how war affects all aspects of life.

(sidebar: these are all original ideas of mine, so if you end up using them, citation/credit is necessary. if you end up doing a vietnam war era interpretation of hamlet after reading this, please tell me, i want to hear all about it!)

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an old pic from econ exam studying a few weeks ago 🌱 now i’m off for winter break!


microecon was actually one of the hardest courses i’ve ever taken lmaoooo, it’s so different from other classes so i had no clue how to study for it!! but i finished with a decent mark while some of my friends were failing so it’s fine hahahaha

i was freaking out tho because on the multiple choice we were supposed to write in pencil (the machine that marks our exams can’t read pen), and i didn’t read the instructions so i wrote in pen 😅😅 in my defense, we only used pen in IB for exams soooo how was i supposed to know any better lolllll… good thing my prof is a total bro and didn’t mark me down for it

As part of my orientation for first year uni, I attended a session on how to make the most of lectures. Some of these tips and tricks are pretty straight forward, and can carry on from high school depending on the type of student you are/were. However, some of these also encourage you to become a more critical thinker, and help to better understand the content you’re learning in your lectures!

FIRSTLY, it is important to know WHY we go to lectures.

  • Lectures give us the essential and practical information we need to know about each subject we’re learning - Typically, lectures give you all the information you need to know for that week, and then you use that information in your tutorials later on.
  • Lectures provide an expert’s perspective of the content - Lecturers are usually well equipped with the knowledge surrounding your subject and provide useful perspectives, ideas and points of view regarding what you’re learning. This helps you to understand stuff more thoroughly, even if you don’t feel that way at first.
  • Following on from the previous point, lecture help to understand difficult concepts - Having someone talk through the information can help sort it out in your head rather than just reading a slab of text. Many lecturers will also use examples and anecdotes to substantiate the content, which not only helps you to understand, but can also be useful in assignments.
  • Lectures also encourage discipline specific styles of thinking - Different subjects require you to think differently eg. languages as compared to philosophy or a science. Going to lectures can expose us to these different thinking styles, which we also may adopt to other subjects should it suit.


Before your lectures, it’s important and helpful to have a general idea of what you’ll be expected to learn.

  • Review your lecture outline - This would usually be in your subject outline if you have one. It should specify what you’ll be learning each week. Try to determine what the aims of the lecture will be.
  • Consider how the topic fits in - Think about what you’ll be learning and how it’s connected to your subject. This causes you to think critically about what you will be learning.
  • READINGS - Make sure you read all the required readings before your lectures and tutorials so you can apply them to what you’re learning in class.
  • Make up questions - So while you don’t exactly know what you will be learning yet, you have a kind of general idea. Make up some questions of what you want answered in that lecture. If you have questions that follow the lecture or are during the lecture, write them down so you can ask them in your tutorial.


Now that you’ve prepared for your lecture, what do you do? Let me tell you that it is not to use the free uni wifi to do some online shopping!

  • Make a written record - Write down what you hear, see, feel. Obviously you want to mostly be taking notes of what your lecturer is actually saying, but adding reflective commentary helps to make your notes more memorable of the moment in which you actually learnt the content.
  • Listen for main ideas and clues to details - Your lecturer will be emphasising certain parts of their spiel so keep an ear out for them because they’re important!
  • Copy/create graphic aids - If your lecturer has included them in their slides then it clearly is meant to be helpful. Creating your own also helps you to better learn and understand.
  • Write down examples - Your lecturer may often refer to examples which help back up and explain what they are trying to say. These are important to help you understand and can also be useful in your essays and papers.
  • Write down any questions - Keep these for your tutorials so clarify anything you’re unsure about.


Actually listening in a lecture can be hard when there’s one person at the front of the room monotonously saying words that somehow sound like gibberish. So how do we make sure that we’re taking in everything we need to be?

  • Posture - Make sure you’re sitting up straight and not slouching in your chair! This engages your muscles, making you more alert and encourages blood to pump more efficiently through your body. Also try to sit in the first third of the theatre, closest to the lecturer to help you engage with the lecturer and reduce your likeliness to get distracted.
  • Look up from your notes and engage with your lecturer - Lecturers like this because it means you’re actually interested, and it can also force you to actually learn something instead of passively looking at your laptop or pen and paper.
  • Anticipate - Try to be at least one step ahead of the lecture. Not literally, but try to think about what they could be talking about next. This means you’re processing what they’re saying and grasping a better understanding.
  • QUESTIONS! - I’ll say it a million times, questions concerning anything you’re confused about are so important because it means you know what you don’t know and you have some intention of figuring it out.
  • Alternate listening, thinking and writing - You’ll have to be doing al three in your lecture so it’s important to master the rotation of them all.


Sometimes note taking can affect our ability to listen to what the lecturer is actually saying, or sometimes we get so invested in what the lecturer is saying we forget to write it down. So where’s the happy medium?

  • Listen for clues - These may be any notes or graphics they put up on the screen, repetition, pauses or emphasis, their tone of voice, or the amount of time they spend on a particular topic. These are good to keep an ear out for as they can help you what to write down.
  • Listen for sign posts - These include words such as “this illustrates…”, “we know this because…”, or “scholars debate…” Lecturers are providing examples, evidence and issues within the topic here, which are important for you to have a better understanding and influence you to really reflect on it later on.


All this stuff about note taking, but why do we actually do it???

  • Helps us concentrate
  • Identifying what is most important
  • Helps embed the content into our memory
  • Improves analytical skills
  • Helps in later assignments for that subject

So how do we effectively take notes?

  • Obvious one, but don’t write everything down! - only what appears to be useful and the key points
  • Examples are really useful to have so take note of those
  • Questions (again lol), thoughts and reflective comments
  • New terminology, references and readings - create a glossary with any new terms you’re unsure of and take note of what your lecturer refers to and recommends that you read because these can extend you in your assessments and exams
  • Determine if the information is available elsewhere - if you have access to lecture slides then copious notes are not as necessary because the information will be readily available. If you won’t be able to get access to the lecture again make sure you have everything you need to know!
  • If the purpose of the lecture is to provide background or context, listen more than you write. This information is not vital to your subject, but having a thorough understanding in your head rather than on a piece of paper is very important.
  • If you are listening to your lecturers point of view on an issue, take note of their arguments and how they structure them. Having an understanding of this can be useful in the formulation of your own perspective on the issue.

Formatting notes seems to be such an important issue in the studyblr community, but really, everyone is individual and we all learn in different ways. These are just some tips that I heard in the session:

  • Leave lots of space - Negative space in your notes can help declutter your mind. Also if you need to write something else down on that page then you have more space!
  • Be creative with your notes - You don’t need to make them pretty, but make them yours so you can understand them.
  • It’s a good idea to write down the title of the lecture and the lecturer on your notes just for future reference.
  • You can make your notes diagrammatic - Not everything needs to be written down in words!
  • Use your own abbreviations
  • At the end of the day, you want your notes to be exam ready so you’re just reviewing them in your SWOTVAC period!!


When the lecture ends, that doesn’t mean you should forget about everything you have just learnt. Reviewing the content is important so our brains don’t give into Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve!!

  • Engage with the material again - Change the format of your notes, or imagine different applications of the information. This helps to have a better and stronger understanding.
  • Compare and contrast different ideas within the content.
  • Ask and answer any of your own questions, or even questions within a study group.
  • Make flash cards or mind maps or whatever helps you learn.
  • Discuss the material with your classmates
  • Try to apply the content to real life or real world issues.
  • Try to review within 24 hours of the lecture and then regular daily reviews for at least 15 minutes.

I hope that these tips are helpful in your studies, obviously not all of them are for everyone, but be open to try something new!! Good luck and much love, Emmanuelle xx

6/100 days of productivity | 9 september 2018

a picture from this evening study session.
I have a geometry revision tomorrow and i’m totally scared because this teacher is able to make me super anxious with just two words. i will probably spend a big part of this night workin’ with cad, so wish me luck.

Do you think that they have batman comics within the batman universe? Maybe not even professional comics, but underground stuff, like zines. It’s all original artwork and stories based on real life happenings of Gotham.

They’d have a huge cult following, even the rogues would get into it. Imagine Riddler collecting every single comic he appears in, and then critiquing and rewriting them so they portray him properly. Harley would cut out all the illustrations of her and Ivy, making a giant collage in her bedroom. One time, Scarecrow was asked to sign a comic by one of his former students, he obliged only to gas them with fear toxin afterwards. And occasionally artists drop their hand drawn comics (wrapped in plastic for protection) down the sewer for Killer Croc. Knowing that he’s an inspiration to so many artists warms his cold heart.