the ratchetness is too much


1: “Happy to talk. Happy to listen to the panic in your voice.”

2: “I had them delivered. Though we’d make this a bit of reunion.”

–Crazy Robot Doctor

Hello everyone! ヾ(・ω・ )ゞ

Well it’s officially been a year since I joined tumblr. I sure hope nobody’s sick of me yet! To prove that I’ve actually grown in the past six months since my last FF, I made my own edit this time! As talented as Vina is at photoshop I feel  much more accomplished doing it myself this time around.

Looking back at all the memories I’ve made so far, I’m really glad I joined tumblr. You could say that it has definitely enhanced my kpop experience and I’m certain in the future I’ll appreciate having this blog to reminisce.

To everyone I follow: Thank you for populating my dash with all your amazing posts. As I can’t really do graphics at all and barely do simple edits as it is, you guys are my blog’s lifeline and I love every single one of you! I hope I don’t spam any of you too much with any notifications and if I do, I apologize. I swear I’m no stalker~

To my followers: I don’t know how you’ve managed to deal with me all this time (especially after I devoted half of my blog to Infinite ^^;;;;). You have no idea how happy it makes me to see my phone light up every time tumblr notifies me of a liked/reblogged post. There’s never a passing moment here that I felt alone. When I see the little number from my inbox appear, I feel welcome. I really wish I could get to know more of you and give back as much attention that you’ve all given me, so don’t be afraid to ever come and talk to me about anything!

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Right, so we’ve all seen these, haven’t we? It’s from when Alister was explaining about the Great Clock to Ratchet, but it always went too fast to be able to see it or focus in on it properly. However, I managed to slow it down and found some very interesting and blurry pictures you ought to see…

So first up there are these squiggly cloud-looking doodles everywhere. What are they for? I don’t know, but clearly Alister needed some squiggles. 

That is a picture of a clock. Maybe he thought that the Great Clock was an actual clock in space. Logical.

I don’t know what this is supposed to symbolise, but that looks to me to be a badly drawn Lombax going in a tree. 

And, oh, look. Here it is again.

And then…is that drawn-Alister giving a presentation? 

In conclusion, this “tough” guy…

…is a total goofball.

That is all.

AAAAAAAAA/// I was so surprised what it got in my mail today!!♥︎
Thank you so much for @rungs-eyebrows(left gift) & @nopalrabbit(the Dratchet zine)!!

I’m going to call today as my greatest day ever ♥︎♥︎♥︎

You two are such a lovely people, you made my day for such wonderful small gifts~

Bee contacting Ratchet to tell him he’s going to have a sparkling and seeking medical advice. Stuff like “How much should I be limiting my activity? Can I still go on missions? Is it normal to be feeling rundown all the time? Should I be consuming any special kind of fuel?” Bee is supernervous and needs all the advice he can get.

And Ratchet is just stuck on “…You’re having a WHAT??? WITH WHO????”

okay so going off this just imagine though ratchet gets a private comm message every. fragging. morning. from drift at like 15 mins into the on shift and it’s always something sickeningly flaky like ‘morning ratch- hope your aura stays bright all day!’ or 'so I read the local star fields this morning and today should be a great day for isometric-negatives to work on their interpersonal relationships [swerve’s later?]’ and he fills them with cybertronian emojis that ratchet never fails to use ironically in his routine 'frag off [only if I don’t have to work overtime]’ greeting/response

but then one cycle he doesn’t get a message and ratchet tries to tell himself he doesn’t care and is glad drift hasn’t bothered him. but after a while he caves and pings drift to make sure he’s okay [because who knows what trouble that stupid aft’s gotten himself into now] and yeah he’s fine- he just got distracted by rodimus bursting into his room before shift to tell him about some new lead to the knights- [careful ratchet I’ll start to think you care]. ratchet grumbles about routine and tells him he doesn’t care whether drift messages him or not just make it consistent 

drift never misses another morning message [and ratchet’s responses are a lot less rude than they used to be]

I did a thing.

Okay, so I just saw @senatorspade’s post on Minimus Ambus’ height, and while it’s a great starting point, I wanted to expand on and possibly correct it a little bit. It’s probably going to get long and I’m providing reference images, so I’ll try this cut thing…

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Me and this guy hand been flirting with each other for a while, we were both black and I thought I had finally found a guy who respected me and my blackness but suddenly we stopped talking and he stopped acknowledging me. Days later I find out he’s seeing this white girl and talking about how lucky he is to have a white girl but black girls are ratchet and have too much attitude. I hate how black women are treated less than human and how the darker their skin is, the more inferior they become.

O k a y but consider: TFP Ratchet

Grumpypedes mcUnderfueled, the medic who cares too much to the point of starving himself, Primus knows the last time his tanks were full without a heaping dose of synth-en to top them off

Getting force-fed by Decepticons. Soundwave, maybe Shockwave, jaw forced open and tubing guided down his intakes right into his tanks and then they fill him up

And he hates how good it feels. To be full, to be running on more than fumes. Everything is clearer and everything hurts less

Yep just


Maybe they don’t stop after he’s topped off, keep it coming. There’s little sounds from deep in his body, minor transformations to accommodate a warping tank, or an overflow tank coming online and opening up, and his playing flexes outward here and there, transforming to make room.