Luke Cage ALSO got cancelled

Me: okay stop now. One too many.

Like, Iron Fist I understand but Luke Cage too? A show that had good reception from day one?

However, in my opinion IF and LC have been the two weaker shows of the Netflix Marvel ‘verse, and so maybe, just maybe, they’re doing Heroes for Hire. Please for the love of the Marvel gods, please do heroes for hire and do not, absolutely do not, cancel Daredevil, Jessica Jones and The Punisher. This is already getting out of hand.

I LOVED season 3 and I think it’s the best season of any Marvel/Netflix since DD1 or JJ1, but I do wonder how this all plays out in the bigger picture.

I understand going back to Daredevil’s roots could only help the show get back on track and in Erik Oleson’s shoes I’d have done the same but last time I checked we had a universe that existed. A universe where Frank Castle would never, ever, EVER have stayed low with Fisk 1) being out of jail 2) being out of jail /and/ threatening Karen Page’s career and life. It just doesn’t add up. When The Punisher comes back with its second season, will this even be mentioned at all? Will we have Frank casually mention he happened to be out of town while shit went down?

And if it’s not the case and the two worlds are in fact divorcing, what was even the point of having Karen in season 1? And what the hell happened to Elektra anyway?

My gut feeling at the moment is season 3 tried to retcon season 2 as much as it could. I’m sort of no longer expecting Karen to appear on The Punisher’s sophomore season, or any other, because if she does it’ll be a living reminder of Frank’s ties to a story and enemy he didn’t show up for. It just might be that Elektra will come back to DD though, since nobody cared to mention a body, and if she does who’s to say Frank won’t? But it’s all very confusing right now.

Daredevil Season 3 thought

Thought popped into my head as I’m watching season 3 of Daredevil. Imagine if Frank had learned Fisk was released from prison. He doesn’t think much of it cause he’s trying to live a normal life. That’s until Frank learns about the bulletin attack on the news. He debates checking up on Karen, but he decides against it (He has micro keep tabs on her though). All that changes when he learns from micro about Fisk wanting to kill Karen. I pity the poor bastards that’ll feel Franks wrath.

‪So the popular theory is that Marvels Netflix shows are being cancelled so they can be part of Disney’s new streaming service, except:

1. Disney said the service would only be family friendly and won’t include R Rated content, so that dog don’t hunt in regards to Luke Cage, Iron Fist and other Marvel Netflix properties.


2. The ending of Daredevil S3 is a clear setup for season 4.


3. They proceeded with Punisher S2.

But if that rumor is true:

‪Take the WB/DC streaming service. It’s US only at the moment, but they have deals in place so shows like Titans and YJ: Outsiders will be on Netflix internationally‬.

‪If this Disney streaming service is the same, which is pretty likely, international audiences are going to be left out in the cold‬, because Disney seem to be burning all their bridges.

Now there’s a chance Disney’s streaming service will launch globally, but as a non US based consumer, I’d be pretty pissed if it didn’t.