the pen commands me

The Wolf (Part 1)

A.N: Okay so here is the first real part of The Wolf! It ended up being a little longer than expected but not by that much so it should be okay! I hope you enjoy it!

Summary: The team try to track you down.

Warnings: Language (when is there not?), Strip Murder (What kind of warning is that anyway!) 

Words: 2297

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Pen Pal

Michelle! @thathilomgirl I wish I could have done a better and longer story for your Valentine’s Day gift! But, I had to cut it short because I have a bunny demanding attention as she attacks my pants leg.

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day!! Inspired by Harry Potter and the diary that ruined everything!

-Papa was mean to me again.

The fountain pen moved at the command of her fingers, staining the yellow parchment with black ink. Scritch scratch the metal tip went against the fibers, tattooing her thoughts and pain into the beaten and battered book.

-He ignored me before but today he was awful, talking about me producing an heir and marrying for the good of the company. I just…wish he would see me as his daughter and not some bargaining pawn.

A dainty hand lifted the pen from the book, staring at the words that gave insight to her life with simple letters arranged correctly.

Waiting just a moment, brown eyes watched as the ink began to fade away, as if being washed from the paper itself, the book devouring her words hungrily and feeding her its own.

That bastard. I wanna clobber him.

Air hitched in her throat, a wet laugh bubbling up from the depths of her sorrows. At least someone understood her. Granted, the soul of a cursed boy bound to a book but he still counted as someone.

It was interesting really, how she could write in the most permanent way and watch it disappear to fuel his own thoughts.

The pen returned to the paper.

-Natsu, you can’t clobber my Papa.

No sooner had she removed the pen, her answer faded and thickened into his reply.

No, but I can give him one hell of a papercut.

Natsu, the boy cursed to live eternally, bound into the pages of an empty book. In retrospect, Lucy knew her life was pie compared to his. Stuck in a book with only words of ink to communicate. That was, if someone wrote in the empty book.

It was a diary to her, found in the basement of an old library. The binding was strong, the pages crisp but discolored with time. It held no identification, just pages waiting to be filled.

She wrote a story that night, not stopping even for meals. Pages of words telling a tale of dragons and fairies and freedom. She was almost proud of it…until all at once it faded away like chalk under a felt eraser.

Replaced with the words: You’re weird. I like you.

That was only the beginning.

A tear escaped, dripping onto the page like a punctuation mark, only to be soaked into the dry book.

Ack! You’re crying! Luce, I don’t like it when you cry. Here, punch me!

A snotty snort escaped her as her pen met paper. Despite her sorrow, loneliness, and self pity–Natsu was there, giving her strength and smiles in his words alone.

-Natsu, I can’t punch a book.

His response was almost immediate.

Yeah well it’s the thought that counts, right? Come on, the Luce I know smiles.

Yeah well he’s never actually seen her face so that was irrelevant.

The Diary of END, a cursed book that held the soul of a man known as Etherious Natsu Dragneel. The pages reflected the ink that were his thoughts and emotions, the curse allowing him to suck her into the binding to see his memories like an outside spectator.

Since finding the diary at the bottom of a box filled with rejected library books, Natsu became a part of her life. He took her on adventures, despite his astral self not noticing her presence or acknowledging her.

But, it was all she ever needed.

-Can we go on another adventure today?

Lucy wanted to see his smile, his pink hair in the sunlight, that white scarf flapping behind him as him and his blue cat explored feudal Fiore. She wanted to watch him run, jump, fight, and imagine a life where she would be right beside him.

You only have to ask. What do you want to see?

She took one look around her room, taking in the fancy drapes and the empty spaces. She scanned over the vanity and the silver brushes resting there. She ignored the overly fancy dresses hanging in her closets. She was ready to leave…but not permanently…not yet.

Her pen connected with parchment, smiling at her response and the golden glow creeping into the crease of the book as his soul began to turn the pages.

-Show me everything. Take me away on an adventure.

The pages flittered this way and that, breezing away till Natsu let the book fall open and bare, his sloppy script dotting along the page.

You weirdo. I’m not allowed to steal you. But I can show you…Hargeon 400 years ago.

Lucy sat back, inhaling as she felt the familiar suction that devoured her into his world, pulling her away from reality and into a fairy tail, free for a limited time. Free, and with Natsu in a bubble of time.