the parties were bigger

Shipped - Simon Minter

Pairing: Simon Minter (Miniminter) & y/n
Words: 1.7k+
Warning(s): none
Request/Summary: Simon one were fans constantly ship you both together and you’ve not met yet and you speak now and again through twitter and you meet at a youtuber party and he’s all cute and stuff happens, kiss etc.

You were going through your twitter mentions, getting somewhat fed up now with the amount of times people were talking about you and Miniminter. You had checked out a few of his videos after people started talking about how cute you both would be together.
You came to a line of tweets that included video links, a time beside it that you should check out.
Clicking on it you came to one of KSI’s videos, aptly named “Smash or Pass – Youtuber edition”. You sighed, having already seen a few other smash or pass videos where you were included.
You skipped to the time that the tweets told you about and played it from there.
‘Y/n Y/l/n’ JJ read out, a smirk on his face. CalFreezy and Callux with him on the black sofa.
Immediately all three boys stared at something behind the camera.
‘Simonnnn, you wanna get in here to answer this?’ Lux teased.
You heard faint disagreeing behind the setup, and then a reluctant groan as someone obviously pushed him in front of the camera.
‘You know, personally, I would smash,’ JJ said, chuckling at the rest of them.
Lux went next, ‘You know, maybe take her out on a date, see how it goes…’ he answered, all the boys groaning because of it.
Freezy was next, ‘Smash, and I’ve seen her cook on her vlogs so maybe wife-ing afterwards.’
They all looked up at Simon expectantly, ready for his answer.
He mumbled something that the camera couldn’t pick up.
‘What was that Simon?’ JJ said, cupping his had around his ear.
‘Smash, but onl-‘ he answered more clearly, but got cut off by all the boys going crazy about how he openly admitted to wanting to smash you.

You went off the video when they had moved on to the next person and Simon had walked out of shot with a blush on his cheeks.
Moving back to Twitter you began to create a new tweet, ‘@miniminter smash huh?’
Posting it, you get a lot of replies from excited viewers, but then a notification came through.
‘@miniminter has mentioned you in a tweet.’
Going to your twitter, you found what he replied, ‘@y/twitter/n I’m down if you are 😏’
You retweeted it, but decided not to reply just to leave the viewers in suspense.
You put your phone on silent and placed it face down on your desk, getting ready to film a new video.

Two hours later, after turning your equipment off, you picked up your phone, seeing that you had a load of notifications from twitter mentions, which only happened if someone verified tweeted you.
Going on to your Twitter you found that a load of your friends and fellow YouTubers had tweeted both you and Simon, with only your ship name.
You went onto your general mentions from everyone else and found that everyone was going crazy about your tiny interaction earlier.


You were now on your way to Summer in the city. It was about a week after the whole thing with you and Simon had blown up and it had finally died down, although not by a lot. You were still getting tweets everyday about how cute the both of you would be together.
Arriving at the venue, you and a few other YouTube friends took a walk about, seeing where everything was and meeting viewers along the way.
You were currently speaking to a small group of three girls and two boys, having already taken pictures with them but glad that you were able to talk to them properly.
You were talking about other YouTubers that they enjoyed when Simon came up in the conversation, all of them immediately gushing about how cute the two of you would be together.
“Have you met him?” one of the boys asked.
You shook your head, for someone that you were shipped with so much, you would have thought that you would have met, but unfortunately that had not happened yet.
“He’s around here somewhere, I haven’t seen him but it’s all over Twitter that he’s here.” The other guy said.

You hadn’t seen Simon all day, being swamped by viewers and seeing other friends that you had not seen in months, it was a busy day.
You and a few of your friends you had met throughout the day decided to go and have dinner before you went to the party that one of the ‘bigger’ YouTubers were hosting in their house.
So, as most people do, they go to Nando’s.
About 30 minutes into your meal you hear a very identifiable laugh that you couldn’t mistake. Ethan.
Glancing round to the source of the noise you saw the seven boys and a few of their friends, laughing amongst themselves, looking round at you and your table. You eventually found Simon sitting at the end of the table, looking down with a blush on his cheeks.
You smiled to yourself, but was broken out of your thoughts by someone yelling y/s/n (your and Simon’s ship name). You feel your cheeks go red as you snap your head back to where you previously where, resuming to eat your food and pretending that you didn’t hear them.

You arrived at the ginormous house, luckily there were no neighbouring houses as you could hear the music from down the street.
Your friends dispersed as soon as you all stepped through the door, leaving you to your own devices. Deciding to get a drink so you don’t look overly awkward standing by yourself, you walked in the direction you assumed was the kitchen.
You poured yourself a drink, setting down the bottle you felt a hand tap on your shoulder lightly, as if they didn’t know if they actually wanted your attention.
You turned to see the overly tall, slightly red headed boy that had been flooding your mentions recently.
“Hi,” you said, a smile on your face, “It’s nice to finally meet you.” You laughed.
He smiled in response, “Hi, I’m really sorry for the boys earlier, they joke a lot about it at home but I didn’t think they would do it when you were about.” His faced turned from happy to nervous.
“It’s okay, my friends do it to me too,” you smiled, looking at your feet.
You both talked back and forth, about YouTube and your videos, a flirty comment made now and again.
He leaned in beside your ear as the music had seemingly gotten louder.
“You look really pretty tonight.” He whispered, rocking back on your heels.
In your flustered moment after hearing that you quickly responded with, “So do you!” until you realised what you had said.
“Crap, no, sorry, I didn’t me-” you were cut off abruptly by Simon, a chuckle coming from his mouth.
“It’s okay, I knew what you meant.”
“It’s the first time we meet and we’re already crappily flirting with each other,” you laugh, taking a sip of your drink.
“Excuse me, this is my finest flirting thank you very much,” he joked back, pretending to look offended.

You both decided it was too loud in the house to properly talk, taking a walk in the large garden instead. Although it was relatively dark out, it was lined with fairy lights, allowing the pretty flowers and walkways to be seen.
“So what do you like to do?” he asked.
“Well, assuming that you’ve seen my videos, I do skits and vlogs and stuff.” You replied, looking up at him while walking along slowly.
“Yeah, but what do you like to do when you’re not in front of a camera,” he asked.
You were somewhat stumped at his question, as no one had really asked you it before.
“Well I like to cook, and bake. I used to do gymnastics when I was a bit younger, stuff like that.”
You both spoke for what seemed like hours about your lives outside of YouTube, hobbies and interests, talking about some ‘drama’ about past relationships that had you had both been in, some that had been public and some that had not.
As you were both walking, rambling about everything, you felt his hand intertwine your fingers together, but continued talking, giving it a small squeeze in recognition.

You got to the edge of the garden, finding a wooden door in the wall that was surrounded on all sides with vines and flowers. We both looked at each other, silently questioning if we should go through it. Shrugging, you opened the stiff door, and with a little help from Simon you saw what was on the other side.
A gorgeous little beach was in front of you, a few steps lined with lights leading the way to the white sand and waves lapping onto the edge of it.
You ran down the small number of steps, down towards where the moonlight was shining on the light waves. The ocean was one of your favourite places to relax, the sounds calming you completely.
You felt Simon’s presence behind you, his hands coming to your waist to gently turn you around, him moving to stand in front of you. His hands grasped your waist tighter as your hands came up to join at the base of his neck.
You smiled up at him, seeing his eyes flicker from yours to your lips and back again.
“Can I kiss you?” he asked quietly, not wanting to ruin the atmosphere.
You nod lightly, moving to meet his lips in the middle. His hands moving so that one was cupping your jaw, and the other on your lower back. You both smiled into the kiss, a feeling of happiness consuming the two of you.
You heard yelling interrupting the serene moment. Parting your kiss, you looked over to where the noise was coming from, seeing the boys and your friends cheering you both on, chanting your ship name over and over again.
You felt a blush come over your cheeks as you hid your face in Simon’s chest, feeling embarrassed at the sheer amount of your friends that had just seen you kiss, knowing that there would be so much teasing happening over the next couple of days.

You felt Simon lean down and whisper in your ear, “Wanna go on a date sometime?”

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Who is fora temer

“Fora temer” is the brazilian version of “not my president”!

But in our case, we demand the current president “Michel Temer” to leave the presidency he assumed after our righteous president “Dilma Rousseff” was impeached in a very sketchy action of the ones who weren’t profiting “enough” from her government, and also from the ones who saw their business threatened by her. You know, Michel Temer was her vice president at the time.

It was all ridiculously manipulated, but it got a lot of Brazilians fighting between who supported Dilma and who supported the impeachment. The one’s supporting the impeachment were told the lie that all economical, and sociological problems were due Dilma’s (and her party) bad management. So since “everything wrong with Brazil” was supposedly Dilma’s fault, putting a different party in her place - even tho she won the election against the same party not two years before - would mean that “Brazil were fighting the corruption”;

… but the alternative party has an even bigger history in corruption than Dilma’s.  So in the epitome of stupidity, people were repeating to others without thinking about “how they were fed up with Dilma’s party” and “how they were saving Brazilian from corrupt politicians”…

this is just an inch deep in the dirt just so you know.

the translation would be “GET OUT TEMER!”, which would mean “CAI FORA (get out) TEMER”, but is a common thing in Brazilian Portuguese to “eat” words because we naturally assume the previous verb tense, so you’ll see “FORA (out) TEMER”. 

I’m afraid “out temer” wouldn’t make sense in English, and if it did, it may confuse some with the act of “outing” someone.

Higher (pt 5)

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Member: Exo Suho/Junmyeon

Type: Fluff/Angst/Future Smut

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

You touched your throat nervously as you stepped into the spacious hall, your other arm grasping Junmyeon’s tightly. Already, you felt like the dress was suffocating you, your breathing becoming more and more labored with every painful step you took. The heels weren’t helping either, and you suddenly wished that you’d asked to wear something more comfortable, since the dress was too long to show your feet anyway. 

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New York, 1922, the tempo of the city had changed sharply. Stocks reached record peaks, and Wall Street booms a steady golden roar. The buildings were higher, the parties were bigger, the morals were looser, and the ban on alcohol had backfired, making the liquor cheaper. Wall Street was luring the young and ambitious, and I was one of them.

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90 and 92 with Tony?

90: “Catch me if you can.”
92: “Are you drunk?”

“Catch me if you can!” You challenged Tony before you took off running around the perimeter of the back yard.

Tony was completely startled for a moment. He had walked over to you just hoping to have normal conversation, and he hadn’t even reached you before you were screaming in his face and running away.

He chased you none-the-less though, not that it was hard, you were basically just stumbling at a slightly faster than normal pace. Half the school partied around you, most of them inside, but you were a much bigger fan of the fresh air.

You giggled as Tony caught your waist, and you let him pull you to a stop. You were happy in his arms- you felt safe and warm, and nothing made you want to give that moment up for anything.

“Are you drunk?” Tony wondered as he pulled you to stand up straight,

“Maaaaaaybe,” you sang,

“Come on… we should get you home,”

You whined, “aw, but Tony, it’s a party!”

“No, it’s an unsafe place for you to be by yourself while drunk. Now come on, tell me where you live and I’ll take you home.”

After much effort Tony finally managed to pry your address out of you as he buckled your seatbelt up in the car. He wasn’t at all angry with you, he just wanted to make sure you were safe.

You hummed along with one of his tapes on the drive home, getting the tune and words completely wrong in the process, which he seemed to find hilarious.

“Tony, don’t laugh at me,”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you,”

“Oh. Well okay then… hey, are you gonna give me a goodnight kiss when I get home?”

Tony chuckled, “sober you is going to have so much second hand embarrassment from drunk you,”

“Isn’t that the fun in getting completely wasted?”


“The parties were bigger. The pace was faster, the shows were broader, the buildings were higher, the morals were looser, and the liquor was cheaper.“

The Dress

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Request: Imagine when Juice is angry at his wife because she wore a sexy dress to a SAMCRO party and it leads to rough sex in the dorms.


This is the dress 😉

The music was pumping through the walls and a smile spread across your face as you stepped out of your car.
The night was cool and a shiver moved over your skin as you locked your car and slipped your keys inside your clutch.
Your heels clacked loudly against the concrete as you walked towards the clubhouse and you smoothed down your dress as you neared.
You knew Juice wasn’t going to be happy.
He had told you not to wear the dress, but you couldn’t resist.
He hadn’t been home much lately and you wanted to show him exactly what he had been missing.
And so you had slipped into your skin tight backless red dress, with the plunging neck line and your tallest heels.
Your hair flowed loosely over your shoulders and you had kept your make up reasonably basic, a simple flick of eye liner and deep red lips to match your dress.
The dress hugged your curves perfectly and you knew Juice wouldn’t be able to resist you.
SAMCRO parties were always big, but tonight was even bigger, since the Tacoma charter was down.
“Holy shit! (Y/n)!?” Lyla yelled and she came running towards you.
You laughed loudly as she gaped at your appearance.
“Damn, girl! Is that the dress?” She asked.
You nodded and twirled, showing off your outfit.
“I see why he was mad now!” Lyla said, her eyes still wide.
You laughed again and swung your arm over her shoulder and you both walked into the party together.
The door opened and the wall of smoke hit you instantly.
This was definitely a SAMCRO party, you thought to yourself as you eyed the dozens of crow eaters scattered around the room, and the leather clad bikers smoking and drinking.
You threw your head back and walked in confidently, and instantly heads turned towards you.

Juice stood at the back of the room, a beer in his hands as he laughed with Chibs over something the prospects had done.
It had been a long night and he couldn’t wait for you to arrive. He noticed a lot of members were watching the doorway and he stepped to the side so he could get a better view, and his jaw almost hit the floor.
She strutted into the room, her long hair billowing behind her shoulders as she laughed with Lyla.
Jealousy suddenly burnt through Juice as he watched her, the tight red dress hugging her curves in all the right places, the dip of the fabric revealing the perfect curves of her cleavage.
Almost all eyes were on her as she moved and Juice shook with anger as he marched forward.
“Hey baby,” You called, a smirk spreading across your lips as you saw Juice storming towards you.
His hand wrapped around your wrist and he dragged you towards the hallway.
You rolled your eyes as you followed behind him, knowing he was about to give you an earful.
The music drowned out as you entered the hallway and Juice dropped your wrist now that you had more privacy.
He spun to face you and you could see the anger burning in his eyes.
“I told you not to wear it.” He muttered and you rolled your eyes.
“Whats the problem, Juice? Its just a dress.” You purred and laid your hands on his shoulders.
He glared at you.
“They were all looking at you, (y/n)!” He growled.
You stepped closer to him, closing the gap between you.
“Dont I look good, Juicy?” You purred and pouted your lips.
Juice growled and crashed his lips against yours.
His body pressed against yours and you crashed against the wall, his mouth moving hungrily against yours.
“You are mine.” Juice growled in your ear and you bit your lip as you pushed him off you and grabbed his hand, leading him to his dorm.

He closed the door behind him, his eyes still burning with anger.
You stood in the centre of the room, a smirk on your face and you ran your hands down your body.
You lifted the bottom of the dress and tugged it up over your head, and dropped it to the floor beside you.
Juice watched you move, his eyes locked on your bare chest and almost naked body.
He was still setting with anger, but you always had a hold over him.
You moved forwards slowly and sunk to your knees in front of him.
Juices eyes followed yours as you slowly and buttoned his jeans and pulled them down his thighs, followed by his boxers.
His erection stood proud and you licked your lips as you met his gaze.
Your hand cupped the base and moved slowly over the length, squeezing softly and you ran your thumb over the tip.
You moved your head closer and ran your tongue along the length, from the base to the tip.
Juice moaned softly as your mouth closed around his tip and you began to suck gently.
Your tongue moved along his length as your lips wrapped around him and you moved back and forth, taking more of him in your mouth.
Juice growled and ran his hands through your hair, lifting it to a ponytail and guiding your head back and forth.
He groaned as he hit the back of your throat and you continued to pulse your lips, sucking at him gently as you moved your tongue around him.
You pulled your head back slowly, letting him leave your mouth with a ‘pop’ and you stood slowly, wiping your mouth with your finger.

You grasped his shirt and stepped backwards, dragging him to the bed.
Juice smiled wickedly, his eyes boring into yours.
“Oh baby, your not in control tonight.” He whispered lowly and you shuddered.
He allowed you to lift his shirt over his head and you tossed it to the ground before you stripped your panties and lay back on the bed.
Juice hovered over you, pressing kisses along your neck and down your chest.
He leant back and grabbed your knees, pushing them open to reveal your core.
You bit your lip as you watched his eyes study your body and you blushed slightly under his gaze.
“Your so wet,” Juice said.
You licked your lips and smirked and reached your arms out to embrace him.
He lowered his body, moving his hands beneath your back.
You gasp as he rolls over suddenly, swinging you onto his lap.
In one brutal thrust he lowers you onto his length, filling you so suddenly that you cry out in shock.
His hands roamed over your back and cupped your ass as his lips sucked roughly at the soft skin of your neck. His mouth lowered and he sucked harshly at your nipples, making you moan softly as you adjusted to him inside you.
His hands lifted your body up and he slammed you down again.
“Fuck, Juice!” You moaned as waves of pleasure rolled through you.
You gasped for air as the orgasm shook through you and you smiled at Juice through hooded eyes.
“Im not done with you yet, babygirl.” Juice growled and you gasped as he lifted you once more.

He laid your body on your back at the edge of the bed and he stood in front of you, his hungry eyes exploring your body as you gasped for breath.
You ran your hands across your body and Juice grabbed your wrists, pinning them next to your head.
He kissed you deeply, his lips hungry and impatient and you gasped slightly as he bit your bottom lip gently.
He pulled back from your lips, his hands still pinning yours down and his eyes locked onto yours as he entered your slowly.
You moaned at the fullness as he moved slowly, letting you feel his full length enter you.
His eyes were locked with yours and you bit your lip as you wrapped your legs around his waist, puling him deeper into you.
His mouth lowered to your neck and he sucked roughly at the skin again, leaving a trail of bruises along your collarbone and up your neck.
Juice moved a hand between your bodies and he pressed his thumb against your clit, rubbing gentle circles as he thrusted inside you.
“Juice!” You practically screamed as you squirmed beneath him.
Suddenly he stood up straight, grabbing you beneath your knees and raised your hips for deeper access.
His pounding was ruthless and he slammed into you over and over, the sound of your bodies slapping together filled the room, luscious and wet.
Your moans grew louder and more desperate as the pleasure mounted and you ached for your release.
Suddenly he left your body and you whined at the emptyness.

He flipped you over and positioned you on your hands and knees in the centre of the bed.
“Your mine, (y/n).” Juice said and his hands traced circles on your ass.
You moaned as he massaged your cheeks gently.
“Say it, babygirl. Tell me who you belong to.” He said.
“Im yours, Juice. I am all yours.” You purred and wiggled your ass.
He lifted his hand and slapped your ass, leaving a sting and you gasped.
He rubbed the redness gently.
“Who can touch you baby girl?” He said, his voice low.
“You, Juicy, only you.” You purred and wiggled your ass again.
His hand slapped against you once more before he plunged into you, his hands gripping your hips roughly.
He remained still for a moment, filling you with his length and you arched your back.
His hand reached down and his hand wrapped around your long hair. He gently pulled your head back and you followed his lead, rising onto your knees and meeting his mouth with a firm kiss.
He held you at his mercy, proving that he would take you when he wanted and no sooner.
You were his.
You shivered in anticipation and he finally released you, and you placed your hands back on the bed.
He slowly pulled out of you before slamming back into you so hard you fell to your elbows, loud moans of pleasure escaping your lips.
Juice growled as he thrusted into you once more with the same force, and your body rocked forward.
“Juice!” you gasped.
His thrusts became rougher and he pounded into you relentlessly.
Pleasure singed through your veins and your legs began to shake as you moaned loudly.
“Fuck, Juice!” You moaned as his body slapped against yours, your wetness dripping down your thighs.
“Juice!” You pleaded as his thrusts became deeper, and the pleasure grew inside you.
“Cum for me, babygirl.” Juice growled.
Your body released and you moaned loudly as your body trembled and the orgasm ripped through your body.
Juice growled as he found his release and he rode out your high, both of you gasping for air.
You collapsed onto the bed and Juice fell next to you, both of you catching your breath.
You turned your head to him ad he kissed you deeply.
“C’mon, we should get back out there.” He whispered and you nodded.
You both stood and you lifted your red dress of the floor.
“Oh, your not wearing that again.” Juice warned and you turned to him, a playful smirk on your lips.
“Baby, if thats how you fuck me when I only wear this dress, I cant wait to see what you do when you see me dance in it.” You winked and Juice glared at you.

Read parts ONE and TWO.


“Honestly Tiggy, I didn’t need a ride-” Tommy clings to his god fathers shoulder as he keeps himself from tripping his own feet.

Tig drunkenly laughed, “Your aunt Venus would chop off my balls if I had- If I’d let you drive!” He tries to keep the two of them planted firmly on their feet.

“Alexander, you had better get that poor boy in that house in one piece!” Venus yells from her shiny red BMW parked in the driveway.

Tig fumbles with a set of keys as they approach the front door, “I got ‘em! I got ‘em!”

Tommy laughs, leaning against the house, “He’s got me!”

Luckily Tig got the door unlocked on the first try, “Yup,” he smiled under the full dark moon, “still got it.”

Thomas stumbles through, “Tha- Thanks unc-”

“Hey- hey you need help getting to the bed?” He leaned against the doorway.

Tommy scoffed, “I think I can manage,” he backs up and nearly trips over the floor mat.

Tig laughs, turning back toward the BMW, “Alright kid, see you in the morning!”

“Bye aunt Venus!” Tommy waves.

“Goodnight sweetheart!” She waves back.

Tommy slams the door shut.
“Shit!” Tig yells as the clattering noise of a drunken stupor broke the moment of silence.
Thomas smiled, briefly resting his head on the door as he gathered what strength that was needed to turn around, to stand in the house that brought back too many memories.
Slowly, he inched around, suddenly wishing that he was as drunk  as he was pretending to be. With his back straight, he took everything in, not a single thing had changed; which wasn’t too far off from the way their parents kept it, just a bit more Harley posters. Abel had kept it the exact same way since the Teller brothers were both here in Charming last. As he slowly stepped through the house, the memories of his last visit began playing through like a distorted movie.

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Last B-day Sex w/ Dylan (NSFW)

- The procrastination was real on this imagine…

The front door to Dylan’s house opened quickly, revealing the birthday boy’s bright smiling face. “I’m so glad you made it!” You giggled, “Of course! I wouldn’t miss my boyfriends birthday party.” He was wearing a nice, blue button up shirt with his hair slicked back slightly. Standing up on your toes, you reached up to hug him and kiss his cheek. He blushed as he opened the door wider for you to come in. The house was decorated with party streamers and balloons that floated to the ceiling. You walked inside and looked back at Dylan smirking a little, “This is a huge party.” He nodded his head, “It’s one of the biggest ones I have ever had.” During the party, you and Dylan were side by side. He always appreciated your company and when you could be around. He introduced you to some of his family, seemingly proud of being your boyfriend. After the mini meet and greets, everyone gathered up to sing to him. The wonderful gratitude only increased the positive atmosphere. 

“I can’t wait until next year so I can throw you a bigger party.” You grinned up at Dylan. You were sitting on his bed with him, facing towards each other and enjoying the rewarding silence after the party. He stopped fumbling with one of the gifts he got, giving you a sad look. He knew what was to come early next year, but still couldn’t stand to tell you. “What? What’s wrong?” You asked him, a bit worried. Dylan took a breath and responded, “I just can’t figure out how I managed to find someone like you…” His thoughtful answer made your eyes widen. Even on his birthday, he was sweet. You scurried across the bed and gave him a kiss on the lips. Before you could pull back, he sat up, making more than a simple kiss. A small gasp escaped you as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He grazed his soft lips down further, kissing on your sensitive neck. You bit your lip as you tried to hide your moans.

Dylan stopped all contact to pull of your shirt. He reached behind you to undo your bra, quickly taking action to your breast. Your head fell back as Dylan’s tongue lapped at your nipple. You traced your hands along his front, stopping to pull his shirt off. The feeling of his bare body was enough to get you ready for him. “Dylan, please.” You just wanted to feel all of him. He complied to your request and removed the rest of bothersome clothing from your bodies. Within little time, he was hovering over you with his hardened erection at your entrance. Dylan kissed you as he firmly pushed inside of you. His thrust were passionate and loving all at the same time. He held you firmly against his body as he made love to you. You grazed your nails along his muscles, moaning and mewling into his damp skin. He slowed his pace as he felt himself getting closer. Your slick walls clenched around him, falling into your bliss of release. Dylan followed not long after, collapsing next to your figure. He kept close to you that night, rethinking his plans.




Band Member: Calum

Type: High School AU

Request: “Can you please do one where you’re all badass and cool but you have a thing for Calum who is kind of picked on and you stand up for him and you guys end up having a thing? Thanks!”

Description: Your group rules the school – it’s as simple as that. Nobody has ever bothered to question how you managed it. But a boy catches your eye and it’s not the boy everybody expects. Who knew falling for that nerd would be so… different?

Author Note: This is dedicated to the lovely Kate on her birthday <3

The corridors were swarming with kids shouting rowdily, pushing by the groups, laughing loudly at stories from the weekend. You watched them pass you by, catching the quick glances or the odd chirpy ‘hello’ from the random student. You liked to think the younger years looked up to your friendship group since none of you bunked off school or considered failing a subject a good choice but at the same time, you were known for being the wild child type. You’d gained a reputation back in the early days of school and it had stuck right up until what was now your final year. You were known for your wild parties, the ones your parents helped you decorate for as long as nobody did anything illegal. Your parties were going to be your legacy. Each party was so much bigger and better than the last until you often found yourself trying to work out how to top it.

The traffic started to thin out so your best friend asked if you wanted to walk to your first class with her. You picked up your bag and waited for Saph to say goodbye to her boyfriend. You rolled your eyes as they started whispering about how much they’d miss each other during class. You rested your head back against the noticeboard and closed your eyes as you tried to block out the mushy I love you more fight that was happening.

“Erm – I need to put this poster up,” a nervous voice said.

You opened your eyes and lifted your head up to see the owner of the voice. It was a guy you recognised from a few of your lessons though you had never really known his name. He blinked as he waited for you to move. You smiled at him, his confused doe eyes made your heart beat just a little harder. You moved over and watched him pin the notice up. You read it and frowned at him.

“You need an English tutor?” you asked in a way that was more disbelieving than you’d hoped.

The boy – Calum, you thought – turned and looked at you with an amazed expression that you’d somehow seen him. He dropped his gaze and played with his hands as he tried to work out how such a pretty girl was talking to him.

“Yeah, I need to get a better grade in my final exams if I want to get into my first choice university,” he said quietly like he was afraid you might disappear if he spoke any louder.

You took a deep breath, your English grades were amongst the best in the school. You enjoyed the ambiguity of English, how a sentence could mean a thousand things and had no boundaries. It was a subject you knew your way around and you knew you could easily tutor somebody else while still balancing your own grades.

“What are you offering in return?” you asked casually.

He frowned at you as if he wasn’t used to being spoken to by girls or just people as a whole. You bit your lip, he was cute when he was confused. He isn’t your type, you could practically hear the girls saying as you tried to act like he wasn’t attractive. You’d always argued you didn’t have a type though that was hard when all of your boyfriends had been leather jacket wearing beefcakes who drove motorbikes or beaten up Chevy trucks. You didn’t believe in types but you were starting to believe in learning from mistakes which was why you hadn’t called Daniel or Logan or Tom in the last few months. You needed a clean break from the so-called bad boys that made your heart pound and a mischievous smirk tug at your lips. You needed somebody who didn’t call at four in a morning to go throwing stones or stealing cars.

“I – I can tutor them in a subject of their choice,” he replied.

“And if that subject is biology?”

Calum nodded and smiled, you’d found a topic he was comfortable with. “I can help with that. Why? Do you know somebody?”

Saph appeared at your side after finally managing to tear herself away from Max. She creased her forehead at finding you talking to the nerd that sat in front of you in Psychology but she shrugged it off. One of the things you loved about Saph was she hardly ever asked questions when it came to your social choices, which was why you’d actually stopped seeing the typical bad boys when she’d finally asked you why the hell you chose to go out in the middle of the night to be a criminal. Sometimes you wondered if Saph was your moral compass when you lost yourself amongst the noise.

“We need to go, Mr. Bracken is in a bad mood apparently,” Saph said in a cheery but incredibly sarcastic tone.

“Who told you that?” you asked as you watched Calum fuss with his poster.

Saph nodded in the direction of her disappearing beau. “Max told me.”

“He managed to fit that in between the ‘I love you’ and ‘I’ll miss you’? He’s a fast talker,” you teased lightly.

Saph glared at you then laughed, she was never annoyed at you for more than a minute. She followed your line of vision and resumed her confusion.

“What’s so fascinating about him?” she asked you as she readjusted her skirt.

“You don’t ask questions, Sapphire,” you reminded her. You fixed her elephant necklace and smiled. “Please, for the love of all things holy, don’t start now.”

She sighed then a ghost of a smirk crossed her lips. “He’s a lot better looking when you can see his face rather than just the back of his head.”

You shushed her as you pulled her towards the end of the corridor and to the dragon that was your Biology teacher, Mr. Bracken.

You’d answered Calum’s advert. You had texted the number quickly after your biology mock had resulted in yet another E grade. The snide looks of Bracken had pushed you over the edge as he told you that you didn’t stand a chance on your final exam. He’d written you off a long time ago but you longed to prove him wrong and you desperately wanted Calum to be that chance to.

He’d waited by your car at the end of the day, his bag was awkwardly on his back like a tortoise as he fiddled with the straps. You had to hand it to the boy, he knew that plaid shirts suited him and it was hard to avoid staring at his chest. It had never crossed your mind that he might have other hobbies away from being the genius of your year group. Maybe Calum played sports, maybe he was in a band and sang like an angel. You didn’t know him at all and you were a sucker for a mystery. And he was one you wanted to solve.

It had taken a few months but you began to chip away his nervous exterior and found a guy you never knew existed. He played football on Saturdays with his team, you’d even been to cheer him on when your day off from work fell on an important match. He did sing like an angel and his guitar playing left you breathless when he finally felt brave enough to play something for you. You saw how he transformed away from the rest of your school. He became Calum, a funny but kind-hearted boy opposed to just being the nerd who let you borrow his notes from time to time. You felt ridiculous to admit how he made you feel after your previous boyfriends. He made you more anxious than any of them ever had. He was softer when he tried to show you how to play guitar, his movements were less startling than theirs had been. He never called in the early hours but sent you funny pictures and jokes for you to wake up to. His love of science and all things formulaic made you smile when he spoke about them in such depth his eyes lit up. You knew how you felt about him, it was hard to run away from that when he made no secret about how much he liked you yet there was no pressure for you to admit your feelings for him. He let you take your time, he was soft and gentle when he told you after one study session. Calum shied away from your friendship at school, he found the teasing almost impossible to live with so he kept his distance until he met you by your car each night.

It was late one night, the textbooks had long been tucked away into backpacks and your head rested on his chest as he sang along to the music from his iPod. You let the light raspiness of his voice carry you away to places that only existed here with Cal. He stroked back your hair and smiled down at you as the song ended.

“Hey,” he whispered. “I was thinking about that poem you showed me.”

You looked up at him and nodded. It was about the narrator’s lover leaving her to continue on through life alone and somehow it reminded you of Cal. “You mean Sailing? What about it?”

“I forget it gets hard for you to stay.”

You sat up, surprised by his sudden sadness.

“I know I’m not the kind of guy you go for, okay? I know how hard it must be to ignore that.”

“No,” you said quickly. “It’s not, Cal. You’re different but that’s a good thing, it didn’t work with the others. We have a fighting chance.”

“I know,” he mumbled. “I just don’t want you to think I’m oblivious to the fact you’re this badass hot girl and I’m a nerd whose English grade just got him into university.”

“Because that badass hot girl taught him well,” you reminded him.

He laughed a little, his hand trailed down your arm gently.

“I owe you for getting me to pass English,” he said with a smile. “But you owe me for biology!”

You opened your mouth to argue that technically Calum had been a distraction and you might’ve even got an A if he hadn’t have been so cute but the knock on the door had interrupted. You groaned as Cal hugged your waist to stop you from leaving. Your hands tried to untangle his and eventually he let you go. You weren’t sure who you were expecting but a pack of your friends from school with a group of the popular kids you hardly recognised weren’t your first guess. The wild parties had come to steady end once you’d hit exams and Calum spent more time at your place. They shook bottles of alcohol at you, telling you about how they felt like they needed to celebrate and your house was the best place for it as the original party house.

They filtered by you, handing you bottles and congratulating you on getting into university. You realised your last ex-boyfriend had slipped by, following some of Max’s friends closely. You rolled your eyes at the thought of him being in your house again. Saph stood by you and helped carry the bottles into the kitchen. You sighed as you gripped the counter and she rubbed your back lightly.

“I told them it was a bad idea,” she said quietly. “You know how they are, they don’t understand invites.”

You shook your head. “No, they fucking don’t. Saph, why didn’t you tell them to go to Max’s or something?”

“I tried, seriously. Babe, if they listened to half of what I said, the world would be a better place,” she sighed as she opened a bottle of WKD.

She grabbed two cups and poured generous amounts into them before sliding one over to you.

“I’m not going to ask how it’s going with Calum because you’ll tell me when you’re ready,” Saph said before taking a sip. “But he’s here which must be a positive thing, right? I just want you to be happy, okay? I don’t care if you shack up with a carrot as long as you’re happy.”

You shrugged as you realised you’d left him out there with a group of unfamiliar faces and Daniel, of all people. Daniel had been the turning point for you. He was the incarnation of your need to rebel, you didn’t care about much back then and the path of your self-destruction had been fuelled by his bad boy attitude. He’d been the worst of your trinity, the one who had you breaking laws instead of bending them. Saph hated how Max chose to hang around with him but she hoped Max had learnt something from watching your downfall.

You pointed to the lounge and Saph nodded as she began to follow you back. The atmosphere was tense, you stood aback and overheard the jeers about the love bite on Cal’s neck. You swore under your breath when you realised just how visible the others were. If Calum adjusted how he was sat, they’d see all of them.

“She’s using you,” Daniel said slowly. “You’re just her little plaything.”

You frowned, unsure you’d heard Daniel correctly. Who was he aiming that at?

“You must be crazy if you think she likes you, nerd,” Daniel said snidely. “She’s into the bad boy image not a fucking geek who sits working out sums. She needs something dangerous to keep her interested. You’re just something safe until she moves away.”

You saw how uncomfortable Calum was just from the way he held himself. You looked back at Saph who suddenly looked pissed, she walked over to Max and grabbed his arm. Saph pulled him away and you heard the start of what the fuck do you think you’re doing, why didn’t you stop him? Daniel held out the remote for the stereo, complaining that Calum’s music wasn’t your thing. You stormed over and pulled it from him, slamming it down onto the oak coffee table.

“Fuck you, Daniel,” you hissed. “Calum is so much kinder than you’ll ever be. He actually has interests away from being a fucking dick unlike you. So right now, I want you to take your little friendship circle and go back to whatever rock you crawled from under.”

He laughed like you weren’t being serious. You stood, stony-faced, and waited for your ex to get the message you weren’t laughing with him. He held out his hand and gestured to Calum.

“Oh come on,” he shouted. “He’s a nerd!”

“And you’re an arsehole,” you yelled back at him.

The circle of people stood and watched like you were going to punch him. Daniel shook his head at you.

“I thought you were cool,” he said coldly. “But you’ve changed, what happened to the girl who was up for partying and having a laugh?”

You squared up to him and smiled. “She grew up, Daniel. I still love parties but not every single weekend. I still like having a laugh but I realised a while back that being a dick to people isn’t funny. Now I swear, if I ever hear you’ve even dared to breathe the same air as my boyfriend again, I will come after you and you know how I am when I get angry.”

“Boyfriend?” Daniel echoed with tone of disbelief. “Are you joking?”

You shook your head as you felt the blush rise in your cheeks, you hadn’t admitted to Calum how you felt yet you had just told an entire group of people he was your boyfriend. You glanced over to Calum and he stared up at you in equal confusion. He dropped his gaze and you couldn’t work out whether you’d just screwed the whole situation up or not.

Daniel looked away, he suddenly didn’t look so tough when he realised you weren’t still under his power. He turned away and picked up the bottle he’d brought to the party.

“I get the feeling we aren’t welcome,” he said then gestured for the others to follow him.

They followed him out of the door and Saph hovered for a moment to see if you needed her. You shook your head at her which she responded to by dragging Max out of the door behind her. You sighed as you joined Calum on the sofa again. You tried to think of something to say, something that made things better or made everything seem like you were sure about your relationship. You hazarded a glance over to him, only to find him staring at you.

“I should go,” he mumbled. “I don’t want to come between you and your friends.”

He stood up, picking up his jacket from the arm of the chair as he headed for the door. You moved towards him and caught his wrist.

“You don’t have to go,” you said quickly. “Calum, I just called you my boyfriend and now you want to leave. My ex-boyfriend is wrong, you know. I’m not using you or in desperate need of something more ‘fun’. I need you and I’m just hoping I haven’t left it too late to tell you that.”

He looked at you, his expression was unreadable now. The way his eyes studied you made your spine tingle. You knew he was looking at you like an equation, it was how he made sense of things at times. The potential happiness minus the chance of you breaking equalled the success of this relationship and it had him torn.

“I don’t know,” Calum admitted. “This relationship with you scares me, okay? I don’t know if you’re going to break my heart or if I’ll be good enough for you. Maybe Daniel is right and I’m not your type. We’re worlds apart. I’m the nerdy kid and you’re the badass queen on top of the school. When you put the two types together, they never work out because they’re too different.”

You felt like he’d punched you in the stomach. You wondered how long he’d been wondering this for, Daniel was many things but he wasn’t inspirational so this had been brewing for some time. Maybe your ex had just been the confirmation for Calum, you didn’t know what it was. But you knew how the air escaped your lungs in a sharp exhale and how your stomach clenched with fear.

“High school doesn’t last forever, Calum!” you snapped. “I’m not the queen anymore because this is the real world where we can be anybody we want to be! And right now, I want to be the girl who gets to say I’m your girlfriend because I’m falling in love with you and your dumb personality. But I guess if you’re going to let some washed-up ex of mine tell you that I don’t love you then I guess you’re not the guy I thought you were.”

You dropped his wrist and ran your hand through your knotted hair. This was it, you’d thrown down all of your cards and you had nothing left to play. You hated how exposed it left you feeling, you had nothing to hide behind and that scared you.

Calum’s expression softened as he realised what you’d just said. He stepped forward and tilted his head.

“Do you mean that?” he asked you quietly.

You nodded weakly. “Yep, so now I’m going to crawl into bed to ride out my humiliation alone when I have to tell everybody you rejected me.”

You turned away and began to head for your stairs.

“No,” Calum said nervously. “Don’t do that because then I’d have to explain how I was an idiot because I’m falling for you too and I let you slip away.”

You looked back at him. He smiled at you, opening his arms for you to walk into them. You rested your head against his chest and listened to the quickened heartbeat.

“Hey, if you’re crawling into bed to hide from the world, can I join you?”

You looked up at him with a frown. “Calum Hood!”

“No, I – uh – I have – erm – I have a preparation essay to do for university already and I really want to – uh – hide from it.”

You bit your lip to stop yourself from laughing before taking his hand.

“Don’t panic, Cal, we can cuddle and watch a film,” you told him. “I knew what you meant.”

He nodded as he became less flustered. “So are you my girlfriend now?”

“I guess so,” you said with a smile. “And you’re wrong, by the way, I think it can work out for the former queen and the former geek.”


You nodded to him then pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“Because the people who tell those stories never met us.”

Your Second Choice - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Your Second Choice – TW Imagine

Prompt/Request: Hi!! Can I have a Isaac x reader x stiles imagine where the reader catches Isaac cheating on her with Allison at a party and stiles ( who has been in love with the reader since like forever) comforts her and they end up being together somehow?

A/N: There will be a part 2 to this! I promise! I’m sorry that it’s so short, I hope you like this xo

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 898

Originally posted by juanplav

Your POV

You and Isaac held hands as you guys entered a lacrosse team mate’s party. You wore a white romper with some white air forces. You were lead to the kitchen by Isaac, seeing Allison.

“Hey Alli!” You smiled, waving.

“Hey Y/N! Oh my god, you look stunning!” She gasped, looking at you up and down.

“Thanks babe!” You gave her a quick squeeze.

It was weird though, she only held you with one hand. When you let go of her, you saw a surprised look on Stiles face from the side, he was holding a drink in a red cup.

“What?” You frowned, mouthing to him.

Before you could see his answer, Isaac interrupted.

“Hey Y/N, could you maybe get some drinks outside? They’re more fresh and chill.” He grinned.

“But there’s some in the fridge-“ You were grabbed by the wrist, being dragged outside by Stiles.

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The restlessness…approached hysteria. The parties were bigger…The pace was faster…the shows were broader, the buildings were higher, the morals were looser, and the liquor was cheaper…

F. Scott Fitzgerald describing New York, upon his return from Europe in 1926.

(From: Scott Fitzgerald, by Andrew Turnbull)

Great Gatsby Michael Imagine

Synopsis: Michael takes the role of Great Gatsby [minus the death] 


Word Count: 1,898

The Roaring 20s was a great time to be alive.

The restlessness approached hysteria.

The parties were bigger.

The pace was faster.

The shows were broader.

The buildings were higher.

The morals were looser,

And the liquor was cheaper.

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I kiss you, R, I want you, H
Fandom: Utapri
Pairing: Ren/Masato
a/n: new years fic [pours the champagne]

“I just…don’t know if it’s a good idea. That’s all.”

Masato’s reservations are understandable, Ren thinks. For the past six months they’ve been together, and for the past six months, they’ve not told anybody—for a while, it was because they were both afraid of the social pressure, for a while it was because Ren just liked it being a secret (and secretly, he was still sort of wary of commitment and it was the social pressure that scared him the most), for a while it was because Masato was nervous about the aftermath (what would happen to their position in the group, what would his family say, what would their friends think, and so on and so on). 

Now, Ren is anxious—he’s tired of pretending to date girls just so no one gets suspicious (because the day Ren Jinguji suddenly stopped hanging out with girls would be a cause of concern and investigation for everyone)—and he’s tired of not being able to talk to Masato like he’s his boyfriend, in public, around other people. He hates the sad, quiet looks on Masato’s face when he walks by to see him with a girl’s head in his lap, he’s sick of it, he’s so sick of it.

“There’s no better time than this,” he tells him, his arm around his shoulders, playing idly with the ends of his dark hair. “Right? People kiss at midnight all the time, on New Years Eve. It’s a thing.”

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movie: the great gatsby
cast: leonardo dicaprio, carey mulligan, tobey maguire

Stocks reached record peaks, and Wall Street boomed a steady golden roar. The parties were bigger, the shows were broader, the buildings were higher, the morals were looser, and the ban on alcohol had backfired. Making the liquor cheaper. Wall Street was luring the young and ambitious, and I was one of them.

Whatever Makes You Happy

Requested by the lovely @volklana PROMPT: Hi :) could you maybe do a request where reader is a jazz singer in a tiny club and Bucky goes to see her every weekend because she reminds him of the 40s. He offers to walk her home one night and she invites him in for coffee and all fluff ensues?

I changed the concept slightly but I HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Inspired by this song:

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1.7k

Originally posted by deniz-is-a-witch

Being Tony’s lab tech meant you spent a copious amount of time in the tower, so much so that eventually he just gave you a room down the hall. The team was ecstatic when you finally moved in; you brought something to the tower that was surely missing, joy. Your presence could light up an entire room, and it rubbed off on to the team. Granted Tony kept you cooped up in the lab for hours on end, which meant the team would have come to you. They would make excuses about something being broken, or malfunctioning just to be able to visit.

“I tried turning it on and off a few times but it still won’t work.” Natasha handed you her earpiece.

You looked it over a few times and unhooked the back latch to take a look.

“Nat, I love you but I swear your spy skills are in need of a tune up. Your earpiece is fine you just need new batteries.” You jokingly rolled your eyes and handed it back to her.

She stuck her tongue out, “Maybe I just wanted to stop and see you.”

“You don’t need an excuse to come see me, my door is always open.” You gave her a quick hug and send her on her way.

Just when you were about to get back to work Tony barges in.

“(Y/N)!!! Why are you still in here?!?” He looked slightly plastered.

You look up at him. “I’m working.”

“You should be getting ready! The party starts in 2 hours!!” He was inches from your face, the whiskey on his breath tickled the inside of your nose.

“I will leave after I finish this paperwork.” You said with a deadpan face.

He patted the top of your head. “Good girl. Now aren’t you going to wish someone a Happy Birthday?”

“Happy Birthday Mr. Stank.” you gave him a cheeky grin.

“You are never going to let me live that down are you?” he sighed.

“Never.” You gave him a friendly peck on the cheek and returned to your work as he walked out.

One thing was always true about Tony’s parties, he pulled out all the stops. Tonight things were even bigger because it was his birthday. It was a classic black-tie affair, crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling, people drank cocktails from the open bar, as a full jazz band played in the background. The whole thing reminded you of a Great Gatsby party, grand and over the top just like Tony.

A waitress in a feathery Vegas showgirl costume handed you a martini as you made your way over to greet the others. The entire team took up a table, Sam and Steve moved over to make room for you.

“Stark really does know how to throw a party.” You almost shouted to the group because the room was filled with so much noise.

“Tony always has a trick up his sleeve.” Steve gave you a quick wink and nodded over to the stage where Tony took the microphone.

“Hey everybody, I hope you are all having a great time tonight. I have a special surprise for you all! My wonderful lab technician (Y/N) is going to sing for us!”

You shook your head in disagreement at Tony who only proceeded to egg you on.

“Oh come on (Y/N), I hear you singing all the time in the lab. Do it for me, it’s my birthday.”

He was just about to start the whole room chanting when you finally left your seat and made your way up to the stage.

You gave him the death glare as you took the mic. “You are lucky it’s your birthday Mr. Stank.”

You quickly turned around and told the band what to play. You smoothed out your black cocktail dress and pushed your gently curled hair over your shoulder as the music started.  

“When you were here before

Couldn’t look you in the eye

You’re just like an angel

Your skin makes me cry”

The crowd was silent, mesmerized by your melodious voice.

“You float like a feather

In a beautiful world

I wish I was special

You’re so very special”

You looked out into the crowd for a familiar face.

“But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo

What the hell am I doing here?

I don’t belong here.”

A pair of eyes fell upon you in amazement, a pair that never made eye contact with anyone until that very moment. Your eyes settled on them in return. The world seemed to stand still.

“I don’t care if it hurts

I wanna have control

I wanna a perfect body

I wanna a perfect soul”

They were Bucky’s.

“But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo

What the hell am I doing here?

I don’t belong here.”

His face lit up as he watched you, entranced with every movement you made. Steve realized what was happening and smiled, for this was the first time Bucky had even come close to making a connection to anyone besides himself. Buck had just moved into the tower around the same time you had and was having a difficult time opening up to the rest of the team. He was quiet most of the time and kept to himself, never making eye contact for more than a few seconds at a time.

“She’s running out again,

She’s running out.”

Steve elbowed Sam who was sitting next to him and nodded towards Bucky, the team’s attention shifted from you too now Bucky who was intensely watching you.

“Whatever makes you happy,

Whatever you want.”

The music faded away, and the world began spinning once more. Voices hummed across a sea of people as you came down from your high. Making your way off stage you found yourself in the arms of Wanda and Natasha who cooed over you and your performance.

“That was absolutely amazing (Y/N)!!” Wanda pulled you tighter.

“I knew you could sing, but like THAT!!” Natasha handed you a drink as Bruce poked his head from out behind her.

“I think we all were surprised to have such a songbird among us.” He pulled you in for a hug. You peeked over his shoulder trying to find Bucky’s face in the crowd of people but he had disappeared.

Weeks passed, and it had seemed like Bucky was definitely avoiding you. Every time you entered a room he conveniently seemed to be leaving. One morning at dinner he passed you on his way out of the door a slice of pizza in his hand. You mentioned something to Steve.

“What’s wrong with Buck? Is he okay?” You asked inquisitively.

“What isn’t wrong with Buck.” Sam chimed in. That one earned him a swift punch in the shoulder by Steve who was standing next to him.

“I don’t know (Y/N) he has been acting weird all week.” Steve gave you a concerned look.

“He is probably on his man period.” Sam quickly added before shoving you in between himself and Steve to block any more punches coming his way

You this time, punched Sam in the shoulder and stole the slice of pizza in his hands taking a quick bite out of it.

“Hey, I was going to eat that!”

“Not anymore you’re not. That’s what you get for being a jerk Pigeon boy.” You took your pizza and walked back to the lab defeated, you could hear Steve chuckling behind you.

Your singing echoed through the halls of the tower as Steve made his way back from the kitchen a few hours later to stumble upon his best friend sitting outside the door to the lab. Bucky eyes were close as his head rested against the wall.

“Listening to her sing again?” Bucky nodded, eyes still closed tightly. “Are you ever going to actually go in there and talk to her? You can’t avoid her for the rest of your life, Buck.”

Bucky sighed. “I know.”

Steve sat down beside him. “All my life and I have never seen you afraid to talk to a girl.”

He looked at Steve. “What if she sees me as the monster I am?”

“Buck, (Y/N) isn’t like that. She is the sweetest, most accepting person I have ever known. Don’t worry. Just go talk to her.” He patted his friend on the shoulder and Bucky gave him a quick smile before getting up and walking down the hallway.

The next day you hear a soft knock on your lab door, you looked up to see Bucky anxiously looking at you.

“Hey Bucky, what can I do for you?” You gave him a reassuring smile.

“Oh hey (Y/N), I just got back from a mission and I.. uhhh I busted my arm. Could you take a look?”

“Of course. Take a seat” You motioned over to the chair next to your workstation.

He sat down cautiously, putting out his metal arm for you to inspect. He flinched as your fingers grazed the cool vibranium.

“It’s okay, I won’t hurt you.” You looked up at him through your lashes.

“It’s not me I am worried about.” He bit his lip.

You softly began to sing if in some way that would comfort him. He eased up. You opened the hatch in his arm and began maneuvering wires as the words flowed gracefully from your mouth.

“I want you to notice

When I’m not around

You’re so very special

I wish I was special”

You heard someone walk in, you were interrupted by a man clearing his throat.

“Looks like lover boy finally decided to come in the lab after all! Got tired of sitting outside the door all week?” Tony smiled as he walked to his desk.

You looked at both of them confused.

“I like listening to you sing.” Mortified, Bucky hid his face in his hands.

You pulled his hands from his face and held them in yours. “Buck, you could have just come in, but whatever makes you happy sweetheart.”

You kissed his cheek and continued sing as you finished your work on his arm. Smiles both spread across your faces.

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Halloween surprise Party// Big para// Faberry, Kurtbastian, Chucelle, Brossandra, Chadwin, Fayeron, Lyan, Norcy, Smytheadams and Alissa and Gabe, Scott

Faye had agreed to go to that party with Cameron and she had choose their costumes and Mya’s, but she wasn’t feeling good, Cameron, Mya and Noel had forgot her birthday and she was so moody, even doing the last adjustments on Mya’s costume was frealing her out. “Be still.” She said. “I am still, Faye.” The younger girl rooled her eyes. “Where’s Luna?” Mya looked around. “Probably in my room… She’s in love with her costume.” She said. “Cameron is almost arriving so finish it and go get ready.” Faye sigh. “I’m not going..” Mya turned and looked at Faye. “What? How you’re not going?”. “Not in the mood, Mya.” Luna came running. “Mya… When we’re going?” Mya smiled at her younger sister. “In a bit sweetie” Alissa came into the room and sigh. “One wants to go to much and the other doesn’t want to go. What do we do?” Mya rolled her eyes. “We put both on the car and we’re going to be there, you with a frown or not. Go get dressed Faye”

Quinn came with the news about Faye’s birtheday and Rachel had decided they were all going as Pinocchio chars, and she won everybody when she convinced Beth that being the blue fairy would be cool, so there she was dressed as Jimminy Cricket. “Are you guys ready?” She asked. “I’m driving, I’m not drinking today or ever again.” She said and giggled heading to the living room.

Sebastian didn’t know how he accepted Noelle to dress his as Woody, but he had to admit he looked cool, Julian would mock him, but he didn’t care, he would mock him anyway, he went to the living room and waited for Jessie to come out. He thought a little about what Cameron had said and sigh, he should not have admited that.

Cleo put her costume chose but Nate and looked in the mirror, she looked cool, kind of normal but cool. She knock on the door and Gabe came out dressed as one of the doctors. “11th right?” She asked and Gabe nod. Cleo smiled pullling him close and kissing him. “Okay let’s go then.”

Cassandra put her costume and sigh, she didn’t even know why she was coming there, Brody had invited her, but again, he would need to solve his things with Berry and she would be in the middle, but not having anything better to do she sigh and looked one more time on the mirror, being Harley Quinn was a good idea, she liked the clothe and the big fake gun that came with it, even more cause when you shooted it, it apeared a wag writen Bang. She smiled at that and drove to the place.

Ryan always liked Halloween it was like a acting practice and he loved, he would always love that feeling of giving a char live. He put his Beetlejuice costume and texted Lisa that he was going, she only met Lisa and Quinn on that party and he was definally nervous, his feelings for Lisa were growing bigger and he couldn’t find a way to hid it. He got into his car and went for it.

Noel but his costume and headed to Marcy’s house, she was supposed to put his make up on, and he made sure he was not forgeeting the handcuffs or the cake, if he forget the cake, Mya, Cameron and Faye would kill him. He rang the bell and waited.

Julian put his usual Jason x costume and looked in the mirror and smiled behind his mask. Sebastian said he didn’t need to pick him up and he went straight to the palce being the fist one to arrive.. He walked around the place and checked everything place out, to get to know the place.