the oxford murders

everything I’ve learned from the BBC and various books growing up tells me that nothing happens at Oxford and Cambridge except murders, secret societies, homosexual longing and possibly the occasional orgy (which begins in homosexual longing and ends in someone being murdered)


Burn Gorman and some of his roles:
Major Edmund Hewlett (Turn: Washington’s Spies)
Karl Tanner (Game of Thrones)
Yuri Podorov (The Oxford Murders)
Hermann Gottlieb (Pacific Rim) (Pacific Rim: Uprising)

The product of my fall from grace.

Characters L to R:

Major Hewlett (TURN), Karl Tanner (Game of Thrones), Hermann Gottlieb (Pacific Rim), Yuri Podorov (The Oxford Murders), Owen Harper (Torchwood)

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Lipstick City (Sashea Lesbian AU) by Oxford

 AN: So it’s been a minute. This is the longest fic I’ve ever written at 13K+ and honestly I could have kept going despite it being piss poor in quality. I’m not too satisfied with the ending but it’ll do for the purposes of not going on and on forever! This is inspired by Lipstick City, set a year after the events of the film. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. - Oxford 

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Turing: When I was a child, the numbers were my friends. You know how kids have their secrets imaginary friends… Friends that you can always trust. My friends were the numbers. Because they are wonderfully reliable. Because they never break their own rules.

Gottlieb: true story, bro

Podorov: +1