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The Outsiders as Things I've Overheard at my School
  • Sodapop: What year did the war of 1812 take place?
  • Johnny: *in a crowd* YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME LIKE THAT!! I'M TOO SMALL!!
  • Pony: Wait I was supposed to return this book LAST month?
  • Darry: *standing by a trash can* This is where I belong.
  • Dally: I'm going to frick you the heck up.

Rulers of the Forest

Pairing: Soda x Reader

Request by: @littlebitobsessed80

A/N: Here it is!! I hope you like it!!

“To the left.” You state.

Soda moved over.

“Not your left. My left.”

The two of you laughed as Soda moved the opposite way.

“You ready?”

Soda nodded.

You tossed the marshmallow his way and he quickly caught it in his mouth.

You and Soda cheered, high-fiving each other.

“I told you! I can aim pretty well!” You exclaim.

Steve and Two-Bit sat on the other side of the fire, clapping slowly.

“That. Was. Amazing.” Steve says sarcastically.

You rolled your eyes.

“I knew you could do it!” Two-Bit cheered. “It was all made possible by the love in the air.” He swayed back and forth, humming.

Steve nudged him. “You’re so stupid.”

“I’m not stupid! Look at them.” He motioned to you and Soda. “They’re in love.”

Your face went red and Soda grinned, turning to you. “You wanna go do somethin’ else?”

“Sure.” You answer.

The two of you got up and began walking.

“Aww! Look! They’re gonna go do lovey dovey things in the forest!” Two-Bit yelled, lifting his eyebrows.

“Shut up!” Steve replied with an audible smack.

You and Soda laughed, continuing the walk.

It was quiet at first, then Soda cleared his throat. “So,” he starts. “How’re you?”

“Huh?” You reply.

“I mean, you looked uncomfortable earlier. Are you ok?”

“Yeah. I just didn’t know how to react.”

He nodded with a smile and the two of you kept walking in silence.

As you got further into the woods, you found more and more pretty flowers. You picked one.

“Soda, look at this!” You say, ecstatic, showing him the flower. “Isn’t it beautiful?”

He smiled at you, taking the flower. “It is.”

The two of you began picking more flowers.

Soda handed you a handful of them and you strung them together to make a flower crown. You set it on his head.

“There. Now, you’re the king of the forest.” You laughed lightly.

“Really?” He replied, taking off the flower crown. “What if I want you to be the queen of the forest?” He set the crown on your head.

You looked up at him, his blue eyes shining in the starlight. You smiled. “I’d love to be the queen of the forest.”

He bent down, holding your face in his hands, then kissed you.

You felt your face get warm and you wondered if his hands were beginning to heat up.

A branch broke close by and you pulled away.

“I knew it!” The two of you turned to see Two-Bit and Steve. “They’re doin’ lovey dovey stuff in the forest!”

Steve rolled his eyes as Two-Bit waved. “Hey, guys.”

~ ~ ~ ~

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Steve and Soda had once gotten drunk together and ended up going to the Curtis house announcing how gay they are for each other in front of everyone. So when they really came out, no one was surprised. (Plus they were already expecting it to happen at some point.)

And then they woke up the next morning with no memory of any of it

The Outsiders boys as things I've said

Ponyboy: I’m only a child why are you all like this

Sodapop: I get drunk off of Strawberry Fanta.

Darry: You may call me the mom of the group, but I’m more like the stressed out grandma who takes care of everyone because the mom is on a acid trip.

Two-Bit: I want to be a comedian, but I’m a whole lot funnier inside my head.

Steve: //loses a game of Kahoot// I’M GONNA KASHOOT EVERYONE

Dally: What goes on in my head are the cries of the damned, 24/7.

Johnny: Don’t talk to me, I’m only a baby. (Youre 16) I SAID DON’T TALK TO ME


Did somebody say The Outsiders text posts

I did these within 5 hours like somewhere in December??

idk,,, but I made these for fun and all tumblr posts i used belongs to everyone who wrote them (cred is in the pictures obviously.) I made these purely for entertainment lol plz love me.

(i made a Marcia one and Johnny x Dally one too so if y’all ever wanna see those,, I’ll make a separate post for them.)

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Stevepop date at a haunted corn maze?

This is kinda late (ahgajagah) sorry bout that!!

•Steve’s idea
•Soda complains about it on the drive there
•"Steeeeeeve you know I don’t like stuff like this.“
•"I checked this one out already babe, it doesn’t have any chainsaw wielders.”
•Or so he thought
•When they went in it was pitch black and all they had was a damn flash light
•Soda’s jumping at everything
•"What was that?!“
•"It was a cricket, Soda.”
•They’re about say 30-40 feet away from the end of it
•"See? It wasn’t too bad.“
•"Yeah, i guess…”
•And behind them they hear the rev of a (fake) chainsaw.
•They both turn to look at what it is and it’s this pumpkin-headed chainsaw maniac
•Soda screams and they run
•Steve tried to make it up o him with hot chocolate
•Soda still didn’t talk to him for a few days after it still

There’s two important things in this photo that you can focus on:

1. How fucked up Pony’s face is.

2. Dally’s abs.

Headcannons: Your First Sleepover With Them.

a/n: I hope you all enjoy!


-Darry was really worried that the boys would scare you away.

-He would ask them to tone down the crazy.

-But of course they would be just as loud and obnoxious as ever.

-While Darry cooked you sat with him and watched him with a fond smile.

-Late that night while you two were laying in bed he would apologize for all of the guys.

-You would call him crazy.

-You loved his family and his friends.

-And you made sure to tell him that.

-The next morning you got up to make everyone breakfast.

-Darry insisted that you didn’t have to because you were the guest.

-But you loved how domestic it felt.

-The boys say you make the best pancakes.

-They all want to keep you around forever.

-And Darry figures he just might.


-Sodapop is just excited to be able to hold you close to him all night.

-He is really excited for your arrival and makes sure all your favorite foods are at his house.

-You guys go to bed pretty early but it’s mostly so you two can cuddle.

-You think he’s pretty adorable when he’s tired.


-He’s definitely nervous at first.

-But of course you two watched the sunset together.

-And that calmed his nervousness.

-You two would lay facing each other.

-And hold hands.

-You two would have the best late night talks.

-He would fall asleep first.

-And you would kiss his cheek before you fell asleep as well.


-Two-Bit definitely wants to build a fort with you.

-You will gather up every single pillow blanket and sheet in the house.

-And you two would actually get into it.

-And when you actually got into the fort things were so comfortable and warm.

-You two slept in the fort and woke up early the next day.

-You shifted the fort so you could still sit in it and watch cartoons while you ate breakfast.


-Your first sleep over wouldn’t be planned.

-It would be a random surprise for both of you but you didn’t mind.

-He would give you one of his t-shirts to wear.

-And you wouldn’t want to give it back the next day.

-Dally is actually kind of cuddley when he’s tired.

-And you love laying with him.

-The next morning you two would go out to breakfast.


-You’d sleep over Steve’s for the first time because you two were hanging out and it got to late for you to go home.

-When you two got to his house you’d eat a midnight snack of ice cream.

-You’d never been to his room before so when you were alone in there for a moment you liked to look around.

-When you two finally went to bed he was definitely the big spoon for you.

-And you absolutely loved sleeping by his side.


-Johnny wouldn’t bring you back to his house.

-He wouldn’t tell you why for a while until you saw the bruises on him.

-So you invited him over your house.

-You hadn’t been going out that long.

-And you figured it might be early in the relationship for a sleep over.

-But you did not want him going back to his parents.

-When he showed up at your house one night you made him hot chocolate.

-And when you want to sleep you held each other close all night.