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How could you ask me that?



“Dallas, come on. Leave ‘em alone. They’re just kids.” You stated as you pulled Dallas away from the three little boys that sat on the edge of the road. 

He huffed and walked away with you, “They’re in my territory.” 

You only shook your head and giggled softly. Dallas glared at you for second before letting a small smile creep across his lips. You slipped your hand into his and turned to face him. 

“How come you don’t like little kids?” You asked, staring at the dimple in his cheek. 

He shrugged and looked down at you, “I just don’t.”

You two walked in silence to the Curtis’. Once there, Dallas let go of your hand and walked in. You followed behind him, smiling at the boys once you saw them.

You sat down on the couch and propped your feet up on the table and listened to the boys conversations.

“Y/n? Did you hear me?”

“Huh?” You shook your head and looked at where the voice was. Pony.

“What you’d say?”

“I asked if you were staying here or going back with Dal.” He pointed at Dallas who was leaning against the door frame.

“Oh. Uh, yeah.” You nodded and looked at Dal.

Dallas spoke up, “Come on then doll.”

You cringed, you hated when he called you that. It made you feel like he just thought of you as one of his many girls and not his girlfriend of a year and a half. It didn’t help that he had been using it a lot more lately.

“Don’t call me that.” You spat as you walked past him and out the door.

He followed you, having to run to keep up with your pace.

“Y/n!” You heard your name being called and you stopped. The sound of footsteps got louder as he got closer. You turned around at looked straight into his chest.

“What do you want?” You angrily asked, still staring at his chest.

“I wanna know where you’re going.”

“Home.” You turned back around and started to walk again.


“‘Cause I don’t like you right now.”

“Why?” He asked again.

You stopped abruptly and spun around on your heel.

Why? Why?!” You growled, angrily walking towards him. “You keep treating me like those whores you mess around with when you’re not tied down.”

You were overreacting and you knew it but you couldn’t help it, that name made you mad and he needed to know it.

“Is this about that nickname I used?” His voice was calm still. How was it still calm?

“How could you ask me that? Of course it’s about the name you nimrod!” You huffed and felt a hot tear fall down your face.

He took a step closer but you backed up.

“No. I wanna be alone right now.” You shook your head, turned around and once again started your journey home.

When you read an amazing imagine but theres only one part

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Preference: What They Secretly Love That You Do.


Darry loves when you’ll play with his hair. When you two are in front of the gang it’ll just be you lightly playing with the hairs at the back of his neck but when you two are alone or simply just in front of his brothers you’ll run your fingers through his hair and just move them gently. He’ll complain at first but it’s half hearted because it really does calm him down.

It was almost midnight on a Saturday Ponyboy and Sodapop had just gone off to bed but you and Darry were still sitting on the couch, to comfy to move. Your legs were over Darry’s lap and your body was pressed against his. His eyes were closed and his head was tilted back against the back of the couch but your eyes stayed open as you watched him. You moved your arm up slowly so you could begin running your fingers absently through your boyfriends hair. You saw the faint glimmer of a smile cross Darry’s lips as you did so and you watched his worries slowly relax off of him.

Sodapop loves when you drag him along to see ‘girly movies’. He’ll complain about the whole way to the theater but the second you’re watching it he gets almost more into it than you do.

You were sitting at the drive-in theater with Sodapop’s arm around you as you waited for the movie to start. They were doing a special showing of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and you had been excited all week since you convinced Sodapop to take you. Now that you were there sitting and waiting he was sulking to himself.

“This is stupid. Can’t we just go back to my house and see what’s on? Or we could go to the regular theater in town. I think there was a movie there that you would like.”

You turn and give him a look. “Stop pouting and just enjoy the movie okay?”

Sodapop just sighed and put his arm around you. The movie soon started up and Sodapop was immediately captivated. He was so into the movie that he wouldn’t even turn his head away from the screen at your many attempts to kiss him. When the movie finally came to the end you couldn’t help but laugh as Soda looked over at you.

“Don’t you dare tell the others about this.”

“Yes, m’am.” You laughed causing him to nudge you playfully before leaning in to finally give you a kiss.

Ponyboy loves when you take his sweatshirt. He’ll whine that now he’ll be cold now but he really doesn’t care. He just loves being able to look over at you with his hoodie on.

You were all sitting at the drive in seats. The movie was about halfway through and you couldn’t stop shivering. Your head was resting on Ponyboy’s shoulder and you looked up at him. “I’m cold.”

“You knew we were coming here. You should brought a jacket.” He said and you continued to stare at him so he sighed and sat up so he could take off his sweatshirt and give it to you. You put it on with a grin and leaned back into his arms.

“Jeez, Y/N, now I’m freezing.” he groaned and so you leaned up to kiss his cheek before turning back to the screen. Once you were looking away he looked down at you and smiled.

Two-Bit loves when you’ll get him to dance with you. Sometimes you do it seriously and try to get him to slow dance, other times you’re just messing around to whatever comes on the radio but he loves using you as his excuse to get up and dance to his favorite songs.

Two-Bit and you were sitting on the back of his car, the radio could be heard faintly through the cars open windows. The two of you had been silent, holding hands and just drinking some beer when a song you recognized came on. You smiled softly and looked up at him before standing and tugging his hand.

“Dance with me.” You said.

“Come on, baby, I don’t dance.” He replied and didn’t budge.

“Please,” You begged gently with another small tug at his arm and he relented easily and stood. You pulled Two-Bit close to you and made him sway back and forth with you. He complied until the song started coming to an end and he began lifting you off the ground spinning you, causing you to erupt in a fit of laughter. After he put you down again you persuaded him to dance for a couple more songs.

Dally loves when you take his hand to hold. He never went to take it on his own as it would look more his style to have an arm around your shoulders but he did love when you would take his hand in your own. He loved the feeling and though he would never outright admit it you always knew by the way he would squeeze your hand lightly every once in a while or kiss your knuckles when the gang wasn’t looking.

Dally and you were trailing behind the rest of the group as you all walked down the sidewalk into town. He had just lit a cigarette and once one of his hands was free you carefully thread your fingers together and he squeezed your hand gently. Once you all had arrived at where you were going you moved to pull your hand away so his friends wouldn’t tease him but as you did his hold tightened and you couldn’t help but grin to yourself as you felt his them gently moving to stroke your hand. Two-Bit went to say something but with a glare from Dally he shut his mouth quickly. He didn’t let go of your hand once for the rest of the night.

Steve loves when you take care of him after a fight or a rumble. He does love to show off his injuries like they were trophies but while he would never admit it to you there was something nice about you fussing over him and making sure he wasn’t hurt to bad.

Steve was laying on the couch at the Curtis house as you gently held a cloth to his bleeding lip. You sighed in frustration however at the fact that he kept talking.
“What are you doing that for, Y/N. Let it be I want people to see how tough I am.” He grinned and you just shook your head.

“Steve, don’t be so stubborn and let me help you. I hate it enough when you go out and fight the least you can do is let me make sure you’re all right after.” You frown.

“Alright fine,” he said begrudgingly. “But only for you, babe.”

You nod and press the cloth to his lip again and his eyes close. You place your free hand on his cheek to stroke it comfortingly and you can’t help bit feel happy as you see him lean into the touch.

Johnny loves when you get all clingy on him. Whether it’s in private and you have his arms wrapped around his neck as you lay as close as possible or whether it’s in front of the gang sitting on his lap with your head resting on his shoulder Johnny lives for these moments.

You were asleep in your room when you heard someone come through the window. You weren’t to worried as you knew it was your boyfriend Johnny. You always left it open a crack for him. Johnny carefully crawled into bed beside you and immediately your arms wrap around his neck and your legs around his waist to hold him close. As he spoke you pressed a few gentle kisses to his jawline and down his neck.

“Hey, love..” he whispered softly and you just hugged him tighter. You felt his hand run gently up and down your back and soon you felt Johnny relaxing into your embrace.

The Outsiders boys as things I've said

Ponyboy: I’m only a child why are you all like this

Sodapop: I get drunk off of Strawberry Fanta.

Darry: You may call me the mom of the group, but I’m more like the stressed out grandma who takes care of everyone because the mom is on a acid trip.

Two-Bit: I want to be a comedian, but I’m a whole lot funnier inside my head.

Steve: //loses a game of Kahoot// I’M GONNA KASHOOT EVERYONE

Dally: What goes on in my head are the cries of the damned, 24/7.

Johnny: Don’t talk to me, I’m only a baby. (Youre 16) I SAID DON’T TALK TO ME

Dallas Winston relationship headcannons

-was legit super confident asking you out
-he’s a confident greaser kid with no fucks given I promise he was cocky as fuck
-loves to leave hickies in really visible spots
-never lets you walk around Tulsa alone (especially at night)
-steals presents for you
-gives you his leather jacket
-will grope you
-Dallas Winston always gets what he wants and he wants to hold your hand, waist, shoulders
-not easily jealous bc he knows he’s awesome, but around someone like Tim; he’ll legit eat your face to prevent you from even looking in his direction.
-sneaking out at night
-your parent/guardian has probably seen him sneaking out of your window
-cuddling in his room at bucks when it rains.
-playing with his hair
-going to the drive in (you snuck in tbh)
-honestly you guys would fight a lot but not about real big stuff unless you pulled some dumbass shit or he did.
-honestly he acts tuff but would hate to see you cry
-he’s a little fucking baby and is clingy as fuck
-wants your attention honestly 24/7
-kisses, hugs, everything
-can’t focus on one thing with you like reading so he’d probably give up and whine or just stare at you for a while
-you are probably like Johnny’s best friend
-he honestly probably had a small crush on you because he looks up to dallas so much but would never cause drama
-you and dally smacking eachothers butts
-he would tease you with his height
-“give me my fucking book dally.”
-“look doll you’re atleast halfway there!”
-always picking you up or throwing you over his shoulder
-defends you with a passion
-“doll” “babe”
-bailing him out of jail
-causing trouble with him
-being the most badass couple
-getting drunk or smoking together
-never cheating on eachother like Sylvia did
-being the first to say I love you
-“love you dal.”
-“I know.”
-knowing he still loves you but won’t say it
-dal being a pretty good boyfriend and trying to clean up even if it’s just a bit bc he wants you to last.


Did somebody say The Outsiders text posts

I did these within 5 hours like somewhere in December??

idk,,, but I made these for fun and all tumblr posts i used belongs to everyone who wrote them (cred is in the pictures obviously.) I made these purely for entertainment lol plz love me.

(i made a Marcia one and Johnny x Dally one too so if y’all ever wanna see those,, I’ll make a separate post for them.)

Headcannons: Cuddling With Them.


-Darry always loves cuddling in his chair.

-Especially right after he gets home from work.

-You’ll just sit in his lap and play with his hair while he reads the paper.

-And you’ll kiss his cheek and neck softly.


-His favorite time to cuddle with you is in the morning.

-He loves when the sun is just rising and is keeping the room warm.

-He loves to face you and hold your hand while your legs are tangled together under the covers.

-Your faces will be close to each other.

-And you’ll exchange gentle sleepy kisses with each other.


-Ponyboy loves to cuddle with you on the couch.

-He likes when you sit with your legs over his lap.

-He likes to run his hands up and down your legs.

-You wrap your warms around his neck.

-And rest your head on his shoulder.

-Usually there’s a blanket covering you two.

-And you you two will have conversations in soft whispering tones to each other.


-Two-Bit is a huge cuddler.

-He doesn’t care where or when just as long as he’s holding onto you.

-He can be very clingy.

-He really likes when you lay on your stomach with your head turned to face him.

-And he’ll be propped up on one arm looking down at you.

-While he gently runs his fingers over your back.

-When it tickles you and you smile or laugh he grins and leans down to kiss you.


-Dally pretends like he hates cuddling.

-He’ll whine at you to get off of him for the first few minutes.

-But you just like to lay on top of him.

-He’s usually shirtless and you like how warm he is.

-You’ll play with his hair.

-And kiss him on his lips, cheeks, chest, and pretty much anywhere you can reach.

-He’ll eventually stop complaining.

-And he’ll wrap his arms around your waist.

-Sometimes he’ll have one hand running through your hair.


-Steve loves cuddling at the drive-in.

-You two will sit in the back of his truck.

-He’ll bring a blanket.

-He loves when you sit between his legs with your back against his chest.

-He’ll wrap his arms around your waist.

-And you’ll rest his hands on his.

-And he’ll kiss your neck.


-Johnny loves to cuddle with you late at night.

-His favorite thing is being the big spoon for you.

-It makes him feel strong and protective of you.

-He’ll kiss the back of your neck gently.

-And you’ll keep whispering ‘I love you’ to him.

How Darry reacts to anything Ponyboy does:

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Darry: Where you going at a time like this?

Y/N: First off, it’s only 9 o'clock. Second, I’m just taking a walk with Dally.

Sodapop: Nothing good happens passed 8!

Y/N: Shut up!

Darry: I want you home by 11…. I don’t trust him.

Dally: Don’t worry, she’s in good hands….sir

Headcannons: Dally Secretly Dating a Girl.

a/n: This was a request! I’m still getting used to headcannons but I hope you all enjoy! :D

-Dally and you met at the drive-in
-You refused to talk to him because of his reputation
-But he wouldn’t leave you alone
-Instead of arguing anymore you agreed to go on a date with him
-You made him promise no one would know and it would be out of town
-He took a couple towns over for milkshakes and a movie
-You discovered that he was actually kind of sweet
-You went on another date
-And then another
-All were somewhere just the two of you
-He was arrested the night before your fourth date
-You were surprised at how upset that made you
-He was out a week later and you were there waiting for him
-He took you to Buck’s to talk
-He asked you to be steady with him
-You made him promise no one would know
-You didn’t want people judging you because of Dally’s reputation
-He hid the fact that that hurt him and agreed
-He wanted to be with you no matter what the conditions were
-You both managed to keep it a secret for a couple of months
-Until the next time he got arrested
-The other guys had started to be suspicious that Dally had a girl
-Ponyboy had seen you two at the movies one night
-So when Dally was arrested they all came to ask you about it
-You lied easily but they saw it in your face
-They didn’t pressure you but they asked if you wanted to hang out with them that night
-You found yourself accepting the offer
-You started hanging out with them everyday
-They talked highly of Dally despite his reputation
-They really liked having you around
-You started becoming friends with them
-And their girlfriends started inviting you with them
-Dally was out ninety days later
-He was shocked when he found you with the gang
-You gave him a big kiss in front of them
-He was so surprised when you pulled away that he said the first thing that came to his mind
-It was ‘I love you’
-You said it back and promised no more secrets

There’s two important things in this photo that you can focus on:

1. How fucked up Pony’s face is.

2. Dally’s abs.