the original plot was so good

sometimes i forget how straight people won’t jump at the chance to watch a show with gay rep in it. i literally said to my straight friend today “oh you should watch this show, it has lesbians in it” and she stared at me for a good few minutes in confusion before asking “uh?? okay??? but what’s the plot”

edit: okay what i MEANT in this post was i sometimes forget having gay characters in a show isnt a SELLING POINT for straight people to watch it, i just didnt convey that exactly when i originally wrote this post and then it blew up before i could edit it. so can y'all fucking hop off my dick and shove your comments like “go die op, i only watch shows i actually LIKE instead of lapping up the pandering bullshit that content creators put out to wrongfully draw in the leegeebeets” up your pretentious asses
honest kdrama reviews

these are all the kdramas that ive watched and im just gonna put them all here and what you should know about them 


*no particular order 

reply 1997

  • set in the 90s
  • follows a group of friends and how they stick together during this time
  • two guys that go after a girl and the drama is a guessing game on who ends up being her husband 
  • good life lessons 
  • good ost (original soundtrack) 
  • it’s hilarious 
  • not a typical kdrama, very original 
  • what stuck out with this drama is it’s creativity. you’ll never watch a drama like this bc of the setting 

reply 1994 

  • set in the 90s (this is a series but they are all different stories) 
  • follows a group of friends and how they stick together during this time 
  • once again trying to figure out who is the husband
  • good life lessons
  • good ost 
  • also hilarious 
  • very original 
  • if you don’t do well with second leads as in you have sls (second lead syndrome) then you will most likely fall for the guy that isn’t the husband but tbh it depends on you 
  • what stuck out with this drama is also the setting. all of these are different settings and they don’t have the same plot

reply 1988

  • set in the 80s-90s 
  • uGH this drama honestly gets to me it’s so fricking good. 
  • if you’re thinking rn that you dont want to watch these dramas bc it’s set in the old times WATCH THESE I GUARANTEE YOU WONT REGRET IT
  • this is the highest rated kdrama in history trust me it’s good 
  • it’s a little bit slow in the beginning but it picks up and it’s worth it 
  • same kind of idea as the previous reply series 
  • everything about this drama is amazing. everything. 
  • this one is different from the other reply series bc it’s not as easy to guess who the husband is. 
  • the director is really good and there is a lot of foreshadowing and clues that you’ll have to work hard to find 
  • this drama is so well put everything connects together 
  • you will fall in love with all the characters they’re so funny ok im done

queen in hyun’s man 

  • ok don’t skip this drama just bc it’s historical 
  • the plotline is basically this guy from the joseon dynsasty time travels to modern day and meets this girl (and obv you know what happens next) 
  • super cute drama and funny 
  • the couple actually ended up dating too!! they broke up but still 
  • what stuck out was the amazing chemistry for this drama 

city hunter 

  • this really smart guy who is also amazing at hunting meets this girl who works as the bodyguard for the blue house 
  • a lot of secrets 
  • it’s a very heavy drama as in there’s a lot to take in and understand 
  • highly rated drama tho 
  • what stuck out is the creative plot line 

rooftop prince

  • after the death of this crown prince’s wife, he time travels 300 years later and meets this girl who looks like the deceased princess 
  • the guys in this drama are so funny and cute and you’ll love them 
  • similar to queen in hyun’s man so if you watch that watch this 
  • what stuck out was the plot and the comedy 

you’re beautiful 

  • this girl who has a twin pretends to be her brother and ends up joining this kpop group lol 
  • she’s pretending to be a guy but she ends up falling for the singer 
  • super funny 
  • you’re gonna love the other guys in this drama they’re so cute and funny 
  • what stuck out was the cold main lead i love when it’s a cold guy falling for the girl lol 

innocent man

  • oh man this drama.. it’s a melodrama first of all 
  • honestly i don’t even like melodramas bc theyre sooooooo hard to keep watching like it’s just so ongoing 
  • this drama tho.. it’s got song joong ki and lee kwang soo so i mean cmon
  • it’s got funny moments 
  • it’s an amazing plot line. the guy takes the blame for his gf who murdered a man and when he gets out of jail she marries this sugar daddy. he’s obv pissed and tries to get back at her by “falling in love” with the girl who’s dad is the ex-gf’s sugar daddy (ik it’s complicated). but then he actually starts falling for the girl and yeah 
  • it’s worth watching im not gonna lie just try it 
  • what stuck out was song joong ki bc he’s amazing 

dream high

  • lol this drama well it’s got singing first of all 
  • basically all these people who go to this music school and everyone has an interesting story to them 
  • actually pretty inspirational 
  • it’s one of the dramas that you just must watch heading into kdrama 

boys over flowers 

  • well if you know anything about kdrama you’ve prolly heard of boys over flowers. if not, you’re in for a ride
  • it’s the kdrama that EVERYONE knows and has seen
  • the heirs is basically the same as this btw but this is the original
  • a group of elite boyz and this one poor girl and she falls for the rich boi
  • it’s much more complicated than that

playful kiss

  • this drama :)))
  • typical cold popular boy falls for dumb girl honestly she’s so dumb it kills 
  • basically this girl’s house crumbles after an earthquake (only her house bc it’s crap lol) and so they move into the guys house bc their parents are super close together
  • it’s so so funny lol and it’s very lighthearted through the entire drama 
  • it’s one of my faves you gotta watch it 

it’s okay that’s love

  • this man is a mystery writer and a radio dj. he meets a psychiatry student and they both fall in love but man they got problems of their own. he’s got an obsession and she also has an issue psychology wise 
  • it’s comedy but it’s also not at times it’s good 
  • the characters make it so entertaining once again kwang soo is in it 
  • what stuck out is the interesting plotline 

princess hours

  • so basically this normal high schooler gets to marry this cold hearted crown prince and they start off w a really weird relationship but then you see how the two of them grow together 
  • it’s so weird and funny 
  • the leads are very cute even though theyre super awkward at times
  • the guys are super hot so like yeah  

personal taste

  • another cold man warm hearted girl 
  • the girl thinks that he’s gay so she takes him up as a roommate 
  • it’s funny and it’s got lee min ho 
  • the second lead actors are kinda annoying but you can deal 

hi! school love on

  • this is one interesting drama let me tell ya 
  • it’s not as popular but it’s pretty good 
  • this angel becomes a human in order to save someone
  • it’s interesting bc you’d never find this kind of drama  
  • the actors and actresses are very cute 
  • it’s a cute innocent kind of show 

to the beautiful you 

  • oh this drama 
  • another cute kind of drama filled w delicious looking boys
  • this girl goes to a boys school and pretends to be a boy 
  • she falls in love w this guy who is super athletic but also cold hearted 


  • it’s set in an art university and it’s about pursuing your dreams
  • a music kind of kdrama 
  • good music in here obviously 
  • the lead actor is hot 
  • he is also cold god i love cold guys 

cheese in the trap

  • another cold guy drama heh 
  • basically this guy that has it all (looks money etc) has a dark side to him and he falls for this girl who is poor but she is v smart and he tries to help her 
  • it’s pretty interesting i dont think it’s similar to the normal kdrama 
  • cute actors everywhere 

emergency couple 

  • this is one funny drama 
  • it’s got song ji hyo from running man she’s perfect 
  • basically the two main actors were once married but then they divorced and years later they end up working in the same hospital 
  • there’s sls in this so be careful 
  • it’s a medical kind of comedy drama 

you who came from the stars

  • one of the most popular kdramas and highly highly rated globally
  • it’s quirky in the beginning but it’s worth it trust me 
  • this alien crashes on earth during joseon dynasty and he lives till modern day 
  • he’s perfect and all his senses are like 4x better than humans 
  • he meets this stuck up snobby actress and the rest is history 

the heirs

  • basically the same as boys over flowers (see above) except it’s not so dragging and the annoying parts/concepts aren’t in this one 
  • the actors are all cute and you’ll fall in love w so many people

the master’s sun 

  • this one is precious to me 
  • it’s got the best ost ever it’s so good 
  • this girl is able to see ghosts and they always bother her 
  • one day she meets this guy that is able to get rid of the ghosts when she touches him 
  • so she comes off as a stalker bc she’s always trying to touch him to get rid of the ghosts
  • this is so original and every episode is interesting 
  • it’s funny and you’ll love the secretary. the old man is the best 

my princess 

  • this normal average girl ends up being a princess after secrets of her birth come out and this man who is v successful gives everything up in order to serve and protect her bc of his grandfather’s creed 
  • it’s a typical kdrama but it’s good and it’s super cute 
  • you’ll love the main lead he’s so handsome and the drama is v cute
  • you get to watch how an average girl starts from the bottom and works her way up to become a princess 

secret garden

  • you will not watch a kdrama like this ever trust me 
  • basically this cold rich guy and this cool stunt lady meet at this weird place and drink some weird potion and the next day they switch bodies 
  • they randomly switch bodies and it’s super funny and weird and so they have to deal w each other 
  • it’s funny and it’s v interesting 
  • another one of the super highly rated dramas 

suspicious partner

  • an ongoing drama rn but it’s so good omo
  • this girl in training to be a prosecutor breaks up w her bf and later on is the suspect for murdering her ex. the main lead actor (my bae ji chang wook) is a prosecutor and he is able to save her but risks his job (it’s ok he builds his own firm) 
  • all the characters are super fun and quirky and this drama will make you laugh and will make you feel scared at times but it’s a real mystery and comedy and it’s super good 
  • good drama to make your friends watch for the first time. i did it w a girl who didnt think she’d like kdrama and she watched 17 episodes in one night soooo 
  • no annoying love triangles 

fight my way 

  • also an ongoing drama 
  • this is such an inspirational drama
  • a group of friends that once had dreams when they were younger are now working in average jobs and they live off of their paychecks. they still want to pursue their dreams even though it seems to be too late for them
  • it’s so so so funny and the main actor is so hot 
  • this drama is just perfect in itself 
  • it depicts real life REAL life!! it stays away from typical kdrama scenes and honestly this one will move you 

strong woman do bong soon 

  • highly rated kdrama 
  • the actors are so so cute 
  • and when i say cute i mean they are the definition of cute 
  • it’s a hilarious drama that’ll make you cry w tears 
  • this girl has superwoman strength and she becomes this rich guy’s bodyguard but it’s much more complicated than that 
  • she’s out to get the bad guys 
  • this girl is so independent you will love this drama if you’re sick and tired of the typical helpless damsel in distress


  • it’s a historic drama but it’s good
  • this no name guy goes to the capital and his best friend was just murdered so he’s out for revenge but little does he know he ends up being a part of the elite group of hwarang boys that are built to protect the kingdom 
  • the bromance is stronger than the romance and you will love the bromance trust me 
  • the SLS is really strong in this one so watch out 
  • sorry im too excited but the boys in this drama are all perfect and so cute
  • there’s a lot of secrets in this one 


  • another ji chang wook drama he’s so hot 
  • this is centered around a case that has a lot of secrets. it’s a big mystery and this man is trying to go after people related to this case in order to solve the mystery
  • you got a fighter boy who has a history himself and he meets this chill girl
  • she’s a strong independent woman and you will love the action in this drama 
  • everything about this drama is good 

you’re all surrounded

  • such a quirky funny drama
  • a group of people (best squad ever) are all detectives and theyre out to catch the bad guys 
  • a different case every time and you would think there’s no comedy but trust me there’s lots 
  • the characteres are all super funny and loving 

she was pretty 

  • first of all major SLS so fall for the right boy 
  • this girl that used to be super pretty turns “ugly” and then glows up again
  • the main lead used to be a super ugly and chubby boy but he would comfort the girl all the time 
  • they were supposed to meet up but he thought this pretty girl was her bc he didn’t think she would look that ugly 
  • it’s a funny drama and youll like all the characters
  • the ost is really good 

oh my venus 

  • oh man this drama 
  • similar to she was pretty, the girl has a major glow up
  • she also used to be the shit when she was younger but when she grew up she became really fat
  • this guy who is super successful ends up taking her in and helping her change into the person that she wants to be 
  • it’s funny and it’s a sexy and hot drama 
  • they’re super cute but man they really got it goin this couple 

kill me heal me 

  • orgjoiwejfor first of all if youre reading this and you havent watched it already, watch this. 
  • before i get to the plotline, lemme tell ya, this drama has all the genres. it’s a real comedy and mystery and it’s just perfect
  • SO. this man has DID (dissociative identity disorder) also known as multiple personality disorder. he has seven personalities that haunt him and in order to try to suppress it, he hires a personal psychiatrist 
  • this is such a good drama you will laugh and cry and it’ll get you 

  • lol this is gonna sound weird but trust me it’s good 
  • this popular comic series ends up turning into real life when the girl gets sucked into the comic and basically she’s livin a fake life in a comic
  • it gets complicated when the plot of the comic becomes real life and the villain is out to get them 
  • it’s super complicated bc this girl is literally falling for a cartoon character who isn’t real but this one is another must watch 
  • it won’t be boring at all during the episodes 

oh my ghostess

  • this is another drama that is super good 
  • this ghost takes people’s body and controls them and one day she takes this quiet and very introverted girl’s body 
  • she ends up being stuck in it and it sounds bad but throughout the drama, the ghost and the girl help each other in order to get what they want 


  • boi idk how i forgot to add this drama
  • this is def another one of those dramas where you’ll be like wtf is this plot what is this drama bc it’s just so…. interesting
  • the second lead male actor and other supporting actors are super cute omg i die 
  • the ost is good too mmmm
  • alright get ready for another complicated plot… so the main character, kim shin is a v honorable general and the young king is jealous so he kills him. buT GUESS WHAT! this bih comes back alive as a goblin so he basically lives an immortal life. so fastforward to oh you know like 900 years, he’s looking for his human bride who is the only one who will be able to release his curse so that he can turn into ashes and stop living (the guys done w earth he’s been on for too long) 
  • so yeah then the goblin saves this pregnant lady and she dies but the baby lives and the baby grows up with the ability to see ghosts and bc she was supposed to die, grim reapers look for her 
  • i dont wanna hit u w too much plot so yeah go watch it it’s good

let me know what you guys think of the dramas and feel free to message me if you wanna know more about something :) i promise im nice 

What not to write in fantasy.

I’ve seen some posts going around on what not to write in fantasy, many of which amount to:

  • Don’t write evil kings.
  • Don’t write people who are evil for the sake of evil.
  • Don’t write bullies.
  • Don’t write villains at all actually.
  • Don’t write mentors.
  • Don’t let your characters learn how to do hard things on their own though.
  • Don’t write people on adventures.
  • Don’t write people fighting evil governments.
  • Don’t write any fantasy species ever written before.
  • Don’t write any fantasy trope ever written before.
  • Don’t write any fantasy plot ever written before. 
  • Just… don’t fucking write fantasy I guess??

And this is such utter bullshit, my friends.

We do need more originality and diversity in fantasy, but we don’t need to remove everything that fantasy is and has been in the process.

(Especially, especially, when diversity is being included in traditionally cishet white male protagonist fantasy stories.)

Maybe the chosen one with special magic powers and a royal bloodline going on a quest with a group of friends to defeat the evil king has been done before with a white cis man a thousand times over, but how many times has a black trans woman got to go on that adventure? 

Maybe elves and orcs have been written into the dust, but they still make great templates on which to tell stories with original twists, and there’s nothing about them that stops a good, emotional story from hitting you straight in the heart.

Maybe dragons have been done by every writer ever to write fantasy, but you know what? Dragons are fucking awesome, my dudes. Many readers are always gonna love them.

Maybe we have told the same fantasy stories over and over again, but every step you take away from the known template is a step you have to spend more and more exposition on before the reader will understand your original creation.

So don’t let anyone make you feel like that your (inclusive) fantasy story is too ‘traditional’ to be good. As long as you produce a well written story you’ve put your heart into, it’ll be a story many readers will love. 

The real punch to the gut is how the narrative uses to that to reduce her from hero to sounding board for the men around her. Rey spends the entirety of The Last Jedi as a surrogate mother to men: first Luke, then Ben. She is there to be an emotional sherpa, a plot device with a lightsaber and good listening skills[…]

You could wipe Rey from Episode IX with little fallout to the narrative. Another Force user could step in to take her place; either another lost Jedi such as Mace Windu or Ahsoka Tano or another “nobody” with Force powers. Had Luke died during the original trilogy, the story would’ve hit a wall from which it could not recover. The same with Anakin in the prequel trilogy. So who is the main character of The Last Jedi? Whose removal would cause the wheels to come off and the narrative to grind to a halt? Kylo. Fucking. Ren.

When Ben says Rey has no place in this story; he’s kind of right. The Last Jedi made Rey superfluous in her own hero’s journey. She deserved better than that.

reasons to watch a series of unfortunate events (season two)
  • genuinely confounding and original plot (which follows the books with remarkable faithfulness)
  • masterful production/costume design, and hair & make-up
  • excellent guest stars (nathan fillion! tony hale!)
  • they cast the perfect esme squalor
  • continued clever literary allusions and devices
  • a wonderful selection of musical numbers/a killer score
  • one-liners that had me s h r i e k i n g
  • some pretty darn good child actors
  • they obliterated the fourth wall in season one so 
  • a random parkour bicyclist delivering papers???
  • neil patrick harris continues to prove he is a True Performer
  • the joyous experience of nostalgia—and the rare satisfaction of a fantastic book-to-film adaptation
  • nph’s kids have a cameo 
  • seriously this show is so amazing to look at
  • it is so touching and enchanting and tragic and promotes so many valuable lessons to kids and adults alike
  • go be entertained and watch this series of unfortunate events, which has fortunately been well-adapted
How to Write a Novel:  Tips For Visual Thinkers.

1.  Plotting is your friend.

This is basically a must for all writers (or at least, it makes our job significantly easier/less time consuming/less likely to make us want to rip our hair out by the roots), but visual thinkers tend to be great at plotting.  There’s something about a visible outline that can be inexplicably pleasing to us, and there are so many great ways to go about it.   Here are a few examples: 

  • The Three-Act Structure
    • This one is one of the simplest:  it’s divided into the tried-and-true three acts, or parts, a la William Shakespeare, and includes a basic synopsis of what happens in each.  It’s simple, it’s familiar, it’s easy to add to, and it get’s the job done. 
    • It starts with Act I – i.e. the set-up, or establishing the status quo – which is usually best if it’s the shortest act, as it tends to bore audiences quickly.  This leads to Act II, typically the longest, which   introduces the disruptor and shows how characters deal with it, and is sandwiched by Act III (the resolution.)  
  • The Chapter-by-Chapter
    • This is the one I use the most.  It allows you to elucidate on the goings on of your novel in greater detail than the quintessential three act synopsis generally could, fully mapping out your manuscript one chapter at a time.  The descriptions can be as simple or as elaborate as you need them to be, and can be added to or edited throughout the progression of your novel.
    • Can easily be added to/combined with the three-act structure.
  • The Character Arc(s)
    • This isn’t one that I’ve used a lot, but it can be a lot of fun, particularly for voice-driven/literary works:  instead on focusing on the events of the plot, this one centralizes predominantly around the arc of your main character/characters.  As with its plot-driven predecessors, it can be in point-by-point/chapter-by-chapter format, and is a great way to map out character development.  
  • The Tent Moments
    • By “tent moments,” I mean the moments that hold up the foundation (i.e. the plot) of the novel, in the way that poles and wires hold up a tent.  This one builds off of the most prevalent moments of the novel – the one’s you’re righting the story around – and is great for writers that want to cut straight to the action.  Write them out in bullet points, and plan the rest of the novel around them.
  • The Mind Map
    • This one’s a lot of fun, and as an artist, I should probably start to use it more.  It allows you to plot out your novel the way you would a family tree, using doodles, illustrations, and symbols to your heart’s content.  Here’s a link to how to create basic mind maps on YouTube.

2.  “Show don’t tell” is probably your strong suit.

If you’re a visual thinker, your scenes are probably at least partially originally construed as movie scenes in your head.  This can be a good thing, so long as you can harness a little of that mental cinematography and make your readers visualize the scenes the way you do.

A lot of published authors have a real big problem with giving laundry lists of character traits rather than allowing me to just see for myself.  Maybe I’m spoiled by the admittedly copious amounts of fanfiction I indulge in, where the writer blissfully assumes that I know the characters already and let’s the personalities and visuals do the talking.  Either way, the pervasive “telling” approach does get tedious.

Here’s a hypothetical example.  Let’s say you wanted to describe a big, tough, scary guy, who your main character is afraid of.  The “tell” approach might go something like this:

Tommy was walking along when he was approached by a big, tough, scary guy who looked sort of angry.

“Hey, kid,” said the guy.  “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to a friend’s house,” Tommy replied.  

I know, right?  This is Boring with a capital ‘B.’  

On the other hand, let’s check out the “show” approach:

The man lumbered towards Tommy, shaved head pink and glistening in the late afternoon sun.  His beady eyes glinted predatorily beneath the thick, angry bushes of his brows.

“Hey, kid,” the man grunted, beefy arms folded over his pot belly.  “Where are you going?” 

“I’m going to a friend’s house,” Tommy replied, hoping the man didn’t know that he was ditching school.

See how much better that is?  We don’t need to be told the man is big, tough, and scary looking because the narrative shows us, and draws the reader a lot more in the process.  

This goes for scene building, too.  For example: 

Exhibit A:

Tyrone stepped out onto his balcony.  It was a beautiful night.


Exhibit B: 

Tyrone stepped out onto his balcony, looking up at the inky abyss of the night sky, dotted with countless stars and illuminated by the buttery white glow of the full moon.

Much better.

3.  But conversely, know when to tell.

A book without any atmosphere or vivid, transformative descriptors tends to be, by and large, a dry and boring hunk of paper.  That said, know when you’re showing the reader a little too much.

Too many descriptors will make your book overflow with purple prose, and likely become a pretentious read that no one wants to bother with.

So when do you “tell” instead of “show?”  Well, for starters, when you’re transitioning from one scene to the next.

For example:

As the second hand of the clock sluggishly ticked along, the sky ever-so-slowly transitioning from cerulean, to lilac, to peachy sunset.  Finally, it became inky black, the moon rising above the horizon and stars appearing by the time Lakisha got home.

These kind of transitions should be generally pretty immemorable, so if yours look like this you may want to revise.

Day turned into evening by the time Lakisha got home. 

See?  It’s that simple.

Another example is redundant descriptions:  if you show the fudge out of a character when he/she/they are first introduced and create an impression that sticks with the reader, you probably don’t have to do it again.  

You can emphasize features that stand out about the character (i.e. Milo’s huge, owline eyes illuminated eerily in the dark) but the reader probably doesn’t need a laundry list of the character’s physical attributes every other sentence.  Just call the character by name, and for God’s sake, stay away from epithets:  the blond man.  The taller woman.  The angel.  Just, no.  If the reader is aware of the character’s name, just say it, or rework the sentence. 

All that said, it is important to instill a good mental image of your characters right off the bat.

Which brings us to my next point…

4.  Master the art of character descriptions.

Visual thinkers tend to have a difficult time with character descriptions, because most of the time, they tend to envision their characters as played their favorite actors, or as looking like characters from their favorite movies or TV shows.

That’s why you’ll occasionally see characters popping up who are described as looking like, say, Chris Evans.  

It’s a personal pet peeve of mine, because A) what if the reader has never seen Chris Evans?  Granted, they’d probably have to be living on Mars, but you get the picture:  you don’t want your readers to have to Google the celebrity you’re thirsting after in order for them to envision your character.  B) It’s just plain lazy, and C) virtually everyone will know that the reason you made this character look like Chris Evans is because you want to bang Chris Evans.  

Not that that’s bad or anything, but is that really what you want to be remembered for?

Now, I’m not saying don’t envision your characters as famous attractive people – hell, that’s one of the paramount joys of being a writer.  But so’s describing people!  Describing characters is a lot of fun, draws in the reader, and really brings your character to life.

So what’s the solution?  If you want your character to look like Chris Evans, describe Chris Evans.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Exhibit A:

The guy got out of the car to make sure Carlos was alright, and holy cow, he looked just like Dean Winchester!

No bueno.  Besides the fact that I’m channeling the writing style of 50 Shades of Grey a little here, everyone who reads this is going to process that you’re basically writing Supernatural fanfiction.  That, or they’ll have to Google who Dean Winchester is, which, again, is no good.

Exhibit B:  

The guy got out of the car to make sure Carlos was alright, his short, caramel blond hair stirring in the chilly wind and a smattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose.  His eyes were wide with concern, and as he approached, Carlos could see that they were gold-tinged, peridot green in the late afternoon sun.

Also note that I’m keeping the description a little vague here;  I’m doing this for two reasons, the first of which being that, in general, you’re not going to want to describe your characters down to the last detail.  Trust me.  It’s boring, and your readers are much more likely to become enamored with a well-written personality than they are a vacant sex doll.  Next, by keeping the description a little vague, I effectively manage to channel a Dean Winchester-esque character without literally writing about Dean Winchester.

Let’s try another example: 

Exhibit A:

Charlotte’s boyfriend looked just like Idris Elba. 

Exhibit B:  

Charlotte’s boyfriend was a stunning man, eyes pensive pools of dark brown amber and a smile so perfect that it could make you think he was deliciously prejudiced in your favor.  His skin was dark copper, textured black hair gray at the temples, and he filled out a suit like no other.

Okay, that one may have been because I just really wanted to describe Idris Elba, but you get the point:  it’s more engaging for the reader to be able to imagine your character instead of mentally inserting some sexy fictional character or actor, however beloved they may be.

So don’t skimp on the descriptions!

5.  Don’t be afraid to find inspiration in other media!

A lot of older people recommend ditching TV completely in order to improve creativity and become a better writer.  Personally, if you’ll pardon my French, I think this is bombastic horseshit.  

TV and cinema are artistic mediums the same way anything else is.  Moreover, the sheer amount of fanart and fanfiction – some of which is legitimately better than most published content – is proof to me that you can derive inspiration from these mediums as much as anything else.

The trick is to watch media that inspires you.  I’m not going to say “good media” because that, in and of itself, is subjective.  I, for example, think Supernatural is a fucking masterpiece of intertextual postmodernism and amazing characterization, whereas someone else might think it’s a hot mess of campy special effects and rambling plotlines.  Conversely, one of my best friends loves Twilight, both the movies and the books, which, I’m going to confess, I don’t get at all.  But it doesn’t matter that it isn’t good to me so long as it’s good to her.   

So watch what inspires you.  Consume any whatever movies, books, and shows you’re enthusiastic about, figure out what you love most about them, and apply that to your writing.  Chances are, readers will find your enthusiasm infectious.

As a disclaimer, this is not to say you get a free pass from reading:  I’ve never met a good writer who didn’t read voraciously.  If you’re concerned that you can’t fall in love with books the way you used to (which, sadly, is a common phenomenon) fear not:  I grappled with that problem after I started college, and I’ll be posting an article shortly on how to fall back in love reading.

So in the meanwhile, be sure to follow my blog, and stay tuned for future content!

(This one goes out to my friend, beta reader, and fellow writer @megpieeee, who is a tremendous visual thinker and whose books will make amazing movies someday.)

prongswhatthefuck2  asked:

What are some good tips for getting started with writing a book? I have a concept but i can't put it into place.

Getting Started with Your Story

There’s no one way to start writing a book. For some people, it’s enough to just jump in and start writing to see where the story takes them. If you’re not too keen on that idea, then here is one process (as in, not the only process) that might help you move beyond your concept. 

  • Concept ≠ Plot

Many writers mistake concept for plot, but they’re actually two very different things. A world where everyone grows up with superpowers is a concept; the plot is what you decide to write about within that concept - the specific characters and what happens to those characters; who your antagonist is and what conflict arises when that antagonist goes after what they want. All of these things contribute to your plot. 

So first, define what it is you actually have at this particular point. Do you just have a concept? If so, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to develop that concept into a plot. 

  • Concept >>> Plot

If you’ve decided that all you really have is a concept, then how do you take it and turn it into a plot? You brainstorm. All brainstorming really amounts to is expanding your ideas. All you’re doing is asking questions about the concept and delving deep into the answers. 

The most simplistic way to start this process, especially if you’re struggling, is to ask one of two questions (or both, if applicable). These two questions: What could go wrong? What could go right?

Going back to my example about a world where everyone grows up with superpowers. If I were to ask the question “what could go wrong,” I’d end up with a whole list of possibilities. 

  • The powers suddenly disappear
  • People start abusing their powers
  • Someone figures out how to steal powers
  • A hierarchy of strong vs. weak powers develops, creating superiority/inferiority dynamics
  • Someone is born without a superpower

There are many more possibilities I didn’t even think of here, but any one (or more) of these could become a plot. Choose one that sounds interesting, and then ask yourself “and then what?” 

Say I choose: Someone figures out how to steal powers. Then what does that person do? Do they recruit people to do the dirty work for them? Do they work alone? Do they hoard these powers and barter them for other goods? Do they attempt to enslave people? Do they attempt to take control of institutions? What do they do?

Your goal is to take your ideas and turn them into actions taken by characters. People doing things. And each piece you add will usually lead into another. If you went with the idea that this character is stealing powers and essentially selling them for other goods, you’d have to ask yourself follow-up questions. First, who are they selling to? Why would anyone buy a new superpower if they already have one? What uses would they have for additional ones? What is the key demographic that this person is trying to reach? Secondly, what are they selling them in exchange for? Money? Favors? Souls? What is this character getting in return?

Now that you’ve examined potential actions that the character takes, you’ve also exposed potential new characters. 

  • People they’re stealing from
  • People they’re bargaining with
  • People that try to police these crimes
  • People that try to copy this character’s process

At the beginning of this section, I talked about using “what could go right” as another optional jumping off point. This is a good path to follow if your concept is already really negative. For a concept where someone is killing people for some pointed reason, you might ask “what could go right” and explore ideas where the killer is caught and brought to justice. 

The point of all this is to think about change as a means of taking your idea from concept to plot. A concept is static - it doesn’t move, evolve, or change. By developing a plot, you’re forcing the concept to be challenged in some way. If you think about it that way, you’ll be able to formulate conflicts, and the people that orchestrate and fight against those conflicts. 

On that note, I think we’re ready to move onto the third piece of my graphic above. 

  • Plot = Character Actions and Consequences

At this point, you have sketches for characters. You’ve got this nameless, faceless person that is stealing the powers, and all these other nameless, faceless people that I listed above. In essence, we have character concepts. And just like we turned our initial concept into a plot, we have to turn these character concepts into actual characters. 

The basics are the easiest way to start. You figure out their name, their gender identity, their age, their appearance, some brief backstory and personality traits. I personally prefer the simplest questionnaire that I put together back in the early days because it hits on the poignant pieces of a character without overwhelming you with 100s of questions. 

Now that you’ve given your character concepts names and faces and potential behaviors, you start to consider how one character’s view of the world inspires them to take certain actions, and you then think about how those actions affect your entire story. 

We already kind of talked about the motives of the power thief in our example, but definitely delve deep here. On the surface, this character seems bad - stealing from people and then selling what they steal. But depending on what it is they’re getting in return, could we not argue that this character is a supernatural Robin Hood? Maybe instead of selling, they’re giving, and maybe the characters they’re stealing powers from are people that abuse and misuse their powers. Character motives can take a plot and turn it on its head, forcing you to reconceptualize everything. And that’s okay! That’s part of the process.

But separate from that idea, if we have a character concept of someone whose powers were stolen, and after developing their basic backstory, we discover that person’s name is Rose, and she has an especially close relationship with her brother. So when her powers are stolen, how does this affect her life? Was she using her powers to keep her brother alive and protected? What she using them to keep a roof over their heads? Was she using them as part of her job, as a means of providing? What happens to her life when her powers are stolen? And what will Rose do about it? Whatever Rose does will impact the story. If she does nothing to get her powers back, how does she solve her problems and does that make for a good story? If she does decide to act, then you’ve moved onto a new plot point to dive deeper into.

My point is, character concepts come from plots, but characters themselves often create plot, as their decisions and mistakes and successes create new outcomes. So if I could modify my original flow chart:

Before you develop something, you conceptualize it. You have a concept, then you make it a plot. You have concepts for characters, then you make them characters. And those characters end up driving your plot, to the point that this happens:

Plot inspires character. Character inspires plot. And it just keeps going around and around and around. Breaking it down into these pieces helps organize the process, but developing a story is rarely this neat and tidy. You’ll get ideas that don’t make sense, ideas that aren’t cohesive, characters you don’t need, characters that piss you off, problems you can’t solve, or plot points you’ve committed to that you no longer like…it will be messy. But it’s your mess, and the more you work on developing your own process, the more it’ll make sense to you. And it’ll become easier to know how to go about fixing it when something’s not right. 

Have fun with this process! It’s supposed to be fun. When the pieces start to become clearer, you’re able to put them together in a rough outline. And once you have a rough outline, you can start writing, and really see it take shape. 


Sarah’s BTS Fic Recs

Ya’ll knew it was comin

Alot of these have smut to some degree so just beware literally all of them have smut bye

Destruction Of a Muse - Yoongi x Reader @baeseoul

Can I just say. That this is my favorite fic. I think I’m gonna read it over again because it’s so damn good. It is honestly an insanely original plot, and the way the writer depicts Yoongi and his attitude in this fic really impressed me.

Manspreading - Taehyung x Reader @wildernessuntothemselves

THIS ONE WAS SO GOOD. It has lots of smut so beware, but you all need to read it. Oh my gosh. I was so sad to let this one go, because it messed me up so bad and I was like nooooooooooo please don’t endddddddd

Imperfect Pair - Jungkook x Reader @itsrainingmin

This one FUCKED. ME. UP. No joke. I love love love this one and honestly was so attached to it, I felt so empty when I finished it. @vivacioustae (now @itsrainingmin) is an incredibly good author.

Protégé - Jungkook x Reader @baeseoul

Here’s some more @baeseoul for you because WOW they are an amazing writer, and I am a sucker for good au’s. I can’t wait to read the next part!!

Kalopsia - Jungkook x Reader @jungkxook

Oneshot that ripped my heart out of my chest, that’s all I’m gonna say

Hiraeth - Jungkook x Reader @jungkxook

I finished this all in one day while I was supposed to be doing schoolwork, but hahahah no this fic is amazing tbh and its ongoing soooo what’s not to love

About a Girl - Namjoon x Reader @rudeboywonho

This one is soooooooooo cute, its a dad/ceo! Namjoon au and I was dying reading it, oml. I feel like the writer depicts Namjoon’s character in this really well. You think the fic is all fluff and then BAM smut

All Too Well - Yoongi x Reader @workofteaguk

I love this one!! So much angst and it’s very well written! It’s different than other makeup artist!reader au’s because it gives a lot of backstory and I think that really enhances the story.

Business - Taekook x Reader @btssmutgalore

This is a two part series (not sure if it’s continuing or not), VERY smutty but SO well written and Taekook is my favorite so read it

Transference - Hoseok x Reader @jeonjagiya

WELL SHIT THIS ONE HAS ME MESSED UP. I usually tend to avoid Hoseok fanfics because some of them are just………………..bad or are poorly written and truthfully there aren’t a lot of them BUT HERE WE ARE THIS ONE IS AMAZING I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE IT @jeonjagiya you’ve done Hoseok justice

Aquiver - Yoongi x Reader @floralseokjin

Jordan is the first person I ever followed!! I was enamored by her writing and have read pretty much everything, but Aquiver is just so incredibly creative and unique??? Like how did you come up with this *claps*

Buzz - Yoongi x Reader @floralseokjin

Once again, another amazing lil series by Jordan!! I just don’t understand. HOW ARE YOU SO CREATIVE (and she’s also a great smut writer be aware that smut is all this series is and I love it)

The Boyfriend Shirt™ - Jungkook x Reader @triptaech

This just killed me, like I’m not even kidding

Home for the Holidays - Taehyung x Reader @triptaech

If I could ask this author anything, it’d be to beg if this could please be made into a series because I’d read the fuck out of it bye

Shower Time Sadness - Namjoon x Reader @triptaech

HOLLLY as a Namjoon stan, this really did it in for me fluff wise and honestly, this writer is insanely talented. I can’t write oneshots well because I’m too wordy, but @triptaech does it so amazingly I can’t even fathom w o w

Damn the Delivery Boy - Jungkook x Reader @deerguk

im crying and squealing oh my god im a mess thanks to this one

I will be adding more as they come along!! 

The Original Plot of Epic Mickey 2

I found out today that the person who posted the original story line of Epic Mickey 2, before it was rewritten because of time constraints, deleted their blog without a warning. Though I don’t know them personally, I hope they are ok and things are going well for them.

That being said, I decided to repost the orginal over here since the post is no longer available. I do not take any credit for finding this. all that credit should go to McBasilRocks, who unfortunately I can not link due to being deactivated. I had to seriously dig to recover this, and I decided to repost it here before something happened and it was lost completely.

When I say that this was the original plot, I mean that it was the VERY original plot. And this wasn’t fan made either- as explained in the post, this was found while digging through the Wikipedia page for Epic Mickey, and was taken down by DISNEY for leaking prior to the game’s release.

Anyways; here’s the post, word-for-word, about the very very original plot of Epic Mickey 2:

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  • Klance moments???? Like???? hhhhhAHH
    • “Hey man” 
    • Lance supporting leader Keith :^) 
    • that moment in episode 3 when everyone’s lions got technical problems and they were separated. And how Lance and Keith found each other and had this good, soft talk about Keith’s leadership and the situation… 
    • when Lance came into Keith’s room to talk about his role on the team, and it was so soft, and i cried, and they supported each other,, and then they smiled at each other and like, oh man…. 
    • Lance’s “I got you, buddy!” to Keith when they were fighting Auxia (that blue general) 
    • they just.. supported each other, it was so good
    • they’re becoming friends and I’m emotional
    • there were no fat jokes, I think?? I don’t remember any 
    • he was so smart???? ?? HE WAS PRETTY MUCH EVEN SMARTER THAN HE WAS IN SEASON 1, AND JUST.. i’m tearing up, I’m so proud 
    • although I must admit, he cannot catch a dARN break
    • we saw long-haired Shiro
    • he has this fresh new look™ 
    • also he’s proud of Keith
    • there’s something weird about him tho 👀👀👀 some suspitious stuff, i’d say 👀 like….. is this our Shiro?
    • but nah, shhhhh, he’s safe and good, let me be happy for now
    • (this is not our Shiro, fuck)
  • THE GALRA GENERALS hoLY SHIT i’m in love
    • I’m not even sure which one’s my fave…… they’re all so good
    • EZOR’S SO CUTE and just, damn
  • ok so Lotor’s actually pretty interesting?? like damn, what’s he plannin
    • also he’s pretty observant?? like, he noticed that paladins had some problems with piloting Lions etc. etc. darn
    • Listen, the whole flashback episode was so good?? fuckin darn it 
    • I 👏 LOVE 👏 THE 👏 ORIGINAL 👏 PALADINS 👏 (Blue is so similar to Lance i’m vnjvbhfd)
    • Zarkon seemed like actually a good guy! (that is.. until ya know) 
    • listen I…… so many fucking good stuff happened, I can’t even comprehend it 
    • Zarkon got scared of a cat nvjvhbvdjn
    • BABY  A L L U R A 
    • Haggar…….. like.. holy shit
  • They fucking went to alternate reality (man, that episode was fucked up but like, good?? oh my god) 
    • Alteans and the plot twist boiii
    • Empress Allura 
  • SVEN and SLAV vnjvvfhbjnvk 
    • Sven’s fucking accent
    • I did not see that whole thing coming but I’m pleased 
  • Lance is a blessing, wow???
    • he was so nice to Allura when she couldn’t pilot the Blue Lion yet
    • he supported leader Keith 
    • how he just always puts the team in the first place, oh wow
  • Just?? Allura’s bayard?????? is a whip?? and she’s so good with it
  • I LITERALLY JUST… LOVED THIS SEASON. IT WAS GOOD, AND GREAT, AND AHHH (will gotta rewatch it and do some cool calculation to rate it buuut yah)

okay…so we’ve got a huge bundle of theories going around about viren, pip, the original dark mage, king harrow, and the switching spell. but each one raises its own plot-related question that seems to disprove it…unless we combine elements of each theory to cover each problem that keeps occurring.

i think i’ve found the solution.

we have the “king harrow is in pip’s body, and pip was swapped into king harrow’s by the snake and viren’s magic” theory. good at base, but still faces the question of whether this was actually viren’s original plan? what sacrifice does he actually make here that he implied he was going to? why does he so suddenly become an asshole (besides harrow’s savage roast on him)? this theory doesn’t quite fully explain it.

then we have the “viren is actually the original dark mage” theory. he’s sustaining himself on magical life like glowing butterflies to maintain a normal appearance, and has been doing so for the last thousand years or so. he has always kept close to royalty in order to have influence in the game of war he began. but…if viren is actually the original dark mage, then why protect harrow at first, and try to save him? why foster such a close relationship in his bid for the throne? if he wanted power he could have had it even before what we’re seeing now; why not assassinate harrow himself much earlier? it seems odd that the original, evil dark mage is viren from the very beginning of the story we’ve seen so far, with all this information in mind. but the original dark mage undeniably has something to do with this.

and then, recently, the “the original dark mage has been trapped in pip’s body all this time” theory surfaced. this entails that viren used dark magic to swap pip’s soul with either his, or harrow’s. if viren himself swapped with the original dark mage inside pip, this means viren is stuck in pip now, or was later transferred by the dark mage into harrow’s body to die. this circumstance would likely occur by accident - the basket gets tipped over, the snake bites viren, who is closest to it, and then goes for harrow, and pip - the original dark mage - intercepts. then, the original dark mage either decides to or not to use his new body to swap harrow and viren between pip and harrow’s body depending on who he wants dead most of the two. or, we have a different kind of swap - lord viren opens the basket which bites harrow and pip, swapping the two, and now the original dark mage is in harrow’s body, and uses his dark magic to possess viren and put viren into harrow’s body for him to die; it wouldn’t be beyond his skill level to do it without the snake. harrow ends up trapped in pip, with the original dark mage possessing viren. both these scenarios end up with the original dark mage possessing viren’s body, which explains his sudden assholery. but this raises the questions of whether viren did end up sacrificing himself for harrow, and whose soul is now in pip’s body.

this leads to the final theory, one that covers all of the questions asked. the original dark mage was inside pip’s body, and by some way or another using the switching spell, ended up possessing viren’s body. he has latched onto king harrow as pip, a la peter pettigrew style; biding his time, waiting to strike in order to gain the power he has lost in however he ended up in the body of a bird. now he is in the body of an affluent dark mage – likely one of his descendants – and is able to gain power to the throne with harrow and viren’s essential deaths. he needs viren to die, so he puts him in harrow’s body; viren could only prove an obstacle, since he is a witness to what occurred, and has the potential to use dark magic to transform back and reveal the whole situation to everyone. thus that leaves king harrow in pip’s body, which explains the later spiteful remark about having “no song” for the coronation ceremony. the original dark mage, now inside viren’s body, is spiting harrow for all these years he has waited as a faithful singing pet, and is now stepping up in the body of harrow’s best and most loyal friend to take over the kingdom. 

therefore, viren did end up sacrificing himself for king harrow, and is now dead inside harrow’s burnt body. his friendship and desire to protect harrow were genuine. thus, king harrow’s soul is in pip’s body, trapped without a way to communicate what has happened. and the original dark mage, who has completely, inexplicably transformed and changed viren’s characterisation, is now in a position of high power, feeding off of magical creatures to maintain a normal appearance. for it is not lord viren’s dark magic that makes his body look the way it does, but eons of dark, festering magic now residing in his possessed body. and how hard would it be for him to imitate and use the body of one of his descendants, anyway? 

but it would seem his children have already started to realise his strange behaviour…

The Author Speaks:  All My Original Writing Content

For your convenience, a masterpost of all (or most) of my original posts so far.  It will obviously be updated as I create and add more!

Enjoy, and thank you for reading!  <3

The Basics:  Plotting, Descriptions, and More

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How to Write Good Dialogue

How to Avoid Purple Prose

Tips for Visual Thinkers

5 Ways to Name Your Novel


Angelic Cheat Sheet


How to Write a Kiss Scene

How to Write a (Healthy) Romance


How to Get to Know Your Characters

Male Protagonists to Avoid in Your Writing

Female Protagonists to Avoid in Your Writing

How to Write Strong Female Characters 

The Straight Person’s Guide to Portraying Queer People

The Traits of a Likable Hero

The Secret to a Relatable Villain

How to Write (or Avoid) Abusive Parents

Reference Masterposts

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Depicting Deaf, Blind, or Mute Characters

Depicting Jewish Characters

Depicting Black Characters

Dear Jeremy Jordan fans,

You’ve seen Newsies. You’ve heard Bonnie and Clyde. You’ve scoured the internet for his disney medleys, his vine compilations, Smash and Flash and Supergirl. But there’s one thing, one wonderful thing, you have not yet seen.

Allow me to present the 2015 Death Note Musical Concept Album.

Ohhh my god folks, you have to hear him on here. Jeremy Jordan as a justice-obsessed, ruthless, genius serial killer is not something you can pass up. 

For those of you who haven’t encountered it before, this is a musical adaptation of Death Note, a manga-turned-anime-turned-musical-now-I-guess. Death Note is the story of a boy genius named Light (played on the album by Jeremy Jordan) who acquires a notebook that can cause the death of anyone whose name is written in it. Most of the series (and the entirety of the musical) focuses on the cat-and-mouse game between Light and the famous detective L as they search for each other’s identities, L to bring a mass murderer to justice and Light to bring down the obstacle to purging the world of all criminals.

The album has its ups and downs, and the plot may be tough to follow just from the soundtrack, especially for the DN-uninitiated. (I suffered through the stage recording of the Japanese production, so I knew what was up, but y’all might have it rough, especially since they changed plot elements even from the original DN.) But holy crap, I can’t believe that Jeremy Jordan stans aren’t all over this shit. There’s kind of a lot of Really Good voice moments for him on this album, and just a significant amount of him singing period. It also features Laura Osnes, who played Bonnie in Bonnie and Clyde, for a whole song. So that’s a bonus. 

His Wikipedia article makes no mention of this album. If I have time soon, I will rectify this fact. The world needs know know of this treasure.

TL;DR: If you like Jeremy Jordan at all, listen to the Death Note Musical


Avatar AU doodles because it’s been a good while since i’ve posted Sheith doodles and I truly am sorry about that.

As for actual plot, its still being developed, but so far, all I have gathered is that Shiro and Keith met when they were young in the Earth Kingdom and Shiro took Keith under his wing. They lived on the streets, taking care of eachother and other orphan kids. Like a street gang, hah.

Yeah, I know. Very original *snorts*

Ok so, Keith is a firebender but he doesn’t use it much, prefering to fight hand-to-hand and using all sorts of blades (swords, knives, etc.). He does not use his fire bending skills because fire benders are not very popular (as in everyone hates them *coughs), but if he has to, he will use them.

Shiro is not a bender but boi does not need to do any bending to be badass. He taught many street fighting techniques to Keith and the other children, and since he got that “special glove” he’s pretty much unstoppable. And look! He has long hair! *le gasp*

Anyhoo, hope you guys enjoy~!



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A Brief Guide to Early Literary Dracula AUs

One of the coolest things about being a Dracula fan in the 2010s is all the recent publication of materials shedding light on all of the really bonkers alternate Draculas that either nearly became Dracula itself or spun off from the original 1897 text. So yeah… here’s a rundown of the three weird psuedo-canonical AUs that this fin de siecle vampire novel just sort of… comes with.

Stoker’s Notes/Typescript/“Dracula’s Guest”

Bram’s notes for Dracula indicate that he worked on the novel for at least seven years, that it went through many substantial changes in its plot and cast, and that he had a lot of completely metal ideas that either fate, his editors, or his slender grip on good taste did not permit to appear in the final novel. Some of these things appear in fragmentary form in the typescript for Dracula. Some of them got recycled into a short story later published as “Dracula’s Guest.” Some of them only appear scrawled in Stoker’s atrocious handwriting on the various papers collected at the Rosenbach in Philadelphia.


  • Things initially were going to take place in Styria and the villain’s name was going to be Count Wampyr.
  • Arthur doesn’t exist and Jack/Lucy is canon.
  • Jonathan Harker has a “shrewd, skeptical sister.”
  • There’s a third heroine named Kate Reed (or Kate Lee) who is school chums with Lucy and Mina and apparently helps to spread the flow of gossip about Lucy and her curly-hair beau going to St. James concerts.
  • There’s a painter named Francis who probably discovers that the Count (in addition to having no reflection and showing up as a skeleton in photographs) cannot even be painted.
  • Other unused characters include a philosophic historian, a paranormal investigator, and a pair of deaf/mute servants in the Count’s employ.
  • The Count has a secret chamber where everything is blood red, and it’s apparently really scary.
  • Quincey might be a professional inventor named Brutus Marix. He also might go to Transylvania in the middle of the book. Also, he just might SAVE THE DAY DURING THE FINAL BATTLE BY OPENING FIRE WITH AN EARLY FORERUNNER TO THE MACHINE GUN.
  • There appear to have been werewolves planned.
  • Jack has a spooky party at his house where everyone has to tell a ghost story like they’re living it up at the Villa Diodati. Dracula shows up and is the thirteenth guest at this super goth affair and presumably tells the spookiest story of all.
  • Jonathan spends three chapters/100 pages doing all sorts of crazy stuff that happens before what we now think of a Chapter 1 of Dracula. These shenanigans include encountering the Count pretending to be dead in a Munich leichenhaus, going to see a performance of The Flying Dutchman, and doing all that incredibly spooky stuff in “Dracula’s Guest” where he has adventures with wolf friends on Walpurgisnacht.
  • Castle Dracula sinks into the earth in a VOLCANIC EXPLOSION after Dracula dies.
  • There is also mention of Dracula FLYING out of his coffin into the air during the final confrontation and the Brides getting taken out by chance BOLTS OF LIGHTNING. 
  • Seriously. We have legitimate evidence that were we but in the true and righteous timeline, Dracula would have ended with lightning bolts and machine guns going off in an aerial vampire battle before a volcano explodes.

Makt Myrkranna (AKA Powers of Darkness AKA Icelandic Bootleg Porno Dracula)

So a few years after Dracula was published, it appears that somebody in Sweden ripped it off, made it much much more Hammer Horror, and published it as their own thing called Mörkrets Makter (Powers of Darkness). Then, after that, Valdimar Ásmundsson in Iceland ripped that off and republished it as his own thing called Makt Myrkranna (…also Powers of Darkness). This latter work just got translated into English in 2017, and there’s been intense speculation as to whether or not whomever originally wrote this thing had anything to do with Bram Stoker and his early drafts for the novel, given that it is headed by a preface that is controversially claimed to have been written by Bram, himself. 


  • The first four chapters of the book (the ones everyone tends to really like) are now massively massively expanded, and Jonathan Harker (now named Thomas) gets to spend much more time exploring the castle, trying to escape, having the Count tell him creepy sexual anecdotes, and watching busty women get murdered.
  • The three women in the castle have been condensed into one woman, who seems to be the Count’s vampiric, incesty bride/cousin/whatever and whose death involved her being locked in a bedroom with her lover until he went mad and threw himself out a window.
  • Instead of finding a secret room of boxes with dirt in them, Jonathan Thomas finds a secret ritual orgymurder room where primordial ape men engage in forbidden revels while the Count bites hypnotized virgins to death.
  • Everything that is not in the massively expanded castle section is barely sketched out summaries of lots and lots of wacky things happening with no real explanation (apparently these portions were treated with more detail in at least one version of Mörkrets Makter, but that’s not available in English yet).
  • Lucy (now Lucia) becomes a vampire, but she is never staked, and her plot is never really resolved. Arthur, convinced she is alive after people watch her get back up from being dead, orders that people leave out some blankets and snacks for her (very considerate), and then that thread just sort of ends.
  • Renfield doesn’t exist. Jack sort of makes up for this gap in the novel’s tragically dead madmen quota by going mad and dying himself.
  • Said going mad and dying is facilitated by him attending one two many freaky mesmerism parties at Carfax with the Count’s posse of debauched, anarchist, international conspirator, orgymurder cultist noblemen. 
  • Then like… a mysterious violinist shows up at his asylum and the next thing you know, the Count & Co. have taken over the joint, Quincey has to pretend to go crazy to infiltrate, and the entire place burns down. 
  • There is actually some sort of police investigation into all of the many many many illegal things going on. After Van Helsing knifes Dracula to death, Quincey takes the fall for him, but the investigators don’t end up taking him to trial.

Kazıklı Voyvoda (AKA Impaling Voivode AKA Dracula in Istanbul AKA Turkish Nationalist Propaganda Bootleg Dracula)

Taking a cue from Ásmundsson and whomever the Mörkrets Makter guy is (or not…), Turkish author Ali Rıza Seyfi wrote his own pirated version of Dracula and published it as his own work in 1928. Unlike the Makt Mykrannaverse, the world of Kazıklı Voyvoda is fairly faithful to the original text… save that the action is transposed from London to Istanbul, the events of the story now postdates the Turkish War of Independence, and the entire cast (Dracula excepted) is now very Turkish and very fond of waxing eloquent about their immense national pride in being very Turkish.


  • Dracula is explicitly identified as being Vlad III, and he is a marauding terrible foreign menace from the exotic West, persecuting the good Eastern folk of Istanbul just as he historically persecuted and impaled their ancestors before them. Anyone who has ever read and enjoyed any academic essay on Dracula and the colonial gaze may begin to salivate uncontrollably.
  • Forty-seven years before Salem’s Lot, Seyfi establishes that pretty much any religious symbol works on a vampire if you believe in it, and everyone throughout the text waves around charms made out of suras of the Koran and such to great effect.
  • Azmi (Jonathan) gets the tiniest scraps of expanded backstory in which we learn about his childhood predisposition towards fainting and the existence of his pious mother who took him to saints’ shrines in the hopes he might faint less.
  • Güzin (Mina) is no longer one of Dracula’s victims (unlike in the 1953 film adaptation of this book). She is, however, still an incredibly hardcore researcher nerd who makes sure to tell her fiance all sorts of cool Vlad III history facts.
  • Turan (Arthur), Afif (Jack), and Özdemir (Quincey) all served together during the war and became bros that way instead of just being three guys who went on crazy globetrotting adventures together before all independently deciding to propose to the same girl. 
  • Resuhȋ (Van Helsing) makes sure to drop a line reminding everyone of that time they all did blood tests and found out their blood types are compatible… you know… just in case anybody in this post-blood-typing era might be doing a bunch of blood transfusions and worrying about fatal hemolytic reactions.

okay I think chuck may honestly be my favorite show ever and it’s a shame that not more people know about it because it’s got the best combination of comedy and actual continuing plot and it’s such an original idea and the music is so good and the actors are amazing and chuck and sarah may be one of the purest couples on tv and why are people not watching this show more

pretty odd

genre: the fluffiest of fluff

warnings: death mention, but d&p don’t die, dw.

words: 12k what

summary: Dan Howell, piano teacher and speedster, craves chocolate cakes at three in the morning. He meets a baker named Phil who owns the only store opened at three in the morning and who bakes the most delicious chocolate cake in the world. It’s a pretty odd love story.

a/n: this motherfucker. This fucking fic, man. It went through seven different phases I’m not even kidding. This is the Chosen One™. I had such a blast writing this. I loved working on it, and I hope you love it, too. Thank you for 1k, and I hope this shows my gratitude <33

also, quick facts: John Chambers is an actual fictional character! he’s a speedster who obtained his powers via the speedster formula. The more you know.

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I like when you’re reading a modern AU, and the situation is so removed from canon that the main couple’s characterization can’t help to be a little different as well, and the plot keeps growing those characters in new directions until finally like 2/3 of the way through, you dimly realize that you’re not really reading anything that technically rly resembles your fave couple in-canon, but you’re instead reading like… a very very good original romance novel that you could have bought on amazon, but specifically featuring all the character dynamics and tropes and guidelines and similar tastes to yours that you could have asked for because it’s stems so beautifully from what you love about your OTP.

xxcuriouserandcuriouserxx  asked:

Hey do you have any tips for someone starting out as a fan fiction writer?

I don’t know if those will be relevant or helpful at all, but here we go:

  • Write for yourself.

This will always be my number one advice.

When you write, you put a piece of yourself out there. And yourself cannot please everyone. There’s a reason why I say I write because I can’t afford a therapist and it’s right there. You write for yourself first and foremost, because you enjoy it, because it allows you to escape, or to express something. Writing is incredibly personal, so don’t let others influence you too much.

Don’t write for the hits, the kudos or the comments. Write for yourself.

  • Learn how to write a summary.

Ok. That’s highly hypocritical of me because writing a summary is my ultimate weakness. I’m terrible at them. What I usually do is pick out a few sentences that are enough to pique the reader’s interest without revealing too much of the intrigue.

Don’t write “I’m terrible at summaries, the story is better” or something like that. Don’t ask for kudos and comments in your summary. It puts people off.

  • Check, double-check and triple-check.

There is no best way to make me click on the back button than a story full of grammatical mistakes. English is a rich enough language that you can try to play with it and bound the rules a little, but knowing the difference between “you’re” and “your” is a must, even for the most unconventional writers.

Same for the tense: it’s either past tense or present tense, not both.

Dialogue must be clear. Two rules: your reader needs to know who said what to whom and only one speaker by paragraph.

If you’re not sure about something, don’t be afraid to ask and if you can’t ask, Google is your friend. And use a spell checker.

If you can get yourself a beta, it’s even better!

Your writing will never be 100% mistake-proof but there are some mistakes more easily forgivable than others.

  • Respect the original characters.

In fanfiction, you are working with characters who already exist beyond yourself. They already have existent traits that make them who they are and that are a big part of why people love them so much. Of course, you can play with them, you can add a few of your own, but try to stay true to the original character.

People read fanfiction because of the original work, rarely because they stumbled onto it hazardously. They are here for the characters. They will stick around if you write them respectfully.

And please, do not change canon queer characters’ sexuality. 

  • Tag properly.

If there’s a major character death, tag Major Character Death. If there’s anything whatsoever that could trigger someone, fucking tag it.

Otherwise, you are very free in your choice of tags (my tags are all over the place, let’s be real) but try to at least use some that would catch a potential reader’s attention.

Don’t spoil your story in the tags, though.

  • Have a plot.

Have at least a few scenes and the main intrigue outlined before you start writing.

It’s always better to begin with the end in mind. It makes for a more compelling and coherent plot.

  • Choose a point of view and stick to it.

There is nothing more confusing than a scene written with two, or more, different points of view.

If you choose to go with one character’s POV, stick to it until the end of the scene and don’t switch randomly unless your new point of view brings something to the plot, a new perspective or an insight into a character’s mindset. Even then, do not change back. Finish the scene with that character, not the first one.

  • Do your research.

For the love of Magnus Babe, if you’re writing about a sensitive subject or something you know nothing about, if you’re writing smut (especially gay sex) for the first time, if your character gets badly injured and you’re not a damn doctor yourself, even if you’re writing about a country you’ve never been to: do your research.

  • If writer’s block hits, take a break.

It will happen. It’s frustrating and we all hate it, but it will happen.

Don’t try to force yourself to write then. Take a break. Go for a walk. Listen to some music. Re-read something else you’ve written or something by someone else that you really loved. Write something random, about your day, about something entirely different from the story you’re working on. Eat something you love. Just keep your mind off of it for a while.

If inspiration doesn’t come back, skip that paragraph and go back to it later.

  • Interact with your readers.

Reply to comments, DMs, asks on tumblr, etc. Whether you have 2, 20, 200 or 17000, acknowledge your readers. They’re the reason why we do what we do, and we owe them a lot.

  • Try to update regularly.

This is a complicated one, and I’m the first one to forget about that rule.

The chance that I have is that I now have an audience that follows me from story to story and that is willing to bare with my fucked-up updating schedule. 

You won’t have that chance when you’re just starting, so a good way to secure an audience and keep them interested in your story is to update regularly. It’s hard, but if you’ve got a few chapters written in advance before you start posting, it’s manageable.

  • Just start writing

Don’t overthink it.

Don’t try to come up with the most complicated plot. Just write what you want to write. If you’re willing to write it, there’s a high chance someone will be willing to read it.

What people find compelling and interesting doesn’t necessarily mean new and 100% original. We all love some good old prompts even though we’ve read different versions of it a hundred times before.

Just write whatever you want to write, and see where it goes from there.

Writing is hard. It takes practice and patience. There is something incredibly rewarding about writing fanfiction, though. The interaction with your readers is immediate and receiving a positive comment makes all the hard work worth it.

So, practice. Have patience. Hold on in there, and most importantly: have fun!

I hope this was helpful :).