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i've always felt that some of the hate for abbie was rooted in misogny! disregarding the cake thing which was stupid, this fandom is so critical of her for.. having emotions? getting angry? it leaves a bad taste in my mouth

I mean, very possibly. And let’s not forget that she’s the only black girl in the main gang (if your MC isn’t black) and the fandom’s threshold for criticism of black women is a lot lower than other characters. 

Also, anyone who wasted all of their college years on Tyler would be angry too. 

Pearl has met other Pearls.

this heightens the theory that blue pearl and yellow pearl knew about, and possibly played a role in, the rebellion.

pearl MET blue and yellow pearl. they talked while pearl was at the height of her “learning to break the rules” phase. if they failed to convince the diamonds, what’s the next best thing? the gems closest to them.

and given the pearl’s reactions in The Trial to “and where was her Pearl?”

that’s panic. that’s “shit, does she know?!”

and then blue pearl’s reaction in the answer, to the fact that the rebellion would end:

interested. saddened, as much as she could be without showing it.

“Not all Pearls know each other, Steven.” — Pearl, Message Recieved

true. but i think you knew more than you’d like to admit, pearl.

Hey y'all remember Garnet’s room?

And how there was a literal heart . ‘the crystal heart’

“Before garnet, rose was only fighting for Earth, but Garnet changed everything. Rose wanted to fight for her, she wanted too fight for gems”

The Heart of the crystal gems

  • IM1 Tony Stark: I want to be a Superhero(tm) and Save the World!
  • Infinity War Tony Stark: dear god why won't the world stOP needing to be sAVed please i don't want this anymore... ple,,ase i just want to go hOMe, i want to get married, i want to be a dad, i just want a little baby to take care of...

((right to left (<-)))

She has the power to break him and eventually she will, it’s just a matter of time  xD

Autistic Adults are Largely Forgotten

Sensory rooms, for example. Google it, you get only things about kids, soft play, sensory play. There are no places where an adult can go! Why not create sensory rooms that can be enjoyed by adults, too?

Unless you are a child, or are deemed “low functioning ” as an adult, you get nothing. No help. Since my diagnosis, only I’ve really helped myself, by learning about myself and spending energy looking for services.

I don’t get disability payments, I don’t get therapy, I don’t have access to support near where I live and I sure don’t get treated with as much flexibility as a child does.

I even WORK. Oh, us disabled folk, we’re such huge burdens though, right?? You know why people don’t see me as disabled? Because I don’t inconvenience them. They don’t have to cope with my issues. My disability doesn’t affect me stongly, in their eyes, because it doesn’t affect them

On Monday I will be going in to work, putting in tons of energy to function, whilst colleagues congratulate themselves on how inclusive they are.