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Burn Pt.2 (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 1,711

Warnings: Swearing

Authors Note: YAY! I finally got to writing this! This is mostly fluff, but there is going to be a part 3 because if you think I’m going to end this series without a bit (ALOT) of angst, you don’t know me at all. BE SURE TO GIVE ME FEEDBACK AND REQUESTS FOR PART 3 IF YOURE INTERESTED! LOVE YALL. 

Requested: But I’m too lazy to find the requests… so no.

Part 1


You didn’t have to wait long for a response. You sat in your cubicle at work when your phone started to ring, when you pulled it out to see an unknown number you smirked before you answered it.

“Hello?” You said innocently.

“Hi, um. I didn’t know if you wanted me to call or um- to text you. And is this too soon? I feel like it’s too soon, but I- I uh- I couldn’t wait.” He jumbled out from the other side of the phone.

You let out a soft laugh

“Actually, I’m pleasantly surprised.” You say genuinely.

You could hear him sigh in relief.

You turned up west side story in the background, just enough so he could hear it through the phone. You leaned in to the speakers of your laptop.

“So.. uh, wait is that west side story?” He exclaimed.

Score, you knew read that about him somewhere.

“Yeah! It is.” You respond, scared as to if he would ask you more about the musical. (Hey, you cared about the interview but you didn’t care that much to research a whole musical.)

You smiled just at the thought of him getting excited about it.

“So, Lin, how are you?” You ask pulling out a notepad to write down as much as you could.

“I’ve been good, busy actually. But like that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t make time out for you if you wanted to grab a bite with me.” He chanced.

A one on one interview with Lin? What more could you want?

“Really? You’d do that for me?” You asked, giddy.

“I’d do anything for a chance with you.” He said smoothly.

Damn, he was smooth when he wasn’t flustered.

“Alright, time and place.” You asked as you began to play with the pen in your hand.

“Is tonight ok? I know dinner isn’t ideal, but I know this great restaurant.. and I”

“Dinner sounds great. Pick me up at 6:30. I’ll text you my address.” You said promptly before he embarrassed himself once more.

“Uh ok.” He said hesitantly, unsure what to call this meeting of yours.

“It’s a date.”

“It’s a date?!” He exclaimed questioning if he’d heard you right. The happiness was audible in his voice.

You giggled before you responded.

“Can’t wait to see you babe.” You said into your phone before hanging up.

You rushed home that evening, mostly to brainstorm how you were going to record all the information he was going to give you without looking suspicious. You didn’t want to hurt him. You really didn’t, but your job meant to much to you to risk and you were willing to break a few hearts doing so. You decided on a recording device to put in your purse and a small notebook that you titled ‘Lin’s Interview’ for when you needed to write down key things. You glanced at the clock only to have a heart attack realizing it was 6:15. Scrambling to get ready, you slipped on a black dress and some heels, throwing your hair up and quickly packing your bag before someone knocked at your door.

“Coming!” you yelled. You mentally gave yourself a reminder to start the recording device once in the restaurant before opening the door.

Your breath was knocked out of you.

He stood at your door in a button down and a pair of nice dress pants, his hair pulled back.


He was hot.

“Whoah.” he said looking at you up and down. “You look beautiful.”

He offered you his hand like a gentleman and you took it as he led you out of your apartment. You suddenly wished you would have spent more time on your outfit and makeup tonight. You began to smooth out your hair, why did you even care? It wasn’t like you actually were going on a date. This was strictly for work you reminded yourself.

“I didn’t think you’d be able to look more beautiful from this morning but boy was I wrong.” he complimented you on the elevator.

You hooked your arm around his and leaned up to press a kiss onto his cheek to see a blush spread his face.

“Quite the charmer aren’t you?” you say, “Do you do this with all the girls who run into you?”

“Nope. Only to the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, God knows when I’ll ever see you again.”

It was your turn to blush and you buried your head into his side.

“You really do flatter me Lin.”

You arrived at the restaurant to be seated in the back corner booth. Lin’s arm never left your waist as he walked with you behind the server. You slipped into the booth across from him and leaned on the table, before you could start the conversation, Lin beat you to it.

“You seem awfully comfortable going out to dinner with a complete stranger, not that I’m complaining, but do you do this often?”

You pretended to act offended, “Are you calling me easy Lin?”

“I-what! No, of course not. Shit. I should’ve just kept my mouth shut and admired your face.” he stuttered.

You laughed, “Truthfully I don’t do this often, but I’m young and life is too short to miss out on a date with an incredibly attractive man who seems to be interested in you.” you said naturally. None of it was forced.

“HA.” he chuckled shaking his head, “I’m sure you’ve been approached by much more attractive men than I.”

“Nope, your the hottest in NYC.”

“I must be dreaming.” he said rubbing his eyes.

“Why Lin? Do you see me in your dreams”

Lin’s eyes went wide and he kept his mouth shut.

“It’s only our first date Y/N, I don’t want to scare you off already.” he said finally with a smirk.
The dinner went too quickly, of course. You weren’t expecting to have such a good time. It had been such a long time when you felt at ease at a first date, he made you feel so special.

The waiter came with the check and before he could pull out his wallet, you pulled out your credit card from your bra (For easy access. Don’t judge me). You saw Lin’s eyes follow your hand to your chest and his eyes went dark and face slightly flushed before he snapped his head back up. You put the credit card on the bill and tried to call over the waiter before he argued.

“NO! What do you think you’re doing?” he said taking your credit card once he processed the situation and shoving his credit card onto the bill.

“Lin I owe you, remember? I’m the one who ran into you today.” you said giddy from the date.

“No, you made up it up to me by deciding to go out with me. I can die a happy man now that I got even 15 minutes with you.” he said holding the bill to his chest so you couldn’t grab it. He called the waiter over and handed him the bill before you could do anything. The waiter took the bill and you looked at Lin with a pout.

“God, how are you just as hot when you’re upset?” he laughed and you couldn’t hold the pout for much longer as it transformed into a smile.

“I owe you now for putting a frown on that pretty little face of yours.” he said getting out of the booth and you followed him out of the restaurant.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” you said as you stood at the curb waiting for your uber.

“I’m going to make sure you get home safe.” he said, his arm finding its place around your waist.

“Oh, Lin. You really don’t need to do that for me. You’ve already done so much.” you said turning to him.

“I insist. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if you got hurt and I wasn’t there.” he said as he opened the car door for you and you felt your heart swell at his kindness. He was a good guy, a great guy actually.

Before you knew it, the car stopped in front of your apartment and you paid the driver as you got out of the car and Lin followed you to the doors.

“I had a really great time tonight.” he said tucking a stray hair of yours behind your ear.

“Me too.” you said your face hot realizing how close he was. You glanced down at his lips, wanting nothing more than for him to kiss you.

“I’d better go to bed if I want to get to work tomorrow.” you sighed and turned to the door when Lin pulled you back. He pulled you close so that your face was just millimeters from his. His hands found the small of your back and his lips were on yours. You immediately kissed back with just as much passion as your arms found their way around his neck. Sparks ignited in your gut and your heart fluttered. You pulled away first, out of breath, leaning your forehead against his.

“Lin.” you whispered.


“You owe me a second date.”

“Fuck yes.” he said causing you to giggle. You pulled him into another kiss, quick this time and you turned toward the door.

“Get home safe.” you said before walking into the complex and heading towards the elevator. You blew him a kiss through the glass door of your complex building and he made the motion of catching it and putting it into his back pocket. Your heart was pumping fast as you got into the elevator, and once the doors closed you placed your fingertips on your lips where you swore you still felt sparks. Once on your floor you practically floated into your apartment and landed on your bed feeling like you were on a cloud.

You liked him. You liked him alot. You liked him so much you forgot to turn on the recording device, write anything down, and anything he said during your date. You forgot about the interview. You forgot it was work. The only thing on your mind was the way his lips felt on yours and the way it made your heart skip a beat.

Princess Principal FanFic#4  Date

This fic is the direct continuation of the Green Dove! I hope I do their date justice, because I don’t think I can write a date fic well, bu decided to give it a shot. Ofc it goes without saying this is Ange x Princess!!

“Hnngggghh…Ange, is that you making that noise?“

No response.

“Ange?? What the hell are you doing? Its too damn early and today’s our day off! I need my sleep!!”

Still, no response.

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Seventeen Scenario: Late Date

A/N: For my anon who requested a Mingyu fluff + angst scenario! I hope you like it!

- Admin Mochi ✨

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

It was a beautiful Friday night. The sky was clear and cloudless, allowing the stars to shine brightly. The city was alive with love, lights and laughter. It was the perfect night for a couple to go on a date. That could’ve been you and Mingyu- you know, if he was ever going to bother to show up.

You were currently stretched out on the couch, looking all ready for a date night. Your cutest outfit was on and you had spent an hour on your hair and makeup so that they were flawless. The time was now nearing 10:30. Mingyu had promised he’d be here by 7:30, a full three hours ago.

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Do Not Disturb (With Baekhyun, pt 3)

genre: not as angsty as the next chapter :/
1361 words

Summary: Dating is hard, but dating after your husband passes away is even harder.

pt 1 2 3 4

High school sweethearts rarely last for a lifetime and when you told him you were moving overseas to attend an Ivy League for college, you both knew waiting for you to come back was just an excuse for you to break up.

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We Can Work This Thing Out (pt 3)

I am so sorry this is late everyone! I have started a new job with long hours and I’ve just been too tired to write D: But I am going to finish this fic. I have it all planned out so even if the parts are a tad late you will be getting them at some point I promise xox

Chapter One: The Room
Chapter Two: First Introductions
Chapter Three: The Date
Chapter Four: The Strip Tease

You woke up abruptly, a strange feeling in your stomach. It was only when you remembered what had been going on the feeling made sense. Since that night Pietro had stayed at yours you couldn’t stop thinking about him. His muscles, his hair, his accent. Everything about him drove you crazy.  You’d been talking regularly, him calling you to hear about your day. You tried as much as you could to get him talking just to enjoy his accent, but he was always the one asking questions with you talking for hours on end.

Today however was slightly different. He called you at 5, the usual time and he started it off like he always did, asking about your day. The usual stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary. After 10 minutes of so there was a lull in the conversation, Pietro silent on the other end of the line.

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The Magnificents

Author: @gobletgirl

Rating: G (General Audiences)

A/N: I am a sucker for Disney movies and Disney Pixar films. So this was inspired by a scene from the beginning of The Incredibles. If you have seen the movie I am sure you will recognize it.

Also, please note I haven’t written anything but term papers and technical memos in over 10 years and I am the only one who has looked at this so all mistakes are my own.

Katniss rolled her eyes as she saw another headline about Mr. Magnificent. Geez, you would think he was the only superhero in this city. Glancing at the picture accompanying the headline, she had to admit she understood his appeal. He filled out that blue spandex outfit rather nicely. Plus, he had that wholesome all-American look about him, not to mention his super strength.

Shaking away thoughts of Mr. Magnificent, she turned from the newsstand and continued on her way, turning down the street. She saw the orange awning of her destination ahead.

Speaking of filling out an outfit nicely.

She kept telling herself she had been returning to Mellark’s Bakery every day for the last two months for the bakery’s baked goods and not the baker himself. She reminded herself daily that she didn’t have time for a boyfriend. She was still watching out for her sister and she was just starting her last year of grad school. Not to mention she had her other responsibilities to contend with. And those no one would understand. Hell, no one could even know about those.

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