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Hey guys I’m like 80% done with a one-shot I’ve got instead of working on Blood of my Hand! 👀

At this rate it might be done by tonight ahahaha

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Why do you think Axca is going to be a bad guy? I saw good theories saying she wouldn't cause she's loyal to Keith.

I’ve seen other theories too where they explain why they don’t think Acxa is playing Voltron, and how she’s genuine, and you know what, they have very good reasoning. I will not dispute that. I just see things differently, because we all have different perspectives. Sometimes they line up. Sometimes they don’t, even if they both make sense.

First, because I can already feel that this is going to go into an analysis of my perspective of Acxa as a character, I want to explain that my belief that Acxa is currently playing Voltron has absolutely nothing to do with shipping. I’ve gotten what I assume is one (hopefully only one) very unhappy anon that’s sent me several messages about that? Probably because I never answer them. I never publish the nasty things I get (which is super rare for me to get anyway since most people and anons I interact with are lovely people).

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Peter Parker being utterly terrified of small spaces after what happened in Homecoming, but he never says it to any of the Avengers because he can’t have weaknesses, he can’t be afraid of anything, none of them are- they’re only going to be reminded of how childish he is if he admits something like that. 

Except one night they’re all eating take-out in the compound, and for the life of him Peter can’t remember how they managed to get onto the topic, but they start talking about fears. At first, Peter just shakes his head, denies it, he’s Spiderman, he’s not afraid of anything- but then he hears Steve speak, really quietly, and admit that he can’t stand being in water. Not after the plane crash. 

And then Thor speaks up. He tells them all that he’s absolutely terrified of being alone. He can’t stand it, and sometimes it takes as little as a day of solitude before he has to find someone, anyone to talk to, or he feels like he can’t breathe.

Then Natasha tells everyone she’s afraid of dogs, her face blank, her fists slightly clenched, and she doesn’t explain any further, and no one asks. Clint tells them all he has a horrible fear of needles. Every time he needs an injection, he vomits. Bruce? Bruce has panic attacks in large crowds. He tells them all he has to skip out on charity galas and parties because he’s so terrified, sometimes.

Then Peter looks at Tony, and expects nothing, because really, it’s Iron Man. He’s been through everything, and he doesn’t even bat an eye at any of it. He’s the one Peter could never have finding out about his own weakness. Because Tony trusts him, Tony respects him, and if he knew Peter was so afraid of something so trivial, he’d surely-

“I’m scared of the dark,” Tony shrugs, looking down, and Peter just… stops.

The dark. Something as simple as the dark, and Tony is… Tony is afraid of the dark. 

Iron Man is afraid of the dark.

Tony raises an eyebrow at Peter, and he realizes he’s staring. He looks down quickly, feeling like his heart is about to beat out of his ribcage. 

That’s the day that he discovers something very, very important.

He can be scared, and still be a hero.


Sports Festival Arc » Todoroki Shouto
dedicated to the loveliest Annie! @shotous

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Kat,,,,,,,keith Cries,,,,,,,,,fanon keith is dead,,,hes,,,,,emotiONAL,,,

Dude. Dude, I know. Here’s some great stuff about Keith that fandom can no longer deny:

  • when asked to describe himself he first comes up blank
  • no mentions of his talents whatsoever?? he’s not arrogant
  • in fact he has no trouble admitting that he’s bad at something
  • keeps saying that he pilots the black lion but refuses to say that he’s the black paladin
  • he thinks that being part Galra might be why he has always been bad at connecting with people 
  • automatically plays around with his knife when the Galra part gets mentioned
  • is very straightforward and wants to avoid complicated stuff as much as possible
  • apologized twice for blowing up; he’s self-conscious about his temper
  • [voice crack] “I don’t know why I’m that way”
  • is aware of his abandonment issues
  • is also aware that he puts some walls up
  • tries to compose himself by rubbing his fingers together
  • knows when he is about to cry and promised himself not to do it ((in front of the camera/a potential audience at least))

HE’S. SO GREAT. SO SO GREAT. He’s much more self-aware than fandom gives him credit for. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ;A;

Last saturday there was a whole radio program on one of Italy’s main radio stations about asexuality that ended up just being two women giggling about how “those weirdos are sick, and they want to be proud of it! lol! but at least they don’t reproduce so the disease won’t spread”. 

They said asexuals people are gross and need to be kept at distance. That we should become extinct as soon as possible. “keep the children far from this”.

Asexual people got mocked and insulted Nation-wide, and now there will be people that, not previously knowing what asexuality is, will think that we’re just dumb sick weirdos.

So yes, obviously there’s absolutely no stigma at all, no social backlash at all with being asexual, or god forbid aromantic. Yup.

I’m tired.

Something I wanted to say…Leaders

I have to say this after just realizing it with some of my favourite groups…personally I am NOT a fan of any kinds of hierarchy because I think we can only survive if we finally accept equality as a common thing for everyone. Now in kpop, there is this thing with leaders I lately felt like talking about because of that… what makes leaders the best and what doesn’t.

Being a leader means to guide the group, NOT to dominate it.

I’m not saying this because I want to shade or blame any other group, it’s just that some give different vibes here than others. NCT for example has almost 20 members by now, but somehow, they still manage an equality.

And that is what a leader has to do - bringing balance in the individuality of members to make them a team. And this is why being a leader is so hard.

You have to take care of every single member, every individual problem and need, every opinion. And then, you need to bring these together in ONE and balance them out to create the right vibe of the group because let’s be honest here, that makes 60% (at least) of a group.

I know not many people see this but it is also one big reason why some groups become big and others don’t, no matter what talent they have. It is the energy the group creates, and it is the leader’s job to guide them there.

People don’t see what thesee groups go through, we only see the outcome. A leader has to take care of all of it despite their own needs, need to solve every issue without being biased not only for the group but the company, and besides that, protect them from the wrong influences or possible scandals. They have to keep the face of the group and make it as easy as they can, no matter what.

And through all of that, fight their own insecurities. We don’t see the burden. And of course, some of them might get scared or overstressed because that’s hell of a position to be in.

You need to make it fit for everyone. And that includes the group, the fans who can be just as cruel, the management, media, and sometimes even families to please. Only one mistake you do can destroy it all for the members.

Now imagine being in that position without any of these giving you the respect to keep you stable. Let it be immature fans, bandmates in a difficult position, contracts you signed burning your freedom away or media on your heels. This is not a job for everyone, especially not for those who try to deal with it by ‘ruling’ over their group and keep control. This causes imbalance, and noticed or not, you will be able to feel when the dynamics in a group change.

Leaders are there to balance it all out, and some need to remember what it’s like to hold more strings that anyone can see - and that they are still only human.

True leaders chose the group over anything else. Fame, issues, insecurities. And that’s why the group accepts them as a leader.

I just wanted to say that because I find some of them are doing a great job.

i only listened to the mountain goats

or, i am terrified of what comes next & am only trying to do what’s right

this is not a call out for john darnielle. this is not trying to smear his name through the mud. this is about the fears i have that he can’t assuage me on, and how i don’t know how to deal with it.

i’m really not happy i’m doing this on tumblr. however, it takes being on the inside to really comprehend how unsettling everything is, and tumblr probably has the greatest concentration of mountain goats fans (at least, the new generation – which is the one most relevant here) out of any social media.

the night we met (09/20/2016), i asked him if it was okay that i took photos during the set even though he’s stated he doesn’t like it. he gave a long spiel about being “long in the tooth” and recognizing that it comes with the line of work. after the hour long conversation that followed, i asked him to take a picture with me. he said, “oh c'mon zeke, we’re friends, you know i fucking HATE pictures of myself.”

this is the difference between John Darnielle and john.

John Darnielle dropped out of the conversation as soon as he decided he liked me, and that’s where john stepped in. john, who would refer to me as a friend (after this, often starting his more pleading messages using it as a term of endearment) despite us only meeting an hour before. john, who would pull me into several embraces that night, who told me how amazing i was and how beautiful my energy was and how i was going to help so many people.

sounds weird, right? i asked him about it this year. 

(you will see various mentions of talking to him ‘earlier this year’ or ‘at this lunch’ or ‘our last meeting’ throughout this post – it’s all the same lunch.)

he said he didn’t remember. at a prior meeting to this, he said he was wasted on tequila that night. but when he originally messaged me after we met (10/10/16 if i’m not wrong):

at this lunch, i told him that it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t remember, it doesn’t matter if he was drunk: you were holding an arm around my waist telling me not to tell other fans that you were giving me this experience, that they’d all want to talk to you like i’ve been able to, but i’m special, i’m special to you.

he’s put up no resistance to my demands for him to make amends. because of this, i am personally okay with him. but there’s something unnerving about how calm and ready he was, and that’s what frightens me enough to feel an obligation to address this:

john darnielle manipulated the hell out of me and i’m worried that he learned nothing. i’m worried he’s done this before & will do it again. i’m worried there are other people out there who have been hurt. i’m worried that no one feels like they can speak out. how can you speak out against someone whose fanbase is more like a church? how can you speak about someone revered by all the creators you love?

john has a tendency to befriend his fans: his much younger, very queer, very traumatized fans. john is over 50, y'all. i was 21 when we met.

i’m not inclined to share many of my receipts about this, considering that i take both my privacy and his very seriously. i’m not looking to expose everything he told me. but i will share these messages from literally the second time he ever contacted me, 11/9/16 (the day after the election):

the “joke” i’ve made about the following is “you are so considerate and rad, thanks for trying to prevent me from being creepy”:

and the next day,

of course i would give him exactly the validation he wanted. i was a devout follower. how could he lean on me too hard when it was a privilege just to know him? when he had chosen me to cry to?

(interjection: at the lunch, i asked him why he had come to me if he was so upset – why not his wife? he sidestepped the hell out of that question and said, “i just felt a connection with you.” and i said, “i know. you called it godsent.”)

i think it’s very clear that the tone of these messages is not appropriate considering that we’d only met once, and to go a step further, i think it could be said that these messages have a more similar tone to someone who has a crush. if you (the reader) looked at this and saw nothing wrong with it, then you need to work on your fucking boundaries.

now, if you’re a mountain goats fan who looked at this and thought “dear god, i want that, i wish he’d talk to me like that” – first: no, you don’t. second, i understand. of course i do. i was one of y'all. 

basic rule: if any 50 year old man is showing an intense interest in you off the bat, it’s not good. even if it’s the mountain goats dude. even if he never addresses any concept of being attracted to you. even if he believes that so long as he hides any shameful feelings, everything will be safe.

the issue with that train of thought is much like the idea that art and artist cannot be fully separated because the artist reflects themself in the art: every action is influenced by his feelings, even if he denies it so hard that he can make himself believe it’s not true. if his goal was to actually be friends with me, this was not the approach. this was the approach of someone desperate for intimacy, reaching out for whatever might reach back. this was the approach of someone viewing me as a fantasy, not a person.

it’s very easy to get your fans to reach back: they love you without knowing you.

the months following this were mostly composed of me attempting to be a friend while constantly thinking i was doing something wrong, and john generally not responding unless he was having a vulnerable moment. finally, i allowed myself to realize that he was using me.

it’s a very hard thing to admit to yourself that an artist you revered has personally hurt you. to the people who say, “duh, that’s why i don’t worship people”: fuck you, you don’t get it. you don’t get that worship is built out of trauma and fear and a need for something to stay alive. you don’t get that the mountain goats fanbase is built out of trauma and fear and a need to stay alive. you don’t get that john’s image is based around being a guide of trauma, a survivor, a father figure, a professor.

(when we spoke earlier this year, he called himself a teacher. i told him that no, he was more like a preacher. this is a real, rhyming incident that happened in a very serious context).

also, you probably still worship him in some way – or revere him. about half the people i’ve told about this mention that they don’t give a shit about him, but this one time they saw him and they were like “oh shit it’s john darnielle,” but they don’t actually care, not like that, it’s just that he’s a big deal, y'know? i’m fucking tired of having to listen to the caveat of “he’s a cool guy” after the unenthusiastic “that’s fucked up, i’m sorry.”

despite receiving a lot of support and validation in the two years since, it’s still hard for me to grasp the severity of how he treated me. a huge block to that is an inability to talk with any tmg fans about this. people from the outside, they get it’s objectively bad, but they don’t realize the exact power dynamic about this. people from the inside, well – they’ve all shut me up when i’ve tried to say anything that goes against their concept of him. the image of himself that he’s been developing and holding for a quarter of a century.

something entirely awful was how the friends i told as it happened, also fans, continually told me how amazing it was that john was treating me like this, they all wanted me to get as close as possible, they all wanted to live vicariously through me. i had to cut them all out.

recently, i was able to reconnect with someone who has experienced the same level of devotion to the mountain goats as i did (i.e. the ‘cried in front of john’ level). i am immensely grateful to them and their willingness to listen, along with their immediate damnation of his behavior. 

speaking with them made me realize that while his actions were already objectively bad, the specific culture of the mountain goats following and the extreme worship of john himself makes the dynamic created far more insidious. he is worshipped. i am on the other side. i look back and feel like the mountain goats are an actual cult.

there is an image that – at our last deliberate meeting – i told him exists, and told him i wouldn’t show it to him because i know he hates pictures of himself as john darnielle. he thanked me for that. i described it to him. i will show it here, with his face blacked out.

our music is so often our scripture without even realizing. the concerts for the bands we love, a sermon. john, a prophet for the traumatized and the damned. followers who drive from different states just to see him perform as much as possible, who stand in the front and feed off the adrenaline of being within spitting distance of the father figure who speaks of life and how to survive it.

for john to connect with fans (who are generally almost 30 years younger than him) in the way that he does is insanely irresponsible – almost to where it feels impossible that he’s not conscious of what he’s doing.

i just don’t understand why everyone has this exception on john. i don’t know why i did either. like, a 50 year old tweets and interacts like someone in their early 20s and that doesn’t wave a flag? a white dude with a guitar singing about trauma and and violence and toxic relationships for 25 years turns out to be an asshole, and y'all are surprised?

i know why i did, and it’s been one of the hardest things to reconcile. in the aftermath of everything, i feel like a creepy fan. my level of devotion to this band was ridiculous. aside from his lo-fi shit, which i don’t give a fuck about (blasphemy!), i had every song memorized. i read every interview i could. i could only truly socialize with other mountain goats fans and we would spend the entire time dissecting his work, linking everything together, talking about how amazing he was. this is the cult i am talking about. i only realize how fucked my behavior was now that i’m on the other side. i mean, it makes sense. how many traumatized ex-christians are mountain goats fans?

talking to the person i have, i’ve realized: this is behavior that is not only condoned, but encouraged by the mountain goats fanbase. to be a true fan is to consume as much as possible. find his quotes and repeat them to survive. meet him and get as close to god as you’ll ever be.

the question becomes: does john want this? in the idea where he’s human, the answer is no, but that he can’t fully realize how deep it goes because the gravity is terrifying, the result of which is that he keeps perpetuating the dynamic which is then perpetuated by the fanbase which then circles back to him, becoming an ouroboros that can only end when the mountain goats does. in the idea where he is as evil as he has the capacity to be, the answer is yes, and he strategically grooms his following to become more devout. (the new “cult recruitment card” merchandise is incredibly unsettling to me.)

i was once told that john technically married a fan who, when they met, was somewhere around 19 while he was nearly 30 and they started talking explicitly because she was a fan of his music. i was told this very happily by another young queer person in contact with him – who, like me, like any young (presumably queer tbh) fan – thought that being “friends” with john while simultaneously gushing to everyone you know, was a normal and healthy relationship.

i’m not sure if john’s actually aware that every fan he’s ever sent a DM has likely freaked out about it/continues to freak about it every time he messages them. even if they’re “friends,” those friends all still worship him. this is a side effect of fame.

who do you become when you’ve been lauded as a genius and given unquestioning praise for a quarter of a century? how do you hold a friendship that doesn’t involve a degree of being admired? how do you hold a friendship with anyone who tells you what you’re doing wrong, especially when there’s so many smiling people just waiting to meet you, so many people begging to know you, so many people you can have limited interactions with about the one specific thing you desire at the time, so many people you can ghost and have no obligation to?

i lived the dream of more fans than you’d think: john darnielle was my friend, and he was vulnerable with me, and i could comfort him. laid out like this, of course, it clearly sounds weird as hell.

i yelled at him as best as one can over twitter DM. it was a brutal, calculated message that bordered on essay and had been reviewed to make sure there were no loopholes, no way he could ignore it. i wish i could say i made a clean cut after that – it would make everything so much easier. but no. it was more like leaving a church than leaving him behind. i went to a concert. i went to a reading. i talked to him. i stayed hurt. i felt shame. if he hurt me, why am i still engaging with him? does this mean i made it all up?

i didn’t, clearly. and he agrees. cut to earlier this year when the junot diaz shit happened, and:

the message boils down to this: please fucking talk with me because you’re the only person who knows anything about the mountain goats who can even begin to acknowledge your faults. my bar is that low.

(before the next part, i’ll interject: notice the tone difference from “lol are you in town yet?”)

he offered to set a lunch without hesitation. this is where i make it clear that i still care about him and i truly want to believe that he’s trying to be good. i just don’t think he’ll figure it out before he hurts someone again. and i don’t think anyone else has had an experience like i’ve had, because i don’t think most people would ever blame john if something went wrong. they would blame themselves. and i certainly don’t think that someone has grabbed him by the metaphorical roots of his hair and dragged him across the floor.

he readily apologized, again. he rarely interrupted and when he did, he shut up every time i told him to. he did not argue. he came off as woefully oblivious to his power, reiterated how immensely grateful he was that i confronted him because it made him think about stuff that he hadn’t before and that was entirely necessary to think about. i looked him dead in the eyes and told him i can see the monster, i can see how capable he is of violence, of abuse, that he needs to do better, that he will hurt again if he doesn’t actively work against it. he did not argue. 

(and then, because it was relevant, he asked me my pronouns. i said, “you little shit, i told you my pronouns when i met you and you went off on a whole spiel about how i shouldn’t label myself.” he stuttered for a second, then said, “you’re right, you’re absolutely right.” i thanked him because there was something irrationally satisfying about john telling me i was right, about anything.)

he was so composed and ready to give me everything i wanted to hear that it’s almost eerie. he told me i shouldn’t feel unsafe to cry and, in a moment between two crazy people wearing sane masks, i said “pause” and lifted my hand and looked to the side and took 10 seconds to drop mine, going from absolutely fine to completely sobbing. he just looked at me silently. i was crying too hard to see how he was looking at me. and then i slipped the mask back on. the only time it felt like his mask fell off was the pronoun thing. it created a paranoia: is he only trying to keep me hushed? is he deliberately choosing to be a monster? does it matter?

the ways in which he harmed me are indicative of larger behavioral problems – his coping skills (or lack thereof), the desperation for validation and comfort, and finally the inevitable shame over losing control of himself, causing him to associate whoever aids him with the episode itself with shame. desperation seems to be a theme developed by fame, as well: he latches onto fans with comparable knowledge on any of his interests, or he latches onto whatever he thinks he needs. i don’t know if this is behavior done out of ignorance or if he is entirely self-aware of how he chooses to use people. while i fear the second much more than the first, both can hurt on an equal level.

he has worked for my forgiveness – i would say he’s gone out of his way to do so (though i have demanded every time) – but i suppose what i mean by that is that if he was only appeasing me in fear of fall out, he was doing it on a level where he’d have to be completely aware of his choices to manipulate. i.e., he knows he uses his fans to fill his needs, he knows he can use them for a short amount of time, that he can ask for what he wants and get it without hesitation, that he can leave them behind and nothing will hurt him.

again, i really want to believe that none of this is true. but my care for him is trumped by my fear that fans will be hurt again, or that there are people who had already been hurt and, like me, assume there’s absolutely no possible way to talk about it without drawing the ire of the entire mountain goats fan base (which, of course, extends to plenty of other artists). and regardless of all my theorizing, even if his intentions are good, if he is hurting people, then i want them to know that they’re not alone – and that he does seem to try, if you confront him.

mostly, i want you to know that if you’ve ever had an interaction with john that made you feel uncomfortable but you wound up placing guilt on yourself instead: it’s not you. it wasn’t you misconstruing things.

i don’t call myself a fan anymore because i would sacrifice the mountain goats in a second if it meant he could be healthier. he’s more important to me than the music now, and there’s so much loss in that. he once told me he never wants to meet joni mitchell because of exactly that: once you know them, you can’t take solace in their work. i lost my music, i lost my ability to believe, i lost my sense of community, i had to rebuild myself. no conversation he can give you will ever be as powerful as your experience as a fan.

i know that by putting this out here, there is no real way to ask for this to not blow up. i’m terrified. i don’t want to be the center of discussion around the credibility of john darnielle. i don’t want whatever’s coming. but i feel like i have to do this.

so what can y'all do? well, don’t message me. i really don’t want to be answering a million questions asking for more elaboration and proof on him manipulating me. if you want to offer support, maybe do so in the replies. if you know someone in contact with john, talk to them about this. maybe try to do it by actually talking to them instead of reblogging this. battle the people who will tell me i’m wrong – i don’t owe them shit, i know what i experienced and i won’t be shaken on it. and most importantly: lower your worship. john is a deeply flawed human being, as we all are, which means he has just as much capacity to hurt. and he does hurt. his music doesn’t reflect his everyday actions, actually. his music doesn’t reflect him as a day-to-day person. it only reflects the more thematic, most refined parts of himself.

if you are a mountain goats fan with a concerning experience and you want to talk to me, absolutely. message me or inbox or whatever form of tumblr communication i wind up leaving open. just preface whatever you’re saying with a few words to let me know it’s about something bad – i’ll most likely be ignoring many messages.

i imagine that this will inevitably make its way back to john, so i’ll address this last part to him:

john, i’m sorry for not telling you i’m doing this. i can’t let myself be sorry for doing it. i still consider you a friend in the way we discussed – as two people who know each other too well to be acquaintances, and care for each other, but will keep the friendship in the past for their both their sakes. you know my loyalty runs deep, but i have to protect the people i used to be. i can’t let myself be bitter towards those who worship you when i know all too well how it feels to be there. shaped by trauma, desperate for fulfillment, for peace, to be close to the one who understands you better than anyone else because there actually isn’t anyone else, not then.

i’m really reluctant to believe you’re a self-aware psychopath, but i do think you’ll hurt someone again before you learn. they give and give and give and there is no possible way anyone could handle that without taking. i am at peace with you. i am at peace with you. i am not at peace with staying quiet when i know that i am likely the only one who feels comfortable to say anything. i am not at peace wondering if there are fans who cry over exactly this, who feel entirely isolated and like they will have to bear this alone and to the grave.

we can talk about me if you want to, but not here. this is about you, your fans, and doing right by them.

i really hope that if you’re everything you told me you want to be, you’ll be careful in response – not just to me, but careful to allow time and space for people to come forward if they exist. i would really love to believe that no one will. belief doesn’t protect people, though.

if you want to talk, you know how to reach me.

EDIT 9/5/2018: check my ‘john darnielle’ tag for updated versions of this post that include others’ experiences with john

I can’t stop thinking about this. Why an invisibility cloak? Lance is the loud. He’s the razzle dazzle type, he wants to get attention. Why would he get an item that’s the exact opposite of his characteristics? It could be random, but when has voltron ever done something randomly? Even everything we see in this episode, (Shiro dying, Gyro, the blazing sword) is foreshadowing for the rest of the season. Voltron doesn’t just do stuff just randomly, there is always a subtext behind it.

It’s an invisibility cloak because that’s what Lance has been these past seasons. He’s been slowly distancing himself from everyone else. It’s very clear he always feels like the extra one, an extra wheel; not just romantically to Allura and Lotor, but also to Hunk and Pidge. Those two always team up with each other. They’re not doing it on purpose but even when Lance is there, they’re usually just talking to each other. And Shiro and Coran are usually busy. What he says to them ‘Don’t you guys have better things to do? Like, I don’t know, universe defending stuff?’

Why does he say you guys? Lance is also a paladin but he clearly doesn’t feel like he does anything that contributes to defending the universe. (He doesn’t have a thing.) He’s is having doubt issues more and more with each season; first he felt like the seventh wheel, then he offered to step out of Voltron and the last two seasons are very openly showing him having less and less self esteem. Sure, he doesn’t show it to others on team but it’s clearly there. (First he wanted to prove himself to Shiro. Then all the stuff he said this season? Sure, all of them were said related to Allura but it’s clear it runs deeper than that. ( ‘I have nothing to offer’ ‘as someone who’s made many mistakes’ those aren’t just about relationships.)

It’s obvious he’s losing belief in himself and no one takes notice. The only one who ever actively knew about his insecurities was Keith, and it was because Lance told him. Then he left, and at this point Lance probably thinks he doesn’t care.

We see him spending less and less time with others and more alone. He’s suffering from so much issues and no one knows. That’s why it’s a freaking invisibility cloak; because that’s what Lance, the real Lance is; invisible.

Blue and Red

I really love season 3 because it has such a huge foreshadow that it hurts. Yup, I’m talking about Lance’s switch from Blue to Red, aka From Allura to Keith.



Ah, what can I say from this that hasn’t been said already?

Whatever, I’ll re-write everything in my words, just so we don’t forget that Klance has a huge possibility to become canon.

Lance goes to Blue, but as we all know, Blue closes on him. Lance flirts, makes jokes and gets serious with her. Just like in season 6 Lance did with Allura.

Blue still doesn’t respond, even after Lance gave her his best pick up line. (This boy lmfao) It was the same with Allura in season 6. Lance flirted, made jokes with her, and then got serious, but at the end Allura didn’t respond.

After Blue showed Lance that she wasn’t going to let him in anymore, Lance started to feel doubts. He thinks he’s the goofball, and that he doesn’t have a place to be a paladin.

I believe this is exactly what will happened in season 7. Lance had feelings for Allura, but he saw that she wasn’t going to let him in, anymore.

That’s right, I said anymore and here’s why:

Basiclly, if Lotor wouldn’t have shown up, at one point, Allura would have shown feelings for Lance, but Lotor did show up and swooped Allura off her feet and then broke her heart. Before she established anything with anyone she had feelings for Lotor and she had just found out about Lance’s feelings. She had a choice and she CHOSE Lotor.

We’re probably going to see a heart broken, sad Lance at the start of season 7. He takes Love very serious.

Now moving on with the Lions, when Lance was starting to doubt himself and think he wasn’t worth being a Paladin, Red roared for him. You know, Red. The one lion that didn’t accept Keith until he saw him flying in space. Yeah, that Red. He called for Lance.

Just like Keith will confess to Lance. That’s right everyone, I’m saying it rn, I have a feeling that Keith will be the one confessing and the reasons are obvious.

  1. He has matured and is more wiser.
  2. He has his shit together and is ready to open up to people, and by letting Lance enter his life, but this time more than a friend.
  3. Keith is now confident, he won’t doubt his feelings no more.

Some evidence that there is going to be some heavily romance build up this upcoming season is,

1. It’s part of Lance’s arc


Basiclly, in seasons 1 through 6 theres always been pressure of saving worlds, being on there toes for Zarkon, or in this case Lotor, but their both gone.(For now) And the Galra Empire seems to be slowly going down. Plus, their not as much help if they don’t have where to rest or live. At the end of season 6 it was said that they’re going back to Earth.

In short,

The paladins weren’t going to be able to have romance or anything like that because they had more important things to worry about, but for now, the water is calm and they have time to now worry about that stuff and hang out. The event will be more NATURAL.

Moving on to the Lions, lol.

When Lance hears Red roar he looks shocked, confused and asks, “What was that?”

If Keith confesses to Lance, he’s also going to be shocked and confused and most likey say, “What was that?”

Back to Red, Allura then tells him that the Red lion is calling him. To which Lance responds by saying, “No way, Keith probably trained it to bite my head off.”

*Inhales* boi.

In this moment he starts looking more confused to then say, “Maybe it’s roaring for you.”

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again, but I have a feeling someone’s going to be hitting on Keith or Keith will be hitting on Lance. Either way, when someone points it out, Lance will probably say something like.

“Keith hitting on me? No way, the dude hates me. Maybe he’s hitting on you?"🤔

Because Lance is that Blind.


Anyway, back to the Lions, Allura tells Lance this, "I would love nothing more than for that to be true, but I know the Red Lion is not meant for me.”

Want to play the game of replace the word Red Lion and put Keith? 🤷🏻‍♀️

I just want to point out that, Allura may not be the one who’s going to say this to Lance. It wouldn’t make sense. So someones going to tell him, and now I’m really curios.

When it comes to Lance’s romance arc we have three main people already upfront. Allura, Keith, and Shiro.

Allura and Keith being the love intrests and Shiro being the support. Though, Allura already played her part.

Just like when she helped Lance move from Blue to Red. She tells Lance that Red is choosing him.

This is so important, because Red CHOSE Lance. Allura then gave Lance a peep talk, and then made him go to Red. In season 6 she unconsciously did the same. She got heart broken and will need time to heal, Lance knows this and he knows that Allura needs a friend rather than a lover at the moment. It will make him gain more respect for her and will make him not only focus on her.

Also, I can see someone saying that Keith has feelings for Lance. That Keith chose him. To which Lance would reply by saying, “I don’t understand.”

When Lance accepts Red’s call, he goes running towards him, but gives a glance to Blue.

Back to Keith, Lance’s feelings are confusing to him. All this time he thought he hated Keith, only to find out it may have been the opposite. Plus, Lance is just realizing that he might like boys. It sounds scary and in the moment, it is scary. Him looking back at Blue, and then running to Red is Lance realizing the events of, maybe Blue was never meant for me, but maybe Red is.

This next part might be a reach, but when Lance is piloting Red in the episode, he’s having fun even in the situation they were in, but even though he is having fun, and Lance works good with Red, but he still doesn’t know how to pilote him.

Just like he doesn’t know how to feel with his emotions. Now that he accepted that he likes boys and girls, specifically Keith, he has fun with him and all, but he doesn’t know what to do.

Lance then almost crashed Red to which Keith said, “Hey, be careful with Red.”

This makes my heart clench, because I think of it as Lance being confused about his emotions or feelings that he accidentally hurts Keith, not badly, in a innocent way and Keith tells him, “Hey, be careful with me.”

I don’t care if that part is a reach, it melts my heart.😭😭

Moving on,

After the battle with Lotor, they return to the Castle of Lions and we see Lance talking to Blue.

I’ve seen this somewhere else,

Damn, this is to much just to be coincidence.

With Lance moving from Blue to Red is Lance fetting what he needs rather than getting what he wants. We also see Red CHOSE Lance and Blue later on choosing someone else. (Allura)

With Lance and Allura, we see him reassuring Allura in season 6, but in a way himself too. He’s accepting that he has made a million mistakes. so all he can do is get up and try to make it right.

He’s once again moving on, from someone he wants, to someone he needs. He’s going to move on to someone who CHOOSES him instead of being with someone WHO CHOSE someone else.

Because you know, what we want isn’t necessary what we get.

*ugly cries*

And to top it all off, after Lance see’s and starts realizing the events that are happening with Allura, Keith suddenly appears on the screen, getting Lance’s full attention.


In season 3 episode 2. Lance moved on from Blue to Red, because Red is what he NEEDED. Red CHOSE him. That’s the two main things that make his Arc.

By Lance moving from Blue to Red, it made Lance be the right hand. Which means Lance is there to help Keith in leading.

Red chose Lance, and he accepted in being the right hand. With Lance accepting Red and being the right hand it made him mature, be smarter, more courages, he made Lance shove harder instead of not shoving hard enough, and over all made him want to be a better paladin.🤦🏻‍♀️

Christ. You can also play the game of replace Red and put Keith from the above.🤷🏻‍♀️

When it comes to the Lions situation, Red made Lance do everything from above. In conclusion, it made Lance a better Paladin.

Yeah, he still has doubts, but their not from his place in Voltron anymore like in season 3, this time it’s about himself.

Lance has become self confident, which is thanks to Red, but he can improve.

Lance is at the point where he needs to get what he needs again, not what he wants. Lance thinks/wants Allura but Allura isn’t what he needs.

It’s funny because he’s realising that he might be ready to recieve love from another person and then boom, out of nowhere Keith appears.🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Also, I need to mention that Keith also fits to what Lance wants, “smart, courageous, and makes me want to be better a person.” And to what Lance needs in a person “someone who is self assured and knows herself, so he can become the same person and know himself.”


Lance needs to learn to embrace his flaws, embrace where he comes from, and get to know how much he’s worth. He needs to be chosen. He also needs advise from someone who has lived through these kind insecurities already. And it needs to be someone who is self assured and knows herself, so he can become that same person and know himself.


Lance also said it himself, he’s just a boy from Cuba, and that’s okay. He knows who he is, he just doesn’t embrace it. Just like someone else, a while back…


Don’t forget,




Another crossover no one asked for.

I’m trying to add to the list of crossover/AUs that still involve comedy.

unpopular opinion time: i don’t get why everyone is so obsessed with the ‘’strongest avenger’’ thing. I’ve seen so many gifsets and edits go around proclaiming one or multiple avengers to be the strongest, and look, do whatever you want, they look cool, but i don’t get the idea behind it. the entire point is that none of them can defeat the ultimate evil, that grape head thanos, by themselves. the entire point is that they have to work together. look, I get some of the avengers are more overpowered than others, but thor or wanda or tony or carol or the hulk or whoever’s your fave, they can’t do this alone.

the strongest avenger thing isn’t real. none of them is the absolute best at everything, and they definitely can’t do this alone. they have to do this as a team. that’s what it’s always been about - ‘’then we’ll do that together’’.

i don’t mean this to be negative or something. maybe it’s just me, but it’s just weird that everyone is so hung up on this ‘’strongest avenger’’ thing when they’re strongest together. it’s not a contest.

slothcowboy-deactivated20180506  asked:

I want to do something cool with my life but i don't know what. Please help you always seem like you are having the best time

Dear cghart-17,

There are a lot of different ways to do something cool with your life, be it career or friends or hobbies or supernatural pacts with the ancient ones, etc., but for me, I reckon it boils down to three things.

One: I don’t let anyone talk me out of liking something. Here are some things I like. A lot. 

•bagpipes. All kinds of bagpipes. I used to play the Scottish highland pipes competitively, but now I just play them all for the fun of it. Highland pipes. Parlor pipes. Uilleann pipes. Actually I like a lot of instruments. From my office chair I can see my guitar, my uke, my cello, a tin whistle, and part of one of my harps.

•cars. I like a lot of different kinds of cars, but I really, really like tuner cars. Loud, low, ugly, blacked-out, suped-up, stupid tuner cars. 

•history. 14th century and before, mainly. Irish & Scottish mainly. Especially the parts with the monks who did battle with tiny demons and witches who galloped off cliffs and stuff. I majored in it, but now I read it FOR FUN.

•art. Especially colored pencils, but I also like just painting on stuff that is sitting around like cars and walls and furniture and stuff, things that can’t get away. Illuminated manuscripts. Pre-Raphaelites. John Singer Sargent is my dude.

•medicine/ science/ psychology. I read research papers for the hell of it because that’s how I know I’m alive. I like knowing how things work, including me.

•plants. I love digging holes in the ground and throwing living stuff in it and then putting mulch over the evidence. I also like understanding why it works when you do that.

•Guy Ritchie movies. Also, other movies no one likes. L.A. Story. Claymation Christmas. Top Gun, and not even ironically. 

•horses. I did show-jumping and dressage until I traded my horses for cars because cars hate you less when you travel a lot and don’t take them with. I am very, very, very geeky about horses. 

•ghosts. they’re my friends et al. I also like Morticia Addams, but I don’t think she’s dead.

•studying. Guys, I like it. I got really good grades in school because it turns out studying and reading all the texts and loving the hell out of it and giving 4,000 damns helps your GPA.

•shitty electronica. Music with a lot of synthesizers. All the really creaky ancient Irish trad music I grew up. “Call Me Maybe,” yes, still. ‘80s bands that are not cool on t-shirts.

I don’t care if you also like these things. In fact, I’m sure you can’t possibly like all those things. We are not clones. Throughout the course of my life, many, many people have tried to talk me out of liking things on this list and the many other things I like. Sometimes they do it jokingly. Sometimes they talk about how lame it is. Sometimes they tell me it’s so mainstream and they can’t believe I would be so mainstream. Sometimes they tell me it’s so geeky and don’t I want to be cool. Sometimes they just don’t like it and they don’t want to be friends with me if I’m going to be into that stuff all the time. 

But I still like the stuff. If I decide I don’t like a thing, it ought to be because I grew and shifted as a human at some point, not because I let someone talk me out of my interest. 

I don’t apologize for liking things. I just like them.

OneB: I don’t like things ironically. What the hell does that even mean? I just like it or I don’t. Don’t be an asshole.

Two: I don’t let anyone talk me into liking something. 

The other side of the coin is ending up with a group of friends you really want to keep, and so you fake being into what they’re into. Maybe you’re not even faking it a lot. You do kind of like it. You could learn to love it, you tell yourself. Like Princess Buttercup might learn to love Humperdink. And in any case, you ponder, it’s not like anything you like is local or easy to find, etc. etc. etc. 

The thing about that is if you’re spending most of your time doing stuff you only kind of like, you’re spending only a little of your time, if any, on things you actually like. 

But you don’t have to be into the exact same things as your friends. It’s ok to have a wide friend base who don’t even know each other. I have music friends, art friends, horse friends, all-purpose friends who are probably game for a large amount of the shit I am into because I am one of their general interests. Don’t fake it, just be honest. And in return, don’t try to talk others out of their interests.

So I don’t like Pearl Jam or smut or Frozen or really happy dance sequences or lipstick or soccer or whatever this or that person is into. The world can and has gotten over it. I am not a friendless iceberg.

Three: I’m an active part of the things I like

I started off reading about the various things that I liked, or watching them, or listening to them, but at some point, for me, the having-a-cool-life thing is about stepping out of observation and into something more active/ integrated into my life. If there’s a way for me to take it to the next level or do it with other people or do it out loud or make it my job, I will. I might not do it forever — I took pipe organ lessons for two months and that was interesting, but not for me — but if it’s a thing I can try, I’ll try it. 

I don’t mind if an experience is unpleasant. I mind if it’s boring. 


all this comes down to me thinking that there are a lot of things in the world to see, to know, to like, to try. I don’t have to try all of them. But for me, it would be a pretty big waste of living if I wasn’t spending my life seeking and finding, over and over.

To me, that is doing something cool with my life.



White person: why are you so angry all the time?

Me: Moonlight had six golden globe nominations and has such a meaningful story and beautiful cinematography but it took me two Wal-Marts and a Target to find it and when I did, it was with all the really corny stupid movies that are on clearance because no one wants to watch them and in my search I discovered that it costs less then Twilight: Breaking Dawn which I found near the front of the store with all the really good, newer movies despite the Twilight series being fucking terrible and this is coming from the person who always defends that the books aren’t as bad as the movies. As a person who enjoys the Twilight books I can admit that the series is pretty shitty. I knew the minute I noticed it, it was because Moonlight is about a queer man of color living in the slums whereas Twilight is just rich white people (excluding the werewolves, that was one thing they did right) and only has like a single black person in it (if you squint) and all of them are straight. As a queer woman of color I think that’s complete bullshit. Everyone talks about how Love, Simon, Call Me By Your Name and Alex Strangelove are amazing stories but I haven’t heard shit about Moonlight and we all know damn well that It’s because they’re all focused around white gays. (no hate to any of these movies, especially Love, Simon considering Simon’s love interest is black but c'mon, they had us believing Blue was a white boy for like 4/5 of the movie) It just irritates me that It’s already really hard to find movies with black protagonists (we’re starting to get there though but we still don’t have a lot of dark skinned rep) much less gay black protagonists and when they give us this amazing story showcasing both everyone is just ignoring it.

White person: well Zendaya is in a bunch of popular movies! Light skinned people are just more attractive!!

Me (a mixed, light-skinned woman):

A few of my favorite “they really did that” Bumbleby moments:

  • “If you feel like coming out tomorrow (which doubles as a great pun ‘cause you know, coming out)…I’ll save you a dance” *wink* because come on y’all, that’s gay
  • “I will make it my mission to destroy everything you love” *Yang appears* “starting with her” because he seriously just cast the narrative equivalent of summon love interest and Yang showed up
  • “There’s nothing that I won’t do for her” in Armed and Ready, because like y’all…it’s from her perspective after everything went down and she would still do anything for Blake 
  • BMBLB’s entire existence, because holy crap that’s so much gay in one song y’all
  • “What if I needed her here for me?” because oh my gooooood y’all, like that was soooo high up on the list of things I wanted Yang to say as a biased ass bee shipper. Really though this entire episode is one big “holy crap this is a real thing” because we seriously have an entire subplot of an episode dedicated to Yang’s complicated feelings about Blake
  • The reunion
  • No seriously
  • They had Blake walk into a room filled with her closest friends and complete strangers
  • And she immediately zooms in on Yang and says her name so softly
  • And then we get like a 5 second shot of just Yang’s reaction complete with Wings softly playing in the background
  • Like how the hell did we not just make that up?
  • Also All That Matters’s existence
  • I mean it’s an entire song about Yang’s complicated feelings
  • That’s sooooooo easy to interpret as romantic
  • Like when people don’t even ship bumbleby are like “oh I relate to this after I broke up with my ex” that tells you how easy it is to interpret as romantic

…wait a second that’s not a few, my bad lmao

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Tony has two different interrogation techniques one use the black widow two use Spider-Man one involves blood shed the other talking one into submission Tony goes with option two most of the time its more fun to watch a mans soul break than his body

“So you’re not going to talk?”

The suspect tied in the chair stared back at Tony with dark eyes, the silence being the only answer.

“Well, since you’re not going to talk, I’m gonna get someone to do all the talking for you instead,” Tony shrugged, knocking on the door behind him, signaling for Peter to come in.

“Hey, Mr. Stark. You asked for me?” Peter piped up, entering the room and closing the door behind him

“Yeah, this gentleman over here doesn’t know the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars”

“WHAT?! HOW DO YOU NOT- oh my god where do I even begin. How much time have we got?”

“Oh all the time in the world”

And Peter takes one of the chairs and situates it on the opposite side of the table where the suspect was also seated, making himself comfortable.

He clears his throat, takes a deep breath.

“Okay so to begin, Star Trek and Star Wars are two completely different franchises but they both take place in space. Different spaces. Star Trek revolves around this crew aboard the USS Enterprise. The crew consists of Nero, T. Kirk and Spock. Now the crew takes on missions that-”

The suspect already wants to rip his hair out and it has only been 20 seconds since the kid opened his mouth.

*2 hours later*



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Hey! I hope I'm not being a bother (I'm about to be a big damn bother) but... I just saw your inspiring Sheith phrases post and all the quotes + your little bit of meta about it made me all misty... but here's the thing. I'm VERY VERY new to the fandom... and to Sheith... and I have NO IDEA what half of those quotes are from or are referring to. Can you help me out with some of them??? No-one I know ships Sheith so I don't know who else to ask!

Hi there Anon! Thanks for the ask!

And first of all to get this out of the way, you are not a bother. When you ask someone to talk about something they are very passionate about, it’s like getting told Christmas just came early. I’ve really wanted to be a more solid part of this fandom, but my shyness sometimes gets the better of me. So every question/ask, etc frickin’ lights up my day okay? Okay!

So I’ll break down the quotes the best I can for ya! Some of them are a little older and it might be a bit difficult to pull up the information for that. If anyone out there knows anything I’m missing better or has a link, etc, please feel free to share that with this post!

Also, since you enjoyed the meta, you might also like my post The Boy who Never Gave Up. This really outlines a lot of the background information shown in the series for Keith and Shiro that give rise to a lot of these quotes!

Alrighty, here we go!


This will be a VERY LONG POST with LOTS OF PICTURES, LINKS AND QUOTES so I will be putting in a cut here to help!

Keep reading