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grxmmhvll  asked:

In an AU, where sole is a smol teenager in search for their kidnapped parents. They would treat their companions like their own adoptive family. So who would be the mom friend or that shady cousin, etc.? XD

Hancock: He’s like that uncle that wants to be referred to by first name because “uncle” makes him feel old. Knows a lot of shady people and has a lot of money. He tells the best stories, even if they’re not always age appropriate. 

Preston: He’s a great brother. Whatever Sole needs, if it’s advice, protection or just to talk to someone, Preston is there. He’s the backbone of this family, so to speak. Sometimes acts as a mediator between people.

Danse: Danse the dad. He’s strict on Sole because he loves them and believes in them. Tough love, but still. If Sole wants to drink, he prefers they do it under his supervision, and if Sole wants to go out adventuring, he wants to come with. That kind of dad.

Codsworth: He’s the mom, without doubt. Always asks Sole to take off their shoes in the house (he just washed those floors, thank you very much!), he always makes sure Sole has enough food and drink, and gets a little hysteric if they look hurt. Where are you going, who are you hanging out with, how long are you staying out?

Piper: She’s a great older sister. She has good advice for every situation, she’ll absolutely listen to Sole’s problems, and has the dirt on everyone. Whatever Sole wants to know about anyone, Piper can help. If this was pre-war, Piper would drive Sole around and let them hang out with Piper and her cooler, older friends.

Cait: She is the “cool aunt” that gets drunk during family gatherings. Will absolutely sit Sole down, give them a beer even if they’re too young, and tell them about the birds and the bees. Don’t tell your mom.

Strong: Strong is… Well, Strong. He’s something like that weird third cousin, once removed, that shows up at family gatherings for the food. He’ll let Sole climb him like a jungle gym, he’ll pick them up and swing them around, and he’ll let Sole sit on his shoulders during combat, so they can aim and shoot but still be out of harms way. He’s not much for words, though. 

Dogmeat: He is the best family. Loyal and fierce and fluffy. What a wonderful boy.

X6-88: He’s like that step brother that wants nothing to do with anyone else in the family. He keeps mostly to himself, but might be up for a chat if Sole is alone with him. If this was pre-war he’d spend all his time alone in his room on the internet.

Deacon: Deacon is the uncle that’s not really an uncle, but like, a friend of a friend of the family or something. No one is sure where he came from, exactly. He’s been around forever and has a new, amazing story to tell every time Sole sees him.

Curie: She acts like everybody’s favorite teacher. She has so much to share with Sole, and she’s going to talk about it until somebody stops her. She insists that some measly apocalypse is no reason to neglect Sole’s education, and will have private lessons with them every day if she can. She even gives homework.

MacCready: He’s like that cousin that sits at the kid’s table even if he’s twenty because talking to other adults stress him out. He’ll definitely teach Sole how to shoot, for fun and profit, and will sit up until late playing checkers and talking about nothing. 

Nick: Nick acts like Sole’s step dad. He’s calm, and kind, but doesn’t bother Sole unless it’s something important. He lets Sole explore the world on their own and make their own decisions, but he’s never far behind, ready to intervene if needed. He’ll tell Sole that he’s proud of them daily.

Old Longfellow: Grandpa. He drinks too much, he tells stories that Sole can’t relate to, and teaches them basic survival skills like fishing, purifying water and how to make a fire. He’s a good guy, but starts almost every sentence with “back in my day”. Also says “when you get to my age…” a lot.

Porter Gage: He’s the cousin that’s not allowed at gatherings any more. Treats Sole like an adult and expects them to act like one. He has no filter, and will tell Sole about the world in gruesome, horrible detail until someone stops him. What? Sole needs to know these things!

Ada: She’s a childhood friend that has become family over the years. She’s practically the same age as Sole, maybe even younger, so when they go out into the world together, they are both discovering many things for the first time.

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lkdog  asked:

After raiding a big mall and finding a WHOLE supply of fresh shoes sole lets the companions to pick ONE pair before the rest are donated to settlements. What do they pick

Hancock: Vans with a galaxy print, so what if they don’t match with the rest of his outfit? He digs the fuck out of them.

Preston: He already wears a pretty dependable pair of boots.. But, maybe something a little more comfortable?
Preston would have to look around until he finally found some adidas slippers, in which he ONLY wears when he can relax.

Danse: He immediately picks out a pair of leather construction boots, Danse tries his best to keep it in the best condition, in which he then becomes too cautious to wear them out; fearful of the acid rain damaging or Dogmeat scuffing them…
Post-apocalyptic world problems.

Codsworth: Although he absolutely loves the flawless Oxfords that he found, he knows he realistically can’t have them.
Should Sole insist on it, Codsworth would be overjoyed to keep them as a personal relic from before the bombs fell. That, and he would also fantasize about being able to wear them out on the town.

Piper: She’d love to try on an array of pairs, whether it be sneakers or heels - just for the hell of it.
It would take about two hours of Piper asking Sole’s opinion on different shoes, to her goofily posing in front of a mirror with them..
Even if she never made up her mind, it’s the most fun she’s had in a while.

Cait: She thinks they are a bit much, but regardless, she chooses some knee-high converse. Although it’s a bitch to put on, Cait still thinks it’s worth the shite.

Strong: Freakishly huge shoes, anyone..? Say even if there were a pair his size, Strong would hate the feeling of having his toes restricted like that.

Dogmeat: He’d be given an undesirable pair to chew on, but what happens if he’s presented with dog booties?!

Dogmeat subconsciously feels humiliated and insulted as he’s awkwardly walking around Sanctuary.
For the first time, Dogmeat disliked that.

X6-88: Black Yeezy shoes. X6 thinks they look sleek, which they are, but that doesn’t even explain half of why they’re superior next to any other pairs in that supply.
Though will he say that out loud? Probably not, “because the shoes speak for themselves” he says with a heel turn.

Deacon: Green flip flops. Although it makes the Railroad seem less professional, he becomes inseparable with his flip flops.
Glory is the first to finally say that they’re annoying as hell, in which he flip-flops away in retaliation.

Curie: One pair..? Although she completely understands settlers need them more than she would with several pairs, Curie would be torn between a pair of Uggs and black, one inch, closed toed heels.

MacCready: At first, MacCready didn’t particularly care, because they’re just shoes, right? That is until he laid his eyes on the “coolest” pair he’s ever seen.
High tops.
Also, he believes that they make him look taller too.

Nick: Maybe he’d pick out some classic Derbys, just to spoil himself a little bit.

Old Longfellow: He’s not too keen on finding a neat pair, but as soon as he sees some Wellington boots, he takes his pick.

Porter Gage: He too, would like slippers. Just for the convenience honestly but they’ve proven unreliable when he tried to outrun a feral ghoul, resulting in him tripping on the damn thing and landing on his face.

He basically had to spray and pray when he got a hold of his gun.
Never again.

Ada: She finds a handful of pairs that light up pretty interesting, even if some of them are for children.
Of course she refuses to keep any, having no real use for them.

Sometimes you have to go, not because you want to, but because it is better for yourself and there are things you can’t forgive and forget. You have your pride and you’re worth so much more than what a single person said and did to you.

Eventually they will realize what they have done and who they let go. It comes the day, where they will miss you, all what you have done for them und they will realize that you aren’t replaceable.

But then it will be to late. You moved on and it doesn’t matter you anymore. You will be stronger, you will know what you’re worthy. And you will be okay with it; Life goes on and not everyone will forever stay by yourside.

Keep that in mind

Hey it’s November 16th, the feast of St. Gertrude of Helfta, time to go write about some mystic visions and pray for the souls in purgatory.

how would the companions react to seeing the face of a drop-dead gorgeous or blindingly handsome SS after only having seen them wearing gas masks, full helmets, etc. for the first few weeks of knowing them?

Ada: “While I appreciate the sentiment, I believe it would be safer for you to remain armored.”

Cait: “aww geez, with looks like that, why’re ya hiding behind a mask? ya probly, coulda just waltzed right in to the combat zone with a mug like that.”

Codsworth: “ah! sir/mum, it is good to see you relaxing as you used to. i do so hope you choose to spend more time exposed to fresh air. It would do you good.”

Curie: “oh this does not make this any easier monsieur/madam I am terribly confused, why must this be so difficult?I had no idea that a face alone could have such an effect on me. you must excuse me.”

Danse: *very obviously blushing* 

Deacon: “hey boss, I think I’m gonna have to ask you to put the helmet back on when we’re in public.” *sole looks inquisitively at him* “We don’t want you to blow your cover.” *sole  laughs* “I’m serious! nobodies gonna forget seeing that face.” *sole laughs even harder*

Dogmeat: barks, jumps up and licks sole in their face, tail wagging like crazy, ecstatic to finally get to lick sole’s face.

Gage: “Uh, Boss? I know it ain’t my place to say, but you might wanna be careful about showing off that face of your’s around the gangs, some of the members would kill to get with you. Hell, some of them already are.”

Hancock: “That’s weird, I don’t remember having that many chems today..” *pokes Sole’s face* “oH ShIt! And here I was thinking I had the most attractive mug in the wealth.”

MacCready: Does his best to act like he doesn’t notice, but is repeatedly caught staring at Sole.  

Old Longfellow: “You know what, you look almost as good as I did back in my prime.”

Nick: “Well I’ll be, guess that solves the mystery of why you were hiding behind a mask this whole time. Heh, good to see the commonwealth’s still got some pleasant surprises left in it.”

Piper: She cocks her head “Anything else you hiding from me blue? what was it you said you did before the war? It wasn’t modeling was it?”

Preston: his jaw nearly hits the ground with astonishment, and his trance is only broken by sole’s laughter. He pulls himself together and tries to continue on, but later laughs it off with sole “I’m glad I picked you to be the new face of the minutemen general” it would become something that he would joke about often, even going so far as to suggest having piper print sole’s face on minutemen recruitment posters…

Strong: “Strong not like human face. looks weak. look soft. human should wear mask again.”

X6-88: “I can see the resemblance to father, though I suppose it is his resemblance to you.”

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turtle-sex-noises  asked:

Companions favorite pre-war animals???

Hancock: Komodo dragons. Very specific, yes, but he saw a picture once and they’re so fucking cool!
Preston: Dogs. Pre-war or not, he loves them.
Danse: Bunny. They’re just so soft, and tiny, and they tremble a little, and just… He likes holding something tiny and nice. Let the man be.
Codsworth: He’s not overly fond of animals in general, so it would have to be something easy to clean after. Like a hamster. 
Piper: Ravens. Why are they like a writing desk? 
Cait: She hates animals in general, but she would probably like scorpions back when they were smaller. Deadly, but steppable, you feel me?
Strong: Bulls. Big? Check. Strong? Check. Tasty? Double check.
Dogmeat: OTHER DOGS!!!
X6-88: Cats. Quiet, quick, deadly.
Deacon: Chameleon. Guess why?
Curie: Cuttlefish! Not only are they adorable, but also scientifically interesting.
MacCready: He tells everyone that he likes lions, because they look cool. He wouldn’t like them if he met one, though.
Nick: He might actually like hedgehogs. They can curl up in his lap when he’s doing work, or roll around on its own. 
Old Longfellow: Narwhals. 
Porter Gage: Coyotes
Ada: Bluebirds!

as a bi woman, i will say that one thing i appreciate about men and the prospect of dating men is being able to hold them. like, yeah women are really soft and smol sometimes and so nice and comfy to hold, but on the other hand, I like the idea of lying down with my man and wrapping my arms around his broad body, broader than mine, at least. or holding him from behind even if he’s super tol bc i am a smol but whatever. haha or having his arms around me and if he’s the right man, it’d feel like a haven, a safe space, and not an entrapment. that’s a nice feeling.