the old strong

I have one political opinion

-Bernie sanders comes outta nowhere and blows all the young peoples’ minds by being an old white man with strong beliefs that those young people had just started to fight for
-young people start comparing hillary and bernie, and they have this image in their heads of a ‘down to earth, headstrong, moral man’ and when they see how hillary tries to get the youth on her side they are appauled because theres this nice man bernie just trying to change the world
-Hillary gets insulted by the whole race of american young liberals even, just because she isnt perceived as 'authentic and determined’ in the way that people perceive bernie to be that way.
-this leads me to the conclusion that sexism is still real, even in liberal culture! hillary was portrayed as some crazy woman who was just acting, like she didnt really want to change anything, she just wanted to be president. bernie was, and is, portrayed as a very kindhearted soul who is truly passionate about change, and will do anything to fulfill his dreams for change.
-its hard for me to describe how this is sexist, but basically !! i’m trying to say that people are still more open to a man sharing his beliefs than a woman sharing those same beliefs!!! bernie has great ideas, but are they that much different than hillary’s? NO, so yeah sexist world we live in

i’m sorry i just dont talk much about my opinions anymore if you want to read this and learn about me feel free lol lets talk about this please

Addressed and Checked

I have one thing on my bucket list:  To see a real live moose.  The list is about five years old and going strong.

But I also have a new half pint list that needs to be addressed and checked sooner rather than later.  And it goes something like this:

  • Dance like nobody’s watching, regardless
  • Delete twitter account

  • Make homemade soup every weekend, enough for anyone who visits

  • Know enough people who want to visit, and stay for soup

  • Buy and completely absorb a newspaper

  • Give cash to anyone in need

  • Watch a bird in flight

  • Watch a British sitcom

  • Watch a Mexican soap opera, no subtitles

  • Turn off lights when not in room

I’m still hopeful about Mr. Moose, but boy am I excited about the dance and soup.

Happy Tuesday.

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Hey what is your special interest I'd you don't mind me asking? Mines fish and really any kind of animal

i’ve got loads! (sometimes old ones make a strong comeback… i don’t know what to count a lot of the times so i just call them “old” or “main” special interests)
my big big one right now (and for a while actually) is comedy!! mainly british, but i really love a few american comedy things too… and there are some danish entertainers who does some comedy i adore too so i’m counting them.
fish are super cool!!! that’s awesome!

trump: “we cannot be the policeman of the world”

honestly tho we’re the only ones who can. american hegemonic power is essential to geopolitical stability around the world. anyways it’s not wasteful charity, it’s beneficial and necessary for our prosperity as well.

hahahaha hillary laughing while trump says she “doesn’t have the presidential look” and “doesn’t have the stamina” lmao. this women is 68 years old and still going strong. women are strong as hell.

hillary played the woman card. good.

Charlie and Me

I knew my neighbor Joe was in trouble when I saw him standing in the road, holding his yellow Lab, Charlie by the collar. They are both standing next to a lawn tractor that my neighbor has used to “run” to catch Charlie. My neighbor is old, nearing 80 and has cancer. Walking is hard enough, but running is impossible. After luring the dog with treats, he’s standing there, unsure of what to do. Walk the dog back and leave the lawn tractor in the middle of the road or call for help. You see? Charlie is Joe’s last puppy. Last of a long line of Labs that have gone back to the time that my neighbor was a boy in Maine. Since I’ve lived in this house next to Joe, I’ve gotten to enjoy Mac, Alex, Jake and now Charlie. Charlie is only 8 months old, but massive and strong as an ox, bigger than any of the other Labs Joe has owned. He is supposed to be a smaller one, easier to handle, but it’s just not so! . Joe is holding him tightly and luckily my husband and I are out for a drive and stop the car and ask, “Are you ok?!” I jump out and grab Charlie’s collar. Joe gets on his lawn tractor and we head towards home. My husband follows in the car. I am strong, but this dog is pulling me so hard that I can barely keep up. He is leaping with joy, panting, and trying his best to get his head out of the collar, stopping to put his own paw under it, as if to slip out and run without me. I keep jerking the collar gently to make him put his foot down. Charlie looks up, with pleading brown eyes…….as if to say, let me run! Let me go! That was so fun! We make it back to Joe’s and manage to get Charlie into the house. He stands at the door and barks at me….and I just stand and laugh. Joe, leans against the tractor and I can tell he’s visibly shaken. So my husband and I stick around until his wife returns and make sure he’s all right. Joe smiles and says, “Have you ever seen the movie, "Marley and Me?”  My husband and I  both nod, “yes” to the question. Joe points to the dog inside the door, who is still barking, wanting outside with us. I guess we can call this, “The Adventures of Charlie and Me.”

He said that “my body became like that”, and so is the case where what makes them continue a 50-year-old fight is by ‘strong will’. Just as grandmother Oki Yone said in the declaration of war,
“My body is like my body but it’s not my body”, ‘the body formed together
—  The Wages of Resistance : Narita Stories - Daishima Haruhiko, Otsu Koshihiro

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(I'm approaching Stanley, I start touching his chest) "You're so strong old man!"

Stanley grunts, grabbing the anon’s face and pushing them away.

“Touch me again an’ I’ll break yer face.”

I can’t wait until my brother gets old/strong enough for me to fight him cause on soul once that nigga turns 12 I’m laying hands on his snitch ass

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Companions react to Sole burning their Vault Suit (trying to move past that part of their lives).

Ada – New beginnings and a new life is what Sole blessed Ada with when they found her under that overpass, so Ada would be one to understand entirely the notion behind Sole’s burning of that iconic blue vault suit. It would be like a dead weight that needed to be cut free from Sole and if burning the thing helped them, Ada wouldn’t judge in the slightest.

Cait – She’d understand exactly what Sole was going through and would be very supportive of the suit’s burning. Having something that constantly reminds you of the worst thing/s that has happened in your life is like a dirty stain that you carry with you until the day you decide to fuck it off. If that’s what the suit meant to Sole, then she’d gladly light the damn flame herself.

Curie – She would be concerned not because of the symbolism, but because Sole would be losing a very useful piece of attire. She herself had tested the resilience of the vault suit in regards to radiation and energy absorption and she feared that with its destruction comes Sole’s increased vulnerability to rad poisoning because no other attire that she’s come across had been anyway near as effective. She’ll just resort to carrying more radaway and rad-x just in case.

Codsworth – He would be glad to see it burning. For him, the blue vault suit reminded him of a terrible time when he found out sir/mum was murdered and young Shaun taken. The sentimentality that it was also the same blue vault suit that symbolised the return of his master/mistress was lost on him, for they were back and staying with him after so many long years of waiting. As long as they didn’t leave him, Codsworth will be fine.

Danse – Whatever Sole believed to be the best for their mental state or way of living, Danse would support wholeheartedly and if that meant burning that damn suit, then have at it. He wouldn’t stand in their way. Besides, he’d much rather see Sole wearing a BOS flight suit instead and wouldn’t complain about the fact that Sole will be much harder to spot now that they weren’t wearing bright blue.

Deacon – He’d be a little sad to see it go, but wouldn’t tell Sole that. New starts and fresh beginnings are needed from time to time, Deacon was the best example of such a thing so of course he wouldn’t be one to judge. He’d take this opportunity however to try and show Sole his own tricks of the trade in regards to blending in with the folks of the Commonwealth, becoming a true Railroad agent only happens when you sneak around in plain sight right under the enemy’s nose.

Gage – Like Deacon, Gage could respect the need for a new beginning. Hell, he’s been there and done that many times before so he wasn’t one to judge. Besides, the Overboss would look much better in raider leathers anyway instead of that damn bright blue that may as well paint a target on their backs. They looked like something from the Pack in that getup, all that was missing was fur.

Hancock – It would be weird for him to say the least, certain clothes worn by certain people mean certain things and with Sole, the bright blue meant undying friendship and trust that the two of them shared, but he’d get over it. He would be able to see it in Sole’s eyes that they needed to do this, so he’d do a toast to new beginnings with his arm around Sole’s shoulders and a supportive smile on his face.

MacCready – He never cared much for the suit really, it was just something that Sole seemed to wear a lot. He himself wasn’t one to talk. He’d had the same clothes for quite some time now but he’d see the burning of the suit as a little bit of a waste – they could probably get some caps for that thing though right? Either way, Mac would understand and like always, he would support Sole through thick and thin.

Nick Valentine – The detective would be fully behind Sole’s decision to burn the thing, knowing all too well how memories can attach themselves unwantedly to certain things in life. He could only wish he could do something similar for himself but would be content to watch the weight drop from Sole’s shoulders as soon as the flames catch light on the suit.

Old Longfellow – Sole burning the suit wouldn’t be a big deal for him, although the reason why they chose to burn it instead of getting some caps for it would be lost on him. At least now, he would be a little less worried that they were easy to spot on the Island and a little more comforted by the fact that Sole no longer looked like a fish out of water ripe for shooting at.

Piper Wright – She could understand the reasoning behind it, hell, she’d be the most supportive of the whole thing. But there would be one flicker of sadness cast within her and it would be a rather selfish one at that. Burning the suit meant no more seeing Blue’s butt in it on the road and probably meant that she should stop calling Sole ‘Blue’, but depending upon what they say about the matter, she’ll still continue unless she’s told otherwise.

Preston Garvey – He’d be sad to see the suit go up in flames, it resembled a time when Sole came charging in to save him and that merry group of his in Concord and also resembled the person that was the turning point to a better life and purpose for Preston. Despite this however, he wouldn’t stand in Sole’s way and would offer them as much support as they wanted from him.

Strong – He literally could not care less. The smell of it burning would be repugnant to his nose, but other than that, Strong wouldn’t care what the hell Sole does with their clothes. He’d just have a hard time distinguishing them from the other humans because they were no longer wearing the iconic blue.

X6-88 – He’d be proud of Sole. To him, burning the vault suit would mean that Sole is finally letting go of the old world and is finally getting ready to embrace the new one, or rather the new world that the Institute promised them. X6 would gladly stand by Sole’s shoulder to watch the suit burn and be reduced by the flames to nothing but a pile of smouldering embers.

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“You haven’t slept for days, have you?”

worried starters 

    “Why do you care?” 

Wisely couldn’t even access his Demon Eye right now. He found it really hard lately to fall asleep because of the memories of the past. Mana.. Nea.. the massacre of the Noah.. it kept haunting his dreams, so Wisely was too stubborn to actually fall asleep now. 

Instead, he went to visit the hostage Lavi since he was being held captive in the Kamelot residence. He was curious about the other, about how mentally strong Bookmen were. But since he couldn’t access the Demon Eye anyway, there seemed to be no point in trying to interrogate the other. 

“You don’t look well yourself. I have to admit though; your old man is strong.”

Today on “How Desperate Am I”: multichaptered fic, old/dead fandom, strong plot but iffy characterization, overly-long paragraphs, and lots of typos/mechanical errors that indicate a lack of editing.

*spins wheel*



AM I???

*audience cheering*

All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither; deep roots are not reached by the frost.
—  J.R.R. Tolkien

A perpetual was always fell upon the properties of the Vamirik estate, which always did add to the truly macabre scene of an old, almost decrepit, yet oddly awe-inspiring architecture that held the tongues of many. Anguis Estate was the place where Besnik was raised, where she grew her deepest insecurities and strongest flaws. It felt strange, almost symbolic that she once again approached this hallowed landmark in her life. But she had a mission, and it was one that would not be deterred due to an old grudge, as strong as it was.

Upon her approach, whatever life resided in the old halls of the mansion shook awake, and peered through the dim, tarnished windows as she made her ascension to the front door. After balling her knuckles and releasing a deep and shaky breath, the Minister knocked on the old oak wood, which creaked open not even a second afterwards.

“Besnik.” echoed a groggy, sobering voice from the dark confines inside. Another shaky release of air escaped her, and thus she replied. “Uncle, I need you to help me.”

A laugh, low and brassy, shot through the darkness raising the hairs on the back of the woman’s neck. Without reply, the door creaked open more and more to invite the now mousy Bes inside. She took no measure to look around, or try and pick up some glimmer of imagery – she neither cared nor’ dared to try and remember such a place. On queue, the door slammed shut, and the man would approach from behind, already demanding answers and elaboration. “Why are you coming to me exactly, I know I am not your first choice.”

“Because…” She paused, not wishing to fling dirt so early into such a reunion. “Because you are the only one who would possibly be one hundred percent honest with me…”

At that her uncle nodded, even if she couldn’t see it. She was right, he was the only person who would ever give her request thorough consideration and clarity. Although he was hard, bashful, and dangerous in varying degrees, there was no one else more equipped for such a task. “Alright then, what is it you want your uncle Thad to do this time?”

“I want you to help me restore my vision.”