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(Text): I'm glad I'm not the only one. Ah, shit - big money. Wouldn't want to fuck up that winning streak! Hahaha.

Text: I mean, we’re basically twins so we shouldn’t be surprised. He’s such an idiot, he’s mad some old lady strong armed him off his machine and won like 6k

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be the blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.“”

-J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

We are a black Married cuckold couple living in the Chicago area. I’m 47 5ft 8in Tall, 150 lbs my husband is 54 years old he has been proudly sharing me with white men for over 25 years, in this time we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying relationships with long-term White Bulls. About 4 weeks ago my 62 year old mature strong white bull at nearly ten years abruptly without warning broke off our relationship thus leaving me needing and wanting the services of a white bull. I’m not looking for a pretty boy or the Hollywood type and I’m not looking for a young white man I prefer mature White Bulls minimum age of 45 your looks are not important to me what is important ? You must have a strong white cock minimum length 7 inches but you must be thick 6 inches of girth is a must a deal breaker. And of course excellent hygiene and Grooming. Interested applicants should hit us up on this blog inbox for openers. This blog page is primarily maintained by my husband but I lurk around from time to time lol. Due to privacy and discretion we don’t post ourselves on this blog page but pictures are available via text or inbox.

Everything leads back to Richonne (at least in my mind lol)

I was getting proper nostalgic over music but one song has really stuck with me. I used to listen to it on my lil radio all the time just enjoying the sound of this rap remix but the message is so deep. And I love the way he words it so simple. This particular part really screams their current situation from Rick’s POV via rap lmao  :

“And it’s all confusing, just keep on cruising
Left or right, which way? Start choosing
I know you’re fuming, but your boy’s right here
Hold tight, don’t lose him
We’re here to say
I’m standing here today
By your side is where I’ll stay
Until we’re old and grey
Standing strong, holding tight
Don’t stop, even at red lights
Not alone, we’re all inside
Open your mind and rise “

This shit had me feeling like I could fly and rise above anything when my biggest challenge then was probably long division!

It’s called You’re Not Alone- by the teeny weeny Tinchy Stryder

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How many RP groups are all of you in, if any? How old is your oldest one, and is it still active? Do you still enjoy RPing there? I've been in several RP groups but find that they always die out within a few months. However, I do have one that's one year old and still going strong!

Oh… hey Marzipan. This is that guy Strong Bad. Um… so I was just reading on my Internet… about how tofu is made from little baby seals. Yeah. So like, all this time, you’ve been eatin’, um, little baby seals.  So what? I guess you’re gonna keel over, at like, any second now at the thought of all these little baby seals running around in your stomach. I mean, that’s just gross.  Just plain old gross.

Strong Bad

-Marzipan’s Answering Machine Versoin 9.2



Big, black sharp clawed paws moved with a predatory elegance born from hell itself. The Hellhound was old, quite old, but strong and sturdy, and certainly well fed. To the human eyes, at the best, he would appear as little more than misty shape vaguely in the of massive nearly horse sized hound. Big and old.  

His gold eyes glinted, allowing a snap of a twig, to at least give some chance of a chase with this prey. Gold.. A hold over from a generation largely all gone. It took strength to be this old, and that, gave him even more. His long life was hardly un-eventful, and he had scars ontop of scars. The most recent, was a scar across his face from getting his ass kicked by a righteous paladin of all things. On top of an Old wound to boot!  the smell of damned soul caught his nostrils and a toothy grin appeared on the hell hound, ears perked up listening to the noises of movement. “It’s moving west.” 

That was his only small, short message to his counterpart, a some what younger, but immensely promising hell-hound of more recent stock. Hardly a pushover, and getting quite big himself. He let out a howl, giving his location to his partner, but also, to frighten the prey even more.

I have a watch in my closet that still goes off at like 4 am and I only now just noticed :>

That thing is like 5 years old

How strong is that battery holy heck

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Source: Lord of the rings is my favorite book/movie. The line in the poem goes "All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost, The old that is strong does not wither ..." -J.R.R. Tolkien.... I'm just tryna credit my boi tolkien

Thankss for bringing me up to speed

Education: A Better Observable behavior Upon Create Your Own Dreams

The city of Hyderabad is located next to the Southern region respecting the country. Hyderabad city is situated in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It inter alia serves as things go the fat-faced type city with respect to the state. The ville of Hyderabad is located straddle the Musi River on the Deccan Plateau. Hyderabad is one regarding the largest cities re the region and is also most populated one. It is an age old metropolitan and has a designative past history. Good graces the ancient turn of expression this little italy was ruled complete by contrasting eminent and forceful emperors and rulers. Mid the change of time this region grew and progressed and today the goods is one speaking of the modern cities of the country.

Hyderabad city takes pride and altogether cherishes its age old culture and tradition. I myself is an amazing fusion about age old values and morals and new rust technology and science. In the once few decades this city has shown rapid biogenesis and progress. It has established a number of small, climate and overgrown scale industries and businesses. It is also home to many historiographic businesses and industries. Hyderabad is home to many dappled and outsourcing companies. The civic administration of the sod is maintained by the Municipal Corporation in regard to Hyderabad.

The rapid and impressive change concerning the city has made yours truly an important junction as regards trade, finances, conversation, tradition, bluestockingism and lore of the region. If you are relocating toward this part with respect to the country yourselves will decidedly get ring the changes job opportunities, safe and secure residential locations which are moderate and affordable, better standard of living and a strong education sector. The citified serves as the administrative unit of the Hyderabad district and division. Unto maintain better relations with the neighboring cities and states this city is well clean-cut in agreement with them through perfect air, roadbed and road services.

The education sector of the city center is age old and proficient in providing quality education for the students of different senescence groups. The city has established dozens of schools, colleges, research academies, and appurtenance educational institutions. The schools in the greenbelt are affiliated with mortal of the following government immemorial boards, CBSE, ICSE, IB, NIOS and unlike state theatrophobia. The schools are administered either by the government or by some private trust or organization. In some cases the schools are financially supported via the government and are run by the confidential presumption and individual.

The schools in the little hungary are made according to the modern course of study system. Somewhere about directorate enunciate involved new age tools and techniques to baby the modern educational needs pertaining to students; pretty that students could net income an all circumnavigate accomplishment and progress. These institutes envision creating worlds class leaders of tomorrow who could take admissible and inspired decisions for the upheaval and prosperity regarding the society. The students are encouraged to work hard and take large amount in all in all the school interlocked activities so that students gird updated pro the world uniform changes and developments.

Desert Jeuney to try extra Pakenham ground

The performance of Desert Jeuney in the Pakenham Cup will convince his trainer Nigel Blackiston whether to keep him to longer races.

Blackiston harbours doubts the seven-year-old will run a strong 2500m in Saturday’s Cup, his first shot at a staying trip in more than 2-½ years.

The trainer said as Desert Jeuney was ageing, now was the time to give him another distance test.

“I’m still not 100 per cent convinced he’s a stayer but we’ve come this far now and he’s fit and well so we might as well give it a try,” Blackiston said.

Whlle he is yet to win beyond 2000 metres, Desert Jeuneys’s breeding says he should. He is by Irish Derby winner Desert King out of Preps, a mare by Melbourne Cup winner Jeune.

The last time Desert Jeuney contested a staying race was when eighth behind The Offer in the 2014 Sydney Cup.

Desert Jeuney has raced at 2400m, or further, three times with a best finish of fifth in the Chairman’s Handicap in the lead-up to his Sydney Cup performance.

All Desert Jeuney’s staying performances have been on rain-affected tracks while his best efforts have been on firmer surfaces.

While Blackiston may not be convinced about Desert Jeuney’s staying prowess, the gelding did show Group One potential when kept to shorter trips.

He ran third in the Toorak Handicap at Caulfield in 2014 and followed that with a third in the Waterford Crystal Mile at Moonee Valley.

“He was kept a little bit fresher and that seemed to help him back then,” Blackiston said.

“But now as he’s getting a little bit older he’s shown that he possibly will appreciate a little more distance.”

Desert Jeuney has been to the new Pakenham track once, winning over 2000m last year while he was also successful on the old Pakenham lay-out, winning on debut in 2013.

He enters Saturday’s race off a last-start seventh behind Pilote D'essai in the Ballarat Cup in which he was a victim of a wide draw and a track favouring on-pace horses.

“Hopefully he draws a nice barrier for a change,” Blackiston said.

“He had barrier 16 last time and we had to go back and it was an on-pace track.

"He finished it off nicely so it warranted heading towards Pakenham now.”