So, I watched The OA back around Christmas and I’ve read a lot of reactions to it and something I’ve noticed is that while complaining about the mystery of the finale, not a single other person concluded a self fulfilling scenario. Everyone talks about how the shooting was a surprise or how they didn’t understand where it came from/that there was no build up to it and it made me wonder, did I rationalize the story of it to myself? Because here’s the thing: I think that Steve was the lynchpin of it all.

Now, bear with me.

Steve gets arguably more screentime and world building than the rest of the characters Prairie interacts with. Everything starts when Prairie first sees him messing around on a roof, and she SENSES something about him. She pursues HIM when seeking wifi. He’s the one she goes to to find people she can use in her “fight”.

He’s also shown to have a rage issue. Specifically, he gets jealous af and butt hurt over the possibility that his fuck buddy may be into another guy. There’s no explanation for why he singles out the guy that he does as the likely target of her affection, other than that he was the most gifted singer in the room. A singer who probably saw showchoir as an escape, as the most important thing in his life. And then Steve silences his voice and take away the nationals from him.

When I saw the shooter walking towards the cafeteria, I felt it in my gut. I knew who the kid was. Because often the kids that do those sorts of things are the ones who see no other option, they’ve been bullied to a point where that seems like the only response they can give. (Not something I am romanticizing or forgiving in any way.) And there’s only one known bully at that school.

And that’s why the finale of The OA fucked ME up. Because whether or not Prairie really was The OA, whether or not she had fantasized her NDEs and what went down with her imprisonment, she had rehabbed a bully and given him the tools to stop a monster of his own making. And somehow she had known it was necessary just from looking at him on a roof, late at night.

And that’s why when I watched the last episode, I laid awake in bed wondering what the hell I had just watched, because I no longer knew what was the real story I was supposed to have been watching.

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Did you notice that when French sneak on OA's house he grabbs the violin?, I mean, she had it when she was kidnapped, like, Hap had it, right?, he didn't gave it back to her when he left her in the road, right?

WHO ARE YOU??? That’s an incredible thing to notice!! I haven’t rewatched the last epi yet, but now that you pointed that out it’s an issue… a little bit of doubt sets in.

Although, we may be able to assume that she has two violins, as many artists do, one for performances and one for practice. What do you all think?


“I hope you know I’ve always thought of you, well, all of you as collaborators but you most of all, I like to think of as a partner” 

“You’ll always be the girl willing to risk everything for the chance to achieve something extraordinary”  - HAP The OA 1x06 

“I can’t, I don’t want to I am not your lab partner I am not your friend I am your slave” 

“And he’s in the car and he’s so… fast. I run to get him… I can’t catch him… I… really run so hard but I can’t catch him and I scream : Come back !”  - OA 1x06, 1x07

Thoughts on The OA

Loved this show, just binged it in like 14 hours and am starting from the beginning again. There’s just one thing I keep thinking about. I’ve seen a few posts about people wondering what the captives do when they need to go to the toilet but what do OA, Rachel and Renata do when they’re on their periods? Does Hap make them go au naturel? Does he have a stock pile of tampons and pads and shit? If someone looked at the groceries he got delivered wouldn’t someone get suspicious? Or does he make them take some kind of medication that fucks with their hormones and stops their periods? Or maybe malnutrition, dehydration, stress and trauma has had an affect on their biology.
I like to imagine that Homer, despite feeling a bit uncomfortable (because he’s so used to being the macho sportsman), is really supportive of all the girls, especially Rachel who gets unbelievable cramps so he tells her stories about playing football to help her sleep. Scott is quiet nearly the whole time, which for him, with no snarky comments, is practically angelic behaviour. He helps Prairie one night when she nearly trips over the stream with just a word of direction. When she thanks him he’s silent for a moment but then he mumbles unintelligibly. Prairie thinks it’s something like “can’t have you bleeding in our drinking water” and she smiles.
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“I can tell you everything I did wrong. I didn’t eat when I was hungry. Didn’t sleep when I was tired. Didn’t get warm when I was cold. It made me weak. But the biggest mistake I made was believing that if I cast a beautiful net I’d catch only beautiful things.

The most amazing thing about The OA is the friendship. I mean, some of the parts of the show seemed cheesy (aka the after life special effects) and when the movements thing started I was like wtf. But the relationship between these unprecedented group of people that don’t have any similarities and have different struggles is the most wonderful thing. And it happens sp quickly. They don’t question it from the very first day OA starts to tell her story. And in the last episode they all started doing the movements without hesitation my heart melted. I felt so many emotions. I’ve missed the feeling of that kind of connection between strangers although I’ve never experienced it. Sigh. I feel so many things guys sorry for my rant.