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In The World

Katsuki Yuuri is a puzzle, one Viktor is always happy to go back to, sliding long fingers over the pieces. Yet every time he thinks he’s worked it out, he realizes there’s no edge to the puzzle, no end, and everything rearranges.

“Yuuri,” he calls, “what’s this?”

The dark mess of hair and pajamas emerges from the bedroom, rubbing his eyes. “Origami.”

“Was there some kind of craft fair near our house yesterday?”

“I made it,” Yuuri mutters. An intricate dragon, out of soft blue tissue paper, and Viktor’s fiance made it. “I needed something to do with my hands while I waited for the dashi to simmer.” For Yuuri, that’s the end of the discussion. No further explanation, just another piece of Yuuri’s history plucked mysteriously from the void. 

Yuuri can juggle. He can play piano. If his hands are steady and he’s given the right pen, he thoughtlessly sketches out calligraphy. When he sings to himself while Viktor soaps his back in the shower, he drifts between styles: Broadway showtunes, operatic Italian, Japanese lullabies. Knitting. Jump-rope. Shadow puppetry, when they’re feeling foolish under the covers of their king bed and waiting until they’re ready to… 

Viktor thinks he wouldn’t be surprised if Yuuri was capable of magic– but then Viktor would be lying to himself, because he was surprised when Yuuri pulled quarters from out of thin air, made Viktor’s ring disappear for a few moments from beneath a cup.

What can he not do?” Yurio hisses, half delighted and half serious, when he bites into homemade cake. Viktor wants to tell him he doesn’t know the half of it– he’s never played darts or cards with Yuuri, unlike poor Viktor Nikiforov. “How. How is it possible.”

“Darling,” Viktor probes, when he finds Yuuri spread over their living room floor one evening, whittling away at wood while sitting in his splits. “How do you… how do you know how to do all these things?”

“What? Oh, this?” Yuuri says, gesturing with his knife and carving that has only started to resemble Makkachin. “It’s silly.” Viktor wants to strangle him, quiet the easy dismissal– preferably with his lips. It’s not silly. You’re brilliant. “We got a lot of different people, coming through the onsen. Sometimes, if the room wasn’t ready yet or they asked for company, I sat with them. I didn’t like…” he pauses, bites at his lip, and scrapes off a shred of wood. “Talking is difficult? I’m not entertaining, that way. But everyone likes teaching, so I picked up a few things.”

A few. Their apartment is a shrine to Yuuri’s many accomplishments, both world-record-holding and minute. Origami and sketches and trophy cases, gleaming. Viktor is the religion’s most ardent follower.

“We’re going to have so much fun when we retire,” he realizes.

“Hmm?” Is Yuuri’s only reply. Makkachin’s tail is emerging beneath his hands. “Also, do you want a massage later, Vitya?” He doesn’t even have to ask. Viktor pads over, sits behind him and wraps arms around his fiance’s steady waist.

“Do you know what I want to be the best at,” he hums into Yuuri’s neck.

“You’re already the best at skating,” Yuuri states bluntly. Nipping at his neck, Viktor wordlessly scolds the current world record holder. Yuuri laughs, the steady strokes of his whittling knife faltering as he twists to catch Viktor’s lips. “What, Vitya?”

“I want to be the best at loving you,” Viktor whispers, and it’s a skill he’ll spend his entire life perfecting.


I’m fucking crying my eyes out right now over how amazing perfect my goddess is in her Halloween outfit. Nana is too adorable in general for my already bursting heart and then they throw me a witch Nana????? 

 Bandai are trying to kill me with these recent Nanas and I’m all for it

How Many Freckles Do You Have? (Newt x Reader)

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I know there have been things like this before, but it’s something short and sweet!

Y/N/N: Your nickname

If one thing was for sure about the daily appearance of Newt Scamander, it was the dozens upon dozens of beautiful freckles that littered his skin–and you loved them.  They were just one more thing that added to the uniqueness of him.

However, Newt didn’t love his freckles half as much as you did.  In fact, he didn’t like the at all.

Newt saw them as ugly and distracting, wishing they could just get up and leave.  He figured there was some sort of spell for that, but didn’t want to risk it.  Newt wasn’t the type of person to constantly degrade his appearance in a mirror, but he knew the freckles were always there.

Both you and your fiancee Newt were sitting on the sofa, your legs swung over Newt’s, going over the newest and most recent chapter of his book on the Mooncalves.

“Did you know that during a Mooncalf mating ritual, it leaves odd geometric patterns in wheat fields that confused muggles?”  Newt said enthusiastically.

“You’ve only told me about seven times,” you laughed.  Newt blushed.  “But I admire how passionate you are about your work, you know that.”  You were starting to get tired.  “Love, can we stop here for tonight?”

Newt nodded and closed his journal.  “Of course.  Are you getting tired?”

You shook your head.  “I still have a few more minutes.  I just wanted some nice quiet time with you.”

You got up from your comfy seat and went to the kitchen to make two cups of tea.  When you came back, Newt hadn’t budged.  All he had done was set his book on the coffee table in front of him.  You handed him one of the cups.

“Thank you, Y/N/N.”

“Anytime,” you replied as you sat back down next to him.

You each sat there in silent for a few moments, simply enjoying the feeling of the other one and a nice cup of tea.  You turned your head to observe Newt’s face.  His beautiful whatever-freaking-color-they-are eyes, perfect soft hair, pink lips, and your absolute favorite: his freckles that adorned his features in the most perfect way.

“Love?  What exactly are you staring at?” Newt asked, noticing that you were staring at him.

“How many freckles do you have?” you said nonchalantly.

Newt furrowed his eyebrows and chuckled.  That was one of the most unexpected responses.  “I’m not sure… too many, that’s all I know.”

“What do you mean ‘too many’?” you frowned as you took a sip of your tea.

He shrugged.  “I don’t like them.  They’re ugly.”

You nearly choked on your tea.  “That’s one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard you say.  Your freckles are adorable!  They complement you perfectly.”  You kissed his cheek.  “Adorable freckles on an adorable man.  What’s a better combination?”

Newt shyly smiled at your compliment.  “Thank you, dear.  I guess they do kind of fit me.”  Newt kissed your cheek.

You stroked his cheek, admiring his cute lil freckles.  “Can I count them?”

Newt tilted his head and chuckled.  “You can sure try.”

“Can I connect them with ink and see if it makes a shape?”

“Now you’re stretching it.”

Please let me know what you thought about it!

•uniquely cool music videos you should check out•

The Avalanches - Beacause I’m Me 🌸 (adorable kid, 70s vibe, everything is good in the world)

Declan McKenna - Why Do You Feel So Down ☀️(a nerdy white kid dancing that will make you smile)

Dua Lipa - New Rules 👑 (girl power to the max)

morgxn- home 💕 (I️ watch this religiously because it’s so uplifting)

Made Violent - Wasted Days 💥 (the 360 degree camera makes this song so much better)

The Regrettes - Seashore ⚓️ (bright colors and angst)

Ghosted - Get Some 🌚 (the most surprising video ever lol)

Tom Gross - Son of a Preacher Man 🌈 (warning: will make you cry nonstop)

The Revivalists 💃 (just a bunch of cute old people it’s adorable)

Khalid - Young Dumb & Broke 🌫 (makes school look nice)


a look i will never be over/the most beautiful person ever

Counselor Shiro [Shiro x Reader]

A/n: This was inspired by @savetheblackpaladin‘s headcanons for shiro being a camp counselor! Go check it out loves!! I hope you love it!!

(This is also kind of a modern au in a way because it’s on Earth)

Summer camp was something Shiro loved to volunteer in. He loves to spend time with the kids and get to know each one of them in his group. He loves to see the ones that come back every summer and see how much they had grown. Not to mention the kids absolutely adored him. It surprised quite a few people that he didn’t have any of his own, along with that he wasn’t in any sort of relationship. All honesty, he didn’t go looking for relationships. He decided he would just wait for that special person to walk into his life instead of going out searching.

Though it didn’t stop quite a few older sisters or young single moms to try and hit on the man their children or sibling adored so much. Shiro’s a good-looking guy and how good he is with kids, who wouldn’t be attracted to him. Honestly, quite a few kids wouldn’t mind him being with their moms or sisters either.

Shiro was the most fun person ever to them! They think it’s funny how he has alarms for when to put on sunscreen or how he helps with their hair if it’s in their faces. He always will make their scheduled activities a little unique by throwing his own little twist into it. He absolutely adores the kids, and they return the feeling.

Well, that’s what your little sister has been telling you about Counselor Shiro. She loves to tell you about her days at summer camp and that she wants you to come and volunteer for a day. You know she missed you a lot because of your always being away at school, so summer she always is attached to your hip.

She was practically squealing when you parked the car. She hurried out and took your hand, dragging you over to where the mass of kids in her group had accumulated. They smiled before all staring at you, a few of the little boys blushing. “You’re pretty” One of them mumbled making you chuckle. [S/n] smiled and pointed at you, “This is my big sister [F/n]! She’s gonna stay the whole day!” She cheered and the other kids smiled widely. “As long as it’s okay with your counselor.” You corrected and she nodded.

Just then Shiro walked over with his nose in a clipboard. “Good morning kiddos” He called before looking up and seeing you, [S/n] clutching your hand. Both of you blushed a little, you hadn’t known he was so attractive. “Um” he scratched the back of his neck before holding out his hand “Hi, I’m Takashi Shirogane, but the kids call me Shiro.” You noticed his prosthetic, but didn’t pay it any mind. Taking his hand you smiled, “Nice to meet you. I’m [F/n], [S/n]’s sister. She wanted me to come hang out for the day if that’s alright.” Shiro grinned and nodded, “Not a problem, it’ll be a pleasure have you here.”

And that it was. The entire day you spent it playing with the kids and getting to know Shiro better. You didn’t really know a guy could be sweet and adorable. He was so good with the kids, one of the kids fell and scraped his knee and in came Shiro like a superhero and had the kid up and running in seconds. It was admirable.

It was incredible how he kept up with them, but the time pick-up had rolled around you were laying in the grass exhausted. Shiro chuckled before sitting next to you, “Tired?” Nodding you looked at him, “How do you do this five days a week?” He shrugged “Stamina?”

You laughed, glancing to see the kids all sitting at the picnic table, waiting for their parents. “They really admire you ya know. My sister doesn’t stop talking about how ‘Counselor Shiro is the most fun person in the whole wide world.’” You said in a child’s voice. Shiro smiled and chuckled, “Well she talks pretty highly of you too. She always says how her sister is super fun and smart and beautiful.” You blushed and scratched your arm, “She has an imagination.” Shiro shrugged, “I’ve learned it’s all true.”

Your blush deepened when you looked to see him smiling softly at you. Clearing your voice you sat up. “Y-you’re not so bad yourself.”

“Ooooooooo, Counselor Shiro like likes [F/n]!” you both looked over to see the kids giggling after [S/n]’s outburst. “Get back to talking Cadets!” Shiro laughed and the kids turned back to looking for their parents, a few of them running over when finding them. Chuckling you stood up and stretched your back, “Those kids sure are intuitive.” He stood up too and smiled, his height making him tower over you. “Yeah, but they aren’t wrong.”

You smiled bashfully, “You think I’m beautiful” He nodded, “And smart and fun.” Adding on, “And I’d love to spend more time with you. Maybe over a coffee?”

Smiling and biting your lip you looked at the ground then at your sister who was the only one left at the table. “Is this you asking me out?” He grinned, “How am I doing?” Chuckling you looked down bashfully again and back up at him. “I’d love too.”

He beamed before asking for your phone number. “I’ll call you.”

“I look forward to it.” Grinning before you and [S/n] made your leave. When getting in your car she was smiling like a madman before starting to sing, “[F/n] and Shiro sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G” You rolled your eyes and laughed before mumbling to yourself, “Not that I’d mind.”

Black and White (Part 2)

Dean is a mechanic, running an illegal chop shop on the side to pay for his baby brother’s college tuition. Castiel is a local photojournalist who just so happens to catch Dean on film stealing a car.

Dean convinces Cas not to turn him in, and sparks fly.

But what happens when Cas appears to be involved with a rival group?

Can Dean trust him at all? Or does Cas already know enough to ruin him?

Read Part 1

Word Count: 2550

Warnings: None yet

A/N: Feedback appreciated! This is an AU that’s a little different, so I hope y’all enjoy this one!

“Not much to explain,” Dean shrugs.

“Who are you?” Cas blurts out, eyes widening like he didn’t mean to say it quite so loudly. “I mean, what do you do? Why were you stealing that car?”

Dean should stop this right now. Should make up some lie, or threaten Cas into silence. But he can’t find the heart to do either. Somehow, he finds a vague version of the actual truth coming out of his own mouth. “I told you already. I’m a mechanic. You saw my garage. And I was…uh, I was taking that car because I needed it.”

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saturntom  asked:

Hi,i would like to read a headcanon,were the reader is an actress and is dating Tom. 💕

anything for you, lovie!

note: i’m sorry it took so long! :(

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  • sometimes, being an actress is hard
  • but, luckily, you met Tom and he totally understands what you go through on a daily basis
  • you angels are always each other’s dates to premieres and other events such as award shows
  • and whenever he wins an award, he never fails to mention you
  • “thank you all so much! but, i feel like this one special person in my life who has kept me grounded through all this and truly understands what it’s like to be on the road for weeks and months on end, is my beautiful girlfriend, y/n. i love you, darling.”
  • you doing the same whenever you win an award
  • not seeing each other for six months at one point
  • but as soon as you found him in the airport and you were finally back in his arms, you knew you didn’t want to let go for a long time
  • he’s your home
  • and you’re his
  • you two are absolutely adorable
  • your fans love him to death
  • and his fans absolutely adore you since you make him so happy
  • being there when he finds out he got the role to play spider-man
  • you lowkey knew he’d get the part
  • i mean look at him, he’s like a real life Peter Parker
  • he never fails to impress you
  • you never fail to impress him either
  • and whenever either of you share an on an screen kiss, you cover the other’s eyes
  • “but i could probably kiss you better.”
  • overall, you guys are the most adorable couple i think i’ve ever seen

Dear Freddie...

…you are one of the biggest inspirations I’ve ever had in this life. You make me happy every day, make me feel safe when I am scared and you never make me feel alone. You are such a talented man with a beautiful soul. How often I think about you; how often I wish I could just tell you how much I adore you.

 You are perfect in every way possible - you have the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen, the most adorable smile, a flawless appearance, a fabulous humour, a magnificent personality and a breathtaking voice. 

Even though your body may not be on this earth anymore, your spirit carries on through every word you’ve written, every tone you’ve played and every song you’ve performed. I just know you are here for everyone who needs you, every single person you’ve inspired. 

All I really want to say is thank you. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. For every time you’ve helped me out of my sadness. For every time you gave me motivation and courage through your songs. For every time you made me feel secure and loved. For every time you made me feel beautiful and brave. I cannot thank you enough.

Anyway, darling. I just want you to know how much I love you and how much of an influence you have on my life. There’s not a single day I don’t think about you and I am so very proud to be your fan. I love you.

Happy 71st birthday, my angel…

Well, I did it. A six page letter on how Kenny Omega has changed my world. If any of you guys want to, feel free to read it. That is, if you can, lol. My handwriting sucks. I’m planning on posting this on Twitter too. Gosh, I’m on the verge of crying.

If you guys thought that the “I LOVE KENNY OMEGA” post was long, wow, you don’t know me. I would’ve typed this up but I like writing more. I know, I’m weird.

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