the morning faery

Did I get blessed by a faerie this morning or something???? I’m being so healthy!! O__o
I’ve taken my probiotic, my Aqua Greens, my biotin, put Benefibre in my water, AND eating greek yogurt with raw honey!!!!! Who am I?!?!?! Okay admittedly the first thing I consumed this morning was a sip of root beer and half a can of watermelon Rockstar, BUT STILL!!!! 
I’m hopefully buying a planner today so that not only can I schedule my intakes and workouts for each day, I can also make a plan for what supplements I take at what time of day because I have quite a lot of vitamins and supplements in my life that I do not take regularly when I really effing need to. AND I’m thinking of buying a couple more supplements for other health stuffs but we’ll see. The one is a type of fibre capsule but I already have benefibre so is it wise to take both in a day or should I wait til I’m out of powder then buy the capsules?? Who knows I’ll figure something out. More research is needed.


moon mum, dad and I visited a sleepy little town of Mapleton ~ this violet morning glory grew wild and blanketed the whole town and we fell in love with the colour ~ also their home grown figs on the roadside are the sweetest I’ve ever tasted :~) i swam in a cold river, a really sweet family were encouraging me and when I did it began raining on the river. Before this I have not swam in so many years and i felt so liberated ~*~ 

The Morning Faery is fond of appearing to housewives and househusbands in the sudden quiet moment when the rest of the family is out the door to school and work. Then, she whispers in your ear: “Don’t do your chores. Don’t worry about it. Leave the dishes, the dusting, the dog-walking, the dinner planning… Do something just for yourself right now.” She is the faery behind that irresistible desire to read a magazine or a book or maybe to watch a little television… but she is also just as likely to urge you to finally write that novel, pick up that oboe, or sign up for that course.
— Good Faeries Bad Faeries, by Brian Froud.

[Artwork: The Morning Faery, by Brian Froud.]