Dwayne had heard from a little birdy that a fan was celebrating their birthday tonight, and they’d been hoping for a special visit from the vampire.  It wasn’t something he was accustomed to doing, considering he preferred to stay out of the media as best he could now that their pack was so popular, and that was putting it lightly.  However, this wasn’t just any fan, that much he knew, and decided to make it a point to visit.

He appeared in sight, walking down the boardwalk, holding a box under one arm, careful not to squish it and pointed at Tori.  Then his pointer finger dropped down.  It was a stern beckoning for her to come forward and have a seat with him at one of the many benches near the arcade.

With pristine patience, he waited for Tori, and once she was seated in front of him, he said, “Happy birthday,” and set the box down in front of her.  The lid was carefully opened and sitting inside was a devil’s food cake covered from top to bottom in decadent chocolate frosting.  “I wasn’t sure how you felt about chocolate, but I figured it’s pretty universal.”  Without hesitation, he dipped a finger into the frosting and then into his mouth.  

“It’s real good. You wanna try?” He then dipped his finger in again and offered to let her lick it off.

⚡ 80s movie asks

  • bill and ted’s excellent adventure: are you more of an optimist or pessimist?
  • back to the future: which decade in the last century would you most have liked to live in?
  • the breakfast club: which high school stereotype do you fit into best?
  • ferris bueller’s day off: what’s your guilty pleasure?
  • footloose: who did you last dance with?
  • the goonies: what was the last thing to make you laugh?
  • the outsiders: why is your best friend your best friend?
  • the lost boys: would you rather be immortal or objectively beautiful to everyone?
  • labyrinth: what’s the relationship with your siblings like?
  • the karate kid: when did you last have to work really hard to achieve something you’re proud of?
  • stand by me: why did you last go on a road trip?
  • pretty in pink: what’s your signature ‘look’?
  • drugstore cowboy: which historical figure most spikes your interest?
  • ghostbusters: where were you when you watched your favourite movie for the first time?
  • sixteen candles: at which age do you consider a person to be mature?
  • dirty dancing: where were you when you first heard your favourite song?
  • better off dead: why did you last laugh so hard it reduced you to tears?
  • heathers: did you apologise the last time you were unreasonably mean?
  • parenthood: is there anyone you’re not biologically related to that you consider ‘family’?
  • permanent record: where were you the last time you told someone you loved them?
  • st. elmo’s fire: what’s one piece advice you would give to someone two years younger than yourself?
  • dangerous liaisons: which language would you most like to learn?
  • rumble fish: who do you look to for guidance in times of need?
  • e.t.: what’s one ‘weird’ feature that you love about yourself?
  • young guns: what’s one style that you love on others, but would never try yourself?
  • oxford blues: why did you last pretend to be something you’re not?
  • dead poet’s society: the last time you made a decision that everyone around you told you not to make, how did it work out?