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Hey,Again I wanted to Resqust another Headcannon of Richie and Eddie. This one is Eddie is out as gay and a kid from school is hitting on him. How would Richie react

~ First of all, Eddie loves telling his coming out story because it is literally one of the funniest things that’s ever happened to him in his whole life and it for sure made the situation less scary and stressful. 

~ He impulsively announced that he had something to say when all the losers were packed into Bills car and he was sitting nervously on the passengers side. He wasn’t quite sure why but this felt like the moment. His mouth spoke before he could stop it. “I have something to tell you guys!” he shouted and instantly regretted it. 

~ He hadn’t even thought about how being packed into a car meant he’d have no way to escape if it all went south. He bit into his lip as his friends quieted to give him attention, even Richie. He swallowed….thinking of all the ways he could possibly back out. “I…well I just wanted to say-”

~ Suddenly, the radio that had been playing some soft song, burst with it’s new loud choice-

~ “I’m Coming Out!” Chimed the radio in Diana Ross’s voice. The car went silent as Eddie took the leap.

~ “That! I wanted to say that!” 

~ “That…you’re coming out?” Beverly asked, a small smile started at the corner of her lips. 

~ Eddie nodded profusely and everyone broke into laughter, Eddie was worried for what felt like an eternity until Bill pats his shoulder and reassures him that they love and support him. 

~With that over with, Eddie walks with his head a little higher in school. He feels so much better about himself. All of the losers notice instantly. 

~ He’s not quite sure why or how, but most of the school just knows too. Eddie notices the decrease in boys comfortably around him. It kills him. His own lab partner seems to have to make sure they sit as far apart as possible. 

~ What quirks peoples eyebrows is the fact that Richie Tozier seems like he hasn’t gotten the memo. Everyone gives him odd looks when Richie throws his arm around Eddie like it’s no big deal. Richie still pinches Eddie’s cheeks like many students saw in passing before. And Richie still sat incredibly close to him. 

~ Eddie secretly adored that he hadn’t changed. He didn’t really think his friends would but he was still thankful that Richie kept on teasing him just the same. 

~ The students though, couldn’t seem to process it. They watched it happen with confusion until Skippy Peterson supplied Richie with smokes in the bathroom. 

“Y’know, Eddie Kaspbrak’s gay right? Aren’t you worried he’ll think you’re flirting with him? What if he thinks he has a shot with you?” 

~ Richie flicked his lighter on and took a deep breath. “I sure hope he does. I’ve been flirting with him since we were like ten. He could’ve had me back then. We could’ve been holding hands at recess if he wanted.” and then he spun out the door, leaving Skippy feeling dumb. 

~ Richie left the bathroom just in time to catch some dude loitering by Eddie’s locker. Which was his job. He started strolling over until Eddie came into view…he could only just hear the conversation.

~ “Hey, Eddie right? I saw you with your friends the other day but I was a little nervous to talk to you then.” 

~ “Why would you be nervous Connor? I have those notes you wanted in my locker, if you would’ve asked I would’ve given em’ to you.” Eddie shrugged as he opened his locker. 

~ Richie rolled his eyes, a little glad that Eddie couldn’t be more oblivious to the fact that this Connor guy was flirting with him. 

~ As Eddie stood on his tip toes to reach, Connor took the chance to look him up and down. That was the last straw. Richie bounded over and slung his arm around Eddie’s shoulders. “How ya doin’ Eds?” he ruffled his hair and gave Connor a back off look. 

“Don’t call me that- Oh here you go, Connor.” Eddie handed him the notes and he looked like he might say something else to Eddie but then took another glance at Richie and decided against. 

“Huh, wonder where he’s going so fast?” 

~ “Probably to find some other guy to flirt with.” 

~ “He was not flirting with me.” Eddie rolled his eyes as Richie leaned against the neighboring locker, looking smug. 

“He had his eyes all over you, Eds. His flirting isn’t as good as mine though, Right?” Richie stuck his nose in the air. Eddie gave him a confused look. 

“How would I know?” 

~ “Because I’m always flirting with you… this not as clear as I thought?” 

“No Homo”

I feel like Richie probably says “no homo” 24/7.


*walking around a grocery store with Mike*

Mike: Could you grab that *pointing at some deli turkey slices*

Richie: No homo *grabs the meat*

*sitting on Bev’s bed*

Bev: *doing Richie’s nails* Could you pass me my violet nail polish?

Richie: No homo *picks up the nail polish*

*standing in front of the Losers*

Richie: so guys, I’m bi. I like chick’s but I also like dudes

Bill: *pats him on the back* nice Richie, I’m happy for you

Stan: *deadpan* No shit.

Mike: *smiling* that’s cool

Bev: *smirking* told you so

Ben: *eyes wide* really? Woah. I didn’t notice, but I’m totally happy for you!

Eddie: oh! That’s *ears turning a bit red* yeah, good for you

Richie: yeah, but no homo.

*watching Eddie stand in front of the Losers*

Eddie: I’ve gathered you all here today because I have something, uh, something *blows put air* important to tell you guys. I’m, um. Well *bites lip and looks down* I’m gay.

Richie: No homo.

All of the Loser’s: Shut the fuck up Richie!

*on Eddie’s bed*

Richie: *making out with Eddie*

Eddie: *stops for breath*

Richie: No homo

Eddie: *kicks Richie off his bed*

*once again standing in front of all the losers*

Eddie: *looking at all of the Loser’s* uh, we, uh *huffs a bit* we’re um-

Richie: Eddie and I are fucking.


Richie: But no homo

*at his wedding*

Richie: *finishing the most beautiful and sappy romantic toast to Eddie* but, really, no homo

Stan: *kicks Richie as hard as possible under the table*

Eddie: *glares, but still kisses Richie right afterwards because dammit, that’s his husband*

*at Stan and Bill’s house*

Richie: *at Bill and Stan’s engagement party finishing up a best man speech* And I’m so fucking proud of you two for getting your shit together and finally tying the knot!

The Loser’s: *laughing*

Richie: and, of course, no homo. Thank you.

Reddie Head Cannons I Came Up With Cause I Was Bored In Math Class

-Eddie in the drama Club

-Richie in Drumline (don’t fight me on this cause I’ve been in Drumline for like 3 years, and he’s got what it takes, pervertedness and loudness)

-Eddie cheering on Richie during drum offs, competitions, and half-time show

-Richie applauding the loudest out of everyone at the end of Eddies performance

-Always sneaking kisses while the others aren’t paying attention

-Richie sneaking over to Eddie’s house in the middle of the night when things get really heated between him and his parents, or he just can’t sleep, but falling asleep with Eddie after a rant and a few sobs

-Eddie sneaking over to Richie’s house in the middle of the night cause he got frustrated with his mom, or he had a nightmare, and just cuddling with Richie as he sang to him till he fell asleep

-Having a movie night with the Losers, falling asleep next to eachother, and waking up to see a bunch of pictures that the rest of the gang took when they saw them cuddled up on he couch

-Eddie wearing Richie’s sweatshirts cause they fit him big and are very comfortable

-Richie writing songs for Eddie and they usually end up cuddling and kissing at the end

-Eddie waiting at school for an hour after the last class because Richie get after school detention for cursing at a teacher, and not minding the wait cause he knows at the end of it he gets to spen time with ‘Chee

Lactose Intolerant Richie HC

Okay so I was having a conversation a little while ago with a friend and we made this head cannon of the losers club reacting to it. (@wyattspookeff) 

“RICHIE NO” “richie YES”

-Richie constantly drinks chocolate milk and eats ice cream even though he knows hes lactose intolerant 

-The gang alwasy seems to remember it while Richie is drinking milk, but they forget when he’s eating ice cream 

- After eating ice cream, Richie always says his stomach hurts and then it just clicks to the gang and they’re all like UGH RICHIE 

-Stan is always like “he should know better! he brings it on himself!” with his arms crossed, refusing to feel sympathy 

-Eddie alwasy catches him and is like “RICHIE NO YOU’LL GET SICK” before or during, but Richie still does it

-Beverly is just amused by the whole thing going on, and usually doesn’t say anything. 

-Mike is disappointed in Richie, but he still get upset when Richie is sick. 

-Bill is the Dad Friend who carries around the lactose intolerant pills and gives them to Richie is he can catch him before he eats or drinks dairy products, but often times it slips his mind until it’s too late.

-Ben is the one who sometimes remembers half way through Richie eating ice cream and he just blurts out “RICHIE YOU’RE LACTOSE INTOLERANT” 

Beverly+The Losers Club + Makeup

~ Sometimes Stan gets a little self conscious because his eyebrows are really light and he thinks it makes him look funny. So Bev fills them in for him sometimes.

~ She brings over a blonde eyebrow pencil and they’ll sit in his room for a few minutes, talking about whatever while she does it. 

~ Beverly curls Richie’s eyelashes all the time because she told him he had long eyelashes. 

~ Richie was watching her do her makeup one day before they went all went out and was amazed w/ the eyelash curler but was low key afraid she’d poke him in the eye the first time she did it. 

~ Beverly has a black liquid eyeliner on her all the time and likes to write little messages/words on the sides of Mikes sneakers for some reason???

~ Mike went through a whole school day with the word ‘Loser’ written on his shoes. (He’s always a little sad when it smudges).

~ Beverly swatches colors for everything on Eddie’s arm. neither of them are quite sure how it started but she loves having him with her when she’s shopping now???

~ Eddie walks around the mall with like twelve swatches of eye shadow up his forearm. (He can for sure tell you the names for each shade too).

~ Ben loves to watch Bev do her makeup, like it really interests him.

~ Even though Bev doesn’t usually do much makeup wise. He enjoys watching her concentrate. 

~ Bev once dared Bill to wear black eyeliner to school and he for sure took it. He looked like a moody teen but the girls were all over him and he was like ‘?????’  

~ He cried it off in health class because they watched a sad video,. He forgot he was wearing it but when he turned to Eddie, the other boy burst into laughter at the black gunk under his eyes. 

Eddie Skateboarding Headcannon

-Okay so after his fight with his mom Eddie wants to loosen up a bit and be more outgoing

-and he sees some teen skateboarding one day and is like…. woah… edgy and functional..its perfect

-so he saves up a bit and buys a used one from the thrift shop in town, its in pretty decent shape but Eddie gives it a full inspection before riding for the first time

-he doesn’t tell any of the losers yet because he’s worried he’ll be bad at it and look stupid

-but he’s actually pretty okay, like after an hour messing around in his driveway he can actually kinda ride

-he falls in love with it and practices everyday after school

-his mom gives him shit but ultimately she knows that the facade of reliance has been broken and she can’t control him anymore

-after like 2 months he’s pretty good, and can do some very basic tricks and is pretty comfortable on it

-so he rides it to meet up with the losers at the Aladdin (movie theatre) one day and he comes crusin up on his lil board and his hair has grown out a bit and he ditched the fanny pack and the losers are SHOOK

-mostly Richie. he swoons the minute he sees Eddie skateboarding. 

-the losers are all like !!!! when the fuck did this happen! and eddies like… ya know… I’ve been learning, all nonchalant

-Richie and Mike demand that he teaches them

-Richie of course gives up after one try and ends up watching Eddie teach Mike and teasing and poking and annoying, but Mike can somewhat ride after a couple months of stealing Eddie’s board and riding when they hang out

-eddies v good now. doin tricks, riding everywhere, learning cool shit. and he’s the one kid who rides his board to school and takes it to class, but the teachers let him get away with it (though it is strange to see such a sweet kid with a skateboard) because he’s such a good student and really tries in school.

-he feels awesome. he’s still the same nervous feisty boy he’s always been and hasn’t really rebelled in other ways (although his mom is not happy about him and Richie), but somehow skateboarding makes him feel like he’s in more control of his image than before. he might be a loser, but he’s a damn cool one.

-OOH and Richie collects stickers to give to Eddie to put on his board, but Eddie has very strict criteria for the stickers that he puts on his baby. so every time one of riches stickers makes the cut, he’s pumped. 

-Eddie keeps all the other stickers cause he thinks riches cute and dorky.

The Losers Club: At The Mall (Modern AU)

-They all get their food from the food court and run around to find the best table (fighting over the best spot) while Bill trails behind them walking slowly and carefully with the large tray of food.

- Richie rides around on one of those animal scooters and Eddie tries to stop him but ends up having to chase after him.

-Stan sooo wants to go in Bath & Body Works but is too embarrassed. Bev see this and ushers him inside because ‘She wants to go in’.

-Bill loves to go to the Tea place and has all the Losers try the tea. Richie spits it out, Eddie wants to like it because he knows it’s good for you but he hates the taste. Stan loves it too.

- Richie gets in trouble for walking up the down escalator and proceeds to make fun of the security guard behind his back. The Losers try not to laugh.

-Stan always pretends like he’s gonna jump off the ledge.

-they all get real food from the food court but Richie gets soft pretzels.

-Stan loves White Barn and goes in to smell the candles but it bothers him if he doesn’t smell like the whole shelf. So he’s in there for like thirty minutes.

-They get frozen yogurt for dessert and Eddie gets plain vanilla but Richie gets every possible topping.

-Mike falls asleep in a really comfortable chair in one of the furniture stores so Richie takes the whip cream off his frozen yogurt and puts it all over his palm and tickles Mike’s nose.

-Mike slaps Richie instead.

-Bill shops at like Jcpenny and the Gap and they tease him for being boring.

-Bev loves Spencer’s, and Hot Rags and searches time and time again for good band t-shirts.

-Ben buys a giant stuffed bear from a toy store. (For himself)

-Bill comforts a sad lost little boy and helps him find his mother, holding his hand the whole time.

Coming Out

 Eddie had known there was something that was different about him ever since the day that Beverly had sunbathed in front of them, clad in her underwear. And what popped into his mind, as he stared was ‘I wonder what we’re having for dinner tonight?’ As he looked around at his friends, it occurred to him that they we’rent thinking the same thing. No, their batting eyes, sharp intakes of breath, and parted mouths told otherwise. So Eddie tried to keep staring, just to make sure he hadn’t missed something. But Beverly started to turn her head and his time was up. He was immediately flustered and snapped his head back around like he was burned. 

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Richie Tozier + Music

One of my favorite running themes in IT is all the music references. Especially the fact that most of them come from Richie and Richie’s chapters. Because Richie Tozier loves music. 

His chapters are full of music mentions like songs, artists and bands. Plus Richie has such a great music taste. 

He loves and mentions things like Bruce Springsteen, The Who, Jimi Hendirx, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Paul Simon. 

Which is why I always say Richie loves Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Folk, and stuff like that! 

Here are some of Richie’s music mentions: 

From all of his music mentions/associations, I formed what I think is an accurate music taste for him! 

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When Richie starts sneaking in Eddie's house at night because her mom drank again and he's just done with all the fights and being ignored... (if Eddie's mom was to know about it... I don't even want to think about it!!)

~ Richie was sat up in his bed at one in the morning, just cross legged and still. He had never been so quiet in his life and maybe he was doing it on purpose, just to see if ‘he can keep his fat mouth shut’ as his mom put it. 

~ He didn’t want to go to sleep but being awake, doing nothing wasn’t appealing either. He shoots off his bed and packs an over night bag in ten seconds flat but hovers at his window. 

~ Realizing he had no plan or place to go, he stands there bouncing his leg. 

~ He can hear his mother starting to calm, maybe returning to her senses downstairs and going to bed. He was hoping that she might come up and apologize. But her door closed.

~ He swallowed and opened his window and hopped out. 

~ He walked all over Derry for a while, just sort of wandering. He got himself a pop from the Coke machine on the corner to keep himself awake. 

~ As the pop twisted open, He realized that he’d actually have to figure out where to go. He trudged down the street, sipping the drink. His first thought was Bill.

~ He was his best friend after all, and there was no doubt in his mind that he would let him in. But he didn’t really want to face him in his state. 

~ So he settled on Eddie Kaspbrak. His house was close anyway. 

~ There was no way he was knocking, so he started climbing up to get to Eddie’s window. He almost slipped like 8 times but was able to get there and knock, habitually to the beat of the song currently stuck in his head. 

~ A tired, disheveled Eddie slides the window open, Richie hops in before he could protest, like he knew he would. 

~ Eddie started to run through a million questions in his little speed sessions that he did. He was about to glare at the trashmouth for waking him up but when he notices Richie’s state, he freezes. 

~ “It’s hard to pretend you’re ok when you wear coke bottle glasses, your tears are huge.” Eddie tried to get him to smile, bumping their arms together as they sat down. 

~ Richie attempts to hide his feelings anyway with jokes. Eddie just looks at him with his big brown eyes. 

~ He sucks in his breath and gives him the rundown. “Just my mom y’know drunk as a skunk…just said a few things. No big deal.”

~ Eddie doesn’t snoop any further and just lets Richie read some of his comics while he tries to tell him jokes, so he’ll smile. 

~ Richie is soon swept up in Eddie’s humor. The kid could have him dying of laughter in seconds. And Eddie’s just so relieved to see him smile again. 

~ They build a fort and make shadow puppets on the sheets with flashlights like they used to do when they were ten.

~ Richie reassures him that he’s gonna get out before Eddie’s mom finds out he’s here, insisting he’ll get up at like five am to escape. 

~ Eddie watches him fall asleep and doesn’t wake him. He needed sleep anyway, the kid was always exhausting himself. 

~ Eddie’s mom came in, but luckily the fort just looked like a pile of sheets and she had no idea Richie was in there. She just insisted Eddie clean up and went to go make breakfast. 

~ Richie gave Eddie a grateful kiss on the cheek before hopping out the window again. 

Whatever you do, Don’t imagine Eddie being so out of breath from crying that every breath he takes is a whiny struggle. His forehead flat against Richie’s, who is begging him to look at him and not to let them end this way. Their hands are clasped and sweaty.

Imagine Richie not knowing what on Earth he’s suppose to say cause he’s never been good at that. So quietly he begins to whisper, in a strained singing voice.

“Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you…”

Eddie feels tears start clinging to his eyelashes as he finally looks in Richie’s eyes.

Tomorrow I’ll miss you….”

Richie doesn’t want to break down because he knows it’ll only make Eddie breakdown too. He drags his hand into Eddie’s hair, rubbing circles on the back of his neck.

“Remember I’ll always be true…and then while I’m away…”

Richie takes a deep breath as he hears Eddie’s breathing hitch, he buries his face into the crook of his neck and continues to sing into his ear.

“I’ll write home everyday-”

“you better, asshole.”

Richie chuckles “and I’ll send all my loving to you.”

The boys continue to stand in the middle of the sidewalk, clutching each other and slowly swaying back and forth.

The Losers Club: High School (Modern AU)

- The Losers obsessively check everyone’s schedule’s to make sure all their classes have at least one other Loser in them. 

- When the seven of them are walking down the halls together they have to try really hard not to block the entire hall. 

- Richie was running late to class once and tried to make it before the bell but he tumbled right down the stairs. Mike was concerned until Richie gave him a thumbs up from the first floor and he was free to laugh his ass off.  

- Ben spends his lunch period in the library doing any favors the librarians ask him to do. So he delivers passes, shelves books, and gets free coffee. 

- Whenever Ben delivers a pass for one of the Loser’s, he writes a small note on the back to ask how their day is going or to say something nice. 

‘I’m sure you’re in trouble right now Richie but I hope you’re having a good day’ -Ben 

- Mike is a football star

- All the Loser’s come to his games and make signs to embarrass him with. They stand on the bleachers and cheer their asses off for him. 

- Stan and Bill join photography club. They have a small competitive streak to see who can impress the club leader more. 

- Stan usually wins because ‘How on earth does he get so close to birds and not get his eye pecked out????’

- Richie takes TV pro class and takes it very seriously. For the first short film assignment, Richie made a super cool music video parody using all the Losers.

- Richie claims he is now the best video editor because he edited a five second clip of Shrek saying ‘Hi, Welcome to Chili's’ and laughed for two hours. 

- Richie and Bev are the heroes of every play. Richie gets every comic relief role and Bev gets something new every time. Eddie joins stage crew just so he can hang around Richie after school. 

- Eddie goes to every show and brings Richie flowers because he knows he is a soft boy on the inside. 

- The Loser’s are everyone’s favorite at cast parties because they throw the best parties. (No one cares that most of them shouldn’t even be there because they love them so much)

- Bill pays for nearly every after school adventure. (Eddie is all spent from all the flowers he buys, Richie seems to always be mooching off of everyone else, Stan never likes spending money even when he has some, Ben and Bev use all their money for cute dates, Mike tries to pitch in where he can!!!) 

- Stan decides to try out for baseball and tries to get Eddie to come to tryouts with him (because he knows he’d love it and he doesn’t want to go alone).

- Richie is happily strolling to play rehearsals when Eddie comes bursting down the hall and jumps right into his arms with the biggest grin on his face. ‘I made the team! I made the team!’ 

- Stan calmly follows after Eddie and Richie gives him an expectant glance and Stan just nods with a small smile. 

- Richie tries to hug him to congratulate him for the rest of the day but Stan escapes every time. 

- Eddie’s mom doesn’t support Eddie’s sports decision but allows him to play. 

- Eddie is a little heartbroken when she doesn’t come to the first game but is quickly cheered up when he spots the Losers in the bleachers. 

- The Loser’s don’t care if the Baseball crowd isn’t as loud as the Football crowd, they are all shouting for their Baseball boys. 

- Richie wears Eddie’s baseball cap whenever he doesn’t need it. 

Losers Club: At The Mall (Modern AU part 2)

-Stan gets two bottles of ‘Stress Relief’ body wash from Bath & Body Works and hides it in Beverly’s Hot Rags bag. (The second bottle is for Eddie because it was buy one get one free and he figured Eddie could use some too). 

-They all want to get candy from the cool new candy store. Richie fills a bag that everyone knows he isn’t going to finish, so Eddie just decides to share with him. 

-Mike is nearly shunned for getting Almond Joys because as Richie put it,  ‘Who on earth purposefully gets Almond Joys?’ 

-Stan and Mike share Almond Joys because Stan decides he wants to try them.

-Beverly spends ten minutes sorting through the posters in Hot Rags to try and find a good Rolling Stones poster for her room. 

-Richie was suppose to help her but instead stood next to her doing his Mick Jagger impression for the whole ten minutes and occasionally trying to win a super-ball at the cool quarter machine by the door. 

-Richie wins like 800 super-balls but won’t stop until he wins the sparkly pink one for Eddie. (He’s sorted all his winnings to give the perfect super-ball to each losers club member).

-Mike and Bill bounce theirs as they walk and it drives Stan nuts because they could gonna bounce them into people. 

-Bill stops bouncing his. 

-Ben stuffs a build-a-bear for Beverly and when you press it’s paw it says ‘Your hair is winter fire, January embers, My heart burns there too.’ 

-Beverly is touched and stuffs him a cute bear too.

-Richie insists that he needs to build one for Eddie too but it needs to be a surprise so he has Mike wait outside with Eddie.. Mike offers Eddie some Almond Joys. (Eddie secretly loves them.) 

-Stan comes out of the Build-a-bear cause there’s too many kids screaming so he comes over and just lays across Mike and Eddie’s laps on the bench. They accept this and just start a new conversation and enjoy the Almond Joys. 

-Richie comes out and presents the stuffed puppy with an inhaler strapped to it’s paw with the biggest smile any one has ever seen. 

-Eddie is swooning until he presses the paw and it starts singing ‘Wake me up before you go-go’ which Richie caught Eddie singing along passionately to one day. 

-Eddie slaps him but carries it around all day

-Bill doesn’t want anyone to feel left out so he stuffs a Baseball themed bear for Stan and a bunny for Mike. 

-The boys are touched.

-Ben buys everyone friendship bracelets. 

-Everyone is touched. 

Ok but imagine The Losers club but instead of fighting an evil clown, it’s like Friends.

-So they all live close to each other.

-Bev and Bill are roommates because Bev needed a place to stay when she decided enough was enough and quit her miserable job to do what she is passionate about.

-And Richie and Eddie live in the apartment across from them.

- Richie literally would have patio furniture in his apartment if Eddie wasn’t around.

- Richie started out trying to get himself on the air as a DJ and had to keep going to different places to try and get a steady job.

- Eddie helped him pay for things and doesn’t hold him to paying back.

- Richie and Eddie start out as just roommates but when the Losers all go on a trip, they get together just like when Chandler and Monica did.

- Richie is now a steady successful DJ!

- Michael Hanlon owns the cute little coffee place where they all hang out and tease the waiter, Stan.

- Mike reserves the big couch for his friends every day.

- Ben works at the bookstore where Eddie works whenever he has free time.

- Stan purposefully gets Richie’s drink order wrong every time. But Richie is the one that helps Stan quit his job and Chase his passion.

- Stan is secretly extremely grateful when he lands his dream job.

- Bill had a crush on Bev when they first became friends but he quickly realized it was just puppy love.

- Mike makes Bev coffee whenever she’s gotta start work early and Ben offerers to deliver it every day.

- Bev and Ben slowly fall in love

- Imagine the episode ‘The One Where No Ones Ready’ but with Bill trying to get the Losers to his party celebrating his book being published, on time.

- Eddie and Richie fight over a chair. This escalates just like it did w/ Joey and Chandler.

- Stan is panicking over what to wear ??? He’s a little anxious on Bills behalf. He wants to present himself well just in case the others (Richie) embarrass Bill.

- Ben and Bev are panicking because she spilled hummus on her dress. (Stan’s too panicky to tell them what gets out hummus)

- Mike has been ready for two hours, looking dapper and all and is trying to calm Bill down.

This is too pure and I want it in my life.

Random Richie Hc’s

~Richie loves music as we all know. But he also just genuinely appreciates music as a whole and when any of the Losers get into an artist or a band, no matter who it is, they’ll go to him. 

~He may tease them at first if it’s something like New Kids On The Block or Neil Diamond or anything like that. but he will literally spend all the time they want discussing the music. He’s always up to driving them places to look at the albums and explains different ones to them.

~He once spent the whole day taking Ben out and talking about music with him. He teasingly kept suggesting boy band albums to him. But he also seriously recommended him stuff he thought he’d like. 

~Richie knew that he had to move his ass and ask Eddie out when the Loser’s were all hanging out and chilling in this nice grassy area. 

~Eddie’s wearing this over sized white sweater with flowers embroidered on it, his hair is getting curly and his cheeks are slightly pink from the chilly air.

~But he’s got his headphones on, plugged into his Walkman and he is hardcore singing all the lyrics to ‘Paint It Black’ by The Rolling Stones. 

~Richie just about freaking dies.

~Richie practiced for like months so he could be able to balance a baseball bat on his finger and then flip it to catch it again. Once he got it right, he showed Stan with the biggest grin on his face. 

~Stan actually gave him a high-five for that.

~If someone can’t pay for something, he’ll buy it or chip in.

~He has a journal of all his jokes, practice jokes and rejects. 

~He tries his jokes out on Stan first because he knows he’ll be honest.

~He loves horror films (His favorite is ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’) but he knows Eddie isn’t crazy about them. So whenever the idea for a horror film is suggested, Richie somehow gets everyone set on something more like ‘BeetleJuice’. 

~He really really loves to hear Bill’s stories whenever the chance comes. He’ll stay up late with him as he throws ideas at Richie and reads some stuff outloud to him. 

~He and Mike love taking long walks through Derry, Richie always puts on a tour guide voice and explains spots differently in his own special Richie Tozier way.

~He buys Mike a pop, Mike buys him a comic. 

~Richie gives Beverly piggy-back rides whenever she’s tired and she returns the favor when he’s tired too. 

rockerangel9  asked:

Hi, I am new to your page love your Headcannons and stiturd. I wanted to request for a Headcannon on Richie asking Eddie to be his date for Homecoming

(Welcome and Thank you so much!) 

~ Ok so Richie knows The Losers are expecting him to suggest skipping the dance to go have their own group fun but he has decided he is not a chicken and is finally gonna ask Eddie.

~ He psychs himself out like 80 times.

~ The school is hella decked out in Homecoming decorations. One day during their free period in the nearly done decorated gym, Richie decides that he’s actually gonna do it. At least he thinks so…

~ Bev and Mike are engaged in a serious game of hitting a balloon back and forth. It must not touch the ground. Richie is about to approach Eddie, who is chatting with Ben and Stan on the stage but…

~ He weenie’s out and crashes the balloon game, smacking it so hard that Mike has to run after it. Bev is high key bouncing and shouting that he can not let it fall! 

~ As Richie laughs his ass off, Eddie walks past him towards the double doors. He freezes, watching as he lets another chance blow up in his face. Beverly smacks the balloon at his head, it bounces off and into Mikes palm.

“Hey, What was that for, red?”

~ Bev smacks the balloon back at Mike and gives him a knowing look. But Richie just shrugs and goes back to the stage and plops down next to Stan on the stage. 

~ Stan flicks his ear and gives him a look that reads ‘Just do it already’, Richie pinches him. 

~ He leans back and notices that Eddie left his inhaler. “Huh, I think I should go run this to Eds.” He picks it up. 

~ “He’s delivering a pass, not running track, Rich.” Ben raises his eyebrow but Richie gets up and darts off anyway. 

~ On his way down the halls, Richie borrows a sharpie from an anxious Freshman girl and stands there, tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth, printing on the side of Eddie’s inhaler. 

~ He caps it, shoves it back with a thank you and darts off again. 

~ He finds Eddie by the main office and bounds over. Eddie gives him a suspicious look. 

“What are you up to?”

~ “Nothing Eddie. Nothing at all. Can’t a guy just be a gentleman and bring you your inhaler?” 

~ Eddie raises his eyebrow, getting a few wrinkles in his forehead and reaches for it. “Sure a guy can be a gentleman…I’m not sure about you though.” 

~ Richie rolls his eyes but forks it over. 

~ Eddie goes to just shove it in his pocket and Richie makes a whine of protest. 

~ “Seriously what are you up to Richie cause I’m not in the mood to be pranked right-”

~ Richie snatches the inhaler back and holds it directly in front of Eddie’s eye line. 

~ In smudged pink sharpie, the side reads:  ‘Can I take your breath away at homecoming?’ Eddie immediately starts to laugh. Richie slams it down with a hurt bunny face but Eddie quickly grabs his arm. 

~ “That’s so cheesy, Tozier. But It’s about fuckin’ time.”

~ “Are you saying yes or what, Squirt?” Richie teases.

“Yes, you dipshit.”

~ So the Losers club all go to homecoming. They all dance at least one dance with each loser. 

~ Richie specifically requests ‘Dancing In The Street’ by David Bowie and Mick Jagger and ‘Ballroom Blitz’ by Sweet and dances the night away with Eddie. 

~ He doesn’t tell anyone that it was him but he also requests ‘I’ve Had The Time Of My Life’ because he knows Eddie loves that song.