the living and the dead

Nathan Appleby // Autumnal Aesthetic

I always thought ‘The Living and The Dead’ should have been broadcast in the midst of autumn. In the UK, it was released in early summer, which was at odds with themes more suited to darkening nights and the leaf-fall season between ‘the living’ summer and ‘the dead’ winter.


Arthur came back to life without any warning or whatsoever. He just one day popped up behind Merlin and took him by surprise, aka the merthur au no one needed

Folk of tumblr.

I will going to London to see Colin Morgan in the show ‘All My Sons’ in May 2019.

Now, we know how much effort Colin puts into every piece of work he does, and we know how passionate he is.

Of course, he doesn’t use social media, so he probably can’t see (compared to other celebs) just how much we love him.

Which is where my idea comes in.

I intend to buy an A4 scrapbook and to make a “Dear Colin” gift.

And this is where the fans come in.

I’d very much like to fill this book with letters to Colin from the fans. Each person can have an A4 spread (or a double A4 spread depending on the content).

I am not charging anyone anything for any of this. I just ask for your time, so you can write up a letter to Colin in a document to send me. I will print this and stick it in the book with some funky as hell washy tape.

So here’s a breakdown of what I’m looking for:

  • A letter from Colin’s fans (signed by your name/pseud, age if you want, and city, country of where you live)
  • Any fan art. If anyone has drew any Merlin/Humans/The Living and the Dead etc. fan art, I would be happy to print it and stick it in (I will dedicate a separate page for an artwork of your choice and would ask that you watermark it. I will add your name, age, city etc. if you so wish)
  • I am happy to attach a picture to your letter. E.g. if you have met Colin, I have no problem attaching a picture of you with him.

There are also rules:

  • I will not be including anyone’s personal information in this scrapbook. No email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, twitter names… none of it. I am happy for you to sign with a pseud if you so wish, and I am happy to include your age and city but that is all.
  • I will not add any art or letters likely to make him uncomfortable. That includes anything offensive and anything that includes Merthur related content.
  • As much as I love Merlin, and you all do to, I would ask that you try to construct the letter so that you talk about Colin’s acting talent etc. Not just his work in Merlin. As much as he is grateful for the role, it is common knowledge that he also doesn’t want that role to define him so please if you’d like to write a letter, talk about other things too. By all means talk about Merlin, but not just that.

This is an opportunity to show Colin how much we love him and I’d love as many fans as possible to get on board with it. It will cost you absolutely nothing and I will personally take a picture of every single page and send them all to you so you know it’s in there.

I will give this to him in London, or to a member of the theatre staff should he decide not to greet fans. 

I’d ask you to all please reblog and share this far and wide and tag as many Colin fans that you know of. I really want to do this for him, as I’m sure it will bring a smile to his lovely face.The book will have LOADS of pages to fill so the more fans on board, the merrier!

If you’d like anymore information, sling me an ask or a message.

I will also tag some fans that I’m sure would love to get on board.














Any one who wishes to forward a letter or piece of art via email or google docs, please message for my email