the little snow maiden

Why did this take so long, I don’t fucking know. Everyone sorting out things.

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Yang talked for a long time, carrying on the one-sided conversation with her mother’s grave marker for at least an hour as the skies darkened overhead. The topics ranged from how Ghira and Kali were doing to touching a little on her slight falling out with Blake before moving right into the latest news around Patch, and even the last bit of news from Ruby, the blonde’s enigmatic sister who was off gallivanting around the kingdom on some quest or other. Weiss remained silent beside her, caught between swirling emotions that she did her best to hide. The blonde seemed happy despite the undercurrent of wistful longing that lingered in her tone and it would be a shame to ruin her improved mood so soon. Doing it once had already made her heart clench painfully in her chest, hardly able to process the absolutely heartbroken expression on her wife’s face as she fought to keep her tears in check; honest the Atlesian would be per their agreement to do better, but there had to be a more appropriate time and place to pursue those questions lingering in the back of her mind. Especially when most of them could be answered by someone else, the sharp point of her anger reminded her, almost threatening to break through her calm expression. The less the other woman knew of her current thoughts, the better for both of them.

Eventually, the boom of thunder drew Yang’s attention to the encroaching storm, and she frowned briefly before looking back to the grave marker.

“We should probably head back. Wouldn’t want to be caught outside when it starts coming down. It might pass us over and hit the mainland but… well, better not chance it, right?” She reached out with one hand, putting it inside the little box and gathering the balled up papers into a loose fist. Brows pinching in concentration, the blonde remained silent until faint smoke began to rise from within, drawing her hand back to reveal the small tongues of flame licking at the papers bearing various Valen characters. Weiss could only read a handful from her brief looks at them, but each had a positive message about peace and rest, so she could only assume them to be prayers meant to set her mother’s soul at ease. “I love you, Mom. I hope you’re resting well under the Maidens’ care.” Yang glanced her way. “And if you could put in a good word for us? The harvest is coming up. After that, if the Winter Maiden could give us a little snow this year, I think we’d like that.”

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So here it is - the end of 2014. A lot of stuff happened during this year, we learned a lot, gained some valuable experience. It’s hard to believe that just a year ago we thought that two of us can make a computer game consisting of one level in a span of few months. Now we have more than 10 people on our team, we imitate technologies that were used in production of Rayman Legends, we attended a few big conventions with our first demo, and we have 25 levels planned in our future game.

To be honest, just about a month ago we were standing at the crossroads. On the one hand, we really wanted to provide new demo level for you as soon as possible. On the other, the quality which we had in minds a year ago (keeping in mind our not-so-great “Floor is lava” level) was simply unacceptable. So in the end the quality won and release of our next demo level is delayed. Probably until May 2015, but I can’t guarantee anything. Updates will come out as soon as they are ready, so you are going to see them less frequent, but we do want to make them more fun and information-full.

That’s it for today, and we wish you a Happy New Year!