the little snow maiden

Hmmm, it’s been a while since I made a League of Legends skin concept.

As one of the few mythical beings known as a Yorick player on the planet, I felt like giving a skin to one of my favorite champs to play. Snow Day Yorick has been an neat idea in my head since December-ish. Snow Day Cassiopeia & Rumble are also some neat ideas, but that’s a story for another day.
Why SD Yorick? To give Yorick a fun skin. The man has a shovel, so a snow shovel makes sense. Let’s make the mistwalkers (ghouls) into little “cute” snowmen & make the maiden into a snow-woman. His E could be him throwing a snowball & his W could be a snow or ice wall (think igloo).

Am I the 1st person to think of this concept? Probably not. But I am the one who thought of this version. In other words, I CALL DIBS!!!

So here it is - the end of 2014. A lot of stuff happened during this year, we learned a lot, gained some valuable experience. It’s hard to believe that just a year ago we thought that two of us can make a computer game consisting of one level in a span of few months. Now we have more than 10 people on our team, we imitate technologies that were used in production of Rayman Legends, we attended a few big conventions with our first demo, and we have 25 levels planned in our future game.

To be honest, just about a month ago we were standing at the crossroads. On the one hand, we really wanted to provide new demo level for you as soon as possible. On the other, the quality which we had in minds a year ago (keeping in mind our not-so-great “Floor is lava” level) was simply unacceptable. So in the end the quality won and release of our next demo level is delayed. Probably until May 2015, but I can’t guarantee anything. Updates will come out as soon as they are ready, so you are going to see them less frequent, but we do want to make them more fun and information-full.

That’s it for today, and we wish you a Happy New Year!