No polling is accurate. Ignore all the polls and just get people to vote. It’s the only way to win and sadly our generation either doesn’t show up to vote because its going to be an “easy win” (and we lose anyway) or because there is “no hope and our vote doesn’t matter anyway.” Well ladies, gents, and nonbinary peeps; it matters. If it didn’t the GOP wouldn’t be trying to take the right to vote away from so many people. Get out and vote this November.

I think the Proud Boys are going to be the biggest challenge to the left. The unite the right rallies were a gathering of fascists no doubt but this is different. The Proud Boys are the Brown Shirts and the Black Shirts. They seem to be more organized and more appealing to Americans. They’re not openly racist as the last alt right and they’re moving and organizing pretty fast. We have to organize a quick response and beat them. We are all in a time that is uncomfortably comparable to the street battles of the weimar republic. Let’s make sure we win this time.