You know Grog is the greatest grunkle in the history of uncles, small word stories, being thrown 70+ feet in the air.. REAL SWORD FIGHTS. He’ll just carry the whole passle of Vox Miniature at the same time for Official Grand Poobah Tours every time there’s a gathering.


Grog and Littles. Every time.

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my lesbian friend has a crush on my sister and she's all nervous and thinks its hopeless but. my sister does like her back and im trying to let them figure it out for themselves to yknow increase their confidence but. they're such disaster lesbians askdfjhkdfjhjd its adorable

omg… they’re gonna be so mad when they find out you knew all along😂😂

jisung: what’s the most australian sentence you can string together?

chan: oi cunt if we’re going on a maccas run d'ya think we could stop to pick up some durries from the servo and then grog from the bottle-o so we can get fucken maggot or nuh?

jisung: and what does this mean


31 Doodles of Halloween Year 5 | Day 18 | UTxTNBC Part 3

The final part of the Undertale/Nightmare Before Christmas crossover (unless I get more ideas for it in the future). Had to do a traditional drawing today (and also for the next few days) because I am out of town visiting my grandparents in another state. Completely ran out of greys while making this (I forgot my refills at home, like a fool) so if any of the future images require a lot of gray they might be just lineart. The small skeleton with a bow is one of Jack and Sally’s kids.

  • Chan: //about to walk out with the others in costume//
  • Jaebum: //sees him// Woah, who are you supposed to be
  • Chan: //wearing a defsoul hoodie, ripped jeans, and holding a cat// Oh! I'm going as you hyung! I wanna be just like you one day!
  • Jaebum: Oh. That's cool I guess. Uh, have fun
  • Chan: Thanks! I will!
  • Jinyoung: ...
  • Jinyoung: Ok he's gone
  • Jaebum: //on the floor in tears// Idontdeservethislove

cute how stray kids called this album i am YOU after asking i am WHO? 

also reason being why the slogan is “you make stray kids stay”

I (stray kids) am YOU (their fans, STAYs) bc without us they believe that they wouldn’t be where they are today. so we make up who they are and it kinda seems like this album was written specifically for their fans

which kinda explains why Mixtape #3 is For You cuz u know… it fits the whole theme.

going by that idea, the other albums kinda make sense too

Mixtape and I am NOT were for themselves. Like each of them individually.

I am WHO was for Stray Kids as a whole.

and I am YOU is for their fans.