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Kim Kardashian Matches Outfit with her Daughter “North West”


King Cairo helps little sister Dream Kardashian to walk, 16 September 2017.

A Voltron reality show called Putting Up With The Paladins

We The Jury Find You GUILTY

Katie Price… You have been charged
With the crime of getting your bits out
Yes! We’re talking about you getting your tits out
That kind of glamour modelling takes the glitz out
Making me want to spit my spritz out
We also charge you for your salacious gossip in glossy magazines
For putting out your business from here to Aberdeen
Intoxicating the British public with your crap like gasoline
And for greasing the public with your fuckeries like Vaseline

O.J. Simpson… You have been charged
With the crime of sucking up to white people
As well as turning your back on us melanated people
It’s those same white people that took away your freedom
You behind bars is what made the white people gleeful
We also charge you for shitting on our race
To me that’s out of fucking place
70 years old now— what a waste of space and talent
Someone should’ve hit you over the head with a mallet

The Kardashian Family— you have been charged
With poisoning people’s minds via reality television
Trash TV is what you are… Every inch of the definition
I don’t know how you guys get praise and recognition
And personally I’d charge you for being an annoying exhibition
We also charge you for being fame whores
Using the press and media outlets to settle scores
Turning your piddly little beefs into Twitter wars
And we’re pissed because they’re giving you rounds of applause

Renée Zellweger… You have been charged
With ruining your beauty
Most boys would think you’re loony
And some girls would think you’re snooty
To look good on Hollywood turf was simply your duty

Nene Leakes… You have been charged
With being such an irritating cow
I don’t know how
You have been allowed
To embarrass yourself in the media like WOW
We also charge you for your embarrassing outfits
Coupled with your bad attitude and loud wigs
I can’t believe you have allowed it
You (as a melanated woman) should’ve done something about it

Miley Cyrus… You have been charged
With first-degree foolishness
Parading yourself like a drunken schoolmistress
Another media whore with all the rudiments
No wonder the press showed you ruthlessness
We also charge you for coming at us like a wrecking ball
Talking shit and doing fuck all
Excuse my Parisian readers… NAFF ALL!

We the jury finds you guilty
All for what you stand for is filthy
You’re gonna serve the consequences of your embarrassment
You’ll be locked away from media harassment


Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.