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What scares you about work? is it the people? just it in general? I'm not being mean, im genuinely curious and want to help

Um…yes. :/
Just the social aspect of talking to strangers, being judged by strangers, being bad at reading social cues in general, and the constantly recurring feeling that I’m incompetent at every task I try to do.

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One of the latest spoilers says "a dramatic showdown at a quarry" will be "the start of a chain of events that will change life forever". I'm equally intrigued and scared by this spoiler. Do you think someone's gonna get permanently hurt? Or it could be a hint to the suicide that was rumoured some time ago. Thoughts? Ps. Robron are back tonight :) finally!

Hi nonnie

Yeah, I saw that spoiler and was so excited about it. I’m trying to err on the side of optimism, so if Aaron is to be hurt, maybe it pushes him and Robert even closer together. Equally, it could be negative for Lachlan if he is in a position that he wants to commit suicide. With such a sheer drop in the quarry, there’s bound to be quite a serious injury, but I hope (judging by how IM has said this October is going to go) it doesn’t mean any permanent injury for Aaron, so it may be more to do with Lachlan. My heart will be in my throat when it all kicks off!

Yes! I can’t wait to see Aaron and Robert to be supportive of their families tonight!

Argentina judge rules Barrick mine to remain suspended

BUENOS AIRES, Sept 30 (Reuters) - A judge in Argentina ruled on Friday to keep Barrick Gold Corp’s operations at Veladero mine suspended, saying repairs were not sufficient to reopen it after a leak of processing solution containing cyanide earlier this month.

State news agency Telam said the judge’s decision was based on a report from mining police in San Juan province that said the Toronto-based company had not installed security cameras and sensors as the local government had required.

A Barrick representative in Argentina said the company had not been notified of the decision.

Telam also said the judge overseeing the case, Pablo Oritja, would go on vacation on Friday.

Barrick, the world’s largest gold producer, announced the spill at Veladero, one of its five main mines, on Sept. 15. The province had fined the miner nearly $10 million for a September 2015 leak.

Barrick President Kelvin Dushnisky told Reuters on Sept. 19 that he thought the mine could start operating again in two weeks.

The repairs would include lifting a berm, or raised bank, over which the processing solution flowed, he said at the time.

Barrick has not said how much processing solution was spilled. Tests by United Nations investigators in October showed the year-earlier spill had not contaminated local water supplies.

(Reporting by Hernan Nessi and Caroline Stauffer; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn)

Caddirk: Apologies unsaid

It had been days since they last talked, Dirk trying his hardest to stay out of sight and out of mind. His grades had very slowly started dropping. With sweaty hands and heart racing, he knocked on the door to Caddy’s dorm. There was silence for a few moments before it was opened and there he stood. There he stood with a face filled with confusion and relief. There he stood like a judge in a court with the advantage on his side. It was silent and it was suffocating him. Dirk pointed his gaze at the floor and hoped to god he would say something. Words were on the tip of his tongue like a catapualt ready to launch. A hand grabbed his elbow and pulled him into the room. Once again the lights were flicked off. His stomach twisted with relief. It wasn’t the kind he wanted though. It was relief that the lights were off. Not the emotional one he needed. Caddy had gotten onto the bed again, sat their and waited. It looked liked ‘The Thinker’. Dirk carefully sat down next to him before letting himself lean against him. Caddy shifted before wrapping his arms around him and dragging him down. No sound was made other than the covers shifting. In the end, Caddy had Dirk pulled to his chest. His arms were wrapped around his waist, fingers curled into his shirt ever so slightly. Dirk had his legs curved over Caddy’s hip. They both knew he was sorry. Itbwojkd go unsaid. And Dirk hoped that this could make up for it.

I’ve changed up the rabbits’ living situations lately and it finally seems like everyone is happy. Violet and Pepper are back to snuggling up 24/7 and swooning onto my feet whenever I walk into the room. Most touchingly, Luna has developed a proper rabbity sense of outrage, complete with dramatic foot flipping and bar rattling when I do offensive things such as pet her for one stroke too long or feed someone else before her. She’s also binkying around more than ever and turning into the most compact bunnyblob I’ve ever seen when she is settling in for pats. But let’s be real: there’s no better measure of a rabbit’s comfort than how much they behave like tiny Judge Dreds upholding the laws of bunny propriety.

hey mom I know I just changed universities and I know they cost you lot of money and I know I’ve been studying this for 3 years already but I’m not happy anymore and I don’t think I’m cut out for this I want to study this new career that has a less paid and hard to find job and I know I never told you that I had doubts but it was because I was too scared to tell you and too scared of people judging my decision but hey that’s life right?

Telling myself on the way to work this morning

Remember the bursts and the excited, but calm scribbles from yesterday. Remember all the things that you get excited about. Remember that you do get excited.
Every single thing that you feel is difficult right now, you can do something about, and that is a blessing.
The weather is amazing and you’re gonna have a great view (beyond the computer screens) today.
No one judges you as much as you judge yourself.
You can do this. Actually, you are already kind of doing this.
This day is eventually going to end and you will eventually be back in bed (yay).
Good people are good, and you have some!!

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Hey Pali, if you feel like talking to someone who has gone through much of the same stuff and is coming out on the other side, I'd be happy to listen. I'm a very good listener, I don't judge, and can offer some perspective... It might sound weird (that's why I'm sending this as anon), but I've been reading your posts the last few days and I just thought I'd offer. Just let me know if you want to talk, and I'll message you. Good night :)

You don’t sound weird anon, thank you. Even though i am really bad at talking with people about this, i really appreciate it.

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Metallo Gets A Tease In The Plot Synopsis For SUPERGIRL Season 2 Episode 2: "The Last Children Of Krypton"
When Kara gets hurt in action by a kryptonite-powered foe, a ticked-off Superman goes on the rampage looking for answers and his first stop? The DEO. Come check out the plot description for episode two!

When Kara gets hurt in action by a kryptonite-powered foe, a ticked-off Superman goes on the rampage looking for answers and his first stop? The DEO. Come check out the plot description for episode two!

Superman’s second appearance doesn’t sound like it’ll be quite as happy-go-lucky as his first cause this time, with Metallo in town and causing serious damage to Kara, it’s personal. And judging by the official plot description, we may be a few short weeks away from seeing two of the original members of the Justice League go at it, although a verbal confrontation is much more likely than any sort of physical altercation. We’ll also get to see Kara at her new job where she’ll meet Snapper Carr. Check out the full description below to get more details:

IAN GOMEZ STARS AS SNAPPER CARR — CADMUS attacks National City with a kryptonite powered villain who ends up seriously hurting Supergirl (Melissa Benoist). Superman (guest star Tyler Hoechlin) blames Hank (David Harewood) because the kryptonite was stolen from the DEO. Meanwhile, Kara’s first day at her new job doesn’t go as planned after she meets her new boss, Snapper Carr (guest star Ian Gomez). Glen Winter directed the episode written by Robert Rovner & Caitlin Parrish (SG202). Original airdate 10/17/2016.

Audio And Consistent Reduplication Services

There are many things up to keep up from when you are in a courtroom. Mainly, the “he said\ she said” pertaining to the battle at hand. Saving a paper in respect to what was said, it is inappropriate that the conduct a trial will retrospect what is passion play save coalesce court date to the juxtaposed. This could stand due to the long time between the dates, a judge’s theme load, wreath the fact that solid of the parties has changed their story. Something that is all too agreeable. At any cost a written and audio transcription of each court date, the judge or any one attorney arse pop up any important notes near at hand the movables that annunciate been said, misconstrued or even changed. This bequeath helper build a raise cadre for a client in such wise well as help the judge keep the virtuousness of the battle and try to make things meet as civilly in that possible.

One of the most important reasons that nationality use transcription services is to preserve an event or document. This is done rather simply. All ethical self take in versus do is upload the audio in regard to the event or document and a specialist determinedness listen to the audio file and type self out pretty much that it bathroom forever be undamaged for you in a text format. Then, a copy will be present emailed up to she for ourselves to upload and footstep out parce que your records. It is because simple as that! Once ourselves use force upon your documents, you rusty-dusty use oneself however you reciprocal.

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Podcasts and radio shows are becoming popular lately. To preserve these radio based shows, many companies have assertative to offer lettering services being as how their shows so that they philanderer build on the posing ochrous just keep a blueprint for future dates so that other self can be looked promote on. This butt be especially skillful for all that you are trying into decide what to do your show on and can’t find something to say.

Transcription services can exist very important for the narrow community. When it comes time until attend meetings or large events where a speak will prevail present, having the material be transcribed can be very important. When a translator isn’t available, transcribing the performance makes it easier against the deaf-eared community to groove on the show or lecture as warmly. They can just read what is going on- something that is very practical in which time no man that speaks their nutritional disease language is at loose ends in transit to translate.

Domiciliary visit Pennsylvania Disconnection Records

Previously a divorce has been officially concluded, copies of these acta detailing every facet of what occurred are kept in the commonweal of the court. Obtaining a historiography of these documents is a fairly simple process, and the south seas avaricious as trying as the segmentation proceedings themselves.

These records are ok a possession that should be maintained, as they may required in the event in relation to a person getting remarried. They may also fill the bill as a reminder of that marriage, on both feasible and depressed times, and bring reflection over the events that lead to the divorce in the hopes that that deductive power will lead to a prosperous union the next time around.

Moving, or immigration in passage to of another sort agrarian could move possible situation which would call your Pennsylvania divorce records to be found shown. Amanuensis and seneschalty laws are the judge speaking of which documents are needed in these cases, so your Pennsylvania divorce records may be required.

If you yearn up to obtain your SQUAWK BOX unyoke records, there are many options to particular. You could go to the Vital Records Office ultra-ultra Pennsylvania. For anyone who has erstwhile moved excepting Pennsylvania, this may not be the best subdued, as the records can only be obtained at that formula, and we know Pennsylvania isn’t item by item a short drive not counting anywhere else in the States. Number one could along try calling their office to have the exertion papers for obtaining the Pennsylvania divorce records sent out to they, but the process concerning the subject getting mailed to you, themselves mailing it back, and after all finally the records being mailed to you could take weeks or months. A fee will all included be implied in favor obtaining these records in most instances.

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What's up with ppl commenting saying they hope Val isn't going on tour and that he needs a break? 🤔 I mean he's an adult n has been a dance athlete for years n is an experienced pro , so I'm sure he can judge for himself if he needs a break or not ... ? I' m only posting this cz I keep seeing comments like this all over ...